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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Dec. 10


Install clearance bars before bridge

Lots of bridge strikes on Glenridge Road with long traffic delays and no solution in sight.
What if clearance bars were installed in each approaching lane far enough back to allow the truck to turn onto either Bruce Drive or Hetcheltown Rodd and a sign on each side of the railroad bridge saying “If you just hit the clearance bar, turn left now! If you strike the bridge, you will be arrested and fined.”
Too complicated? Too messy?
Better than all this damage and traffic problems.
Kathy Stanley

Remembering mom by sharing tradition

I was young when Mom taught me how to make the dressing for the turkey, no boxed or bagged mix. We would cut up the bread with our fingers, then cook the sausage with butter, celery and onions, also adding chicken broth and several eggs to the mixture with poultry seasoning
We would stuff the turkey and bake it in the oven for hours.
Many years later, I have taught my four sons how to make the dressing. It has become a routine for our family.
The holidays will not be the same anymore because Mom passed away on June 29, 2020, not of covid bur during the pandemic.
She is in my mind and heart every day.
Carol A. Armitage
Middle Grove

Why no left outrage over use of ‘Russia’

When all the talk over the past four years has been Russian hackers, no one on the left took offense with using the word ‘Russian’ to reference the ‘hacking,’ even though it is quite possible that the lines of hacking code were just lifted from some other Russian event and the hacking was done by another group not associated with Russia.
Just the same, the left took absolutely no offense to the term ‘Russian hackers.’ They did not mention that using it might offend those people of Russian descent living here or elsewhere.
Yet, as soon as the coronavirus was referred to by Trump as ‘China virus,’ the left jumped out of their skin to say it was racist on the part of anyone who used the phrase, even though it has been confirmed (and reconfirmed by China denying it) that it came from the province of Wuhan, China, out of the Wuhan labs.
Just more double standards.
Gerald V. Marmuscak

Treat citizen Trump like criminal he is

On Jan. 21, 2021, then-citizen Donald Trump should be indicted for two crimes: criminal negligence and fraud.
Criminal negligence refers to conduct in which a person ignores a known or obvious risk or disregards the life and safety of others.
Federal and state courts have seen this as a form of recklessness, where a person acts significantly different than an ordinary (sane/responsible) person would.
This accurately describes Trump’s treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic.
From the beginning right up to today he has down-played its seriousness, tweeting that it would all go away by Easter and discouraging using masks.
As a result, hundreds of thousands continue to die needlessly as he plays golf.
Fraud refers to using intentional deception for monetary or personal gain, in other words lying to make people believe something that the person knows to be false and profiting from it.
By falsely claiming fraud in the presidential election, even though he and everyone else knows he has lost, Trump has so far raised over $207 million to line his pockets. He is fraudulently claiming fraud.
Trump is no more than a common criminal and should be treated as one.
Linda C. Lewis


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Robert F. Jewell

Many who blindly believe “charismatic “ leaders whether they be religious ones like Jim Jones, the Bakers, or political ones like
ex-President Trump often find themselves fleeced of their money and sometimes tragically their lives.

Trumps rhetoric was the Republican parties SIREN song. Their ship is now lost.

The real tragedy is the innocents and the grief struck families who paid dearly
for this republican ship wreck tragedy with
their lives!

Newly elected President Biden and Vice President Harris will lead us on salvaging
the mess Trump and his administration has created by incompetence and malfeasance.
Wear masks, stay away, hunker down.
First we must get inoculated. All of us!

William Marincic

You probably didn’t hear about the 18 states and counting suing the battleground states where all the fraud happened. You all may be in for a surprise, I hope and pray that President Trump comes out on top of this cheating scandal fir the sake of America.


The Supreme Court will likely deny this application too. The lawsuit sounds stupid. It’s more likely that the AGs, particularly the indicted Texas AG, of posturing for a pardon from Trump. Are the other 17 AGs in trouble too or just sucking up to Trump supporters? Don’t pray too hard Bill, you may hurt yourself.

William Marincic

Gerald V. Marmuscak Look at Eric Swalwell and him having sex with a Chinese spy and putting them in his office and Nancy Pelosi says it’s all right Swalwell was on the intelligence committee. Look at Diane Feinstein had a Chinese spy as a driver for years she’s on the intelligence committee. The Democrats scream Russia Russia Russia when they’re all in bed with the Chinese including Joe Biden. Former head of intelligent said this is just a tip of the iceberg.

William Marincic

Linda C. Lewis Trump has lost $700 million since becoming president. Barack Obama has made $25 million since becoming president, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton went into office with $120,000 now they have $240 million. Tell me where all of the fraud is it’s not in a president that lost $700 million. I worry about all of those people that became millionaires in office including Congress people much more than I worry about a president that never took a paycheck and lost millions.

Robert F. Jewell

Trump had extramarital affairs. Trump frequented porn star hanky lanky.

Trump is bilking his sycophants of their
money to pay for Trumps lifestyle and future misadventures. Everyone and anyone else he presently owes money to will get stiffed!!
Don’t forget the 35millions 💸 dollars HIS FAKE fraudulent TRUMP UNIVERSITY was forced to repay back once loving republican larva’s but now disillusioned maga heads.
Trump needs all your money MAGA mind-less…HES a 300,000,000$ payment coming due soon. Save him!! Send your life savings
will save his$$$ SEND!!!


I am really in awe that there are people still thinks election was stolen! Still believe that 18 AGs case is going to go to Supreme Court! Didn’t we have enough of trump in last four years? We are ready for going back to norms and have some peace and quiet in our lives..

Robert F. Jewell

You think that’s bad…Stephanik supports the efforts to overthrow the legal voting process by supporting this Coup attempt!!

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