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Letters to the Editor Friday, Dec. 11


Don’t let lessons of covid be wasted

With several vaccines for COVID-19 soon to be released, the end to this global pandemic would appear to be slowly approaching.
While this is certainly good news for all of us, we may want to consider Winston Churchill’s words that, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
With every crisis, there is often an opportunity (i.e. silver lining) to learn and make improvements for the future. Our goal should be to come out of this one better able to deal with the next global pandemic that will likely occur.
Will we have nationwide testing infrastructure in place; adequate supplies of PPE; improved capabilities to both rapidly develop and distribute vaccines; plans in place to protect our essential works; a consistent policy for balancing economic and public health concerns; and advances in how to best deliver education in our schools, colleges, and universities during times like these?
Let’s not let this crisis “go to waste” by addressing these and other issues now, so that we can go into the future smarter, safer and more prepared to deal with the next global pandemic.
Austin Fisher

Nisky town budget addresses realities

As the majority of the Niskayuna Town Board who came together across party lines to negotiate our 2021 fiscal plan, we want to provide an overview of our decision-making process.
The budget we crafted included input from residents, staff, Schenectady County and New York state. It represents stark fiscal realities while maintaining an eye toward the future by including:
• a tax proposal well under the state-imposed cap;
• far less spending of our hard-earned fund balance (“rainy day fund”) than initially proposed;
• goals for future savings including a 4% reduction in spending and a cost-effective retirement incentive;
• investments in our workforce and programs; and,
• collaborative, solutions-based approaches for our award-winning, state-of-the-art wastewater plant.
The budget requires scrutiny of expenses and belt-tightening, not unlike what many of us are doing in our own lives during the pandemic.
This fall, Ismat Alam joined the town as comptroller. Her decades of municipal finance expertise enabled her to immediately take over the reins of the process, even though we were well into the current budget development season and heading into the second wave of COVID-19.
We have confidence in the comptroller and know she will take the lead in putting controls in place to maintain the strong financial position that has been a hallmark of Niskayuna town government.
Reaching a bi-partisan “Yes” on this budget is a positive signal for the town.
We are committed to working together to manage our investments and expenses collaboratively with Comptroller Alam.
Yasmine Syed,  Denise Murphy McGraw, John Della Ratta, Bill McPartlon
Syed is the Niskayuna town supervisor. The other signers are members of the Niskayuna Town Board.


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Robert F. Jewell

I whole heartedly agree with you Mr.Fischer. However even if we codify future pandemic procedures and policies if a newly elected administration literally throws out all that has been learned and written down into emergency response
manuals. What good does it do us??

The United States is now dying from the Corona virus alone at the rate of 3000+day

The death rate per thousand runs after fresh infections at somewhere over 1 percent.

This means that at 230,000 new infections everyday in the US. It can be expect to see approximately a minimum of 2300 deaths per day + till the infection rate goes down.

This means somewhere around 35,000 of us will be planted by CHRISTMAS…

Merry Christmas republicans!
Merry Christmas Trump!!
Listen to our sane Governor!

William Marincic

Austin Fisher You can thank God that we had a president Donald Trump who was a businessman who gave us a vaccine in nine months that would normally take five years. Had it not been for him shutting down flights from China when he did we would have 1 million more dead. You’re going to have a lot of Democrats telling us how bad the Republicans are and how bad Donald Trump is but he saved millions of lives. What do you think Joe Biden would do, he’s the guy compromised by China. We heard for four years Russia, Russia, Russia, and in reality it was Joe Biden his son and his brother along with multiple Democrat politicians like Eric Swalwell and Maxine Waters who were compromised by China for years. Thank God Texas and 25 other states along with almost 200 congressman are suing the four battleground states that changed the election rules in the eleventh hour.


Bill, if the state electors confirm that Biden won on Monday and the Supreme Court denies the court challenge, will you admit that it’s all over for Trump?


I am totally ashamed that woman from up north, Elise Stefanik…you land your bodies lost, I hope next election you will also.

Robert F. Jewell

Elise rode with a mob of criminals.

She and they attempted to negate an honest and fair election.

They all will be held accountable in time.

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