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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Dec. 12


Be more responsible about your recycling

Households, refuse collectors, and recycling centers are the backbone of recycling. Are they saving the planet? Not by themselves, but they are worthwhile.
On my daily dog walk, I habitually check my neighbor’s recyclables put out for collection, and some disappoint. Only clean items should be there. Ever seen greasy pizza boxes, old wood or filthy glasses? These dirty items disrupt the recycling stream, causing those neighbors to find coal in their stockings at Christmas.
Curbside collectors passively collect what we put out and send it on to Capital Region recycling centers. They’re not the ones deciding between fruit or coal in the stocking game.
Recycle centers don’t actually recycle. They sort what can and can’t be sold. What cannot goes into a landfill. Only thoughtful recycling deserves fruits and nuts instead of coal in one’s stocking.
This season, what’s going in your recyclable bin? What do you have in your stocking?
Renate Reeves-Ellington

Nursing home lax on covid protocol

Shame on Glendale and its administration. What were you thinking letting an outside dental team in to see the elderly during a pandemic?!
Rita Smith

Change conditions for patient isolation

My Mom passed away at 9 p.m. sharp on Friday, Nov. 27. It wasn’t from covid, but one could say it was covid-related.
She was terrified to go to the doctor, afraid to even go out of the house. She went urgently to the hospital on Oct. 25. She never came home. We fell victim to covid precautions halfway through her hospital stay. My father or I visited her for our one visitor-per-day allotment. We thought that was bad … until there was no more visitation.
My mother became extremely disoriented. She hadn’t seen anyone or anything of familiarity for the better part of a month. They moved her to a medical unit. She struggled to breathe on her own and died two days out of the ICU, alone in a hospital room, with no family by her side.
My cat had a better death experience than my very own mother. Especially if covid continues throughout the winter, we need to have better systems to allow families to see their loved ones.
We need to give nurses support in making technology work or have dedicated staff to liaise with families. We need those on the inside to answer the phone every time, and we need to make sure that families can legally take advantage of the end-of-life visitation rules. Someone needs to make sure those that can come in are called in time. We can die better.
Susan Craig
Lake Pleasant

Trump supporters need to get the facts

I have read Michael Cohen’s book “Disloyal,” which was written well before the presidential election, and he spelled out exactly what would happen if Donald Trump lost the election.
I did not consider it a Trump-bashing book as much as a road map of how he behaves. The book did not disappoint.
Here’s the point.
Most people spew off at the mouth all kinds of selective facts about what is going on in this country without doing one bit of independent homework (fact checking), and sadly it’s the same people who don’t believe in wearing a mask to protect others from their spread of germs.
I have found that most Trump supporters couldn’t come up with an independent thought if they tried. They simply spew out the same words as he does. That’s not opinion; that’s simply repeating what has already been said.
It’s like a fervent Trump supporter that said to me he would rather have the Affordable Care Act instead of Obamacare.
It’s a travesty that members of Congress and the Senate are playing along with this “rigged election” fantasy, not to mention the electorate not to believe the outcome of this election. It’s un-American.
PS: On Nov. 22, I did not see anything in The Daily Gazette about the John F. Kennedy assassination. Surely an oversight, unless it’s no longer relevant news. Although only 11 years old at the time, I remember the day as much as when the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11/2001.
Bob Belive


Fortunate must help the less fortunate

Equality is best rendered through charity. I walk in my own footsteps, and I often watched others make their own. I am at times forgetful in a self-induced effort to hide my shame of once not having. Ego filled as I can be, sometimes it is all about me. I am humbled by disappointment and it is then that I remember to help others along my journey.
Self-preservation is a luxury that the less fortunate often can’t afford. However, charity pays for everyone’s admission.
Collectively we have to be on the same page at the same time, for poverty is a condition, not a disease of mystery, disaster and despair.
Leave no one to an unknown fate that we ourselves avoid by all costs.
Kurtis Miller

Trump’s covid tactics saved Social Security

All those radical leftists, progressives and liberals who voted against Trump because of the way he’s handled the pandemic just don’t get it. He’s had a well thought out, effective plan to use coronavirus to solve the projected shortfall in Social Security funding.
In January he learned how lethal the virus was. When medical professionals who’ve dealt with pandemics for decades recommended masks, social distancing and avoiding crowds, he ignored, contradicted, and finally mocked their advice.
This encouraged millions of his followers to do the same. He then recommended cures that were either ineffective (hydroxychloroquine) or fatal (disinfectant injections). Finally, he continued to hold crowded rallies where no supporters wore masks. Former presidential candidate Herman Cain died of covid after attending the Tulsa rally.
The result: well over a quarter of a million deaths from coronavirus, thus saving Social Security millions of dollars each month in payments that don’t have to be made.
The only question now is whether Hannity, Dobbs, Levin, and Carlson will give him proper credit for this brilliant policy initiative.
Ted Thompson

We must do what we can to defeat covid

Regarding Robert McMorris’ Nov. 27 letter to The Gazette (“Cuomo’s order is unconstitutional.”) The people in this country are like China. They forgot what was done for them. A little suffering now and a lot of enjoyment comes after it is done. Do what we have to do to fight the virus. Do not think about the Constitution. We didn’t 79 years ago. We did what we had to do. This is fighting a different war. Do what has to be done and shut up.
Bless us all.
Vincent Belardo

Not clear what’s right on climate change

In response to their facts on “climate changes” in Caroline and Bill Brooks’ Nov. 22 letter (“Divest retirement fund from fossil fuels”), there are many reasons a reasonable person could look at and conclude they may contribute to “climate change” i.e. the sun, orbit around it, tilt on its axis, winds, cloud cover, volcanoes – above and below, man-made billions of square yards of asphalt and concrete roadways, buildings and fossil fuels.
How anyone can pick one and say “that’s the problem” is beyond me. They fixate on two, hurricanes and wildfires out West.
It is true that a new record is set this year (two more, so far) than 2005, which was 15 years ago.
There is no mention of the many years that don’t approach 2020.
Likewise, with the “West burning up,” this paper published a piece taken from The New York Times on Sept. 19 (“Firefighter dies in blaze sparked by gender-reveal”) quoting Capt. Bennet Milloy of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.
He said, “Nearly 95% of fires in California are caused by people, and the vast majority are unintentional.” I suspect this probably applies to the balance of the West also.
To address the right thing to do and what is morally right, I would say anyone whose retirement fund dabbles in the stock market and expects the taxpayers to pay their losses shouldn’t be lecturing or teaching anyone on the value of the “right and morally right” thing to do.
Le Roy King

Trump did much to earn 70 million votes

In her Nov. 16 letter to The Schenectady Gazette, Joanna DeSilva wrote that she can’t understand why 70 million voted for Trump.
Well, I think I understand it and that I understand her.
Of Trump she wrote “he used rubber bullets and gassed Americans who were peacefully protesting, treating citizens like enemies while gushing over dictators.” Really? Were people who were looting and burning peacefully demonstrating? And such disorders were handled by local authorities, not by Trump.
Your correspondent continued, “everything he did was ultimately in his interest, even when it put our country at risk.” So, let us look at things he did.
* The tax cuts Trump signed into law within 12 months of taking office added more than 2.6 million new jobs in the year following their passage, nearly a 25% increase from the previous year.
* Created the lowest Black and minority unemployment rate in history. (Before the COVID-19 pandemic).
* Increased the share of wealth of poorer households.
* Cut more job-killing regulations than any administration in history. The Federal Register of Regulations has decreased 35% since the Obama Administration.
* Benefited 40 million families with a child tax credit.
* Enacted tax credits for employers who provide paid parental leave for employees earning $72,000 or less.
I will trust your readers to decide.
Lawrence King

Cremation article, photo went too far

I am appalled and disgusted as well as somewhat traumatized by the decision of The Gazette to publish a photograph of “new, state-of-the-art” devices featured in the Sunday Dec. 6 paper, in an article (“NYC funeral homes found relief here”) about cremations amid the pandemic. My father passed away three weeks ago, and his wish was to be cremated. As an educated person, I am well aware of the concept of cremation. Do I need a photograph to further educate myself? Absolutely not.
Even the first line of the article, “With one stroke on a touchscreen tablet, the furnace roared to life…”
The incongruity of the wording is not lost on me. I wish I had never read that paper. I cannot shake the image of what I read and saw, and where it led my thoughts.
How utterly insensitive to think that the public would find the details of cremation and the photograph itself in the least bit appropriate. It would be better suited in a trade magazine for funeral directors, or possibly (if you are really compelled to make it available to the public), put it on your website.
But on page 3 of the first section? No. Ironically, the editorial on the opinion page of the same paper (“As covid cases spike, compassion must reign”) calls for compassion, and asks folks to “demonstrate some humanity and compassion.”
Perhaps The Gazette staff needs to follow their own advice.
Janet Mattis

Liberty can co-exist with compassion

I take issue with The Gazette’s Dec. 6 editorial concerning “compassion” as covid cases spike. The implication is that those who choose to stand for individual rights and the ongoing assault on these rights from our dear governor are somehow lacking compassion for our fellow citizens who have and are suffering from this pandemic.
This is a liberal tactic to attempt to take the moral high ground and cast those who believe in individual liberty and the sanctity of the individual as somehow lacking compassion. This is conflicting two very different subjects.
The fact is, and history confirms this to be true, that sustainable and genuine communities are built individual by individual. Individuals who are self-reliant are the basis for successful and enduring communities as these individuals take responsibility for their own actions and community in turn does the same. Further, our government is defined by our Constitution. A document that at its very origination is cast a set of principles to limit government and promote individual rights. Our governments at all levels are increasingly exploiting events such as this current pandemic to expand their control, and then use this as precedence for future limitations on.
We should hold up liberty as a uniquely protected virtue and celebrate every day as liberty is the virtue from which true and lasting compassion is borne.
Jim Martin

We shouldn’t push God out of our lives

Gov. Cuomo is rationalizing his anti-religion fervor. A couple years ago, Cuomo wanted ‘conservative Catholics’ gone from the state. He brags he was Jesuit educated; Jesuitism gave birth to Marxism.
The black robes are more than a fashion statement. Henrich Himmler, head of the Nazi SS, created a cult fashioned after the structure of the Jesuit order. There is no difference between a Nazi and a Communist. Both degrade the rights of the individual, promoting a Satanic godhead. Satan is alive and well. God isn’t doing so good.
“Cancel Christmas Culture”: “God is dead” has taken a new twist: Get rid of his ‘message boards’. Push God out of people’s minds. That will compel God to take his show elsewhere. Knowledge is power.
The destruction of religious symbols was a hallmark of the Sovietization of Russia. The czar godhead of Russia’ was taken out (in America it is Founding Fathers) all else follows.
I am sticking with the glass half full, there is a ‘God.’ Better than Marx’s glass half empty Satan. Merry Christmas.
Edmond Day


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Robert F. Jewell


Let’s see, you don’t like the Governor.

You infer he is like Himmler because of black Jesuit robes that are tailored by Satan.

You say God isn’t doing so well..talked to him personally uhh…took his tempy..?

Now God is on the road?
Your glass is half full?…with what?

Okay got it…you cleared it all up.

Merry Christmas.

Robert F. Jewell

Mr.Martin, the pioneers lived like this 200 years ago.
It’s now called the United States of America.
E.Pluribus Unum, what’s that mean?

You want to call all the shots and pay no taxes and avoid nasty politics…move.

However if you decide to JOIN a inclusive
humane society …then quit serving it up and pony up..

Are you claiming to know Martin? You could have pointed out that there is no right to put another’s life in danger. That is why resisting arrest can have debilitating effects on ones health


Fred – I recommend you watch the movie “Selma”. Maybe you’ll learn something about peaceful protest and resisting arrest. We have since come along a lot further since 1960’s and before, but police need to come to grips with their prejudice and brutality at times towards people of color. Police do not have absolute authority as you imply.

Robert F. Jewell

Ray, god love you for your unremitting Christian charity….

I spent to many decades watching the poor suffer…I’ve little patience nor mercy for the willfully malignant.
Thanks for the perspective.
Chag Sameach 🕎

Robert F. Jewell

Yes Mr.Miller
Indeed “there but for the grace of god go I”
Thank you. We are our brothers keeper!
“ what so ever you do unto the least..”

It can be.. It’s a big wide world..plenty…

Given the way you abuse those who disagree with you you have a nontraditional view of what it means to be our brothers’ keeper.

William Marincic

Since all of you democrats are fawning over Andrew Cuomo let me give you the latest, since his book came out telling us how great he was during the pandemic, cases of Covid grow more than 800% in New York State under his administration. Nice job Andy.

Robert F. Jewell

No…at the end of your letter you used this poor WOMANS experience as a political statement questioning medical policies and decisions!
Tell her something healing…not pointing fingers…that’s cruel and frankly inappropriate.
But god bless you Bill. You do care in your own way.
Chag Sameach…

William Aiken

Susan Craig. I completely empathize with the way your mother was treated. An elderly close friend of mine broke her hip. She was given a choice to have immediate surgery or avoid the procedure, which would involve a longer healing process. She chose to have the surgery. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a horrible and fatal decision.

While she was in a local hospital recovering from the procedure, her family was denied visitation due to Covid. Even though, her surgeon strongly recommended she be allowed visits from her family, he was overruled by the hospital administrators. She died all alone within two days after her surgery.

There are practical precautions that could have been taken so she could have been afforded a dignified end to her life. This ubiquitous policy that denies families having closure with their loved ones is a cruel and inhumane treatment of the patient, as well as their friends and families.

Robert F. Jewell

Until you obtain a medical license or suddenly become omniscient… perhaps those decisions are best left to legal and medical experts.
Just because we put bandaids on our boo boos doesn’t mean we know more than experts in virology and disease transmission.
Blame this whole mess directly at Trump and the rebellious Trumpers.

William Aiken

Where your compassion, Robert? I read Susan Craig’s letter and hear a women’s angst and disgust over being denied closure with her dying mother. You read the same letter and connect her grief to Trump. It’s all Trump’s fault has been etched into every facet of your thinking. Today, I was looking forward to commenting on an issue that didn’t involve the President. But your TSD got in the way.

The Covid lockdowns mandated at the behest of “experts” have caused more damage to society than the virus itself. These “experts” will never be held accountable for this self-destruction. These shutdown policies have ruined the lives, livelihoods and dreams of millions. This crushing of our humanity isn’t because of the pandemic. It’s the justification used by experts. While “experts” can be quite educated in their narrow field, they’ve proven they can still be fools.

Let us suppose space aliens kid napped all New Yorkers. Does any one really think that would result in a measurable effect on climate change? Now consider what we can reasonably expect the millions that the state is spending on dealing with climate change to produce. We are paying for posturing not results.

If people were interested in climate change results car ownership would be limited to one per house hold and public transit would be greatly expanded. Also the fact dealing dealing with climate change requires a combination of declining living standards and strong population control would be faced. Until then, in the state, it is cash for posturing


I hope that Stefanik’s supporters can smell the egg on her face (along with a majority of her GOP colleagues in the House and many in the Senate) that signed on to the frivolous Texas lawsuit that the Supreme Court threw out ceremonially yesterday. It demonstrates that her self-proclaimed bi-partisan persona is just a hoax and that she really harbors anti-democratic opinions. She must have drunk Trump’s Kool-Aid to side with this un-American, anti-Constitutional, incompetent and lawless president for four years. The question is does her supporters that voted for her still support her? Is the North Country filled with the same ilk?

Robert F. Jewell

The Vixen Rebel

On a throne in New York reigns an evil demonic
That hails by the name Elise Stephanik.

With a rabid dog affect and feral civility.
She begs one to question.
Her mental stability.

Dubbed “rising star” by an evil greater.
She’s hope for republicans a little bit later.

Bought by big Pharma she’s in their pocket.
Cutting health care is first on her docket.

Whites only politics, a businessman base.
Elected her zealously defending their race.

Hope through conservatism is what she cites.
The caveat is …you got to be white.

Beware your desires muses the wise to their credit.
When you vote for a vixen your gonna regret it!

Add trying to cancel my vote for

President Biden /Vice President Harris!

William Marincic

Bob Belive 1000+ people signed affidavit stating that they actually watched fraud happened in four separate states that’s more than 250 people per state. I guess they lied because they’re Trumpers. Wait and see what happens with your hero Biden who can’t get a sentence out of his mouth without making a mistake, but you don’t have to worry about that because that ultra liberal Kamala Harris will be taking his place soon enough. The leftist media was in the bag for the DNC, in the 1970s the CIA wrote a report stating that they can buy journalists for less money than they can buy prostitutes which in my book are one and the same. We saw how they squashed the Hunter Biden story until after the election, doesn’t that bother any of you liberal Democrats? Biden is on tape today telling his supporters that they are going to lie about the defund the police movement until after the January 5 Georgia runoff, just like everything in the debates that President Trump brought up Biden either lied or brushed it aside like the lying politician he is. Well it looks like you got what you want with Biden, but don’t complain when your taxes go up, gas doubles, regulations go up, Illegal Aliens take over our country and our schools and your kids don’t get an education, you reap what you sow. You got the idiot half of the Obama retread administration. Enjoy it. NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!

William Marincic

Jim Martin a well thought out letter, our governor and other leaders of democrat states are doing the same, they are threatening arrest for using our guaranteed freedoms, they are telling us who and how many we can have in our homes. So far in this almost year long pandemic our leaders at the WHO and the CDC and at state level have been wrong. Don’t wear a mask they don’t help, we must wear a mask to stop the spread, close everything down for 15 days to stop the spread. Flu is down 98% according to the CDC and they say its from mask wearing, and widespread measures to mitigate Covid 19, OK so then why is Covid up? Way too many arbitrary decisions by our so called leaders, you can shop in a big box store with hundreds of other people and sit in their dining halls beside other people but restaurants need to be shut down and local mom and pop stores can’t be open due to the spread, does that make sense? I get it, we need to stop the virus and thanks to President Trump the vaccine is here but where is the line for our rights guaranteed in the Constitution to be suspended. I have read the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights and I didn’t see anywhere that our rights end because of a virus, if any of you liberals can find that for me I would appreciate it, but just facts please, not feelings.

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