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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Dec. 13


Praise for Sch’dy’s emergency services

This is to express our thanks to the fine job that the emergency services in the city perform.
My wife fell at home on Thanksgiving Day and I phoned 911 for help.
From the 911 operator, to the fire department crew, to the Mohawk Ambulance crew, all performed admirably. Unfortunately, I have no names of the personnel who arrived to help us. All performed admirably and made us feel that we were in good hands and that my wife was safe.
The whole procedure was done in an extremely timely manner and my wife was taken to St. Peters Hospital in Albany in rapid time.
We citizens in Schenectady are very lucky to have such a quality emergency service available when needed.
Howard Philipson

Confine Congress til they pass stimulus

Enlist the 82nd Airborne to encircle the U.S. Capitol and not let anyone out (or paychecks in) until all 535 “representatives” have discussed, agreed to, and passed legislation that provides fair, comprehensive and universal benefits to all Americans living within the United States.
Lock up any in all branches of our government who don’t care to follow the will of We the People.
No Christmas break, no pay, no junkets to Aruba, no nothing until they do what they have been paid for.
Dick Curtis

Responsible truckers wouldn’t hit bridge

The Glenville railroad underpass was recently hit by a truck once again.
My wife and I have many interests, which include traveling in our motor home. It is big and would not be appropriate for some roads.
On board, I use a GPS unit specific for large recreational vehicles and use a trucker’s atlas to plan my routes, taking into consideration the height, length and width of our rig. I am not employed to drive our motor home; however, I take responsibility for operating such a large vehicle on our public roadways.
With all the information available and warning posted, there should be nowhere near the number of bridge strikes occurring.
My mother always wanted me to be a dentist, maybe I should have been a professional truck driver.
Jack Ham

Plenty of reasons we won’t miss Trump

Things I won’t miss about Trump:
– His trashing of the Constitution, the rule of law and degrading the presidency;
– Alienating our allies; cozying up to dictators;
– Child abuse (caging immigrant children, separating them from parents);
– His bigotry, racism, and embracing /encouraging white supremacists;
– Rollbacks of environmental rules; drilling in the Arctic Refuge;
– Calling climate change a hoax;
– Abuse of the Emoluments Clause and the Hatch Act;
– Bullying and name-calling;
– Golfing instead of governing;
– Spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories;
– His incessant lying and whining (upward of over 22,000 lies at last count);
– His refusal to lead by example by wearing a mask and refusing to take this killer virus seriously;
– His childish firing of anyone perceived as “disloyal” to him;
– His increasingly unhinged and erratic behavior;
– His refusal to accept that he lost the election.
If any Trump supporters find any of the above admirable behavior, it speaks volumes about your moral compass, or lack thereof.
Cynthia Swanson


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William Marincic

Cynthia Swanson
Trump follows the constitution actually President Obama murdered an American citizen without a trial by using a drone strike.
He’s not alienating anyone he’s making countries pay their fair share.
Actually it was obama that originally put children in cages where would you want them in cells with adults so they can get raped.
Google Trump condemns White supremacy, there is video of him doing it 38 times.
Hatch Act, every campaign including Obama and Clinton have been accused of it. Stop. Rollback of environmental rules, we have the cleanest air in decades thanks to President Trump, until you stop China, India, and Vietnam from violating environmental laws we will never have clean air.
I could go on and on and every single one of them but I won’t. I will ask you though do you believe that Joe Biden is compromised by China since his brother and his son are targets which means they’re expecting an arrest for violating laws having to do with China? Also there is proof that Hunter Biden asked for keys for his mother his father and his uncle for offices shared with an executive who is also a member of the Chinese communist party. Do you condone the major news organizations ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the New York Times not giving us the truth and reporting on the stories of not only Hunter Biden but now Eric Swalwell and his connection to Chinese spies. We all remember when Don Junior had a five minute meeting that he canceled with someone who was a Russian spy in the Trump Tower in 2016 that was in every newspaper and news story on main stream media for months.
Journalism today is dead our major news operations are no different than what they run in China and Russia I’m sure the editors of this paper will disagree with me but it is true, if it weren’t true we would hear the truth about what’s going on with Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell rather than a media blackout. Look at the line of questions given to Joe Biden and the line of questions given to Donald Trump. Main stream media is nothing except water boys for the Democrat national committee.


Cynthia Swanson – Thank you as always for your excellent letter. We can also add narcissist that is the underpinning for his self-serving decision-making. Trying to subvert the will of the voters will also leave a stain on the 126 House members (including our own Stefanik), 18 State GOP AGs, Senate GOP members and Trump supporters who still have refused to acknowledge that Biden won in a landslide. Thank goodness our judiciary followed the rule of law and Constitution in helping save our democracy.

William Aiken

If Joe Biden were smart or someone on his staff were smart, they would demand a thorough examination of the votes to prove he won the election. The media’s impulse to dismiss legitimate questions of voter fraud and improbable irregularities only add to the skepticism shared by millions that this election was neither free or fair. If the public loses confidence in the electoral process, that is the real threat to our democracy, not the legal challenges our system affords to the President.

Robert F. Jewell

Biden is President and Harris Vice President and no amount of crying and gnashing of teeth will change that reality…
Schemes and dreams and froth lined screams are all self induced…


Thank you Cynthia Swanson, GREAT letter ….. as republicans continue to have problems with FACTS.
Diane Sanders Hombach

William Marincic

Diane, if more than 20% of democrats according to Poll King believe the election was stole then what facts are we missing? I played golf today with a friend of mine who is a surgeon, he told me how his mother who is a Cuban immigrant that came here when Castro took over was crying and scared that America was turning into another Cuba. There is the real answer to democrats, people who have fled these countries know what socialism truly is and they are scared for America.

Robert F. Jewell

Funny how 20 percent from some poll means something to someone somewhere……. but 80,000,000+ democrats fired the Orange menace and elected President Biden and Vice President Kamala!!!
We don’t give a diddly squat what Trumpers can’t see, hear or think.
It’s called reality.

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