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Letters to the Editor Monday, Dec. 14


Elites keep country from being united

The divides of this country are many, one in particular I’d like to address. There’s genuine division based on class warfare which permeates our entire society.
The left, particularly the elites and the progressives, enjoy demonstrating a morally superior. ‘I’m better than you and know what’s best for you,’ attitude. They’re smug, arrogant and condescending. They patronize the middle-class and poor alike.
In reference to Eugene Robinson’s opinion in the Nov. 29 Gazette (“So you want to understand Biden voters? Here’s a start.”), consider his characterization of Trump voters as he sees them.
He describes a caricature of who they are and where they live with seemingly delightful disdain. His tone degrades the Midwest and Appalachia. He pokes fun at farmers and diners “…where at least one regular patron wears overalls.“
He lectures us on his version of “…how most Americans thinks.” He cites various cultural references clearly displaying his perceived moral and societal superiority.
Occasionally the unvarnished truth reveals itself in unrepentant fashion. This is how the left truly feel about the deplorable gun-toting Bible-carrying smelly Walmart shoppers.
This is the reason many view the elites as loathsome impudent snobs.
When one group has a predisposition of self-righteousness over another, it shouldn’t be expected to be welcomed. This is how you fuel deep, long-lasting resentment and division between people.
The ruling class asks for unity when, in fact, they want submission. Remember that good and decent people will allow to be governed but will not allow to be ruled.
John Myers

Make Amsterdam world’s cleanest city

Amsterdam cannot yet be named the “Cleanest City in the World.” This past weekend, we delittered a big bag of bottles, wrappers, mask, cups, etc. on the 2.7 mile walk from the Elks Club on the Chuctanunda Trail to the powerhouse and the double Mohawk waterfall and back to Flat Rock Park and the five corners.
We gave up delittering in front of the old paper mill on Forest Avenue.
Fourth Avenue back to the Powerhouse is filled with litter, but we had no bag space or energy left.
Please do not litter in the future “Cleanest City in the World.” Please carry a bag and pick up litter.
It cost nothing to be the “Cleanest City in the World.”
John Naple

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Robert F. Jewell

Your letter reminds me of an episode from the Twilight Zone.
Everyone is starving after a nuclear war.
All the people want to believe a cache of food isn’t poisonous.
The scientist amongst them pleads against their rationalizations to eat the food.
They heaped disdain and prejudice for his real understanding of the danger!!
They to were angered by his “superiority”
affect. They to felt degraded.
They were warned. Their “egos” over rode their intellect.
They ate the food, reveled in their glory all evening. Sneering and laughing at the starving scientist.
All dead by nightfall…
We who have science degrees and a conscience tried warning you high schoolers. You were resentful then.
Even with all this death and bologna you
still are.
Wear your bloody masks and support Biden!!


Robert – Beautiful response. But I must admit that I don’t think kindly of “deplorable gun-toting Bible-carrying smelly Walmart shoppers”; you know, Trump supporters!

Democrats claim to be against racism yet promote race based employment practices under the name of promoting diversity! Ray in place of calling people names you might try putting forth the ideas behind your conclusions.

Robert F. Jewell

Me neither…but consider these “frightened” propaganda weened poorer American will go home and still live here. They need time…as long as they are unarmed….

This episode had nothing to do with the scientist’s moral superiority. He was never depicted as such. It was about humanity’s greed and loss of faith in a higher power. I don’t really consider the elites and progressives to be a higher power.

Robert F. Jewell

Me neither. But do you call a plumber when you need a doctor?
My point is that the resistance to medical experts is unsound and antisocial and dangerous.
To me the decision to politicize a plague was as ridiculous as those unwilling to listen in the story.
That’s it. Simple.

Robert F. Jewell

Ps…the man in the cave had the facts of sound science in his message….
not mumbo jumbo, gooblety gook , so the point is listen to sound science!
Not political opinions and rhetoric.

William Marincic

John Myers You are absolutely right and it’s not only the elites it’s the spoiled brainwashed students and kids that are in college and the younger people that call us “boomers”. They don’t realize that it’s us boomers that saved the world from Nazis, they don’t realize it’s us boomers that put a man on the moon, they don’t realize it’s us boomers that created computers so that they can sit behind them and their phones punching out messages of hate and disdain for us because we won’t pay their $90,000 student loans for women’s studies or art appreciation. This only reminds me of my favorite D H Lawrence quote,

Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves

William Marincic

Oh sorry Jimmy, WWII ended in 1945 and Baby Boomers were 1946……. You got me, I’m sooooooo ashamed that I made a little mistake. Don’t force me to listen to Anderson Cooper and Lester Holt for a week, I’ll surely kill myself

Robert F. Jewell

Just a reminder to the uninformed….

Baby boomers were born between 1946-1964.
WWII ended 1945…
The boomers DID NOT save us from the Nazis!!!

Tough making a point with misinformation.

Men who fight to take there share are merely following base animal capitalism.

To them the world must be “subdued”:
Whether it’s the environment, animals or human beings these Godless republican/imperialists scourge the earth for resources and enslave its peoples for their god…profit!!

Someone must lose in their warped awareness of life and “it ain’t gonna be them”.
When pontificating about history it’s good to have actually STUDIED history.

William Marincic

I normally don’t reply to your comments but a simple mistake of 90 days you called me uninformed yet YOU called 1945 and previous the Greatest Generation. WRONG, that was a book by Tom Brokaw, that generation was called The Silent Generation.

Robert F. Jewell

To me they were GREAT…Brokaw had it right.

As usual you are full of hubris but that’s what God put you here for 🙏🏻

Merry Christmas Bill and get your shot!

William Marincic

Facts? he said that it was the Greatest Generation, it was NOT, it was called The Silent Generation.. Now Diane you can thank me for facts.

Robert F. Jewell

Look, I’m gonna be fair here.

The true republican argument has some salience. Their anger at the “party” of the democrats when Bill Clinton was President.

When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA.
The blue collar workers, middle class and the poor were sacrificed by the DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS,
It was a bipartisan blue/red elite arrangement.
This Act killed the men and women who went out of high school and went to work for good pay in American factories and businesses!

This Act gave great fortunes to those democrats and republicans that owned stock in companies that subsequently flooding to slave labor overseas!
I voted for Clinton…and applauded his demise!

Like Bill,
Trump fumbled the ball with this pandemic.
Difference is…only thing Clinton killed was his career…

It is what it is…..God help us.

Robert it is profit provides security for your retirement pension. By doing away with profit we could return to the world of the immigrants form upper and lower Canada and have no concerns about retirement.

1>”there share” should be their share.
2>”scourge the earth” do you really mean whip the earth

Robert F. Jewell

Fred…the ends do NOT justify the MEANS.

Cannot you see that?? History has just shown you this…
Might does not make right.
You are your brothers keeper.
What so ever you do unto the least l….
Truth matters fred….

Let us get over this virus first by cooperating for now.

The ends justify means or you do not take the action.

You failed to deal with the comment about profit. Does that mean that you agree with me or does that mean that you have no more to say on the subject?

Robert F. Jewell

Fred…that is the answer.
It’s a sociopathic affirmation you make here.
So you believe that if a company pollutes the environment secretly ( in the name of) creating
jobs and great wealth for the owners then the cancers and birth defect are okay!
After all…the end justifies the means.
Maybe you don’t understand?

Robert F. Jewell

Fred…American Heritage College

Scourge 1. A source of widespread affliction and devastation ie. war, strip mining, devastating misuse of soil (Dust Bowl), Exxon Valdez, cutting down the rain forests…GLOBAL WARMING!
Etc. etc.

Profit seeking is strongly associated with with increases in living standards and live expectancy. Why you call that a scourge is bit of puzzle!

Robert F. Jewell

Florida and New York City will be under water by 2045 if we do nothing….along with every coast line city planet wide!

Most boomers will be dead. Not their offspring….what are we leaving behind?

Storms will be bigger and more frequent.

If we do nothing.

Perhaps people will move inland. After all with the rise of the internet it is possible to have a greatly decentralized work force. In any case it is not obvious that the rest of to world will lower its living standards to save the ocean front property of the affluent

Robert F. Jewell

The affluent will cease to be Fred
50-60 percent of ALL humanity lives near coastlines.
Think Fred…think really big…
Billions of people either dead, dying or surviving….will we survive that???

If so…will we recognize ourselves???


Robert – Remember, Fred is for population control so if you live on the coast and don’t move, too bad. Otherwise we should all move to Kansas or Nebraska.

William Marincic

Fred why do you bother, you can’t talk sense into a liberal especially one that tells you all about their education at least once per month. I will have on occasion an engineer or a professor come into my office and talk down to me because they know so much, yet when I look at their credit application I see that for the last 20 plus years I have made at least double their income.
I believe we are on the same road as the USSR, states like Texas will lead the charge for secession from the United States. Like Allen West I feel that we are too different in our wants. We will take all of the southern coastal states and middle America and they can have the cold burnt out cities in the north.


What a glorious day. The vaccine has been approved and being delivered throughout the land. Rejoice.

And Biden is officially becoming President-Elect and Harris Vice President-Elect today. Democracy rings loud and is drowning out Trump’s noise and insanity.

William Marincic

Thank you for telling us how great President Trump and Operation Warpspeed is. Without such a great leader we would be waiting years for a vaccine and how many more millions would be dead. It took a true leader to take the constraints off Big Pharm to get us a vaccine, now Biden can stare dumbly into space like the moron he is.

Robert F. Jewell

Trump is a psychopathic murderer who lusts after his daughter.

The accolades go to doctors nurses and scientists…no a madman!!


Pfizer and Moderna’s CEOs both said that new technology led them to produce the vaccine in record time, not Trump or warped-speed. Like any president would do, Trump threw billions of dollars at big pharma to produce the vaccine. Would you like to go over again how Trump did little or nothing for eight months as he worked on his losing campaign and played golf and let 300,000 Americans die?

Robert F. Jewell

Shawn Hannity has bloods on his hands…

Research evidence is being gathered…analyzed…from which studies and then commissions on how all these sycophants disinformation tactics resulted in actual deaths from their malignant use of misinformation media.

Calling facts “fake news” resulted in people dying!!

There’s a tsunami coming…..


Since many on the blog don’t listen to Fox and other right-wing television shows and personalities, I decided to do some research on what was said over the weekend and this is what I found:

Right-wing madness

This is just a taste of what’s being said by Trump’s biggest boosters:

— At Saturday’s pro-Trump rally in DC, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claimed that Fox News conspired to steal the election from Trump. Lindell is also one of Fox’s biggest advertisers, and he was interviewed live on Fox during the event…

— Benny Johnson on Newsmax: The election-rigging “machine” is “worse than you can possibly imagine…”

— Jeanine Pirro on Fox Saturday night: “They didn’t just steal the election from Donald Trump. They stole it from all of you. There was a fraud in their inducement of all things Biden in order to con you…”

— Rachel Campos-Duffy on Fox Sunday morning: “We’ve all been robbed…”

— Mark Levin on Fox Sunday night: “The Democrat party and the media are destroying this country…”

Robert F. Jewell

Stephanik should be brought up on charges of sedition under Article 1 section 5 of US Constitution along with 106 House members.

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