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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Dec. 16


Give covid scofflaws what they deserve

Here’s an idea for all the pinheads who think requiring a mask infringes on their freedom and all those government entities that have failed to pass sensible mask mandates.
Make a list of all of them and put them “dead last” on receiving vaccines.
George Elston

Stefanik is putting MAGA crowd first

I have always been disgusted by Rep. Elise Stefanik’s support of Donald Trump, but signing her name to the Texas amicus brief to the Supreme Court calling to overturn the results of the presidential election is absolutely outrageous.
Every single claim of fraud etc. has been debunked, and none of the lawsuits have gone anywhere.
She is supporting a coup attempt by a desperate, wicked, lawless man.
So much for “making America great again.”
It would be much more honorable for her to stand up for democracy and support the Constitution by defending the election results and educating her benighted supporters on how, and especially why, democracy works and that it is imperative in order for a civil society to function.
Ms. Stefanik needs to give up her white grievance politics and support all of her constituents, not just the MAGA crowd.
Margaret Kinosian
Ballston Spa

Look at risks of in-person schooling

The need to adopt effective strategies to suppress our surging COVID-19 pandemic lends urgency to the question of whether schools should be open or closed.
Infection risks at schools may be lower than at students’ homes.
Many New Yorkers therefore advocate keeping non-residential elementary, middle and high schools open.
This reasoning is simplistic and invalid.
Non-residential schools might be kept open if incremental risks are acceptably low, and if the benefits are deemed to justify the infection risks. They should not be kept open simply because school risks are lower than home risks.
Infection risks at residential schools versus homes differ in being independent.
Those risks can be compared to decide whether instruction should be on-campus or remote.
If risks are lower on campus, students living there would be safer, and colleges could hold in-person classes.
Analogous reasoning is invalid for non-residential schools.
Their students attend school for only part of the day, but they live at home.
This nexus brings school risks to homes, and home risks to schools.
Non-residential schools cannot be opened or closed based upon risk comparison, because the risks are entangled, and are therefore (at least) additive.
Such co-mingling promotes risk enhancement and community spread.
Dr. Robert A. Michaels
The writer is president and toxicological health risk assessor at RAM TRAC Corporation.


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Robert F. Jewell

Rep. 21 district Stephanik has a temporary residence here. Her eyes are straining southward. Comfortable and defiant Elise
becomes the patient republican spider.

A Trumper, an-educated pundit,
a “proper republican woman” who has Jim Jordan’s rabid dog affect and the feral civility of the Tasmanian devil.

Stephanik was bought by big Pharma.
Stephanik opposes the Affordable Care Act
Stephanik supports whites only thinking.
Stephaniks silence during the BLM protests during Trumps reign is as damming as her zealous defense of his willful malfeasance.
Stephanik and 100+ signed a
sedition petition!

No Stephanik is fine for now District 21 but,

Here eyes are agaze like saurons…

She’ll be harvested soon…D.C. watch out!

William Marincic

Dr. Robert A. Michaels According to real doctors and health officials in person schooling has the lowest risk of Covid infection, most Covid infection comes from the home. Obviously someone like you who continues to get a paycheck no matter what has no idea what it’s like for people that have to work and have young children in the home, how can you go to work and stay home with young children at the same time? People like you will never get it, I can’t stress enough that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Robert F. Jewell

Funny how people with absolutely no medical training or education beyond high school…in theory… just know so much about psychiatry or virology or microbiology or even what qualifies for “real” doctors or health officials. Trump did just this for Chloroquine…seeking unqualified medical sycophants to agree with his uninformed and prejudicial decisions.

Funny how people who don’t even have to take care of children everyday know so much about it.

The parents cope because it beats the alternative! Masks and vaccines will reverse
this situation in 12 months. If the mob will participate!

If “concerned “ republicans nationalists are truly worried for the poor black and white families suffering from this plague she/he should contact Mitch Mc Connell.
Tell him to approve the democrats complete stimulus package that helps small businesses, individuals, unemployed and not let the selfish corporations who injure and kill their employees or put their greedy snouts into it the money.

William Marincic

As for our esteemed PHD Tucker Carlson said.
“Jill Biden is not a doctor, no,” Carlson said on his nightly program. “Maybe in the same sense Dr. Pepper is.”

He added Biden has the “same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby.”

Biden, a community college teacher, earned a doctorate of education from the University of Delaware in 2007.

My take, PHD stands for Piled Higher & Deeper.

Robert F. Jewell

At least…they got more education after high school…and the ignorant always resent and fear the wise and learned….
Comes from a feeling of self inadequacy.


Bill – Using Tucker Carlson as a person to quote weakens your argument. Find someone with credibility. At least Jill Biden will continue teaching, not sit in the White House doing her nails or whatever the first lady does all day. (Oh no, hear comes Fred.)

William Marincic

Oh maybe I should use someone on CNN to give me a quote. For your information Tucker Carlson has one of the highest rated television shows on cable and is one of the most trusted pundits in America, as opposed to CNN who is the least trusted source in America


The irony of MAGA Media. After weeks of declining to do so, Mitch McConnell finally acknowledged reality on Tuesday, congratulating Joe Biden on his victory over Trump. It was not an act of courage — McConnell had been silent for weeks as Trump and his allies (like Stefanik) undermined the integrity of the U.S. electoral system. The truth of the matter was that McConnell had little real choice. The Electoral College had affirmed Biden’s win and Trump had failed to prove his deranged claims of voter conspiracy in court.

But immediately upon doing so, McConnell became the target of some in MAGA Media. Charlie Kirk raged on his podcast, “You typically don’t use the term ‘congratulations’ when someone just stole a bank — stole money from a bank.” The Gateway Pundit accused him of “supporting election fraud” and questioned his wife’s dealings with China (BTW – so do I). An OANN host said he would “regret revealing his own corruption in less than 30 days.” Sebastian Gorka said he had “cave[d] to the mob.” Mark Levin bashed him and said it’s “time for some fresh thinking and new blood.”

On and on it went. McConnell, who had been celebrated throughout the Trump years for putting conservatives on the Supreme Court and helping acquit Trump during impeachment, was suddenly the target of blistering attacks from some of the very right-wing media figures who had celebrated him when he did their bidding. And for what? As Anderson Cooper put it Tuesday, for acknowledging Biden’s win “after six weeks, dozens of court cases, two Supreme Court rejections, one fascist rally, four stabbings, countless threats against officials who are just doing their jobs, and more than $200 million in deceptive Trump fundraising.”

The whole episode underscored — yet again — the true nature of the MAGA Media diehards. These pro-Trump personalities claim to be against groupthink and cancel culture, but are ready to cancel anyone who steps out of line, regardless of who they are. Don’t just look at the attacks McConnell has faced. Look at the wrath folks like Attorney General William Barr faced in recent weeks for saying there was no fraud. And, more broadly, look at how former GOP heroes like Jeff Sessions and John Bolton were treated by right-wing media when they had the nerve to diverge from Trump.

There is a small sliver of conservative media that remains which is genuinely interested in advancing conservative philosophy and debating on the merits. But that small sliver is nothing compared to the rest of the right-wing apparatus that has pledged undying support to Trump. Dissent from Trump and they will aim to destroy. The ironic feature of right-wing media is that at its core it often acts as an agent of the cancel culture that it professes to hate. The question now becomes: What do they do when Trump is gone?

Robert F. Jewell

Ray from what happened to the Tea Party
I would venture to guess that the maggot heads will dissolve and morph into something just as repugnant and greedy and racist as Trump and the Trumpets….

These poor whites and rich white elite republicans along with the religious right are an unholy allegiance that helped Trump win and now are scared to death they lost their savior!

We must be vigilant and push legislation to
rein in and keep tabs on these home grown American terrorists.

William Marincic

According to Poll King which is a liberal polling organization owned by yahoo and you can’t get much more liberal than Yahoo news but I digress according to Poll King 73% of Americans said that Joe Biden will always be known as an illegitimate president I’m surprised the number is so low

Funny thing, Fox News posted the following:
“60% of voters view Biden’s 2020 presidential victory as legitimate, poll finds”
(That’s ALL voters)

Yeah, “Poll King” sounds legit to me. I bet Quinnipiac is jealous.
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Robert F. Jewell

Hey Chuck. These republicans still can’t get their information straight.

160 people vote.
82 for candidate (A)
78 for candidate (B)

When polled by vote only…
A gets 52.5 percent
B gets 47.5 percent….

When asked anything beyond this is sample skewing to political ends.

In summary no one gives a diddly squat
what some right wing mouthpiece coughs up.

90 percent of the planet cried tears of joy upon hearing of Trumps losing to Joe Biden!

Donald J. Trump will forever be known

as the only:

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