Outdoor Journal: Early Christmas present is coming


Recently, Santa contacted me and said he was going to deliver the Umarex AirJavelin that shoots a 170-grain arrow.

I found out from the DEC that it is legal to hunt several animals. I cannot use it for turkey hunting, but I know there are a number of states that do. I also am going to contact Easton View outfitters in Valley Falls to see if it has any hogs roaming around in its woods and swamps. Should be an exciting hunt. Thank you, Santa.

As for hunting New York State, I can use the AirJavelin to take a coyote and maybe a raccoon. I am sure I will be helping several farmers with ground hogs and fox feasting on the farmers’ chickens.

My wife and I decided not to be snow bunnies in 2021, but maybe we will in 2022. If we do go, I will be taking the AirJavelin with me to Florida, where it is legal to hunt alligators and turkeys with it.

As for now, I am sure that on the day after Christmas, me and the air gun will be sighted in, and then I will be headed into the woods. I will be hunting for coyotes, foxes, and especially for raccoons. I always wanted a Davy Crockett hat. And they can be used on licensed shooting preserves in some instances and last, but not least, if a groundhog is damaging property. My very first hunt was with my first gun (.22-caliber) when I was asked by the owner of a big apple orchard to shoot groundhogs damaging his orchard. This year, I will be helping several farmers with the AirJavelin.


Last Sunday morning, I headed out early for the Daketown State Forest located in Greenfield and tried again for a pheasant or two. I entered at sunup and headed through the tall grass down toward the woods.

I was about 25 yards into the grass when three deer popped up and looked at me. It was two bucks and a doe — a 4- and a 2-pointer. They took off before I could get my phone out to take their picture.

I sneaked and peeked and saw nothing, but about 9 a.m., I found several fallen trees on a hillside just above a grass field. Time for some hot chocolate.

But before I could take a drink, I saw something moving through the grass. I shouldered the shotgun and waited. It wasn’t too long that out came a pheasant; but I didn’t take the shot. Why? Because he was in the mouth of a fox and he got him first. Couldn’t get a photo on this either. I decided then it was time to go home. But I’ll be back!


DEC Commissioner Basil announced that while hunting seasons have ended in the state’s Northern Zone and will wrap up shooting in most of the Southern Zone, there will be opportunities to hunt on a few select places, including parts of Tompkins County and all of Westchester and Suffolk counties due to an overabundance.

This extending of seasons will give hunters an opportunity to fill their freezers, donate venison to the less fortunate and help get the ecosystems back into balance. For more information, go to https://www.dec.ny.gov/press/121950.html.


A 14-year-old Kansas girl, Paslie Werth, just made hunting history as her 42-point buck has been officially scored and will now become the largest non-typical whitetail ever taken by a female hunter.

The 60-day drying period has officially met the Boone and Crockett score is 271 4/8 inches. Wow!

The buck initially green scored 282 6/8 inches, just nine inches which had some people speculating it could be a new state record for Kansas. However, the final net score means the Werth buck will miss the mark by nine inches. It will officially become the fifth-largest, non-typical in the Sunflower State.

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