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Letters to the Editor Friday, Dec. 18


Trump policies cost lives, hurt economy

Regarding Lawrence King’s Dec 12 letter (“Trump did much to earn 70 million votes”), the majority of BLM protests were peaceful, and even Attorney General Bill Barr referred to the exploitation by outside radicals and agitators.
Watch the stunt last June in Lafayette Square, where peaceful protesters were attacked at Trump’s direction, just another abuse of power.
Trump ignored when top Democrats received mail bombs, the Michigan governor was intimidated by armed protesters and almost kidnapped, a kid crossed state lines and killed two, told hate groups to “stand by,” a “Trump train” dangerously intimidated a Biden bus, and when a Proud Boy visited the White House.
Even Republican officials are being harassed and intimidated for following election laws.
Prepare for more violence from his followers carrying their “Eff Your Feelings” flags because he can’t handle losing. So he instead profits off it. He’s a businessman, after all.
We the People said NO to an American Putin, but he’ll continue to undermine a fair election and claim Biden is an illegitimate president. His ego will not allow any respect for the Office of the Presidency.
But Mr. King’s focus was the economy. I could argue points, but ultimately Trump fumbled the economy by fumbling the covid response.
Too many Americans died because of his lying, cover up and politicization. He gambled on a vaccine (for a Democratic hoax) before the election and lost. Sorry, but no amount of money is worth the suffering and division of its citizens, millions losing health care, over 300,000 dead Americans or the dismantling of our republic.
Joanna DeSilva

Nursing home’s closing is a warning

Your Dec. 11 article (“Nursing home to shut its doors”) on the planned closure of Saratoga Center, formerly Maplewood Manor, is a sobering reminder of what happens when local governments relinquish control of public assets.
Maplewood Manor was, indeed, an asset to the community.
It was a place where generations of county residents (taxpayers) turned to for skilled nursing, regardless of the size of their bank accounts.
In 2012, the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors decided that Maplewood Manor was too costly to maintain; a burdensome investment in people that simply had to be sold to a corporation or risk increased taxes.
At that time, the majority of community residents said they would gladly pay a few extra bucks a year to keep Maplewood Manor open. The concern was that conditions at the home would deteriorate, that needed infrastructure investments would not be made and, once again, the almighty dollar would be the chief calculus.
The board acted in haste, with no plans for additional oversight.
Promises were broken, staffing levels and salaries were reduced, and various services were further privatized.
It should have never come to this. Now, during the holidays and a pandemic, Saratoga Center residents have to find a new home, and the staff, who are forced to make do in the most difficult of circumstances, will have to find work elsewhere.
There is a lesson to be learned here about the value of investing in our community, the dangers of bottom-line considerations and the role local governments play in safety-net services.
Ron Briggs
The writer is CSEA Capital Region president.


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Robert F. Jewell

Joanna…only by the collective efforts of

those Americans of good will has this

republic been saved and our democracy


Though we live here in this beautiful North

country of ours we must acknowledge that

it was the black vote that delivered

President Joe Biden and Vice President

Kamala Harris to this wondrous moment.

The President is filling his cabinet to reflect his commitment to the environment, minorities and economic growth.

Unlike his predecessor Biden is calling on expertise to fill positions with educated
team members who can come on board ready to row. No bags of hot air ready to agree.

As for the more violent fringes I wouldn’t worry too much. They’re “ugly bags of mostly water”… there aren’t enough…yet.

The most important thing is to avoid close contacts in groups. This plague is WORSE now than in April!

Highest death rate. 300,000+ died.
3500+/ day newly infected.
Over 7,200,000 infected out of 300,000,000
The previous administration is responsible!

The economy is salvageable.
Give Biden his new administration a chance.
This plague first!

William Marincic

Joanna DeSilva You are saying Black lives matter protest were peaceful? Every single one of them turned into riots where cities were burned, businesses were looted and you’re telling me they were peaceful. There were peaceful Trump rallies in Washington DC and who shows up, Blacklives matter that’s who showed up and violence started and Black Lives Matter were attacking Trump supporters they even attack senators leaving the White House.
I can understand you not seeing the truth by watching main stream news or CNN but that is the truth, you need a real dose of reality.

Robert F. Jewell

The truth is republicans back storm trooper solutions to problems

The violence and damage was fomented by conservative infiltration agent and
Right wing activists/terrorists who broke up indies and set fires and began fights!!

The likes of the KKK, skin heads, proud boys…purposefully created violence and damage at the demonstrations for the republicans narrative of blaming ANTIFA as the cause for the riots and violence.

It was the republicans and their misuse of power that encourages and protects the purposeful attacks on people of color.

It’s the republicans that deny science!
It’s the republicans that endorse racist policies.
It’s the republicans that won’t help out the 50 states.
It’s the republicans that politicized this pandemic.
It’s mostly ignorant/defiant republicans that won’t wear masks and avoid crowds and crowding.
It’s delusional republicans that won’t accept the election outcome.
It’s republicans that continue to resist the Governors advice for covid policy!

Republicans need re-educating desperately!

William Aiken

It’s the republicans that endorse racist policies.

Robert, could you name specifically the racist policies endorsed by the GOP?


Great letters Joanna & Robert….. as usually FACTS are hard for republicans.

William, Voter Suppression in republican controlled states is so obvious even a blind person can see it.

William Aiken

Do you believe requiring an ID that proves who you say are you is voter suppression? An ID is required to enter a Federal Building, rent a hotel or car, apply for food stamps, etc. Without an ID you can’t participate as a functioning member of society. This is a ploy and false premise created by Democrats to convince minorities that requiring a ID suppresses their vote. The 2018 Georgia Governor’s election saw a record turnout of voters. Yet, Stacy Abrahams still cried claims there was massive voter suppression.

Robert F. Jewell

The republicans dumped 30,000 name from their voters rolls.
Republicans jerry meander EVERY CHANCE POSSIBLE!
Republicans limited voter drop off sites purposefully.
Republicans buy ads that disenfranchise black votes.
No honor, no intellect, no ethics, no love for humanity…only profit!!

Robert F. Jewell

Thank you Diane,
The sad truth is republicans don’t see the sins of their words and devastation caused by their behavior.
They deflect, obfuscate, deny, cry, point fingers, use Whataboutery as logic.
All I keep hearing from the republicans here and our “there” is it’s their money and you can’t have any!
Corporations were “saved”, Trumps kids were “saved”…but tough for the small businesses and unemployed!

William Aiken

I guess you can’t give an example of the racist policies or the sins endorsed by the GOP. Why did President Trump double his 2016 support with Hispanics and Blacks? The reason is he delivered his promises of jobs, prison reform and strong support of school choice. What is Joe Biden offering these groups? The elimination of public funding for charter schools, which are quite popular with minority families. Government schools have trapped minorities in subpar school for decades. Our public education system has only widened the disparity between rich kids and poor kids. A Biden presidency will keep poor minority kids trapped in those failing schools.


Joanna, you have made a perfect response to a trump cultist’s use of exaggeration and, as Kelly Ann Conway put it , ‘alternative facts’, to distort reality to conform to his racist and autocratic world-view. Also, Lawrence King’s reasoning is almost as bad as William Marinic’s grammar and fluency in the English language.

Robert F. Jewell

Evidence is being gathered for the post presidency as regards the criminal malfeasance that Trump himself perpetrated against the American people by downplaying the lethality and danger(s) of the Covid virus.
His interview with Bob Woodward emphatically stating that this was not like the seasonal flu, and that it was much more dangerous. Versus what he was shoveling on FOX and fiends!

The dead count will reach 500,000 by April if we do not get together on this!

Listen to President Biden, Governor Cuomo and Dr.Fauci!!

Stay masked
Stay clean,
Stay away,
Get your vaccine!

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