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Saratoga ‘packages’ put local products on your porch

A Porch Package from Impressions of Saratoga awaits a homeowner.
A Porch Package from Impressions of Saratoga awaits a homeowner.

Saratoga is known for its porch parties. After this year, it might also be known for its Porch Packages.

Created by Maddy Zanetti and Marianne Barker of Impressions of Saratoga, the packages are filled with locally sourced foods and gifts, dropped off by hand or by mail to friends, family and co-workers.

“Saratoga’s known for their porches and having porch parties, so we were like ‘We could do Porch Packages,’ ” Zanetti said.

They first started delivering them in March, and at the time they were hand-delivering the packages to addresses stretching from Albany to Glens Falls.

“We recruited everybody to be drivers. They all had to do a two-hour route or three-hour route, and then come back and get more,” Zanetti said.

Sometimes, if the deliveries were close enough to the shop, they’d bring their dogs along for the walk.

Lately, Zanetti and Barker have had to focus more on delivering in the Saratoga area, mailing packages to those with addresses further afield. However, they’re finding the Porch Packages are as popular as ever.

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“We started getting calls from all over and shipping them. It was pretty cool. We focused on items that were locally made that we knew we could get more of. So we learned [about] some new local vendors that make food products that we hadn’t dealt with before,” Barker said.

Many have ordered them for family members and friends who just need a pick-me-up or who are unable to celebrate special occasions together. Businesses have also ordered them for their employees.

“We just came up with two originally,” Zanetti said. “Now we have 36 on our website. It really grew.”

They offer package suggestions such as the Saratoga Foodie option, the Saratoga Spa option, a Game Night option and more. However, much of the time people customize the packages, switching out one product for another, asking Zanetti and Barker for recommendations.

“That’s been another really fun aspect of it,” Barker said. “When you have somebody come in the store, they take care of themselves for the most part. They wander around, ask a question here or there but … because every person hadn’t seen anybody in forever, [they] just wanted to chat. It was great. I think we formed some long-term relationships, too, and it kept us sane.”

“We’ve had some customers, like [one] woman over in Albany, she was not a customer at all and she did a few different orders, and then when quarantine was up [in] June she came in for the first time and she was so excited. … It was like we were pen pals,” Zanetti said.

“Out of a horrible thing, this part of it was a silver lining,” Barker said.

They’ll continue delivering Porch Packages throughout the holidays and beyond, though they recommend people order at least a week before Christmas. The packages are available in a range of price points, starting at $25, and each comes in a reusable tote bag. For information or to order, visit or call 518-587-0666.

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