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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Dec. 20


Stock transfer tax would boost budget

Gov. Andrew Cuomo remains opposed to legislation Assemblyman Phil Steck has sponsored for years that would restore the stock transfer tax and raise $12 billion to $15 billion dollars in state revenues annually, and, by itself, largely eliminate the revenue shortfall that has afflicted the state government since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March.
The tax is a puny one-quarter of 1%. Most of us pay a combined state and local sales tax of 8% (32 times larger) on many of our purchases. The state collected this tax from the 1910s until the early 1980s, but for nearly forty years, has immediately refunded it.
Only a tiny percent of us would pay this tax. Restoring the tax would also have the desirable impact of greatly reducing Wall Street speculation by those who quickly buy or sell stocks when prices change infinitesimally.
This would help stabilize Wall Street and the economy.
Due to cutbacks in revenue transfers from the state government since last spring, county and municipal governments, school districts, and not-for-profits who depend on state revenues, have been forced to freeze or reduce salaries, fire workers, and reduce services.  The public benefit of restoring all these entities to fiscal health far outweighs the pinprick those who would again pay the tax would endure.
Restoring this tax would stimulate the state’s economy. It is way past time for the state legislature to restore the stock transfer tax.
Tom Ellis

Grateful for staff at Ellis Hospital for care

I want to thank the staff at Ellis Hospital for their excellent care and treatment given to my husband recently. The following doctors: P. Jaworowski, K. Coleman, A. Morgan, S. Piacentine, S. Shahata, and G. Vassolas; nurses: M. Autida, M. Bilby, L. Hermo, J. Poissant, and also the professionals in the Emergency Room.
The medical services he received at Ellis from the day he was admitted to the day he was discharged were exceptional.
I also want to acknowledge our primary doctor, Dr. Steven Goldberg at Community Care Physicians and his staff.
Sue Ferrara

Want covid gone? Keep wearing masks

Those of you who don’t believe in using a mask have to be crazy.
Aren’t you looking at the statistics where thousands are dying every day? It’s no joke.
Don’t you realize that by not wearing a mask that if you have it, you will be spreading it to your family and friends.
We will never get rid of it if you who don’t wear a mask will keep on spreading it to everyone you’re in contact with.
James Maxfield

Board should resolve to be transparent

It is time for the Rotterdam Town Board to make a New Year’s resolution for 2021.
They just cannot seem to get the meeting agendas and supporting documentation ready on time.
They have developed a nasty habit of releasing the required information the day of the meeting.
The customary practice was to cut off any new resolutions the Friday before the scheduled meeting so that the town board and more importantly the public could be better informed.
A fine example of this was the Dec. 9 town board meeting.
There was NO draft agenda, and the final agenda was released 10 minutes before the start of the 7 p.m. meeting.
So much for open government.
So their New Year’s resolution should be to cut off any new agenda items on the Friday before the scheduled meeting, which was always the customary and accepted practice prior to 2012. “Happy New Year”
Robert Godlewski

Life savers deserved Person of Year title

Time magazine went political this year and picked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who have done nothing in 2020 to deserve the title of Person of the Year.
The person or persons who deserve this title are saving lives —doctors, nurses and essential workers. These people are the front line warriors like my daughter, a nurse, who goes in every day to take care of the patients with the virus in the nursing home. Shame on Time magazine.
Beverly Borgeest
Clifton Park


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I doubt he does. Sometimes I think he just likes to stir the pot or he is absolutely clueless to the world around him. Both could actually be true!

“I think Black people should free up a seat on the bus when a White person gets on. What? You’re offended? Well I didn’t intend to offend you, just supporting the White people, so too bad if you’re offended.”

See how that works, Fred?
Some call it tone deaf, but that’s being generous.

William Marincic

According to Democrats Joe Biden got more of the African-American vote than the first black man to run for president Barack Obama. What’s even more notable is that supposedly this only happened in swing states that change their election laws without legal authority.


“… swing states that change their election laws without legal authority”. Care to back that up with proof since 50 or so lawsuits by Trump and the GOP couldn’t. Are you holding back important details from them? Come on, be a team player.

As for government transparency I suggest that the state publish the measurable results of money spent on climate mitigation. By this I mean the change in the earth’s climate attributable to the billions dollars of taxpayers’ money spent on global warming mitigation.

Robert F. Jewell

The results are publish and is in the public record.
Don’t expect to be spoon fed.

Read, read, read,… listen,listen,listen,

“The results are publish and is in the public record.”

The sentence should read that the results are published and are in the public record.

What is published are results for CO2 mitigation not the results of the billions spent on producing measurable results on the world’s climate.

Funny thing. Up above you wrote:
“Some take offense were none is intended and the writers thought is that offending behavior should cease.”

Here’s how it’s done properly:
“Some take offense where none is intended, and the writer’s thought is that offending behavior should cease.”

You’re welcome.

Robert F. Jewell

Yes published😂…..”they swallow a camel and choke on a gnat “….
You failed to heed the rest of the reply.
So adios my EX dictator Trump…and to you Fredrick.

Have a Merry Democratic Christmas!


Didn’t we cover this last week? As Robert said, “Read, read, read,… listen, listen, listen,
Think, think, think, think, think.” It’s not that hard.

William Marincic

So I’ve been asking for months (this is no joke! If you want to question it I’m sure you can find in this very group I’ve asked), ‘what has Biden accomplished in his nearly half a century in office’. I have yet to read ANY response.
I’ve finally found the list!!!

Biden’s 47 years of accomplishments or lack thereof…It’s a good – quick read.
Joe Biden’s Political Career. By year.
1973 Biden enters politics…
1977 ***Biden fights to keep schools segregated because in his own words, “allowing blacks to integrate would create a racial jungle”… fact check me….
1988 ***ran for president but had to end his campaign after getting busted for plagiarism…
1990 Hang on almost there…
1994 ***Biden writes the “Stop and Frisk” law which is what blacks blame for “systemic racism” today. This law took millions of black men from their homes and transplanted them into prison. Way to go Joe. This was Biden’s biggest accomplishment in 47 years of elected office. Factcheck me…it’s true.
1997 Almost, not yet…
2008 calls Obama the first “articulate” and “clean” mainstream African-American

He’s not going to fix anything. He’s a brainless puppet for the global elite who want our constitution dismantled and for YOU to live under the JACKBOOT! If they take the 2nd, you lose them ALL! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Robert F. Jewell

Raymond gave a cogent fact checked review last week…forget already?
It laid out Obama’s economic success and Trumps ruining OURS!
You’ve a classic case of “selective memory”.


Hey Bill, the election is over and Biden won by a landslide. You may want to examine what Trump did wrong that led to him getting 7+ million less votes than someone who the majority obviously trusts much more.

Robert F. Jewell


One four year term
1.Cage children
2. Proposed a wall that was never needed…
never finished…. paid for by Americans!
Not Mexico like he Promised!
3. Lied to the American people PURPOSELY
about the CORONA VIRUS!!
4. He politicized a PLAGUE!!
5. This disinformation policy resulted in the
Intensity and duration of infectious
Transmission. ACTIVELY promoting
SUPER SPREADING rallies and events!!
6. His “ HERD IMMUNITY” policy , to cover
his incompetent and inept responses to
7. This endorsement by his scared cohorts
Is criminal in its execution.
8. In 4 years this LUNATIC has been caught
extorting Ukraine and cow towing to
9. Trump has broken tax laws, gift laws
all norms of decency.
10. Trump is a philanderer, adulterer

11. Trump paid off porn stars and women
he has REAPED and abused!!
12. Trump is a tax cheat!!
13. Trump has publicly encouraged revolts
and open acts of sedition by his
14. Trump has ignored removed laws
protecting the environment!
15. Trump pardoned HIS cronies who were
convicted of felonies!
16. Trump and his administration gave no
Support for BLM and actively used
the resources of the government to
apprehend by gestapo methods legal
17. Trump resisted science and experts on
disease and actively suppressed facts!
18. Trump gave the rich a 500 billion dollar
Tax cut! Diddly squat to the poor!!
20. Trump is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR..20k+
21. Trump is a disloyal evil mean spirited
poorly educated, racist, xenophobic
misogynistic, vengeful, spiteful,
22. Undignified, pompous, arrogant,
Narcissistic, unfeeling, attention
Seeking like a spoiled child!

His sycophants worship those qualities because they themselves behave the same or “feel” the same.

Republicans use feelings for facts and emotions of fear and hate for pathways of reasoning and logic .
Trump and Trumpers are talking sedition and Martial Law. Let’s start with them. Traitors to the Constitution and their fellow Americans!!


Excellent list Robert. You can add that China paid for the tariffs; NOT.

Don’t you wonder whether the children and grandchildren of these sycophants are brought up to lie, cheat, steal, be racist, be anti-American, break the law, despise democracy, rape and sexually abuse women, etc.? Yup, Trump and his followers are real good role models.

Robert F. Jewell

I’m ashamed to call them Americans…but Americans they are.

They just don’t play well together with others.
Growing up time..a lot for some.
I’m 63 and I am but an egg….

21. Trump is a disloyal evil mean spirited
poorly educated, racist, xenophobic
misogynistic, vengeful, spiteful,

22. Undignified, pompous, arrogant,
Narcissistic, unfeeling, attention
Seeking like a spoiled child!

Since most of us do not want to date him nor do we expect him to move in our neighborhood his personality is of no interest to us.

Robert F. Jewell

Yeah…only if you died and have come back and now aimlessly walk around with a red hat on that has the word MAGA on it…..

Thanks for your thoughtful comment. As for your comment about Trump being a rapist please produce evidence that this act was reported to the police and subsequently prosecuted

William Marincic

Let’s put this into perspective, Donald Trump has 89 million followers on Twitter.
Joe Biden has 19 million followers on Twitter, Donald Trump has 70 million more followers than Joe Biden and yet you Democrats want to tell me that Biden won this election I don’t think so. Just more and more and more substantial facts to prove that this election was stolen. You reap what you sow

Robert F. Jewell

Let’s ditch republican “perspective “ and face cold hard reality,….hmmm

No matter what you want to believe…come January 20th your going to be faced with

Biden will be sworn in as the 45th President and Harris the Vice President.

So :
scheme, dream…
cry, lie,
berate, obfuscate,
blame, defame,
Derisive, decisive,

No honor, no patriotism, no love of democracy.
Just love of money and power.

We see you🗣


More Twitter followers, bigger rallies, bigger mouth, fake hair. Excellent attributes for a reality star, not President of the U.S. which Biden becomes in four weeks.

Tom Ellis, re: the stock transfer tax.

Right you are sir, and I’ve been baffled by the fixation on “taxing the rich” by Mr. Cuomo and the press, with no mention of this.

We’ve been bombarded by the Republican party about how great our “economy” is doing. The more truthful statement would be that our markets are doing well, anyone with a 401K is doing well, traders are doing well, share holders are doing well. But the unspoken important point is the markets are *not* the economy. They may be a subset, but as we’ve seen (if our eyes are open), the success of the markets does not trickle down to to us mere mortals as evidenced by the brutal wealth disparity in our country.

Supporters of this idea would do well to follow NY State Assembly Bill A7791B (Senate version: S6203) which has passed both the Assembly and the Senate.

Its summary:

“Repeals the rebates for stock transfer tax paid; dedicates funds of the stock transfer tax fund and stock transfer incentive fund to various funds; establishes the safe water and infrastructure action program.”

Thanks for your letter, this really deserves more air time.

Robert F. Jewell

Excellent letter ChuckD!
Cuomo has been very reluctant to tax the rich in the past as he is a centrist…but now due to the deficit he’s been backed into that corner due to no relief from the feds. So he’s singing that now… but once Biden is sworn in… it might change.

William Marincic

Trump 74 million votes 2497 counties won
Obama 69 million votes 873 counties won
Biden 81 million votes 477 counties won.

More proof if a stolen election.

Robert F. Jewell

Your half correct in the data you skew…
81 vrs 74 is the ONLY ONE THAT COUNTS….popular vote won…

so much for…(so much winning)…

from Trump….the

“So Much Loser!!”…

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