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Letters to the Editor Monday, Dec. 21


U.S. must end blind support of Israel

It seems to me your headlines in the Dec. 11 Daily Gazette with regard to Israel tend to obfuscate the actual story.
The headline “Israel, Morocco to normalize ties” should more appropriately have been “U.S. sells out self-determination of Western Sahara to bribe Morocco to recognize Israel.”
The Daily Gazette Dec. 8 headline “New roads to drive massive growth of Israeli settlements?” should have been “Israel prepares to steal more land from Palestine.”
Various other articles regarding Saudi and Emirati recognition of Israel were equally devoid of U.S. bribery and complicity in the theft of land from Palestine.
You cannot have a lasting peace by imposing it on a country whose land you have stolen and then bribing others to recognize it.
It is time for the United States to recognize this fact and stop blindly supporting Israel. Israel has become the apartheid South Africa of the Middle East.
It is time for America, both government and people, to boycott, divest and sanction Israel, just as the world did with South Africa. End Israel’s expansionist policies of land theft and we may have a chance of real peace in the Middle East.
James Van Dijk
Saratoga Springs

Exactly what has Trump done wrong

I just read Ms. Swanson’s list of fantasies in her letter (“Plenty of reasons we won’t miss Trump”) in the Dec. 13 Gazette. CNN should be proud they have such a dedicated viewer; too bad she actually believes any of this stuff.
The Hatch Act? Try reading it first. There was a question about emolument abuse, but nothing came of it. Alienating our allies? Name one, and describe how?
Golfing? Do you govern better from an overseas beach, like his predecessor did multiple times a year?
Firing people? The president sets policy; if department heads don’t like it, they should resign. If they don’t resign, they get fired.
Erratic behavior? I haven’t a clue what this means.
Lying and whining? No president ever exaggerated; “You can keep your doctor” and “Premiums will be drastically reduced” come to mind.
How exactly did President Trump ‘trash’ the Constitution and the rule of law?
Degrading the presidency? Bowing to Arab leaders is perfectly all right with you? Pity.
Conspiracy theory? Would you like to comment on Russian collusion? You Socialists have been running with that since 2016.
Bigotry and racism? The Tax Cut Act benefited ALL workers and the unemployment rate for minorities was the lowest in decades before the virus.
The coronavirus? I prefer a leader who doesn’t react like a Chicken Little, who shows himself when he has to, and remains calm before his people.
Lastly, it is my opinion the president refuses to accept that he lost a fair election.
Jeffrey Falace


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Robert F. Jewell


Let’s review recent history for the delusional.

Emoluments laws…Trump and his family are presently under investigation and charges are pending.

Golfing…your kidding right?…he plays GOLF while his people die without leadership…and HE CHEATS AT GOLF!!

Firing people…he who leads by fear incites distrust and resentful employees…like a crime boss Trump doesn’t fire..he destroys.
This Bozo fires loyalists🤪

Lying…your kidding…he’s got 21,000+ DOCUMENTED lies. Trump IS a pathological LIAR!!! Lied about Corona!

Erratic behaviors…since you admit to being
“Clueless” here…we can see that….

Trash Constitution….actively promotes SEDITIOUS ACTIVITY thus making him a traitor to his CONSTITUENTS!!

is the style of dictators and strongman disfunctional thinking. Diplomacy means just that. Republicans need a dictionary!

Russian foreign policy…apparent to all but
Trumpers zombies, ostriches, sycophants,
brainless and the…clueless…

Tax cuts…HA! your kidding…Trump gave 1,800,000,000$ to CORPORATIONS as the final tax giveaway for the SUPER WEALTHY!

In the end you’ve one fact correct…

The man/child named Trump won’t stop throwing a psychopathic tantrum!!

Biden is President ,Harris Vice President

Trump is jail bound after Jan.20th and he’s TERRIFIED…

Russian foreign policy…apparent to all but
Trumpers zombies, ostriches, sycophants,
brainless and the…clueless…

Name calling is an activity that you should have out grown!


Thanks Robert. I just shook my head at his letter. Must have gotten it from Fox or other right-wing deniers and liars. Re. the emoluments issue, it took outsiders to sue Trump and his corrupt family, not the Justice Dept. or GSA who should have stopped it. Congress will have its hands full with creating more specific laws to stop all of Trump’s abuses.

Robert F. Jewell

PS. Trump efforts to replace civil service employees publicly loyal to him is a violation of the Hatch Act…and is in its final destination an attempt to build an organized political party within the federal civil service. Still clueless?

William Marincic

James Van Dijk I see your anti-Semitism is alive and well. Let me ask you why don’t the Palestinians move to one of the other dozen Arab countries that surround them? By the way that land wasn’t stolen from them that Israel’s land That was stolen from them.

William Marincic

I love how the people talk about Trump playing golf, they don’t realize that he only gets about five hours sleep per night the rest of the time he’s working. So if Trump plays a four hour round of golf five hours of sleep a night and an hour for other things that’s 14 hours a day that he’s working every day of the week that’s probably five or six hours a day more than any other president ever did, get off that ignorant rant.

Robert F. Jewell

Bill you just happen to know his personal schedule and habits very well…

When were you in the White House last?
Do you know anyone personally in Trumps inner circle?
Does Donald tweet you personally?
Do you send emails, letters, smoke signals to garnish you bologna here?

As Jed said ….pitiful…pitiful…

Have you forgotten that you have claimed to know Trump’s intensions behind his statements and thus are able to detect when he is lying.


Bill, that’s a pretty laughable defense of Trump. Working? Tweeting conspiracy theories, lies, misinformation, vindictive comments, etc. for several hours a day (as well as watching television isn’t working. Plus you forget the appearance of not caring about anything but himself. Stimulus relief, 11 months of the coronavirus, the economy and on and on he has been absent from reality because it didn’t fit his schedule or mind. But golf is at the top of his to-do list.

He should be looking for a new home to go to on January 20 since Palm Beach County won’t let him live at Mar-a-Logo, according to a contract he signed almost 30 years ago. The neighbors don’t want him there. Must be afraid their property values will go down. Isn’t that ironic after he threatened suburban wives with his racist comment about public housing being added in the suburbs which blacks also live in.

William Marincic

I wanna see how things play out in the Senate and the Congress on January 6 because as far as I know it’s up to the Senate and the Congress to ultimately certify the election and I’m being publicly told through the real news that there are some Republicans in the Senate and the Congress they are going to object to certifying Biden as president. Let’s see how that works out. My grandfather who always said, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

Robert F. Jewell

That’s what YOUR WORDS will achieve!

You words here on this page is seditious and undermines our democratic process.

Refusing to obey the laws and norms of our society will result in a lot of arrests and civil unrest…and death…you in for that?


The military will not participate…

You cowards are gonna have to get mercenaries…like in Portland…to do your dirty work…
Think there’s room for you there.


There may be a few Trump loyalist senators and congresspersons who will object, but they need a majority to override the electoral college. I bet you a million dollars that won’t happen. Come on big man, put up or …

William Marincic

You don’t need a majority of congressmen in the Congress or the Senate, if you know what you’re talking about. If this goes to a vote in Congress each state gets a vote not each congressman, there are 27 Republican states 23 Democrats states guess who wins. About the same in the Senate. You might want to read the constitution I’ve read it a few times. Democrats love the spout off the law but they have no idea what the law says.

Robert F. Jewell

Jail is coming for all who participate in TRUMPS attempted COUP……all of you…

God help y’all… everyone has to be American or tragically blood will be shed!

Conform or die – the democratic message!

P.S. I missed your answer to the question if the right to an abortion includes a wife’s right to destroy the couples unborn child.

Robert F. Jewell

Yes…. I didn’t avoid it….it’s NONE OF MY BUSINESS….Self determination means JUST THAT!
It’s a woman responsibility to decide to nourish this fetus…. NOT YOUR ABERRANT CHRISTIAN MULLAHS!!

I have no OWNERSHIP of her body Fred.

To the arduous journey of suffering and
possibility of death that pregnancy requires is no light decision to make.


When I say , If you don’t want an abortion….don’t have one…. means that
as MEN we contribute only sperm to the decision. That’s right. You support your family with vigor pregnant or not….

It’s the woman that PAYS THE PRICE BUDDY!!

Men get LUCKY that god let them reproduce.

Robert F. Jewell

Ps… stay republican…who cares…certainly not us winners of this election…

Cant make a silk purse out of a sows ears

Robert F. Jewell

As Kipling cantors..

Nations have passed away and left no traces,
And history gives the cause of it-
One single simple reason in all cases;

They fell because their people
were not fit.

Without the rule of law there is only



I actually don’t think Pence will play that game. He has nothing to gain. Pence has his own Presidential ambitions. If Trump resigns and Pence is President for a few weeks and pardons Trump, it doesn’t help him. Here’s my argument. Trump is keeping his political machine going claiming he will run again in 2024 after losing the 2020 election which he claims he didn’t lose. So until Trump drops out of the race, or is too sick, imprisoned, seeking asylum abroad, or dead to run, nobody will challenge him who hopes to get the support of the Trumpies.

Lets say Trump doesn’t run for one or more of the above reasons. Well, Trump’s backing is a cult of personality and, let’s face it, Pence has no personality. So he cannot hope to get as large a contingent of Trumpies as Trump himself. Pence will get support of the religions evangelicals who provide part of Trump’s base, but not enough of it. And Pence will not be able to win back the suburban voters who fled Trump if he cannot somehow distance himself from Trump. So I don’t see a scenario in which Pence agrees to be President for a few weeks in exchange for pardoning Trump. Besides Trump doesn’t need a pardon. His actions were all perfect!

Robert F. Jewell

Very logical and politically weighted.
I totally agree on the evangelicals.
I don’t see any good end game now for Trump or republicans…

Robert F. Jewell


In a dog crowded kennel,
Scab covered and scared,
In cell 251 a starved puppy stares..
Eye sockets sunken, clinging to life..
Destiny’s scheduled to go under deaths knife!

No one has hope for Destiny there,
“She’s all rib and bone”,” “lost all her hair”.

Such is the mystery of mercy that human efforts reveal…
That Hope is not just a concept,
and has real power to heal!

Destiny’s life was rediscovered,
in the care of a hopeful eye,
For the heart of justice is mercy,
and divinity in the footsteps who try.

Happy birthday Destiny!!

William Marincic

I just can’t state it enough and after reading so many of these responses from you liberals all I have to say is Michael Savage was 100% correct when he penned the saying that liberalism is a mental disorder, it is.

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