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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Dec. 22


Stefanik’s hypocrisy shows over Trump

I read the article in the Dec. 16 Gazette (“Stefanik: Probe Cuomo harassment claim”) that Rep. Elise Stefanik wants a full investigation into the sexual harassment accusation against Gov. Cuomo.
This baffles me, especially since Ms. Stefanik has supported, stood beside, defended and had pictures taken with a man who has cheated on all three of his wives, been accused of rape, admitted to “grabbing women by their genitals,” paid off a stripper and other women for their silence and then lied to the people. Where was her indignation in the past four years?
I would also like to repeat to the Republicans what they have said to the Democrats since the 2016 election. Get over it, you lost the election!
Patricia Fialkowski

Make delivery fees more transparent

Thank you for giving space to the Dec. 16 article (“Cap on delivery fees for food gets mixed reviews”) about how delivery services are eating the lunches of independent restaurants.
I believe the best answer to this problem has yet to be explored by local and state governments.
Services like Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats charge a percentage of the menu price for delivery, but they charge it to the restaurant, not to the consumer.
Because of this, restaurants are losing their already-skinny margins to the deliverers, at a time when volume is already down because of the pandemic. Customers are led to believe delivery is “free” because it is not itemized and added on, so restaurants get paid $13 for a $20 meal after the deliverer takes their fee out.
Independent restaurants are suffering with every order from customers who are generously trying to keep them busy.
The best answer is to require delivery fees to be “unbundled” and added to the menu price.
Unbundling shows the true cost to the consumer, who might choose to pick up their order instead. It forces the delivery services to compete, rather than hiding their fee where no one can see it.
Restaurants would receive the same revenue they would have gotten from pickup or indoor dining.
We customers add on tips for table service when dining indoors, why not the same deal for deliverers?
Another word for unbundling is “transparency,” and that is always a good thing.
Gordon Boyd
Saratoga Springs

Ellis Hospital staff deserve high praise

The sign in front of Ellis Hospital states “Heroes Work Here. “
Truly, this is an understatement. It should state “Angels Work Here.”
Recently, I spent nine days in the cardiac ICU at Ellis and received the highest quality health care possible. The doctors and nurse’s commitment to the patients’ well-being was extraordinary. Ellis has created a culture where excellence and compassion thrive.
We are entering the season of reflection and gratitude; I am extremely fortunate to have had my triple bypass heart surgery performed by the cardiac team at Ellis. They are all leaders with servant hearts that put their humanity into being great care givers.
Over the years, the negative articles published in The Gazette promote an undeserved image for the hospital: i.e., frequently petty complaints of waiting times in the emergency room, etc.
The Ellis Hospital Cardiac Unit has proven to be superior to any other hospital in the capital region. Thank you thank you thank you Ellis Hospital from a grateful patient.
Philip W. Wagner Sr.


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Robert F. Jewell

Mrs. Fialkowski,

Your spot on in pointing out the hypocrisy is Elise Stephanik!
Stephanik has supported this psychopathic womanizer.
Trump is being pursued legally by rape charges.
Trump is contemptuous of educated women.
Trump has physically, mentally, emotionally and PUBLICLY excoriated female reports.
Trump is an admitted philanderer and adulterer.
Trump fears and hates strong women!

Stephanik is a disgrace as a representative to this state but more tragic is the role model she presents to other young women!

Being educated and ambitious is fine but to what end. For Elise it’s WASHINGTON DC

Stephanik is not a north country lady, just a typical selfish republican vixen vying for a place at the slop trough.


You want to use taxation to spend other peoples’ money and you call her selfish because she belongs to a group that prefers to spend its money on activities that it regards as meaningful!

Generally a reply is connected to a previous comment. If you have a new comment make it as a stand alone comment. As for representing white business men please provide some justification for your considered view

Robert F. Jewell

In addition someone here has repeatedly stated that liberalism is a mental disorder.

White wing Nationalists like Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs or others of like disposition here…all have the same flaw in their characters…they trust each other..

Yes…there is an old Bosnian adage;

“He who lies for you…will lie against you!”

…also “No honor amongst thieves”!

This is the soulfulness of conservatism as practiced by these temporary earth walkers.

William Marincic

Patricia Fialkowski There are actual pictures and videos of Joe Biden either molesting or attempt to molest a child. So stop.

Robert F. Jewell

And tv footage of trump lusting after his own daughter…you up with that Bill…

And footage of his grabbing genitals with glee…you think that’s cool..ehhh

And lawsuits charging him with rape.
That okay,

Oh I forgot… to republicans only Stepford wives are to be believed when they cry..

Woman are property to conservative men!

William Marincic

As a person that spent most of my adult life as a Democrat I can tell you that the Democrat party is the wrong party. I left the Democrat party because they support crime and criminals, drugs and drug addict‘s, they support violence and violent offenders, they support rioters, they support wholesale abortion, they are the party of cheaters and criminals and liars, they are the racists and those who get rich off of racism. As a Republican I support smaller government people working for a living, realizing there is no free lunch, if you want something you work for it just like I had to do my whole life. As Republicans we play fair and yes liberalism is a mental disorder. Republicans are for lower taxes, and real conservative spending of our tax money. Take a look at what the Democrats put in this latest stimulus bill, millions of dollars to warn people not to keep flammable liquids near a fire, is that good stewardship of your tax dollars? They also sent millions of dollars overseas, was that needed in this stimulus bill? If the Democrats took out all of the pork and crap they put in this bill they could’ve easily given you $1000 not $600. When President Trump gave everybody $1000 tax cut Nancy Pelosi said that was crumbs. I can’t stress it enough liberalism is a mental disorder. Do what I did 20 years ago, walk away from the Democrat party.

Robert F. Jewell

Well said Bill!…
you’ve made a clear and concise delineation between those whose priorities are profit first and people second.

Democrats are inefficient in their venality.

We put life first and profit second…

Thank God.


Bill – Just plain gibberish. Explain why more and more people are Democrats who fight for all people, not just those with resources like conservatives. Seven of the last eight presidential elections ended with the Democrat securing more votes. If we ever switch to the popular vote system, you’ll never see a republican again in the White House unless they open their arms and minds to all people, not just conservative white men voters and their sub servant spouses. Bottom line – you joined the wrong team.

William Marincic

Why you ask are there more Democrats? Let’s see, because our schools have been indoctrinating young people to socialism so you have that group, the next group is the group on welfare and those who want something for nothing, then you have all of the illegals and don’t tell me they don’t vote because they do. As we all know people living in urban areas are those least able to move to a suburban area and are more dependent on the government, so in order to keep their dependency going the government throws them crumbs and with those crumbs they get their vote. Look at the elections the Democrats win the cities that are packed full of those who want something for nothing where the heartbeat of America middle America the suburbs even upstate New York is mostly Republicans look at a red and blue map you will see very little blue and mostly red you’ll see blue in the big cities that’s about it.


Bill – You make it sound like the Democrats wrote the stimulus (more like a relief than stimulus) bill. It was mostly developed by a bi-partisan group of legislators who compromised on a lot of things to get something done for the struggling American people that McConnell and Trump didn’t want to do because they don’t care. They are doing everything to hamstring Biden before he even takes office, just like Moscow Mitch did with Obama. The GOP wasn’t afraid to spend like crazy under Trump, but now they miraculously have started to be fiscally conservative again. What a corrupt, hypocritical, disingenuous party, your party.

Robert F. Jewell

Thank you yet once again for summing up what I believe are the opinions of many democrats, liberals, and I dare say a growing crowd of recalcitrant
Tip of my cap…Mr.Harris.

“We put life first and profit second…” This has been written by a person who thinks that it is a woman’s right to kill her husband’s unborn child. Thanks to the Democrats we have increased flexibility in dealing with the inconvenient.

Robert F. Jewell

This from a person who thinks they own a women’s body and would force them to obey his specious views of life and death.

and of course if she might need financial support…TOUGH not his problem…



I have trouble with government sanctionedkilling people. I also have trouble undermining the family structure. I think that most everyone is aware of the deleterious effects of a dysfunctional family has on the children that the mother has nor killed. Finally I think that the new way that the Comocrats have give us will have long term adverse effects on the well being of the country

Has anyone discovered a reference to the measured effect of the billions the state is spending to mitigate global warming that they are willing to share? Also since the state is trying, with it global warming efforts, to benefit the world has anyone figured out how we can bill and collect for our public service?


For those conservatives who don’t understand institutionalized and systemic racism, here’s a recent example where an influential newspaper admitted to it: The Kansas City Star has apologized for what it’s calling decades of “robb(ing) an entire community of opportunity, dignity, justice and recognition.”

The Star, one of the most influential news sources in the region, says it has “disenfranchised, ignored and scorned generations of Black Kansas Citians” for the last 140 years. “It reinforced Jim Crow laws and redlining,” wrote Mike Fannin, president and editor of the Star, in a column apologizing for the coverage by the paper on Sunday. “Decade after early decade it robbed an entire community of opportunity, dignity, justice and recognition.”
The Star is now apologizing for its actions, and has published the first part of six-part package examining the Star’s coverage of Kansas City.

“Reporters were frequently sickened by what they found — decades of coverage that depicted Black Kansas Citians as criminals living in a crime-laden world. They felt shame at what was missing: the achievements, aspirations and milestones of an entire population routinely overlooked, as if Black people were invisible,” Fannin wrote.
Moving forward, the Star says it is encouraging other Kansas City businesses to examine their own histories as well, and also announced the formation of The Kansas City Star Advisory Board to help guide coverage in the future.

Robert F. Jewell

This is precisely why conservatives vehemently resist teaching the next generation the facts of this country’s history of racism and the genocide of the original indigenous Americans or even-the brutal details that was a daily occurrence in the enslavement of the black race.

The recent immoral internment of Japanese Americans in 1942…110,000 patriotic, law abiding natural born citizens whose only crime was having parents born in a different country!
This was hushed for decades.

Republicans want to ignore our failures, our criminality and only broadcast our greatness. Rah Rah..wave the flag…

The Blue tsunami 🌊 has arrived…

Come on Jan.20th!!

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