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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Dec. 23


Many ignored Trump accomplishments

In response to Bob Belive’s Dec. 12 letter (“Trump supporters need to get the facts”) to The Daily Gazette: I find that people on both sides of the political spectrum spew facts without doing much fact checking.
They are stuck in their respective “belief camps” even when facts may show the opposite to be true. Some of these people are my friends and family.
I wonder how many Trump supporters Mr. Belive actually knows. According to him, most of these 74 million Americans lack facts and are of questionable intelligence. I refer Mr. Belive to the Sept. 11 article in the New York Times (“A Fact-Checked List of Trump Accomplishments”) written by Farah Stockman.
The article does an excellent job of checking the validity of the president’s claims and by a liberal newspaper.
It lists 123 items including signing the First Step Act, dismantling ISIS, improving VA services, securing $9 billion to fight opioid epidemic, all true; among others that are true or partly true, with a few exceptions. And now the covid vaccine is on our doorstep which his critics said would never happen this quickly.
I suggest that many people who did not vote for this president dismissed these facts, were unaware of them, or were unimportant to them.
They simply do not like him, his style, or his vision for the country. Many people who voted for the president based their decision on these very accomplishments and not his personality or rhetoric.
Karlyne Drimalas

Tangorra is great at managing finances

As a community activist, I have interacted with Niskayuna school Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra for many years on many topics.
I personally have found the way he delivers the message he is trying to convey off-putting in nearly every situation.
However, as somebody who has joined other internet gadflies in complaining about the school reserve funds increasing for years while our school buildings fell into disrepair, it is now obvious that Dr. Tangorra was playing chess while I and others were playing checkers.
Putting emotion aside, Dr. Tangorra is likely the most brilliant superintendent when it comes to capital finances in this state.
Whether it was a flawless comptroller audit several years ago or using the reserves he built over several years to receive state aid, which will multiply the beneficial impact of those reserves, he has done an amazing job.
I hope others can overlook who delivers the message or how that message is delivered and focus instead on what the message says when it comes to the upcoming Niskayuna school capital project vote. With that said, I plan to vote YES on both capital improvement resolutions, and I thank Dr. Tangorra for getting us $80 million in capital improvements for pennies a day in tax increases over only two years.
Mathew Tully

Court ruling not as restrictive as feared

John Figliozzi’s Dec. 13 column (“Does the free exercise clause only protect religions?”) expresses his disagreement with the Supreme Court’s ruling on New York’s restrictions aimed at religious gatherings.
He is certainly entitled to that belief, but he spends a considerable amount of time demolishing straw men and arguing issues not germane to the issues.
Contrary to what he says, the First Amendment doesn’t exist to protect beliefs or the embrace of religious faith. Faith and beliefs are private, internal and known only to the individual, so they don’t need First Amendment protection.
Only the free exercise of the beliefs needs to be and is covered by the amendment. The key word being exercise.
This particular case was not an attempt to “get a leg up” for any particular religion. As Justice Neil Gorsuch noted in oral arguments, the restrictions on houses of worship were greater than those on wine shops or tattoo parlors.
The decision was narrow and did not create any new right Mr. Figliozzi needs to worry about.
The court didn’t bar the state from new restrictions that would apply equally to everyone.
David Ochse
Porter Corners


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William Marincic

Karlyne Drimalas You will never convince me that this election was not rigged and Joe Biden did not have people cheating for him so that he would win. There’s no possible way that Joe Biden could win 400 counties less than Barack Obama and have 15 million more votes, it is statistically impossible. It sure is funny that every state that change their voting rules within a few months of the election President Trump was winning on election night and then throughout the night all of a sudden he started losing, impossible. It only happened in those battleground states where the election rules were changed but we’re expected to believe that there was nothing nefarious going on, sure there wasn’t.


You obviously don’t understand the impact of mail-in voting. And thanks to Trump, more people came out to vote him out than to keep him in. Simple math. When he went about dividing the country for four years, he didn’t get enough on his side to win. I told you all year that the election would be a referendum on the incumbent which is generally what happens with reelections. Understand now?

It means “smack my head”, as in ‘why do I try’.
No matter that you absolutely correct; for months leading up to the election it was all about tRump telling his followers there was no virus, masks were silly, health professionals were gloom and doomers. He tried to suppress any attempt to to get the public on board with taking this seriously. That will be up to historians to try to sort out because it makes no sense.

Meanwhile in the reality-based world here on Earth we trusted the scientists and professionals and opted overwhelmingly to exercise our right to vote in absentia, and we did. And the winner is the reality-based electorate.

William Marincic

It means shaking my head. Here’s one for you Ray, there are 174 million registered voters in the United States if Donald Trump got 74 million votes how did Joe Biden get 80 million votes? That’s not common core math that’s basic math.


Bill – Re. your vote totals, 2/3 (66.2%) of registered voters actually voted in November 2020. So if Biden got 81 million and Trump got only 74 million, that’s a 155 million just for them (not sure of other candidates). Therefore, at least over 200 million were registered to vote. Another stat is that 2020 brought out 6.1% more voters than 2016. The increase in participation is attributed, in part, to mail-in voting.

Are you implying that the 1000 affidavits were presented in one or more court cases that got thrown out for a lack of credible evidence? I also wanted to ask you why Trump said there was fraud ONLY in the swing states he lost and not in any of the states he won? Is it possible that fraud occurred in those states that Biden should have contested?

William Marincic

Sorry about that. I misquoted. There are 153 million registered voters in the US and there is no possible way that they all voted

Robert F. Jewell

Yeah…Biden cheated…

However it’s REPUBLICANS that are consistently being caught committing
Voter Fraud…like BRUCE BARTMAN.

Registered as his mommy to fraudulently vote.
Gave the lame excuse “Civi Disobedience “

Yet another example of those who believe that Trump won become so deluded… to the point of criminality.
They cry and hold their breaths and point fingers and say…cheater!! all the while projecting the guilt of their own criminality!

These cultists of Trump who break the law are going to jail. Period.

BTW….the LAW …TRUMPS Trump and your ill researched and zealot biased “statistics”… which I’m reasonably sure a sizable amount of republicans never studied in college… if they attended.


Rip Van Trump finally came out of the sand trap long enough to extend his middle finger to the voters, the troops, the poor, McConnell and the rest of the GOP by threatening to veto the $908B relief bill. Of course, he makes it look like he wants to help people by giving them more money, but I think it’s his vindictive side coming through since he is still fuming over losing the election so badly.

Then Corrupt Trump comes through with pardoning corrupt and convicted congressman, murderers and fellow liars. While he is granted pardoning power under the Constitution, like most of what he does, he abuses the process designed to give relief to those with ridiculously long sentences (e.g., for non-violent drug arrests and racially motivated prison sentences), not close political associates and true criminals. So far, 88% of his pardons have been for his loyal criminals. So much for his law and order campaign.

William Marincic

Yeah because our Covid relief needs millions to go to gender studies in Pakistan or all of the other pork. BTW Trump want to give those hurting Americans $2000 not $600 which is two weeks rent for most people.


Bill – which republican wanted the gender studies included in the relief bill? You know how homophobic they are. As usual, each side added pork like in every other bill that gets passed. Are you new to all this?


For those seeking details on the pardons, here’s the list:

• Former 2016 campaign aide George Papadopoulos
• Former US Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins
• The four Blackwater guards involved in the Iraq massacre
• Alex van der Zwaan, a Dutch lawyer who was sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to lying to Mueller investigators
• Two Border Patrol agents convicted in 2006 of a cover-up after shooting and wounding an unarmed undocumented immigrant
• Several people convicted of nonviolent drug crimes serving lengthy sentences (possibly the only legitimate pardons of the group).


Not sure who is next to get a pardon, but I think he will wait until a week before Biden’s inauguration to pardon his family and Giuliani, among others “close” to him (e.g., his whole administration!).

Robert F. Jewell

Don’t forget the “traveling” stack when he finally hits the road.👍🏿


Here’s determination:

That’s how many days one couple spent hidden in Philadelphia churches to avoid deportation. The federal government recently dropped the deportation order, and on Monday, the couple finally walked free.

Robert F. Jewell

Greater letters Raymond!

I wish you a Merry Christmas to you sir

and to those you love and those who do


It’s over soon y’all…

Martha Bencic

Karlyne Drimalas, he raped a child, and likely more than one. No accomplishment justifies that. This isn’t about people just “not liking” his personality. HE IS A CHILD MOLESTER.

Robert F. Jewell

…oh yes Martha….and the theft of innocent
trust IS a grievous sin.

His purposeful betrayal of his responsibility to protect the American people is concrete and irrefutable! This basta#ds day is coming!

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