Outdoor Journal: Making some out-of-season sightings while out rabbit hunting


Earlier this month, I decided to bundle up and head out to do a little small game hunting to see if I could kick up a few rabbits using my new Heritage Rough Rider .22 revolver.

I was slowly stopping and going when I saw movement coming up from a gully. I sat down quickly in the bushes and out from me about 10-15 steps from me were two toms and five hen turkeys. Where were these guys when I was hunting them when the season was open? But, I did shoot one of the toms (with my camera) and got a photo. Hopefully, they will be there next year. I also saw a 4-point buck; it too was within shooting range — if deer hunting was open. You may hunt furbearers during the day using any handgun, however I did not see any. But . . . I’ll be back.


At 11:25 a.m. on Dec. 12 DEC’s Ray Brook Dispatch was notified via radio by Forest Ranger Melissa Milano, of Ray Brook, of a 60-year-old hunter from Long Lake who had fallen out of a tree stand. Milano, who was on a routine patrol in the Sargent Ponds Wilderness area, noticed a truck parked at the end of North Point Road and saw an injured man crouched next to his vehicle waving frantically (in the right place at the right time. It was in an area with no cell phone coverage and it was fortunately in the right place. The ranger called dispatch to request an ambulance and administered medical care while waiting for the Long Lake Rescue Squad and the hunter was taken to a local hospital.

DEC wants to remind hunters that one of the basics of hunter safety is to let someone know where you will be hunting and when you will return. For more hunter information go to www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/9186html.

As for me, three years ago I climbed up into a 25-foot tree stand and the strap broke, and the seat that I was sitting on started moving side-to-side. I shouldered my rifle and hugged the tree while sliding down. No more tree stands for this 76-year-old man. All my hunting is now done with my feet on the ground.


Early on Jan. 1 I will be at the 22nd Bunny Bowl was started up by Gary DeCesare, of Lake Luzerne, and Timmy Guy, of Glens Falls. We usually have at least 10 beagles (some pups) for sniffing them out. What I like about this hunt is that there are a number of adults that bring their young hunters with them. Normally we have at least 20 attending. It is very enjoyable to watch the young hunters.

What I really enjoy is when one of the young hunters that have been coming with their dads is now carrying their own young son or daughter. I think I’ve only shot about four or five rabbits over the years. And then at noon, out come the barbecues and sodas are enjoyed. However, Guy and I will continue to rabbit hunt every weekend if we can. Love to watch those dogs sniff up a bunny.

Now don’t forget to leave that cup of hot chocolate and cookies for that chubby fellow in a red outfit that will be coming down the chimney with a big bag of goodies. Have a very merry Christmas.

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