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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Dec. 24


Government must begin serving us

For many years we have all known that Washington, D.C., most pointedly Congress, is a “swamp.” We have a government bought and paid for.
Lobbyists negotiate for their sponsors, but no one negotiates for us. And we are paying the bills. A classic example was the composing of the Medicare drug program. The politicians no longer even try to obscure their monetary motives.
However, anyone who does not see that Mr. Trump’s actions have made the situation even worse has a vision problem. More than ever before, our government is not serving us. And we are paying a fortune for the “favor.”
Of course, the Democrats are not free of blame. It is time for people on both sides to join together to attack and straighten out our common enemy.
Marilyn B. Guidarelli

Voter suppression must be stopped

This is disgusting and needs to be stopped, people should be arrested.
The Republican states are suing other states for the way they made it possible to vote during a pandemic? Texas especially, and others say that the other states like Pennsylvania made it easier to vote, with mail in, and extended the time too include everyone a chance to vote safely, and tested security measures put in place.
I find it interesting that most of the states complaining did the most to suppress the rights to vote. Texas removed all drop-boxes except one. This was in Harris County, with over 7 million people and a county the size of Oklahoma and Wyoming together. Just one drop-box.
In Georgia, the Republicans have already closed places to vote in the upcoming Senate run-off election, all closed in Black or Latino neighborhoods.
Still, like Rep. Elise Stefanik, they lie and back the lies even knowing the truth. This is our kids’ future? This is what you want them to learn: If you don’t like it lie, cheat, and steal? Threaten, abuse, terrorize, intimidate? These are the actions of groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda terrorist groups. Don’t show up at government buildings or protest with guns and weapons in full military garb, tough-guy. This is fascism, the total control of the people.
David Keenan


Let people decide how to stay safe

In response to our Gov. Cuomo’s threat to close down all businesses that are not deemed essential again because of covid, I ask whose job is not essential?
I am fortunate to work at a company that is labeled as such, but who determines what is essential? Is not the hairdresser’s job essential? Does she not have to pay rent, by food, pay utilities, etc.? Is not the casino employee in the same boat? You get my drift.
I say every job is essential unless you are independently wealthy and do not need/want to work for you means. We are a society of smart individuals that can make their own choices and we should do so. We should not be or act as subjects of an all-powerful person.
If I do not want to go to work, then I get fired. If I do not want to go to the store and get food, I starve. Therefore, I will protect myself using masks, social distancing and what not.
I do not or should not depend on my fellow man to pay my way via taxes or handouts.
In closing I hope all overcome this pandemic and use the gray matter between their ears when selecting politicians.
Bill Whipple


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Robert F. Jewell

Mr. Whipple,

“Please don’t squeeze” the reality out of this pandemic.

It’s not an individual’s “right” to anything if they’re in the hospital….

Can’t earn a paycheck if no one buys anything cause they are either:

Be a good conscionable American citizen who ACTS like one!

Listen to the EXPERTS…your not one!
Obey the law…or go live in the woods!

Wears masks, commit hygiene, distance, avoid ALL congregating till innocuoated.
6 months of discipline WILL turn this around if we work together!!

If you do not..someone you either know or love will DIE…so in end the contrarians and anti-maskers are guilty of endorsing FRATRICIDE!!


Exactly. What Whipple doesn’t understand is that even with the best medical advice, adults do what they want to do because they are selfish or worst of all, they still think the coronavirus is a hoax. While rules and guidelines are there to follow, generally only businesses pay the price for noncompliance. People not wearing masks or who continue to gather in groups should be ticketed. You have to wear a seat belt that protects you and other drivers. The same goes for not texting while driving or parking illegally in a handicapped zone. You can’t have 60% compliance and expect the virus to disappear as Trump suggested on numerous occasions. He set the poor tone and resistance which will last long after he is gone.


Trump’s list of pardoning his corrupt allies continue. Out of 65 pardons to date, 60 have gone to convicted politicians and other loyalists. The biggest travesty is the pardoning of four convicted Blackwater contractors working for the Pentagon who murdered Iraqi civilians. It’s an affront to the prosecutors, jurors and courts who convicted them as well as our international reputation as a law biding nation.

These pardons are the latest examples that Trump’s law and order campaign was a hoax that of course his supporters bought, along with the thousands of other lies he told. Undoubtedly, he will pardon many other criminals and even those not charged yet, like his family. The irony will come when he tries to pardon himself since he cannot, unless he resigns in time for Pence to pardon him before Jan. 20 which will destroy any political future for Pence the lap dog.

Robert F. Jewell

Ray this present course of the soap opera that is the Trump presidency is the tip of the corruption iceberg!

Traitorous thoughts seeks out its own,
and whispers darkly of its might,
Ruinous thoughts to coax their souls
and kill them with a pure delight!

I quote the disgraced Richard Nixon

“When the President does’s not illegal”

Trump said EXACTLY the same thing…as did his sycophants and Senators…all
Traitors to their fellow Americans.

Now we all pay with our livelihoods and lives for their lack of education and narcissistic souls!

Listen to our experts. Not the MAGA followers.


Here’s a developing good news story. An ongoing look at systemic racism in law enforcement is yielding some early positive results. Schenectady may become the first in the country to establish a five-member community panel to interview potential new police officers. This will be accompanied by a psychological evaluation and polygraph test, as well as contacting former college professors to learn more about the candidates being interviewed. “What a simple yet inspired idea – to see how people who aspire to be police officers interact with members of the community they want to work in, especially people of color, a population whose interactions with police have often been stained by racism.” Schenectady Police Chief Clifford supports the effort. Can you imagine if this was replicated throughout the country? Over time, we could weed out most of the racists from the police forces to reduce the number George Floyd and other black men and women murdered needlessly by racist cops. Even “clean” cops would support such an effort.

Thanks Ray, certainly welcome news.
But still, baby-steps compared to what our more peace-loving neighbors to the north have already done:

OTTAWA–All three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces are attempting to crack down on hatred and extremism within their ranks with new orders prohibiting participation in hate groups.

The Canadian Army issued orders signed by Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre earlier this week, warning hatred and discrimination within the ranks amounts to “a direct threat to our ability to fulfil our security and defence missions.”

Both the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force are working on similar directives to their members, the Star has learned.

Robert F. Jewell

The (Trumpinstein Monster) has turned on

its mad wealthy conservative creators….

ians vetoed the military spending Bill…

Republicans or Democrats… will someone

go wake up the 21st District representative

and tell Miss (Rising)star to go to her monarch…Trumpenstein…hey!!

You love Fort Drum so much…ehh? Yeah when you were running for office.

How about Trump and McConnell forcing the Governor to close down Dannemora Annex…due to relief from the deficit caused by the pandemic.

The Republican Party has a lot to answer for!


My Christmas request is that the FBI investigate Trump’s pardons to see if he was paid off directly or indirectly (via a third party donation to his PAC or whatever) in connection with any of the pardons. I seriously doubt all these and future pardons were done out of the goodness in his heart since he doesn’t have one and only cares about himself.


Hey Bill M. – They found an election fraud case in Pennsylvania: Bruce Bartman, a Pennsylvania native and Trump supporter, has been charged with illegally casting a ballot for Donald Trump in the name of his deceased mother, authorities announced.

Bartman faces two felony counts of perjury and one count of unlawful voting, casting an absentee ballot in the name of Elizabeth Bartman.

Bartman admitted he was able to register his dead mother to vote online and request an absentee ballot on her name, which he filled out and submitted, District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer told reporters at a news conference. He was also able to obtain an absentee ballot in the name of his deceased mother-in-law but did not submit the ballot in her name.

Local investigators claimed they began investigating when rumors of a ballot being illegally cast were circulating on social media. A complaint against this ballot was eventually filed to the Delaware County Board of Elections and a task force was able to find evidence of fraud.

Since Pennsylvania and other states were projected for President-elect Joe Biden several days after the election, Trump and his supporters have claimed without evidence that widespread voter fraud led to a “rigged” election against the president.

“For all the conspiracy theorists out there, this case today does not represent widespread voter fraud,” District Attorney Stollsteimer said. “This case has evidence that one person committed voter fraud by casting an improper and illegal ballot.”

Election officials in Pennsylvania have said there is no concrete evidence of widespread voter fraud and state courts have dismissed lawsuits enacted by the Trump administration.

According to Tanner Rouse, Assistant District Attorney and the lead of the task force, “In the hundred of calls we received and the hundreds of visits we made, we only found one instance of malfeasance, and that was Mr. Bartman, and he will be prosecuted.”

Robert F. Jewell

A similar story in Nevada!
Trump hired statistics expert to examine the results of Nevada vote….he found NONE! No irregularities…0…

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