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Letters to the Editor Friday, Dec. 25


Give peace a chance by ending wars

Yesterday a guy in a red suit (Santa?) stood at the bus stop with a sign saying, “Try Peace Now!”
He was obviously a radical (meaning “to get to the root”).
Was he the one behind the 1914 Christmas truce where the soldiers from both sides laid down their arms and gathered together?
Or was it Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate singing “Peace On Earth?” Let’s boycott endless wars, like those brave soldiers.
Let’s give food, not bombs.
Only bomb-making corporations and the politicians they own would not support peace. For Christ’s sake, Let’s Try Peace Now!
Peter Looker

Holiday orchestra concert lifted spirits

Thanks to the Schenectady Symphony Orchestra for their virtual holiday concert. In the midst of covid sadness, their concert lifts our spirits with the warmth and glow of traditional holiday carols such as “Silent Night” and “Sleigh Ride.”
They provide a reassuring message that classical music can survive the pandemic if we choose to support them in this first opportunity to see and hear our local orchestra on Proctors stage.
The expressive vocals of Jean Leonard help to create the holiday spirit. We are also able to hear several talented arrangements of holiday classics by our new musical director, Glen Cortese. The orchestra gives us a vibrant interpretation of these nostalgic works.
As a community, we can help to keep classical music alive in Schenectady by supporting Proctors and Schenectady Symphony in this attempt to provide us with a steaming live performance of holiday music.
Their Poinsettia Pops concert is available until Christmas (today) on the Proctors website. Hearing them on the stage again was an early holiday gift.
Jim Schultz
Burnt Hills

Hope leaders step up and show wisdom

The ancient story of Christmas is set in dark and troubled times of poverty, disruption, suffering and threatening power.
It is the Wise Men who present themselves in that story with wisdom, kindness and resources to move the story along.
These, too, are dark and troubled times. Many of our citizens suffer poverty, disruption and abusive power. May history write that the leaders of our nation stepped into our story showing up with the decisive grace of Wise Men.
Carole deForest

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Robert F. Jewell

Today the Rabbi was born. His living example and words were a fulfillment of prophecies and a promise to humankind.

A roadmap to life worth living with each other and in gods green world.

It’s not the only one but it’s the one we celebrate here today.

We are our brothers keeper. 🙏🏻

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