Minor flooding predicted for Stockade



SCHENECTADY — The National Weather Service Friday night was predicting minor flooding Saturday morning in the Stockade Historic District and parts of Scotia.

Brian Montgomery, a NWS meterologist stationed in Albany, said the Mohawk River is expected to rise to 220 feet above the NWS’s North Ferry Street gauge, located near Freeman’s Bridge.

“When we hit certain levels, certain impacts start to happen,” Montgomery said. “At 220 feet at the North Ferry Street gauge water covers the riverside walkways at the Casino at the Mohawk Harbor, and then parts of the Stockade area get impacted. In Scotia, about half of Jumpin’ Jacks parking lot is flooded out as water moves into Freedom Park.”

The NWS publishes a map of all of its water gauges at The water gauges are updated every few hours and list different flooding effects predicted to come from different elevations of water.

According to the NWS these effects could occur if the water rises above the predicted 220 feet.

• 221 feet — Water is in the Stockade neighborhood between Ingersoll Avenue and Ferry Street. The area west of Erie Boulevard and south of State Street floods. In Scotia, water approaches Schonowee Avenue.

• 222 feet — Water floods three fourths of Ingersoll Avenue, half of North Street, Ferry Street, East Front Street, and River Street. National Grid substation protection is necessary. In Scotia, Schonowee Avenue is flooded and water is in yards and basements.

• 226 feet — Water floods the former Alco plant area on Erie Boulevard Extension, Edison Avenue and Van Guysling Avenue, Broadway between Edison Avenue and Clinton Street, and River Street. National Grid substation at River Street requires protection. In Scotia, Schonowee, Washington, and Livingston Avenues are flooded and water is in homes throughout the area. Collins Park is flooded.

• 226.41 feet — Water reaches the same level as was reached with Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.

The NWS North Ferry Street gauge chart on is three feet above the predicted flood effects, which the weather service website explains for people reading the flood warnings.

Montgomery said moderate flood warnings have also been issued for parts of the Schoharie Creek at Burtonsville on the border of Schenectady and Montgomery counties, parts of Cohoes, Troy and Schoharie County.

“This is all due to very warm temperatures, snow melt, and a lot of rainfall on top of it,” Montgomery said. “And the snow pack that we had, had quite a bit of water content inside that snowpack, so we had 2 to 3 inches of water-equivalent in that snowpack, which has been melting. Plus, in the Catskill Mountains we had 5 inches of rain Thursday night, so you have all of that water going through the tributaries and headwaters heading into the river basins. And that, with the warm temperatures and the rainfall and the debris from the wind Thursday night, just resulted in pretty much a perfect alignment of all of the flooding we currently have.”

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