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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Dec. 26


$15 minimum wage could help police

I hope I do not sound disrespectful. I’ve seen some police officers in sticky situations that they handled very, very well.
But I wonder if police in general stop to think how much easier their job would be if the country had adopted the $15-an-hour minimum wage back in 2015 when Sen. Bernie Sanders first campaigned for it.
Without a way to feed and shelter a family, families will self-destruct, and the police are left holding the bag when things fall apart.
Nina Trabona

Terrible timing for costly building bond

The Niskayuna Central School District finished its $100 million school board project in November 2010.
It is hard to imagine that ten years later, the school district sees the need for a new set of projects totaling an additional $79 million in funding.
Does the superintendent of the Niskayuna Schools or the school board ever consider lowering our school taxes?
Or do they think that the public won’t notice if they borrow additional money as soon as the prior bond payments are paid off?
That notion is insulting. As a result of the last round of bond spending, every building was improved or expanded.
It may be more prudent to take a pause on this spending as there is a good chance that additional belt tightening will be needed in the next few years given the shortfall in state funding.
While there may be a need to replace a building roof, it does not necessitate that classrooms be reconfigured or that every wish list be deemed critical to complete.
We have great schools and outstanding teachers in Niskayuna, but the timing of the bond project is troubling, and the magnitude of these projects are unnecessary.
Mike Daley

Some can’t get past dislike of Trump

Many who are anti-Trump cannot get past their dislike of the man to see any good that he has accomplished. Rob Dickson‘s Dec. 19 letter (“Biden voters made the wrong choice”) and Jeffery Falace’s Dec. 21 letter (“Exactly what has Trump done wrong”) ask some pointed questions about what “really” went wrong during the past four years.
Sticking to the issues of his many accomplishments, I had no trouble supporting the president.
Anyone who does not understand what is happening to our country should wake up and smell the coffee.
Decades of efforts to establish peace in the Middle East to no avail, but the president made lots of progress with absolutely no acknowledgment from the mainstream media.
People who say and write some of the most hideous stuff about President Trump and his supporters cannot seem to see the forest for the trees. When has the president of the United States been so excoriated by his enemies? Certainly, not the preceding president.
If the Supreme Court is afraid to review the election misdeeds for fear of riots, it has lost its way. It is supposed to be judging right from wrong. Contrary to our Vice President-elect Harris, rioters should be arrested and thrown in jail.  Anyone who does not think this election had lots of “funny business” going on, I’ve got a bridge for sale. Vote counting done in the dark has a smell to it.
Gerard F. Havasy
Clifton Park

Trump supporters have good reasons

Thank you, Jeffrey Falace, for posting your rebuttal (“Exactly what has Trump done wrong”) to Ms. Swanson in the Dec. 21 Gazette.
I would also like to comment. Ms. Swanson, I don’t know your age, but perhaps you can look back before Trump won the presidency.
This was a time when you could be a Republican or a Democrat or an independent and you could have a difference of opinion, which was respected.
In other words, Ms. Swanson, we were able to disagree yet still respect others without being disrespectful. If a president was elected that you did not vote for, you were able to move on and embrace the next four years. That was all thrown out the window when Trump won in 2016. People such as you have done nothing but cause strife for four years. From your Dec. 13 letter (“Plenty of reasons we won’t miss Trump”), it is very apparent that your only knowledge is based on your hate of Trump.
You refuse to see what he accomplished. Not surprising, but sad. I am a registered independent, and I pride myself on being informed of both sides. And yes, I am one of the 70 million “deplorables” that voted for Trump. As Mr. Falace pointed out to you (and many like you), perhaps you should broaden your mind and at least be informed of both sides.
Susan Tucci

Our republic won by defeating Trump

Sadly, Rob Dickson in his Dec. 19 letter (“Biden voters made the wrong choice”) and others ignore American democracy, the republic for which it stands, and American values in favor of self; what’s in it for me.
They ignore President Trump’s sedition, sedition joined in by Rep. Elise Stefanik and over 100 other representatives. So easily Mr. Dickson discounts the unprofessional, name-calling and lies of the president, his selfishness and incompetence.
Had Mr. Trump been open and honest about the coronavirus way back in January, listened to the scientists and encouraged social distancing and the wearing of masks, we would neither have 3,000 deaths per day, nor at least half of the American pandemic deaths.
Science, facts, not the misinformation of the narcissistic charlatan in the White House.
The false attacks on our democracy, the false allegation that the presidential election was fraught with fraud, proven by over 50 dismissals of his lawsuits, and two rejections by the Supreme Court, were bad enough. But Mr. Trump is lining his own pockets with so-called funds to fight election results: 60% of contributions go to his personal PAC, and 75% of the money sent for the Georgia run-off election go to his PAC.
Take note Mr. Dickson: Conservatives George Will, 22 retired generals and admirals and the New Republic, who love our country, came out against Mr. Trump and voted for Biden/Harris. Many voted for Joe Biden; many voted against Mr. Trump. Whatever the reason, democracy, our great republic, is the winner.
Bruce S. Trachtenberg
The writer is a former town justice.

Grateful for work of Rotterdam leaf crews

We would like to thank the Town of Rotterdam Highway Department’s leaf and brush crews for the wonderful job they did collecting our yard waste this spring, summer and fall.
There was not a week that went by that we didn’t have several cans, bags or piles of yard waste from our two back-to-back yards and gardens waiting for them. Every week, we could count on them like clockwork to be there for our pickup.
This is not an easy job and is probably pretty thankless. But we want them to know that we truly appreciate the town for providing this service and the crews for their impressive efforts.
I know some of you cynics will say that we pay for the service in our taxes and the highway employees get a paycheck. But we are grateful and consider it a great service to the residents of the town.
I know we’ll also be able to count on the fantastic job the Highway Department always does during the winter months.
Dave and Linda Fuller

Trump able to do what others wouldn’t

The good-ole boy who crashed the country club. He fought the hate and the hate won. Last Election Day, hate indeed won the day. State election laws changed, unlimited mail-in ballots. The Dems’ new mantra “mail in early.” The country club (Democrats and Republicans) spent four-plus years trying to kill the Donald; only because he did what they were unwilling to/couldn’t do.
He worked for the welfare of our nation and that of its citizens, and our nation prospered until covid, providing the haters an opportunity to cheat. The mainstream media corrupted by money have brainwashed the sheep via CNN/MSNBC/NY Times/Washington Post, etc.
It’s true that Donald Trump is/has done some rash and less than perfect things, is rude, crude, etc.
However there is no denying that he succeeded in making our lives better, as well as making America great again.
Just ask a veteran if their health care is better now, (mine is) or the millions of new job holders if their life is better under the Donald. Did eight years of Obama make your life better?
I hope that person haters [read Donald], will take heed and see how “Lord Fidel Cuomo” is controlling our lives.
Open Wal-Mart, close the churches. Says he. There is a spike in covid testing. OMG, now there is a spike in covid cases. Is that to say if there was a spike in testing progressive, liberal politicians, that there would be a spike in morons?
Jack Osterlitz

Credit Peter Barber, Gazette staff for work

Peter Barber’s photo of a snow plow on Union Street in Schenectady in the Dec. 17 Gazette is a fine example of good photography.
Color, contrast, composition, and the story told by the photo are all spot on. I have known Mr. Barber’s work to be excellent for some time but never commented.
Today, it struck me that it might be nice to let The Gazette know that we readers see the effort and craftsmanship it takes from the photographers, reporters, editors, and staff at The Gazette to put out a good paper in these incredibly difficult times.
Yay you!
Michael Burns

Reality: Chickens get butchered for food

As a child, one of my earliest memories was of catching two chickens and getting them ready for the fry pan. I scratch my head now trying to figure out how to legally butcher chickens. Oh, I understand how selfish lawmakers and do-gooders feel the only kind way is to buy the chickens in a market.
I would imagine they don’t think of the high fecal count allowed in commercial facilities and, believe it or not, they don’t sing those chickens to sleep.
Calvin Moore

Town should ticket overweight trucks

This is in regard to the letter (“Nisky town budget addresses realities”) in the Dec. 11 Gazette written by members of the Niskayuna Town Board. What realities?
Not the reality that only one other Capital District municipality has decided to raise taxes during the pandemic. Not the reality that millions of people are facing eviction and foreclosure due to the shutdown. Nor the reality that millions have lost their jobs.
How about the reality that millions of people are heading to food banks and many for the first time ever?
If the town wants to raise cash, why not ticket the dangerous overweight traffic on Van Antwerp Road per NY State Vehicle and Traffic Article #41 Section 1660 Subsection #17, which gives the town the right to restrict vehicles by weight on any town road with a weight limit unless such vehicle is doing business directly on that road.
Van Antwerp Road has a 4-ton limit and 24 hours a day it is used as a cut-through by everything from dump trucks to 18-wheelers, with no direct delivery on Van Antwerp.
The typical weight of such vehicles exceeds 16 tons.
Niskayuna could clean up literally and figuratively. And they could be heroes, not bullies that raise taxes when people are deciding to spend what money we have between food or shelter.
Beth Jacobs

Don’t blame Trump for media deaths

Elana Beiser’s article in the Dec. 19 Gazette (“As Trump touted his disdain for the press, a record number of journalists were jailed around the world”) is the single stupidest thing I have ever read.
Media members (not journalists, because there are none anymore) being arrested around the world is Trump’s fault? Truly deranged!
Likely the president would arrest these morons in America if he had that kind of influence. No media bias though.
Randy L. Gray
Clifton Park

Bad president? Look at Woodrow Wilson

Who is blamed on turning what should have been a recession into a major Depression, and also blamed on the Great Recession and modern income inequality? It’s the Federal Reserve. Who helped create the Federal Reserve? It’s Woodrow Wilson.
World War I created very favorable circumstances that led to dictatorships in Russia and Germany. That would be Woodrow’s responsibility too.
The Spanish flu killed maybe 0.5% to 0.8% of Americans. Since this coincided with World War I, would that be Woodrow’s fault too?
The Democrats lost easily in the next three elections before the Depression; I can’t help but think it’s Woodrow’s fault. Democrats should dislike him as much as anyone.
He’s one president who had some responsibility for an amazing amount of suffering. The Cold War could have been much worse with less luck, and if we believe the claim made by some historians that he played a role in the Soviet Union forming, you could argue Woodrow gets some responsibility for that, too. George Washington was against foreign alliances. Woodrow should have listened.
Those in Congress who voted against our involvement in World War I deserve some respect. It’s a big part of why I still consider Woodrow Wilson the worst president we’ve ever had.
Colin Yunick

Change policy on undelivered papers

I have not received a paper in two days now. This is not a complaint; I am well aware of the problems the delivery people have had the last two days during the snowstorm.
However, I didn’t bother to call The Gazette. I am always told that I’ll be given credit for whenever I don’t receive a paper, whatever that means. In all the years I have received these “credits,” it has never had any effect on my monthly billing. There should be some system in place that if you didn’t receive a paper on any given date, you should have free access to the online version for that date.
David D. Smith

Let the Afghans fight their own battles

I would like to express my opinion about U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. The United States has been in Afghanistan for 20 years. It’s about time that the United States withdrew from Afghanistan.
The Afghans should have their own men and women fighting the war without U.S. involvement.
Look at Israel. They have their own men and women fighting the war. The Israelis are martyrs. They did it for a cause, against the Arabs.
Steven P. Goldberg


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Robert F. Jewell

To the supporters of this monster called Donald Trump see if you can get him to stop playing with his golf balls and help get stimulus money to STARVING and SICK Americans!

This idiot president, denied the lethality of this plague to the American people.

This soulless moron POLITICIZED a PLAGUE

This “thing” resembling a human has RAPED CHILDREN!


This “megalomaniac” believes he owns the government!

This “Child/Monster” ridicules the handicap

This “Thief” stiffed workers and debts.

This “LIAR” produced over 20,000 lies!!

This “Adulterer” repeatedly cheated on his wives! All three.

This “MURDERER”is personally responsible for the excessive death caused by Corona!

This “narcissist” reveals his total lack of empathy for his country other than maggot heads.

This “business” person has ruined the economy!!!

This “joke” world wide…has made our country the laughing stock of the world!

This “commanderless” in Chief is afraid of Putin. WHY?? Nyet?

This “BIG NOTHING” was a one term president because 80+ million Americans

His followers are all as deluded as he was.

Hey Trumpers welcome to America…

PLAYTIME is over for all the wraiths….

William Marincic

Bruce S. Trachtenberg Just another liberal judge. Trump is the only president that we have had in the last 60 years that has less money than he had when he became president. But according to you he’s lining his pockets, liberalism is a mental disorder you should seek some help. All of you liberals and your hatred for a man that believed in America first I’m shaking my head with the ignorance that comes out of the mouths of liberals. It’s liberals like you who believe we should give billions to other countries and allow open borders when we are trillions of dollars in debt, it’s liberals like you that believe we should kill babies up until the day of birth. You Democrats Trojan horses.


Bill – “Trump is the only president that we have had in the last 60 years that has less money than he had when he became president.” That is such a blatant lie and you know it. Since he didn’t divest himself from his properties, he has made millions off his hotels and resorts. He has you believing that just because he said he will not take the president’s annual salary (which has never been verified as far as I know), he lost money. Also, he established a super PAC that has taken in hundreds of millions of dollars from his supporters that he can do what he wants with (e.g., pay off his $400 million bank loans, etc.).

I will just ignore your other routine ramblings since we get tired refuting them.


Bill – Here’s an update. Perhaps I should have done this first before responding. According to Forbes, Donald Trump never really got out of business. Sure, he handed day-to-day management of his companies to his children, like a lot of tycoons who get preoccupied with other interests late in life. But the president held onto ownership of his assets after taking office, ensuring that he would continue to generate money while serving in the White House. From 2017 to 2019, the president’s businesses raked in an estimated $1.9 billion of revenue.
It’s a significant sum, no matter how you look at it. Documents from various sources—including private lenders, local governments, federal officials and overseas regulators—help show where the money comes from and roughly how much of it turns into profit. An analysis that relies on those documents and conversations with industry experts, broken down for the first time in the forthcoming book “White House, Inc.”, provides an unprecedented look at the president’s finances, which he has worked so hard to shield from public scrutiny.
Trump’s golf course and club portfolio produced the biggest chunk of revenue, some $753 million in three years. The Trump National Doral golf resort in Miami, Florida led the way, bringing in $228 million of revenue from 2017 to 2019, about three-quarters of the total from the 10 other golf courses Trump owns in the United States. In Europe, another golf resort named Trump Turnberry generated $70 million. Holdings in Doonbeg, Ireland and Aberdeenshire, Scotland added $53 million, while Mar-a-Lago took in $69 million.
The second-biggest revenue generator is Trump’s collection of commercial real estate assets. New York City remains the hub. The president continues to own the commercial space inside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, a lease to 40 Wall Street in the financial district, and a 30% stake in 1290 Avenue of the Americas, one of the broad-shouldered office buildings that defines midtown Manhattan. The New York City holdings generated an estimated $461 million in revenue from 2017 to 2019. Another $114 million or so came from Trump’s 30% interest in 555 California Street, a skyscraper in the heart of San Francisco.

There is much more, but that’s enough to refute your “Trump is the only president that we have had in the last 60 years that has less money than he had when he became president.” I think you owe Mr. Trachtenberg an apology.

William Marincic

Ha ha ha I guess the whack job liberals got nothing but coal for Christmas since they’re spending their time messaging me about how great Obama was and how terrible Trump is once they spew their hatred then they block you like the little children they are you have a nice day Ms DeSylva

William Marincic

Ray the fact that Trump has not taken a paycheck since he’s been in office is indisputable he has donated every single one of them. He also owns 1000 businesses are all of them making money like the golf courses do? Just so you know Golf is big business I have played at Trump Bedminster in New Jersey, did you know that the only money making proposition that the city of Schenectady has is their golf course which makes money every single year? So the fact that he makes money off of his golf courses is no big secret.

Robert F. Jewell

Someone here talks and acts like Trump…a cornered narcissists…

Raymond my friend…you are wasting your heart trying to convince the heartless.

You cannot reason with those who project their own dysfunctional behavior by calling others mentally ill…

It’s no use trying to give facts to the clueless and delusional.

It’s the definition of madness to repeatedly ask conservatives to care…when they by definition hate all but themselves…

It’s the height of irony to ask money lenders or money worshippers to invest in their fellow human beings…not IRAs , the stock market or 401ks.

It’s a practice in futility to converse with the
stiff necked and unteachable.

Only a divine effort will change a money lenders heart!!!

But God love you for trying Raymond…

William Marincic

You know what’s funny is that all of the people telling you to stay home, no kids in school stop being selfish and worrying about our 401K is people that get that state pension or people that work for the government or a teachers union that still get paid no matter what. We wonder why the state is broke yet you have state people working until they are 55 and taking home 7k a month tax free with benefits for the next 35 years.


Bill – So you agree that your statement that Trump has less then what he started with as president is dead wrong? That was my point and you just made it. How much did they charge you for 18 holes? Does that make you a sucker and loser, too?


Mr. Jewell, as difficult as it may be, people like you and me are, in all likelihood, better off remaining silent when trying to reason with Trump lovers. Right now I can’t.

They back him and are blind to his total indifference to everyone and everything short of his selfish personal wants, regardless of it being at the expense of human lives, the constitution and the overall well being of humanity.

They do not see, or perhaps do not care about his blatantly obvious destructive evil for one or more of a number of reasons: If they’re racists and dislike the browning of America, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. – If they’re over the top religious nuts, and are against abortion, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. – If they want to pack their AR-15‘s over their shoulders, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. – If they don’t like homosexuality or the LGTBQ people, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. – If they want the doors of America shut to foreigners, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. – If they want to see their pocketbooks grow, with their 401K or through deregulation of tax laws, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.
Pick one or any combination of the above, along with the propaganda and misinformation that is puked out of Fox News and social media and they you have a Trump lover. – The irony in all this being that he truly doesn’t care about them either. Just keep those donations coming in for a lost cause.

William Aiken

If they’re racists and dislike the browning of America, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

Louis, Please explain how in 2020, the racist Donald Trump improved his voting support among all minority groups than the percentage he got in 2016. In this election, the only demographic where Trump lost votes was with white males. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re hearing these facts for the first time. The media buries any story that’s favorable to 45. According to a Pew study, 93% of news coverage of Trump has been negative. The media promised us World War III if Trump were elected. All we got were dead terrorists and Middle East Peace deals.

Robert F. Jewell

Louis I wish I could remain silent.
I served in the military my whole entire life!

This is my country…not the bloody racist.


Well Bill, if the Pew study was in fact correct with the results indicating the news coverage of Trump being 93 percent negative, that should make you happy. I say this because 99 percent of what he does has negative connotations, implications or results. – He has zero integrity or loyalty regarding anyone or anything, including his blindly loyal republican governors, congressmen and senators, of which so many he has been disparaging. Additionally Cohen, Barr and and the latest being Treasury Secretary Mnuchin are a few more he’s thrown to the lions. He cares about no one or nothing other than himself and yes, Bill, he most certainly cares not about you. – And If you really want to know what people of color think about Trump, try asking one.

William Aiken

I don’t need to ask blacks what they think of President Trump. That’s polls are for. The Democrats have taken this voting block for granted for decades. 45 gave them a better alternative . And you didn’t address the point I made: President Trump doubled his vote by African-Americans from the 2016 election. If 45 is the racist you claim him to be, how do you explain his significant increase in support from Hispanics and African-Americans?


Mr. Jewell, I truly thank you for your service to me and all the other people living in America.

“ A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country“
Tex Guinean

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