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Letters to the Editor Monday, Dec. 28


Adults must reflect on societal defects

My grandson is reading “Lord of the Flies” for school. I like to reread classics, so why not? It’ll give us something to talk about and I won’t have to think about politics.
What can be political about children stranded on an island with no adults? I enjoyed the book, but the end notes brought me back to reality way too soon.
When Golding was asked what the theme of the novel was, he replied: “It’s an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature. The moral is that the shape of society must depend on the ethical nature of the individual and not on any political system.” From enjoyable reading back to politics again.
It’s too easy to blame others for the problems in our country, the defects of society. But maybe we should be looking at ourselves for the defects in our human nature.
As young children, we aren’t hateful, racist, mock or blame others. Adults do all of these, and more. Do we learn this on our own or from others? How do defects in society evolve? What makes us change? Can we change human nature?
Innocent children stranded on an island got along just fine.
Then they decided they needed a leader and had to choose between two leaders: one caring and one hateful. They chose hate.
They went from playing together to ostracizing, to mocking, to blaming, to torturing and ultimately killing. In other words, they had become adults.
Clay Carpenter

We must care about food insecurity

Here’s a big number: 30,045.84. That’s the record high the Dow hit on Nov. 24.
Here’s a bigger number: 50 million. That’s how many Americans could experience “food insecurity” by year’s end, according to Feeding America. That’s one in six Americans and one in four children going hungry.
So, while stockholders got richer during this pandemic, the rest got poorer and hungrier. According to economist Emmanuel Saez, America’s top 10% now average more than nine times the income of the bottom 90, the top 1% 39 times, and the top 0.1% 196 times.
Eight billionaire’s net worth surged by $1 billion each, according to Oxfam International.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos could pay each Amazon employee a $105,000 bonus and still be as wealthy as he was at the beginning of the pandemic.
Trump’s response: Reduce food stamps. Republican politicians don’t care. So, we have to.
You can donate to the Regional Food Bank of NENY ( or support local churches like First Reformed of Scotia and Trinity Presbyterian, who are providing weekend food to 110 children in the Scotia-Glenville school district and boxes of food for vacation periods.
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.

Indian names reflect historic terrorism

The Dec. 20 editorial (“Time to phase out Native American names”) misses two important points. First calling the first immigrants Native Americans devalues and offends many of us who were born in the United States.
These early immigrants maintained, gained and lost territory as a result of almost constant raiding and warfare with neighboring tribes. Members of other tribes, when captured, were tortured, eaten, or kept as slaves long before 1620.
Second, these tribes reacted with similar violence to the expansion of the Europeans. The decades of raids on homes and farms where these savages murdered, raped, kidnapped, pillaged and burned has been documented.
The “red raiders” struck with neither warning nor mercy. These violent attacks were supported by both France and Great Britain for political purposes. They were and are acts of terrorism.
The adoption of “Indian” mascots for athletic teams, I think, was intended to strike fear into their scholastic rivals. In my opinion this historic terrorism alone is reason to remove “Indian” names from the map and the language.
Art Henningson


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Robert F. Jewell

Art..where’d you get you facts for the history of native Americans…from John Wayne High School.
Your opening sentence was ridiculous….

“Calling the first immigrants Native Americans devalues and offends
Many of us who were born in the United States.”

When the first Europeans arrived here in North America THEY were the IMMIGRANTS and those already here were the NATIVE AMERICANS. Get your head screwed on correctly.

Your blatant lack of education and spewing of hateful facts reveals you as a racist!

It’s the continued utterance of racism and disinformation about Native American history by people like you Arthur that perpetuates a world of misunderstanding and mistrust.

Racist thoughts calls to its own,
And whispers of its wanton might,
Lurid thoughts that coax a soul,
and kills it with a pure delight.

The sun arises every morn,
To grieve the run the racist ran.
That leaves this world a more tragic place,
For Mother Earth and man.

You use the term “savages” to describe a people who helped the original colonists survive their first winters here.

What is truly savage is the racist bias you vomit out on this platform regarding the
abomination that was our “Indian Problem”and the governments FINAL SOLUTION!

Indians “REPRISALS” were uncommon and only for betrayal and murder.

The truth is the Native Americans of NewYork state had well developed communities, laws, and lived in harmony with nature..

That brought religion and disease.
Not sure which was worse..

The diseases of nature Europeans brought or the diseases of their souls.

So you think that people who disagree with you are undereducated racists. I am inclined to think that those who refer people who claim treaty rights with respect to our government are foreigners not native Americans. As a Democrat you support government mandated racism as exemplified by the use of diversity standards. Thus by government policy some racism is good and some is bad. So much for the seriousness that you advance the notion that we are our brothers keeper

Robert F. Jewell

Yeah Fred .. you just proved to yourself ……something…can’t quite decipher your corn maze…what is your point succinctly Fred?

Robert F. Jewell

No Fred….they can be under-educated morally accepting Americans who disagree. However they almost always detest racism in all its forms.
Also Fred you do not propose a carte blanch statement and then use ithe statement as its own affirmation…or is that too complicated for you?


Robert – The local racists are out today, starting with the letter and defense of it. Don’t mess with the white man’s privileges’.

William Marincic

As a kid we played cowboys and Indians, we didn’t play cowboys and Native Americans. They were called Indians because Columbus thought that he had landed in India not the United States which it ultimately was. This was never a problem until the woke generation woke up. We have the perpetually offended living in this country today, poor education by liberal teachers.

Yeah, same thing with the water fountains and bathrooms and the Colored people, right? Everything was FINE until those damn liberal brainwashers got to our kids and now everyone’s upset and offended. And for no reason!

William Marincic

Chuckles An examination of the House vote shows a similar pattern. The House voted 290 to 130 in favor. Democrats split their vote 152 (61%) to 96 (39%) while Republicans split theirs 138 (80%) to 34 (20%). The no vote consisted of 74% Democrats. Clearly, the 1964 Civil Rights Act could not have been passed without the leadership of Republicans such as Everett Dirksen and the votes of Republicans. As the online Wall Street Journal so aptly subtitled Mr. Steele’s article, “Trent Lott jeopardizes the very productive ideas his party stands for.”

What is it now? Because I accused him of plagiarizing the WSJ?
Or is it because after so many times he’s openly stated Liberals have a mental illness, liberalism IS a mental illness, liberals are mentally defective, after all that insult I question his sobriety, you decide to “moderate” me?
Seriously, I also question your fitness to be a moderator.

Robert F. Jewell

….and still we bear the fruits of our history.

People who believe that white makes right.

You can see them and read them everyday.

Same ones that would rewrite history to fit

their twisted convoluted view of reality.

Same ones who deny the policy of genocide committed by the US government from the mid 19th to early 20th century. In an effort to “answer” the Indian problem.The federal records, testimonies and public records are voluminous and incontrovertible.

These same “plantation” mentality republicans were defeated at Gettysburg.

Yet their statues and flags and ignorance had lived on till they publicly executed George Floyd. Then BLM descended on a
deluded republican parties and equally clueless MAGA heads in happy valley.

These same “all knowing” republicans are the very ones to deny the suppressed news accounts and recorded histories of the racial attacks, segregation, lynchings and numerous other atrocities committed by white men against black citizens from the 1900s to TODAY!!

Oh yes Bigotry and Racism have avid supporters here…just read.

Robert F. Jewell

you choose to see it this way Fred but not the entire planet…THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH….don’t you find that hysterical..

All those deluded demorats.


It is not a question of how I see it. It is question of the reasonableness of your expecting a cop to risk his life because another choses to continue to resist arrest. What role did Floyd George drug use play in his suffocation?

These same “plantation” mentality republicans were defeated at Gettysburg.

You find it acceptable that hundreds of thousands died as draftees in the name of seeing to it that I can go to Florida without crossing a border!

Robert F. Jewell

Go back and rewatch the historical work of genus by Rod Sterling; He’s alive
staring the epic Dennis Hopper…

This is American republicanism today…

Robert F. Jewell

You ask some tough questions Clay.

I venture to give a list of:

A dirty dozen God fearing…Scripture quoting…
Ministers, Pastors, …all on television, in the news or of high standing.
Top WEALTH generators!
Evangelical Christians in the past decade or so.
All Republicans…all paid for… all disgraced or jailed. Many endorsed Trump!!
1. Jimmy Swaggart…prostitutes/adultery
2. Jim Baker….Sexual fraud.
3. Tony Alamo…Pedophile conviction
4. Bob Coy….rape of minor
5. Bill Hybels…sexual abuse
6. David Phillips…child pornography
7. Mark Driscoll… funds embezzlement
8. Ted Haggard…drugs,prostitutes
9. Mike Hintz. anti abortion/sex with minor
10. Bill Goddard..sexual molestation/harra
11. Robert Tilton…Fraud..
12.. Fred Phelps…own church rejected
Let us not forget Lutheran deacon
Dennis Rader….the BTK killer… oh yes your fine republican Christian deacon walked among us for 20 years…look him up..

I propose that this mere dozen white men represented tens of millions of
“faith” filled Christians sending donations to them as a sign of their faith.
To be repaid with blessings or monetary reward ten fold…or so the evangelist says…

In truth he is the wolf drolling at the imminent shearing of his SHEEP.

This is what is wrong with American republicans…

You’ll choke on George Floyd’s murder and
lovingly swallow Donald J.Trump….

The merits of a message does not depend on the merits of the messenger. As for George’s murder you have yet to explain why you call his death murder rather than suicide by cop.

Give it a try I am sure your attempt will enlighten us all.

Robert F. Jewell

It’s not a murder Fred…

Your obfuscation is expected as always.


Hey Robert, you would have more satisfaction in trying to get a duck to understand what racism and bigotry are, than trying to get a racist or bigot to realize that they are in fact just that. The duck won’t frustrate or anger you with with Baseless arguments loaded with racists overtones.

Robert F. Jewell

Your correct again Louis my resistance seems futile.
However being of the understanding that I have less time on this side of 63 than I did on the other side of 63.
I believe that there is a moral responsibility to at least be a voice opposed to facism, racism, antisemitism, xenophobia or
Nativists like Arthur here.

I believe in self determination within a society that applies the laws equally.

Unfortunately I do not live in such a country!
I’m all for and committed to:

“A more perfect Union”…republicans aren’t!


You know it’s over for Trump when the NY Post tells him to Stop the Insanity. On Sunday, the New York Post editorial board urged President Trump to accept his election loss and focus on helping Republicans win Georgia’s Senate runoff races.
The Post’s editorial board wrote that Trump had every right to investigate the election results, but since his lawsuits haven’t proved fruitful, it was time to move on.
The board said that Trump’s continued focus on overturning the election results amounted to an “undemocratic coup” and it was “time to end this dark charade.”

“We understand, Mr. President, that you’re angry that you lost. But to continue down this road is ruinous,” the editorial board wrote.

The New York Post, which has long been one of President Donald Trump’s biggest supporters, is urging the president to accept his election loss and focus on helping Republicans maintain control of the Senate.

In an editorial published Sunday night, the editorial board wrote that Trump’s continued focus on overturning the election results amounts to an “undemocratic coup”
While the editorial board said Trump “had every right” to challenge the election results, since no widespread fraud was uncovered, it’s time to move on.

William Marincic

Sorry RayRay there is no possible way that Donald Trump who increase the black vote and increase the Hispanic vote over 2016 lost and Joe Biden got 11 million more votes than Barack Obama with 400 less counties it’s a statistical impossibility especially from someone who stuck themselves in the basement of their house rather than campaign and if you think Joe Biden got 80 million votes legally without cheating I’ve got some oceanfront property to sell you in Phoenix.

William Marincic

If the Democrats have nothing to hide and it was a fair election then there should be no problem with these governors and Democrat Secretaries of State allowing the Trump campaign to check the voting machines by dominion, by not allowing an audit of the machines they are admitting their guilt.


Yeah Robert, I understand how you feel. I’ve got you by 9 years and clearly realize that I’ve had a lot more yesterday’s than tomorrow’s therefore I live my life accordingly.

More often than not, attempting to level the playing field for those who are treated so pathetically by the greedy, ignorant, stupid, Indifferent mini trumpsters of the world can, yes, be somewhat futile but I do occasionally jump into the fire.

So many of these people can’t form an independent opinion, they just parrot what they hear on propaganda TV. Fox is loosing a percentages of its audience to Newsmax. Apparently Fox isn’t far enough right.

Trumpsters listen to the “opinions” of the of the Laura Ingram‘s of the world and because of their biased, racist core don’t and will never care about the facts. They’re Blinded by their bigotry.

One fact for sure is that there is no application in the womb. Black, white, yellow, brown, tall or short, you have no choice. We are ALL the same. Some people don’t believe that and will never get it.

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