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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Dec. 29


Team renaming has been taken too far

The effort to eliminate native names from sports teams is out of control.
Maybe the Washington name is a bit out of line, but Indian, Chief, Brave, etc. are not insulting. Note that the emblem for Cleveland is a happy-looking person.
In the late 1980s/early 1990’s, the NCAA forced the University of North Dakota to drop its name, The Fighting Sioux.
The governing body of the Sioux nation advised NCAA that it did not find the name insulting. In fact, they found it complimentary. The NCAA ignored them and forced the name change. Question: Why is Fighting Irish OK but Fighting Sioux not?
Will the animal rights folks jump on the bandwagon and go after the Eagles, Ravens, Hawks, Colts, Seahawks, Cardinals, Bears, Dolphins, Broncos, Lions, Panthers, Bengals, etc.?
Robert Grimm

City pays price for inaction on plowing

One year ago, I wrote this letter to The Gazette that was published:
Nothing like a large snowstorm to cause controversy in the city of Schenectady. The problem is that Schenectady likes to make solutions to problems much too difficult and confusing.
First, the city has the responsibility to clear all streets in a timely manner.
Second, the residents have the responsibility to obey all traffic laws and make sure the streets are passable to snowplows.
Third, all streets three or less lanes should have alternate side parking in the winter months, which should be enforced. Simple rules are easy to follow and enforce.
Fourth, perhaps, is to purchase a Unimog snowplow truck to be used on the narrow streets of Schenectady. Unimog snowplows are expensive but simply can’t be matched for snowplowing.
Fifth, what do I know about snow removal? Well, I have been doing it for 45 years.
Unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears and now we have to revisit the same situation again.
Joseph Kaczynski

Commission gov’t served Spa City well

Kudos to the Saratoga Springs DPW for the terrific job in handling the snow removal during and after the recent storm.
Keep this in mind the next time charter reform advocates try to sell us on a city manager to replace our five commissioners, an impossible task, especially in emergency situations when police, fire and ambulance services need to access arteries in the city is urgent.
Jim Chatfield
Saratoga Springs

Pick up litter from your food donations

I’m writing to the good Samaritans who tie up traffic in front of Schenectady County Community College during rush hour.
You stop and give money and now, groceries, to the supposed “homeless” people, who take turns begging at the busy intersection.
Now, if there’s not enough litter there on the street already, these people can now picnic there and leave their garbage behind as well.
I’m requesting that you good Samaritans go and pick up after these slobs, as long as you’re tying up traffic anyway.
Bruce Barringer, Sr.

Find ways to help out in the pandemic

I would like to make a few recommendations for some other things we can do in response to this coronavirus epidemic, all compatible with what we’ve heard on the news.
First, since most restaurants and other businesses have been suffering, if you want to help make sure your favorite ones will still be open when this virus lifts (and you are financially able), buy some gift cards/certificates to these local places and give them as gifts.
This will give them revenue now.
But it will not add to their expenses until they are cashed in.
Some chains apparently don’t benefit before redemption unless the cards are purchased at the business itself.
Check any expiration dates — many have none.
The only downside is that they will not be redeemable if the businesses go bankrupt, so a significant number of people need to do this to help ensure they don’t fail.
The second thing is to help our governments fund needed responses to these difficult times.
If you owe on your taxes, and again, are financially able, pay them as soon as you can, for the early part of 2021 is when they may need the funds as much as any time of the year, particularly the state.
On the other hand, if you are owed a refund, hold off on mailing it in, even if by asking for an extension to file.
Of course, certain donations are especially helpful, to one or more of the many options.
Vic Bobnick


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Robert F. Jewell


Your letter is a good example of someone who makes a statement of affirmation and denial in the same paragraph.

The leaders of the Sioux people are a
reasonable loving people…they do not
choke on a label and swallow white hatred.

It’s the veiled anger in your words Mr.Grimm that people such as I doubt
your ability to view history objectively or that you have reviewed history AT ALL.

Fine to having an opinion, like butts everyone has one…better to have the facts.

Just as you might object over the use of your family name Grimm being deployed as an substitute of contempt or historical oppression.

Your last paragraph about animal rights complaints is specious and pedantic.

Animal rights activists have never TO DATE
made any noise about the use of animal names for team labels.
Now find some other minutia to kevetch

Please google..history of Native American massacre….read…read…read…think…think…think…think….think…converse…


Robert – Still trying to figure out how these people think. Perhaps they don’t understand that these terms are demeaning to Native Americans and they have been objecting to it for many years, but were powerless in our declining white culture. Then I was considering that they are likely Trump supporters and are so used to him demeaning others that they think it’s perfectly okay to do it. Then again it might be as conservatives, then want everything to stay the same unless they don’t like something like democracy, rule of law, etc. which Trump represents. Or it could be a combination of these things. Did you notice I didn’t use racists which could be the overlay to all this?

Why do you chose to take offense not was intended? Why do you expect others to adjust their behavior because you find offense to others that was not intended?

The assertion that facts exist is in error. What exist are data that is interpreted by individuals. It is these interpretations that we call facts. For example it is thought by some that dinosaur bones validate the theory evolution. By others it is thought that they represent a joke by the All Mighty that is lost on the paleontologists.

As for the term native Americans I think that calling a group that has it own government and claims treaty rights with respect to the federal government reflects an absence of clarity of thought.

I do not share your assessment of the data. But I hope you enjoy staying near your home. After all you could be correct about the flatness of the earth.


Mr. Barringer, who are you to judge these people that are begging for food and money? You have no idea as to what circumstances may have put them in this pathetic situation. Please realize some people are incapable of navigating through society as it is structured.

Be thankful that you, in all likelihood, have a roof over your head, a warm bed and food on your table.

Perhaps if you gave one of these “beggars” 10 or 20 dollars, regardless of what they do with, it may just make you feel better about yourself knowing you actually attempted to helped someone.

Also realize the greatest percentage of money that is collected by the vast majority of so-called “legitimate charities” does not go to the cause they are promoting. When you hand a “Slob” on the street a few dollars you know exactly where it went. There’s no administrative fees taken out.

Robert F. Jewell

Bless you Lou…divinity is in the shadows of human action….
There have been numerous studies proving your point about charities.
They must support the agency…this requires a percentage of the charitable contribution.
I do both when possible. I can’t travel anymore so I do not see street beggars.
However there’s St.Judes and LOCAL food efforts. Give to them or shelters for battered women!!
There’s a horrific increase in domestic violence right now!!
Who gets the fist end. women and children

Robert F. Jewell

So by your logic….

The “fact” that the sun will rise is only real because of my individual interpretation. Hmmm…

People who talk about paleontology should be able to tell you what that means…

People who are of the religious mind
ONLY…believe according to what their FAITH LEADERS decide corresponds to CREATIONIST THEORY.
Actual use of radiocarbon dating etc.. doesn’t mean anything to those who have OPINIONS on the reality or the origins of the world.
Those who use the scientific method to accumulate data, propose a theory, and by continuous verification data which become the facts till we arrive at the truth!

Not their zealot willful ignorance of data.

Also Fred it’s precisely due to people of your density that still do not acknowledge our history of malfeasance and war crimes against the native Americans and the crimes against humanity committed against the descendants of slavery that continues to today.
Creationist used to believe the earth was 5000 years old. Hmm

Christians caged Galileo…he thought the
earth circled the sun…
just his “personal interpretation” ….


You missed the point. The two main theories of modern physics , general relativity and quantum physics are mutually contradictory thus they are not facts They are serviceable interpretations of reality that will be scraped when a more enlightening approximation to realty is found.

Robert F. Jewell

Hmmm incorrect…you’ve been watching too much Sheldon on TV…it’s watered down Fred…you know…like Star Trek…

Robert F. Jewell

Read it Ray. Man it’s a good one. Spot on.

Andrew Cuomo reveals his being Mario Cuomo’s son who is following in his pops footsteps.


Here’s the latest on Trump’s pardons:

President Trump’s tsunami of pardons and commutations has been such an effective guide to the most loathsome individuals in today’s America that it’s hard to know where to begin in pulling out case histories.

But here’s a standout: It’s the case of Philip Esformes, who was convicted last year in what federal prosecutors termed “the largest healthcare fraud scheme ever charged by the Department of Justice.”

Esformes’ crimes involved $1.3 billion in fraudulent claims to Medicare and Medicaid for services at his network of nursing and assisted living facilities in Florida. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison on 20 felony counts. Noting that the charges on which he was found guilty carried combined maximum sentences of 255 years, prosecutors had asked for 30 years.

This was not one criminal act, but hundreds of choices to break the law, even thousands, for more than a decade. Esformes, 52, served a bit less than 4 1/2 years. Now, thanks to Trump, he’s a free man.

Robert F. Jewell

Trump and his crime organization is free for now..

The Commissions and Lawsuits coming the to the Trump family next spring and fall is truly an legal avalanche…..
where they gonna go…
where they gonna hide…

Since time is now on our side…
History will be against theirs.

If we can just win one seat in Georgia…

William Marincic

CNN said they will not be covering Joe Biden like they cover Donald Trump what does that tell you about fake news and the media being in the bag for Joe Biden.

Robert F. Jewell

That tells me we are done with the impeached ex-president of

…come Jan.6th and then Jan.20th

the body politic of this United States of Americans will take the reins and steer us to sanity and away from republican incompetence and
malfeasance that will be the basis for:
civil suits, wrongful death suits, tax evasion suits, Emoluments suits, abuse of power charges, new Russian involvement commission, charges of sedition,
Investigations into theft of campaign funds, suits to recover Monroe’s scammed by trumps campaign committee, rape charges, International banking fraud…..
This is a fraction…
Sleep well…..(ITS) time is close…


Here is an excellent piece I read this morning on Trump:
“If someone managed to sleep through the Trump years, and asked me what they’d missed, I’d start with “enemy of the people.” Why? Because Trump’s demonization of the media explains almost everything. He convinced his fans that the people covering him were lying. He advised them to trust certain Fox shows and ignore practically everything else. He said he was in a “running war with the media” on his very first weekend in office, and never stopped.

Many times, in many influential corners of the mainstream media, there was an impulse to ignore Trump’s attacks. To deprive him of oxygen. But here’s the counter-argument: Americans are drinking from a poisoned well of information. It’s what caused some of the fractures in America and exacerbated so many of the others. And the poison is advertised as an antidote! Whataboutism, cherry-picked controversies, cover-ups of Trump’s corruption – all of it flows 24/7 from a parallel universe of news, a universe that is largely predicated on criticism of legacy news outlets. All of it relates back to Trump’s endless campaign against the people who report the news. The people he labeled as the “enemy.”

Trump said it more and more every year, between 2017 and 2020, according to data. And his base believed it. Disdain for the media glued his base together. That’s why, in my view, “enemy of the people” is the No. 1 thing to understand about the past four years. It needs to be factored into every story about governmental action and inaction, every analysis of American politics, even after President-elect Biden is sworn in…”

Robert F. Jewell

Ray you make an essential fundamental point.
By attacking the media he controls the flow of information…
By attacking the law he controls its outcomes

These 2 vital nodes are needed to control a populous and write the narrative.

Trump and the republicans joined in an unholy alliance of various anti-democracy constituencies of like mind and all agents of evil…

Trumpers were too uneducated to see the cliffs. They’re still sending him money🤣


Here’s more of what is being said about the Trump years to put it into perspective:

David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, wrote this about Suffolk and USA Today’s newest poll: “What does it mean to be a ‘cult president’ — one whose supporters will believe and trust him no matter what any other government officials, academics, journalists, politicians, and ‘professional’ experts say? Donald Trump could at the very least be characterized as one of the few presidents with a cult of personality and a cult-like following.”

“A whopping 78 percent of Republicans do NOT believe that Joe Biden was legitimately elected president,” Paleologos wrote. In the poll, he wrote, “we ask a question about which television and news sources are trusted the most. Among those who trust Fox News, 16% said that Biden was elected legitimately and 83% said he was not. If you combine the next seven news sources including PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, 93% said Biden was legitimately elected and 6% said he was not.”

Biden was elected legitimately. The widespread belief that he was not – that a vast conspiracy rigged the election against Trump – is evidence of radicalization among the Fox-GOP base. Conservative columnist and CNN contributor Matt Lewis tweeted on Monday, “As a lifelong conservative, I am still surprised by how many people I thought were like me have revealed themselves to be right-wing AUTHORITARIANS.”

William Marincic

The guy you hate is trying to give you $2000 while the people that bankrupted you and put you on the work are telling you to take $600 and like it while they give billions of dollars to other countries. That’s how smart some of you are.

Robert F. Jewell

If rather have NO MONEY…and a human being for a president.
The thing in office doesn’t give a rats droppings about 600$…2000$….
or 300,000+ dead Americans due to Corona.
He only cares about his wealth and only cares about avoiding jail…..

and it’s coming in one form or another ☠️

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