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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Dec. 31


Give back to local volunteer firefighters

Every day is a gift we should be thankful for. It’s also good to do things for other people. Most of us have a volunteer fire department. Did you know that? You should call your fire department to see if they are volunteers. We should support them; they are there for us 24/7 and have a family and also a job.
So, this year and every year, send them gift cards or even money donations during the year for their families. It’s a great way to give back. They are also looking for volunteers. You will even feel better doing something for someone else.
Bless everyone with good health. All lives matter. Remember Jesus is the reason for Christmas.
Carol Pingelski Hotaling
Clifton Park

Niskayuna didn’t clear snow very well

Citizens of Schenectady, you are not the only ones dealing with issues of snow removal and limited egress out of your homes.
It is unthinkable that more than a week after a record snowfall (as of this writing), those of us who live on Troy Schenectady Road in Niskayuna still do not have access to our sidewalks, mailboxes, fire hydrants and bus stops. We are in danger of getting hit by an oncoming car when we pull out of our driveways.
The town of Colonie has had the sidewalks plowed for almost a week. The state plows have come by to cut back the banks, yet the town of Niskayuna has done nothing. I have lived here for over 40 years and have never experienced a situation like this that was left unattended for so long. Shame on the town for abandoning its citizens during these difficult times.
Judith Calvelli

Politicians should wait turn on vaccine

I was appalled upon hearing that certain of our local federal lawmakers, Rep. Paul Tonko, Rep. Anthony Delgado and Sen.Chuck Schumer to name a few, were jumping to the front of the line to receive the first shipments of COVID-19 vaccines.
They are using justification such as government continuity and to boost confidence among the American people.
This is being done at the expense of front line health workers and vulnerable seniors.
These are the same people that since the beginning of the pandemic were blaming the current administration for covid deaths and for not doing enough to develop a vaccine.
I believe that, deep down, they are only selfishly thinking of their own interest. Every dose of vaccine going to them is a dose that is not going to their vulnerable population.
Health officials have been spending a lot of time to make sure that the vaccine is getting to the right people at the right time.
I congratulate Rep. Elise Stefanik and Gov. Andrew Cuomo for stepping aside and waiting their turn for the vaccine based on health officials’ recommendations.
Ron Neu
Clifton Park


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Robert F. Jewell

Ron, the continuance of governmental duties and responsibility is paramount now more than ever.
Giving vaccine to essential personnel INCLUDES government officials.
While I applauded the governors example it’s vital to not have him ill or god forbid worse. However his decisions have been good ones so far.

As for Stephanik she is trying to usurp the Governors example to show her magnanimity but it’s trumped by her signing the SEDITION PETITION and her political worship and endorsement of this thing we presently call president for 22 more long days.

Robert F. Jewell

…and there are many less of the addicts versus the senior citizens.

This is just one small piece of a large effort to get the maximum amount of resistance for the LIMITED supply TRUMPS ADMINISTRATION…is failing to supply.
Trump as usual blames the states or drug companies or his staff or god…


Robert. You, as a former nurse, agree with the governor who thought it was a good idea to send COVID infected people to nursing homes? Take note of Robert’s credibility everyone.

Robert F. Jewell

Cuomo isn’t a nurse nor a doctor nor a virologist. He as most likely you do RELIES on EXPERTS.
Not mean spirited Americans.
I know full well your intentions here.
Not to find understanding and further
our knowledge of this CORONA virus.

I’m sure of your credentials…. I took care of AIDS patients when people of your particular frame of mind were calling it the GAY PLAGUE….remember??

I medicated and talked acceptingly with a 26 yr old young lady COVERED with Karposi Sarcoma scabs…she died…

So there…..feel good… Happy New Year!

William Marincic

Everybody wants to blame President Trump for everything, we have states rights, nobody wants to remember comrade Cuomo the governor of this communist state of New York telling everyone that he wasn’t going to give anyone a vaccine until he thought it was safe, the federal government and the army is shipping out all of the vaccine that needs to be shipped it’s up to the states to distribute it to the counties and the counties to administer it. I just read in this paper where we are getting all of 300 doses in the next two weeks big deal I also read where the county is telling us that it takes 15 minutes to administer each dose of vaccine, really it takes 15 minutes to give someone a shot, it sounds like we got a bunch of idiots running this county but then again the Democrats RN this county so I’m not surprised.


At least Cuomo is a leader, unlike do-nothing-but-whine-and-play golf-Trump. As usual, the Trump administration over promised 20 million vaccinations by today, but they haven’t gotten close to delivering more than 12 million doses for the vaccinations to be administered. Project Warp Speed must have a flat tire. Trump as usual blames the states who are underfunded and looking for guidance from the Feds who as usual have no plan or strategy. Trump is more interested right now with trying to get enough republicans to object to the election results on Jan. 6 when Congress convenes to conclude the election. He and the GOP will fail miserably and be looked upon as traitors and seditionists, undermining our democracy, that will stain them all for years to come. Happy New Year and President Bill!

Robert F. Jewell

Happy New Year to you Raymond and your loved ones!
May I say I consider you a wit and gentleman..though I’ve never met you.

William Marincic

Cuomo has killed thousands in nursing homes. Florida is wide open and a republican state with far less covid and covid deaths than New York City with the same population, why? I thought masks and closing down the state would work.


The Florida governor has underreported cases and deaths from day 1. Comparing Florida with NYC is false equivalent. We got bombarded with cases from Europe when Trump dragged his feet on stopping flights from England until it was too late.


Bill – The Florida governor has underreported cases and deaths from day 1. Comparing Florida with NYC is false equivalent. We got bombarded with cases from Europe when Trump dragged his feet on stopping flights from England until it was too late. He thought stopping flights from China was enough; it wasn’t. Cuomo followed CDC guidelines too long.

Robert F. Jewell

Absolutely correct Ray…it’s easy to have 20/20 vision about what took place in April and May when NYC exploded and NO ONE knew for sure WHAT to do.
That’s the problem with Nova viruses. Indeed even now as we speak it is mutating.
If the deserts of scientific understanding, the republicans,
had just abit more scientific education beyond high school
things might have gone differently.
Now because of republican HUBRIS this is an AMERICAN PLAGUE…instead of a world pandemic…


Bill, the 15 minutes per shot is to make sure the individual does not have a reaction. Obviously, it doesn’t take that long for the shot; just the built-in time frame. Stop whining, for Pete’s sake.

Robert F. Jewell

It’s not your call or mine.
It’s the CDC and NYS Dept. of Health and a proven record from our Governor .
Has there been mistakes…of course!!
Non through malfeasance or ineptitude that has been and still is the MO and this is directly TRUMPOLEANS FAULT!!!,
Now TRUMPOLEAN and his theater group are still trying to commit treason.
Jan.6th is the end of the Republican Party as you know it.


Yeah William, perhaps there are some idiots in this county and some of them be the people who read hear or see only what they have preconceived ideas about. They may not understand, or are not concerned with fact, reason, Logic or negative repercussions for certain actions.

Guess what: the “idiot Democrats” running this county, as well as health care workers, that may be mandating a 15 minute time period for each vaccine administered is because they want to be assured that if any adverse reactions result they can be addressed. Certain allergic reactions can cause a person to go into anaphylactic shock and without proper treatment could die. Perhaps that doesn’t matter to some people and we can just add those death to 350,000 and counting. What the heck, it’s only a statistic.

Robert F. Jewell

Thank you Lou… I used to be an RN and wanted to reveal to non-thinkers why we wait 15 minutes ANYTIME you give a vaccine or medications.
I believe there is talk of dumping all republicans into Florida and rename it

MAGASTAN…with Trump as its first MULLAH!

William Marincic

Geez I never had to wait 15 minutes for a flu shot to make sure I didn’t have a allergic reaction to that isn’t that a vaccine. What’s wrong with getting a shot and go sitting somewhere else for 15 minutes and waiting, do they have to sit there and wait with the person that administered the shot to make sure they didn’t have an allergic reaction? Can’t one single doctor stand there or sit there while these people wait in the waiting room after having a vaccination? Wait that would be common sense.

William Marincic

According to the Gazette editorial department you cannot post an opinion on their letters to the editor section unless it agrees with the same thinking as the editors. If you state a fact and letters to the editor that they don’t agree with they will delete your comment welcome to China.

Robert F. Jewell



Especially the editorial staff that has absorbed the non stop slings and arrows of outrageous comments and
Health and success to you MARK!!
Thank you!

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