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People in area offer hopes and goals for 2021


The Daily Gazette’s Stan Hudy met with people around the region to find out the answer to this question: What do you hope or plan to do in 2021 that you were unable to do in 2020?

Photos by Stan Hudy

Eva Mycek, Amsterdam native, now residing in Chicago

I’m going to be traveling. I wanted to go to Egypt this year, but wasn’t able to, so I’m definitely going in the fall of next year. I’ve already started looking up the travel company and trying to figure out which week we are going to go, Sept., Oct. 2021.


Casandra Vargas, Amsterdam

Be able to go shopping without a mask on, be able to hang out with family, friends, get out and do stuff. Simple, but normal.


Cindy Miller, Canajoharie

Take a family vacation, I’m hoping. I don’t know if I can, we’ll see, but that’s what I would like to do. Myrtle Beach is our favorite, we love bringing our kids down there, not this year. Nope.


Tatiana Gutierrez-Kaplan, Watervliet

Buy a car. I wasn’t able to work last year, I was staying with my dad. My dad was helping me out and now I actually have a job, so now I can actually work towards getting a car for me and my daughter, Genesis.


Alexandrea Rouse, 15, Herkimer

Going to Six Flags, hanging out with my best friends, actually being able to live my teenage life.


Antonio Malave, Amsterdam

I hope we get to be with our family again and have a perfect celebration like we used to have it every year. This year we couldn’t be with all our family and that hurts us because we want to be all together.


Gina Freeman, Amsterdam

I would like to lose some weight. I ate so much during the pandemic. We were quarantined for a long time, since March. A lot of snacks, a lot of baking, I made a dark chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting and then add ice cream.


Stephanie Oliver, Mayfield

Gather with my whole entire family. We haven’t been able to do that since before March. I’d like to get together with both of my brothers and my parents all together as one. I had very small gatherings this year, we eliminated siblings, my sister-in-law ended up with COVID so she was quarantined. Unfortunately we haven’t had much family time for all of us and we are family oriented, big time!


Dianne Tracy, Glenville

I turn 75 on [Jan. 16], so I hope to see that. I hope that I can feel safe about the COVID, hope that the vaccine covers everyone and that we’re all together, bring the country together.


Lisa Jansen, Scotia

I plan on traveling with my family, hopefully. We have a family place in Florida where we all go together and celebrate summer together on the beach. I hope that we can do that this year. We couldn’t do that this year. I hope that everyone is safe and healthy and that’s probably the answer you’re going to get from a lot of people.


Nicholas Carmen, Schenectady

I want to see COVID go away. I don’t like hearing my grandmother always worried about me going to work.


Kayla DeThomasis, East Greenbush

To get a job because I don’t have a job this year, get a job, make some money and get an apartment. I’m in school, between school and babysitting for my aunt I didn’t have the time to find a job.


Richard Kirk, Schenectady

Spend time with family and travel, that’s it. Restrictions have been crazy and not being able to go anywhere and see the loved ones has really been hard. First place I’m going to go is North Carolina, to the Outer Banks, get to see some of that ocean and do some deep sea fishing. I have a lot of family down there, that’s where my mother was born and not being able to see anybody, it’s been over a year or so. It’ll be really good, I can’t wait.


Asya Mayotte, Schenectady

Be able to spend more time with my family and my friends, safely, healthy, that’s it. For Christmas I was at home with my two girls, I work two jobs so I’m out a lot, I didn’t want to go around my grandmother too much because she’s elderly and we have a huge family. We’re used to getting together. I can take a year off, I’m not that selfish.


Destiny Johnson, Clifton Park

Pay all my bills and probably start getting a new house, that’s what I want to do. 2020, lack of work, money, both me and my husband  getting COVID and my kids getting sick too. It was just bad, we’ll all better now and hopefully with the new year ending it’ll get better, hopefully, that’s all we can pray for.


Kathy Gormley, Waterford

Travel. I would go out west, it’s something that’s on my list of things to do. I was supposed to go out skiing.


Cathy McKeighan, Salem

It would be nice to walk around with a little more freedom and just be happy. I’m looking forward to it.


Christy McKeighan, Salem

I’m going to be spending some much needed time with friends. We’ve had to stay apart, so we’re going to be getting back together.


Rick Treacy, Clifton Park

I’m looking forward to retirement in 2021, I couldn’t do that before now. I’m looking towards piece and prosperity for America and some additional benefits for our veterans.


Taha Al Khazali, Cohoes

Buy a house. 2019, lack of resources. It just wasn’t the right time. I’m fine to do it, but every time I tried to do it there was something in the way. I hope next year I will do it.


Roland Nzao, Ballston Spa

Each year I do my best and go back home, sometimes to visit my parents. Unfortunately this year I was not able to go overseas to Congo and visit my mom, especially. Hopefully by next year, 2021 I’m going to have a chance to go back and see my mom again.


Antonietta Bannon, Stillwater

Hoping not to wear a mask anymore. I just wear it constantly [under my chin], it’s my necklace.


Rachael Howarth, Nashville, TN

Get married on Jan. 10! We didn’t have to move it, but we wouldn’t have been able to do it earlier.

Daniel Marek, Clifton Park

The biggest thing that we’re hoping for is just making sure that we’re just able to follow through with our original plan. It really has been just a blessing in so many ways. It’s funny because you can find hope in really bad situations.

Editor’s note: Rachael and Daniel are getting married on Jan. 10, their original planned date.  


Eric Lawrence, Troy

I am absolutely going to be traveling no matter what the conditions are. I’ll wear my mask, I’ll observe the rules, but I haven’t seen family members in over a year now and I am absolutely going to see my family. Seeing my family members is crucial to me and very important to me that I go see those people.


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