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Letters to the Editor Friday, Jan. 1


Abolish the Electoral College; end abuses

It is time to abolish the archaic and obsolete Electoral College and replace it with one-person, one-vote presidential election process.
In 1787, our forefathers decided that well-educated elite white men would get together and decide who was the most fit person to be our president, and the Electoral College was created.
The system has led to many abuses. In the early 1800s, Southern slave-holding states were allowed to count their slaves as three-fifths of a white person for the purpose of representation in Congress, giving those states an extra 12 or more representatives in the Electoral College. In 1968, notorious segregationist George Wallace ran for president hoping to capture enough Electoral College votes to negotiate a continuance of segregationist policies in the South. Recently, we have witnessed Trump’s attempts to subvert Electoral College votes to win an election he clearly lost. Two out of the last five presidential elections were won by the candidate who lost the popular vote.
This winner-takes-all Electoral College system disenfranchises almost half the voters in every state.
It allows candidates to spend all their time campaigning on swing state issues and ignoring the issues of voters in other states.
On Jan. 6, when Congress meets to count each state’s Electoral College votes, we may witness another attempt to abuse this system by Trump-supporting Republicans. A one-person, one-vote presidential election process would help avoid such abuses of power in the future.
Robert Karandy
Burnt Hills

Trump nightmare is almost at its end

The long nightmare of every democracy-loving citizen is over. The United States Supreme Court has ruled. Jan. 20, 2021, will bring a new president.
I can’t help but to think the last four years were movie reruns. The White House staff made a great Marx Brothers comedy. Rudy Giuliani could be John Carradine’s eye-patch Loyalist in “Drums Along the Mohawk.” He attacks Americans with his savage allies.
Then there’s Gen. Flynn. He’s a dead ringer for Burt Lancaster’s attempt to take over the government in a coup d’état. The movie, “Seven Days in May,” will make the hairs on your neck stand at attention.
This all would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. Take Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. She signed a letter stating that democratically held election results should be thrown out. The loser should be declared the winner. This isn’t communist Russia, nor Hitler’s Germany.
For all those who fly Trump flags on their pickup trucks. For those who follow the party line instead of researching the truth. For all the politicians who put power ahead of the public, there’s only one thing left to do. Buy a new hat saying, “Chump for Trump.”
George Hebert

Koetzle, board put the taxpayers first

Glenville town Supervisor Chris Koetzle’s 2021 town budget got and deserved bipartisan support because in the words of one Democrat board member, “It’s a solid budget that accomplishes many goals.”
Passed unanimously, the spending plan cuts town taxes for Scotia residents, reduces the town’s debt even further, stays well under the tax cap for all residents, and further protects the town’s savings account by not burning the fund balance for operational spending.
Supervisor Koetzle and the Republican members of the board deserve kudos for their strong leadership and financial conservatism over 11 years that keeps the town of Glenville’s tax rate the lowest in the county, while still delivering critical services and making investments in our parks, senior center and infrastructure like paving of town roads.
Additionally, Koetzle and his team were able to deliver this “solid budget” in a particularly challenging year and in a time of pandemic when other towns and local governments are struggling. I want to recognize the supervisor’s leadership, vision and forethought that has paid off for the taxpayers of Glenville.
David Lindsay

Test for helpful gene available but costly

I thought the following information would be of interest to the readers of The Gazette.
Delta 32 is a deletion mutation of a gene and only 1% of our population has two copies of this gene.
Individuals with two copies of this genetic mutation are immune to smallpox, the Bubonic Plague (Black Death), HIV and probably COVID-19. Up to 20% of our population carry only one copy of this genetic mutation. Although they still run a risk for those diseases, the progress of the illness is greatly reduced and can result in later immunity. Unfortunately, the test for this gene costs $199.
Jack L. Underwood, M.D.

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Joseph Vendetti

My 2021 New Years wish for you & yours –

12 months of Happiness

52 weeks of fun and laughter

365 days of success

8,760 hours of good health

525,600 minutes of blessings &

31,536,000 seconds of joy!


Robert F. Jewell

You said it George!

Stephanik eagerly signed the republican congressional SEDITION PETITION… to overthrow our votes for OUR candidates!

Republican Elise Stephanik has splotched herself with the stain of co-conspiracy
and malfeasance to the American people by complicity with Trumps CORONA policy of silence about the it’s virulence.

In addition she is guilty of LYING to her constituents about Trumps incompetence (which she recognized) but strolled along with his criminality.

Elise Stephanik represents angry scared white people.
Small businesses, religious kooks, rich whites, poorly educated whites who begrudge ANY help to the less fortunate.

This attitude is a cancer on humankind.

The conservative mindset places primary focus on the goal of wealth accumulation and the political influence that wealth can buy. No where in that mind set is there room for God and it’s marvelous universe!

To republicans: The end justifies the means

Republicans will profess “good intentions “,
but all that happens is a cheaply paved road to hell.

Elise Stephanik is a coming moral morass for democrats in NYS.


Robert the term sedition in the time of sanctuary states has lost its original meaning. In any case the right to petition the court for redress of grievances belongs to all of us. What you seem to be upset about is that the claim of election fraud could have been found to be true.

Robert F. Jewell

No Fred I am not upset about that AT ALL.
I know the election results . Biden did.
Please don’t put words in my mouth Fred. You can barely pen your ideas here.
It is a treasonable act by an elected official to attempt the illegal grab of power that the repukians are now once again attempting,
It is a SEDITION PETITION…and there will be an answering ..regardless what you dream about or any other Trump loving sycophant.


You have ignored my observation about the conflict between claiming sedition and accepting the idea that Federal immigration law is merely a suggestion that can be ignored.

You are assuming that the idea of a lack of election fraud is generally accepted. The news media does not indicate that this assumption is true.

Robert F. Jewell

Yes…we had to in 2016…and we know it was the Russians that helped!!

Robert F. Jewell

I’ll tell you what you want to hear since the facts aren’t that to you.


Right, in the most scrutinized presidential election and US history. So scrutinized because of trumps baseless rants about it being rigged. The irony being Trump was the one trying to relate Wregget

Robert F. Jewell

Yes and he and the likes of our very own darling vixen Elise is supporting
Treason behind the scenes.
Watch for these crazies come Jab.6th

Robert F. Jewell

Fred who is your favorite republican from this list:
1. Rush Limbaugh
2. Louis Gomer
3. Sidney Powell
4. Rudi Ghouliani
5. Mike Pence
6. Elise Stephanik
7. Rep.Nunez
8. Richard Nixon
9. Jim Jones
10. Jim and Tammy Baker
11. Jimmy Swaggert
12. Jerod Kushner
13. Mephistopheles
14. Ronald Reagan
15. George Bush 2
13. King George (mad one)
14. Benedict Arnold
15. Robert E. Lee
14. Jim Crow

It’s a hit parade….cynical?? I only wish…

Robert F. Jewell

Fred..mon ami..I’m afraid you are finally absolutely correct!!

Haven’t found an honest human republican yet…but I’m holding on to hope…


Robert, I believe you could have been a great carpenter. You are constantly striking the nail directly on the head.

William Marincic

Robert Karandy Maybe you should read the constitution and the Bill of Rights and read the Federalist papers. The electoral college guarantees us that a president will be elected not by one or two states with a huge population but by the country as a whole. I know you Democrats who are more like communists every single day want to abolish all things having to do with our constitution but trust me when I tell you there’s still enough patriots in this country that won’t allow it to happen.


Take Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. She signed a letter stating that democratically held election results should be thrown out.

If the results were obtained by fraud she is correct. Or do you think that which is obtained by fraud is by rights belongs to the criminal?

Robert F. Jewell

I think that she’s a fraud and ought to be thrown out…since Biden’s election doesn’t count..HERS DOESNT EITHER..

See how strong hers and your logic is…

Robert F. Jewell

BTW Fredrick…you didn’t pick your favorite republican from the list…

They’re all your peeps…not mine…
Gotta be one in there…


Bill, in regards to the electoral college you have concerns about a president being elected by the voters in one or two populous states. What about the fact that millions of votes that are cast in states like California, New York, Mississippi or Alabama aren’t being represented. – The electoral votes in those states are a given and so many people aren’t truly being represented.

Perhaps with the exception of the voters in the 12 swing states the rest of us may as well stay home on Election Day.

William Marincic

No I could say the same thing about New York state as a whole and about California as a whole, New York City in the five boroughs elect the governor not the rest of the state every county north of Westchester county for the most part is a Republican county just like Northern California is Republican and southern and a large cities like Los Angeles are Democrat. In 2016 President Trump won most of the counties in New York State just didn’t win the five boroughs and Westchester. So you’re right when it comes to voting in New York State most of us might as well sit home but I don’t. Joe Biden will never be my president 47 years in government and he’s done absolutely nothing except put blacks in prison. Remember he didn’t want his kids going to a racial jungle called school. Good old Joe with his words of wisdom when he called that female college student a lying dog faced pony soldier, he has no clue what’s coming out of his mouth and trust me he will be remove as president and liberal Kamala Harris will take his place within the year. That’s if he even makes it to the presidency we still have January 6.

Robert F. Jewell

Here follows a small list of those republicans and their hired mouthpieces at Fox who denied in February through June
the existence of the clear and present danger that Donald J. Trump knew about the Corona Virus!
Because of his criminal conduct in hiding the severity of this infection and their duplicity in pushing his narrative we have three times as many deaths and infections than we should have per capita…

Remember these names…there is culpability for all of them to share here:

1. Shawn Hannity 2. Rush Limbaugh
3. Pete Hegsth 4. Lou Dobbs
5. Toni Lauren. 6. Jeanne Porto
7. Dr. Marc Siegel. 8. Geraldo Rivera
9. Laura Ingraham 10. Jesse Waters
11. Dr. Rinsk. 12. Matt Schlapp
13. Ed Henry. 14. Ansley Earnhardt
15. Rep. Nunes. 16. Matt Garth
17. Jim Imhofe. 18. Mike Pence
19. Larry Kudlow. 20. Kelly Ann Conway

and Trump the Object of their worship!!

William Marincic

George Hebert You wanna talk bad about President Trump but he created the greatest economy in the history of the United States. He had the lowest unemployment for not only white Americans but the lowest unemployment for Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and women, and kids under 25. He created four Middle East peace deals that not a single Democrat or Republican president could do in six decades. He got all of our trading partners to pay their fair share in NATO and I could go on and on but you just keep talking about how bad Trump is that’s your problem, people like you only watch CNN or main stream media and have 0.0 clue on anything. The Democrat party has gone so far left that John Kennedy in today’s world would be considered a conservative Republican.

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