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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Jan. 2


Get creative about clearing city streets

The recent snowstorm obviously struck a nerve with most likely all the residents of the city.
This is a serious dilemma and before the next blizzard arrives a plan really needs to be in place as far as parking.
Priority streets would remain as such and as posted. Alternate side parking would definitely be a huge solution to this problem and throughout the whole city.
Do you want your street plowed better or just marginally? This would really make the whole situation easier for all involved.
Cars that are not moved within 12 hours of snowplowing parking rules would be towed at the owner’s expense.
If you can own a car, then you can be responsible to move it when the situation arises. Covid has obviously put a strain on the city budget, but going forward, this really needs to be considered.
We know the big storm is coming. Maybe with better parking rules in place, this would work and the whole street can be cleaned up, not just one side of it or down the middle.
Another idea would be when the city tears down a blighted home, pave that piece of land for off-street parking. I think all ideas need to be put out there for consideration.
Patricia Harrington

Wake up to what’s happening, people

It has finally happened, Dictator Cuomo now controls who, and when people get the COVID-19 vaccine, and no questions answered.
This, citizens, is dictatorship, no matter how politicians spin it. No governor or mayor has the right to withhold anything that helps the people. By doing this, and letting Cuomo get away with it, we the people open the door to all possible do’s and don’ts. Socialism is not the answer, nor is communism.  Wake up and open your eyes and ears as to what is happening not only in the nation, but right here in New York state.
Besides the ineptness of mayors, councils and legislatures, the New York state leaders have lived in hope of getting money from Congress and die in despair.
We have been warned for years by medical people in the know that we are not even close to being prepared for a pandemics disaster. Yet hospital CEOs, governors and mayors ignore warnings. So, when nursing home patients die by the thousands, and hospitals have no beds or equipment, what’s to think?
Albert Marvell

Enjoyed Gazette’s ‘Celebrate’ sections

I have to thank you for the wonderful special sections you issued on Dec. 17, titled “Celebrate.”
There were so many interesting, refreshing stories in each of the many sections that they kept me entertained for days.
It was a joy to read about the food and festivities of different cultures and to see the pictures of past celebrations. I particularly liked the section with book suggestions from local bookstores.
I appreciate the hard work that went into gathering all the information that was shared. Thank you again.
Christine Dooley



Snow parking rules only work if enforced

I live in Bellevue, 100 feet from the city line with Rotterdam. When it snows, Rotterdam plows earlier than the city, blocking the end of my street.
The city did plow after midnight on Thursday, Dec. 17, into Friday after the storm. I wasn’t very happy with the city at the time, but the next two days they more than made up for it by widening the streets and removing the snow. Overall, they did a good job, but still had to deal with parked cars.
The article in the Dec. 22 Gazette (“Expanded alternate side parking eyed”) about having alternate side parking on our streets seemed to me to be a very good idea. I emailed many Bellevue residents and asked them if they agreed.
All responding residents supported the idea, but stressed the importance of enforcement. Residents of streets already having alternate side parking complained that it wasn’t working, since enforcement is lax. Alternate side parking will work, but only if strict enforcement is part of the deal.
Ray Faught

Reallocate funds to those really in need

In response to your Dec. 23 front page article (“Congressional delegation touts funding packages.”) Well let’s do the math: $600 to approximately 330 million people equals about $198 billion. It makes one wonder how many small businesses could have been saved with all the pork and foreign aid in the remaining $700 billion. Another $10 million to gender programs in Pakistan, $500 million for programs between Israel and the United States, $700 million in aid to Sudan, $135 million for Burma, $1.3 million in military assistance to Egypt, $506 million for Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. There are 60 stand-alone bills that have nothing to do with the covid relief.
Just to add a few more, give $4 billion to New York’s MTA as a bailout for the mass transit. $15 billion for entertainment venues, $250 million for Palestine economic aid, $85.5 million to aid Cambodia and $40 million again to the Kennedy Center.
With all that pork, (Tonko, Delgado, Schumer, Stefanik, Gillabrand), just think how many restaurants, gyms, and small businesses could be helped. Go back to work, and do your jobs, and work for the American people, the ones who put you in office. By the way, are any of you politicians struggling with your bills, food, medicine?
Thomas Hyland

Gazette missed a wonderful parade

Glenville’s wonderful reverse parade at Maalwyck Park was not covered at all by The Gazette. What an amazing success it was. We had 1,000 plus cars full of fun people and we greeted them from a distance and laughed and smiled with them.
Hats off to organizers and participants for pulling off such a wonderful free event. My issue is I could not wait to open The Gazette the next morning to enjoy a nice article with a few pictures. Big disappointment as there was nothing there and the event was advertised in your paper so someone should have covered.
A big chance was missed for a happy story we all needed to see.
Jack Ellis
West Glenville

Don’t just parrot what’s said on radio

Cynthia Swanson and I share the distinct honor of being labeled “socialist” by Jeffrey Falace in his Dec. 21 letter (“Exactly what has Trump done wrong.”) At the time I was targeted for his Trumpian juvenile name calling, I was a registered Conservative in Fulton County. In the same letter, he also wrote that the southern Democrats of the Jim Crow era had morphed into Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The Dixiecrats became Republicans, Mr. Falace.
Ms. Swanson, the opinion of someone who simply regurgitates what he hears on talk radio is of no concern to us. Original thought is exceeding rare amongst Conservatives.
Paul Sator

Focus U.S. attention on cyber warfare

As we begin a new year and a new administration, it seems prudent to review our national goals, capabilities and adversaries.
The days of counting bullets and bombs and modeling symmetric strategic scenarios such as MAD appear to be fading.
More modern concerns focus on the less costly and quieter, but perhaps more damaging and dangerous, instances of cyber corruption and data manipulation.
Victory in cyber warfare does not depend on gross numbers of people or expended funds. It can be won by just a few actors with leveraged logic and skill. It is a form of what I term asymmetric militarism.
Two observations support the belief that Vladimir Putin was born and bred to command in this arena.
An avid student of judo, Putin learned the triumph of technique and strategy over sheer might. He also learned lessons on the street.
As a child in Leningrad, now, again, St. Petersburg, he lived in the banausic government-supplied housing where he occasionally chased rats in the stairwells.
On one occasion, he chased a rat into a corner. The rat turned and began to chase him. He called the experience a quick and lasting lesson in the meaning of “cornered.”
I submit it was a plank in his training for asymmetric militarism.
As a country, we have a lot to do for our cyber security. We need invention training and most of all substantial commitment of national will.
John Hershey
Ballston Lake

Put more information in articles’ headlines

Shame on The Gazette. Another effort to make the police look bad. The story in your Dec 14 paper (“Gunman shot by police at NYC concert”) taken from where else? The Associated Press.
Those who did not take the time to read the story would say “The cops are at it again. Killing innocent men.” It was not mentioned if the man was Black or White.
The story did say, however, that the ‘victim’ was shooting his own weapons from the steps of a church after a Christmas choral concert. Not a rock concert.
He was the aggressor, shooting at church-going people, with not one, but two weapons. In his backpack were found gasoline, rope, wire, tape and knives. Are these things you would take to a church concert?
Can you please edit the stories you get from other papers? And if you can’t change a misleading title, then don’t run the story.
Also, please show a little respect on the obituary page. There was enough blank space on the Dec. 14 page. The death listing box should have been expanded down so the spacing was even and all the names could’ve been read clearly.
All it takes is a little time and patience. Deceased family members would be so appreciative.
Mary Ann Brown

Nation is safer if you don’t support Trump

Biden beat Trump by less than 5%. Do the millions of Trump supporters realize the implications of their votes? If you voted for Trump due to his anti-abortion stance, then you ignored the inevitability of dangerous illegal abortions and how his defunding of birth control information and access to birth control will affect the already steady decline in abortions.
If you voted for Trump based on his misogynistic, racist behavior then you ignored the power of the female voting bloc and that this nation will soon no longer have a white majority. If you are a Republican office holder and voted for Trump out of fear of negative tweets, then you ignored how your support of him and his dwindling base will affect your next election.
If you voted for Trump due to his use of executive power, then you ignored his unlimited granting of pardons to relatives and convicted supporters, and his unwillingness to compromise.
If you voted for Trump because of his tax policies, deregulations and efforts to weaken government involvement in health care, then you ignored climate change, inevitable increases in air and water pollution, a reduction in safety net programs and less accessibility to health care.
If you voted for Trump because of his support of personal freedoms, then you contributed to the continuation and spread of COVID-19.
Our democracy is safe only as long as Trump supporters remain in the minority. God help us and our country if he ever regains power.
Charles Rielly

Cities need to stop street corner beggars

I would like to know when the cities of Schenectady, Albany and Troy are going to do something about these people on the street corners of major intersections begging for money.
They go from one area to another as I travel these areas and see them on different corners. Some of them are rude and obnoxious to drivers that don’t give money out, maybe they should be arrested and made to pay a fine and clean up the areas where they hang out and throw all their trash.
People need to stop feeling sorry for them and giving them money and food. Many have new clothes and cell phones, and probably make a lot of money from you. If you stop giving to them, they will go away.
Scott Anderson

Political leaders must focus on Americans

I have come to the conclusion that our government is out of control and does not function in the people’s best interest.
They are showing the American people that they are all talk, with little to show for our country or for the American people.
Our leaders are wasting time in just about everything that they try to accomplish. When they finally finish what they are doing, they accomplish nothing. As American citizens, we the people would like to be represented when our country has a crisis. Our leaders say they are going to help the American people, because they need it.
After months of wasting more time, they fail the American people by giving our money to help others, with our people in need forced to receive less. If our leaders can’t figure who they are supposed to help, it is time for them to retire.
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Relief funds should focus on actual relief

I read with interest the Dec. 23 article (“Congressional delegation touts funding packages”) about the $900B Covid Relief Bill that would help this country.
I thought to myself, finally, my tax dollars doing something good for our country and the politicians are actually working for us.
So, I researched the bill further, and some of the additional items include $25 million to Pakistan for gender programs, $1.4 billion for “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act” (no idea what that is), $700 million to Sudan, $250 million Palestinian aid, $130 million to Nepal, $85.5 million to Cambodia, $50 million for buildings that are closed due to the pandemic (Kennedy Center, Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art), and retroactive covid payments to illegal immigrants.
I would like ANY politician to explain how the above will help the American taxpayers with covid relief.
I would think keeping afloat all of the small businesses that are on the brink of bankruptcy would be a better focus (instead of counting fish in Gulf of Mexico or researching impact of downed trees also in there), as they would be around to pay taxes when the pandemic is over.
Anne Deiber


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Robert F. Jewell

Trying out for the role of Ebenezer Scrooge Mr Anderson?

“There but for the grace of God go I.”

Ever hear that adage Mr.Anderson?

Rest assured your lack of empathy is well noted by unseen eyes.
Remember that karma is justice settling the waters.
You walk amongst the suffering of your fellow human beings and all you can feel is anger frustration, resentment.
We’ve a president who talks the same way.

Robert F. Jewell


At intersections of hope and fears,
A cold hungry human searchingly peers,
Into the eyes of the heartless and cruel,
Who’ve never evinced the “Golden Rule”

It’s my money! I’m not helping you!
Why look at your clothes, they’re practically new.
Soaked by the rain or baked by the sun,
I’m not giving to that. It’s having the fun!

To the mind of the selfish, mercy’s a fool!

So goes the world spinning around,
While some become lost others are found.
Looking away doesn’t make you free,
“What you did for them” “You did for me!”

William Marincic

Charles Rielly I voted for Trump based on him lowering our taxes, cutting out unneeded regulation and building the greatest economy in the history of the United States which included the lowest African-American unemployment in history, the lowest Hispanic unemployment in history, the lowest female unemployment in history. I voted for Trump because of his four Middle East peace deals that were not able to be obtained by anyone else in the last 60 years. I voted for Trump because he made our partners around the world pay their fair share to NATO, I voted for Trump because he held China at bay, he was stopping their manipulation of currency and I could give you 100 other reasons but one of the most important also is his support of our military and our police.


Bill – The election is over. As I told Fred, no reruns in 2021 unless you include the previous rebuttals. Why should Robert, Cynthia and others have to dispel your slanted comments over and over again? But on the economic front, only the rich got richer and there are more and more poor and hungry people in this country since the Great Depression. Over 700,000 a week are filing for unemployment for past few months. You may be doing okay, but tens of million are not.

William Marincic

Ray typical democrat, you think you can dictate how or what I say….. Tell it to your democrat communist friends. I will say what I want when I want, if you don’t like it don’t read it. Pretend you are a normal republican, if you see something you don’t like you don’t buy it. I know dems try to ban what they don’t like that’s why I said to try to be a normal republican.

Robert F. Jewell

Raymond, mon ami..

Truth is a child of time…

It’s on our side now.

Robert F. Jewell

He also gets edited when he says too much…or something vile.

Robert F. Jewell

Hey Ray, is it me or did Trumps very own hand picked senate just override his veto of the MILITARY PAY BILL .
Chucking the soldiers pay raise so he can have revenge on the media companies is NOT SUPPORTING THE MILITARY!!
Trump doesn’t like nor respect service personnel.
The sycophants who profess support for this ex impeached president never served in the military. They just march in step!!


GOP senators are bit more realistic than the seditionists in the House. The senators cannot go back to their states without defending the defense bill. Plus, it shows that McConnell has more power than Trump, despite Trump’s spell over many of them. The military in this country is more sacred than anything which makes it bi-partisan.


Anne Deiber’s letter is spot on. If you wish to give money to non Americans please follow your inclinations and let the rest of us follow ours.

Robert F. Jewell

I wasn’t aware of your attire crisis.
I’m sorry if your one of the millions in this country…at this very minute…that are hungry right now…and need food right now…and can’t even think new clothes!

😔 Thank you for the reminder.🙏🏻


Has anyone discovered that the billons spent by New York taxpayers has any measured effect on the climate. My doubt such evidence can be found. Alternatively the failure to present evidence of the billions spent on the climate reflects an attack of modesty by the Democrats.


Are you claiming that you presented a numerical measure of the effect of the of the billions the state has spent on climate mitigation? As I pointed out to you changes on the levels of CO2 emissions effect plants ability to thrive. What I am referring to is results that show a measurable effect on humans’ ability to thrive.

Robert F. Jewell

Yes Fred. The first round was the Clean Air and Water Act…that arose because of the DEATH OF LAKE ERIE…remember? I do.
Remember Rachel Carson?? “Silent Spring”

By the 70s decade DDT use by the government in the 60s has almost exterminated the Bald Eagle, Ospreys, Hawks. The rivers were open sewers for the CAPITALIST!
Landfills were leaching HEAVY METALS to local DRINKING WATER WELLS. Remember??!!
No regulations was the Republican policy!!! REMEMBER THAT??
Well we have been cleaning up the environmental malfeasance of governments, local small businesses and rural contributors.
That and much much more costed money.


Robert F. Jewell

In addition Fred….

The middle states burned coal for heat and energy which produced a spot that acidified and fell into my Adirondack lakes…in the high peaks region where I
HIKED regularly at that time.

it was called ACID RAIN…remember??

Republicans fought tooth and nail against AIR POLLUTION STANDARDS!!

WHY!!?? Their God (profit) desires so.


Pay attention to all the 140+ republicans planning to subvert our democracy on Jan. 6. These seditionists should be voted out next time they run for office. Remember. I will.

William Marincic

Ray you must have missed the stomping that democrats got in this election which ios just more proof of the lies.


Bill – As Reagan would say, “there you go again” misinforming readers. “Stomping”? The GOP picked up some seats in the House, but the Dems are still in control. The Senate could end up at 52-48 like before or could be 50-50 on Tuesday (or soon thereafter) which gives Congress control again by the Dems. The only one stomped was Trump!!!

Robert F. Jewell

Like the rebels of the secession of 1850s-60, these 140 republicans signed a SEDTION PETITION…stating their intentions on seceding this Constitutional process and its outcomes and replace it with their own. Thus attempting a COUP!

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