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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Jan. 3


A simple gift to show concern for others

This is a unique time in which we are living.
We are challenged to change how we go about our daily lives and it offers us an opportunity to find new ways to live together as a community.
By wearing masks, washing our hands and respecting social distancing, we have the opportunity to show our concern and care for another person’s well-being. What an inexpensive and thoughtful gift.
Lois M. Dodge

Shame on Stefanik for fealty to Trump

This is an open letter to Rep. Elise Stefanik.
Ms. Stefanik,
If we ever met, you wouldn’t like me. I’m a registered Democrat, which, in your words, makes me a “socialist and a radical.” But I’m an American citizen first and foremost.
That means – unlike you since you fell under Donald Trump’s spell – I put our representative democracy before party.
You were not always a Trump shill. When you first took office, you kept Trump at arm’s length, opposing his most idiotic policies: the border wall, tariffs, withdrawing troops from Syria and even his tax cuts. Then came the impeachment hearings and you lurched hard right. You attacked witnesses of unassailable character to impress right-wing avatars like Breitbart, The Wall Street Journal, the National Review, and most importantly, Donald Trump himself.
You even landed a coveted gig on Fox News. And for what, to show that it was OK for a president to pressure a foreign government into launching a baseless investigation in hopes of damaging the reputation of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden?
After that performance, you went full Trump. By joining 125 other Republican representatives and 17 state attorney generals in a Texas lawsuit that asked the Supreme Court to overthrow the elections in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, based on allegations the courts in 59 other lawsuits rejected, you demonstrated your unquestioned loyalty to the Dear Leader.
Thankfully, that lawsuit ended up in the high court’s dumpster.
Shame on you.
Fred Como
Burnt Hills

Tax all internet sales 10% to help suburbs

As we struggle to defeat a biological virus, an economic virus is beginning to infect America.
I call it the generic Amazon virus, which is decimating downtowns and malls and making their employees obsolete.
The result may lead to bankruptcies of both malls and the suburbs, which depend on their taxes.
As a vaccine for this epidemic, I suggest a 10% toll road tax on all consumer internet sales.
The internet itself must cost the government much to supervise.
And a portion could be sent to states and localities already strapped by the covid pandemic.
David Childs


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Robert F. Jewell

We are represented by Elise Stephanik who revealed herself to be a power hungry she-wolf.
No where was this more apparent than during her disingenuous performance with the equally repulsive he-wolf Jim Jordan during Trumps impeachment.
Our little Elise thoroughly enjoyed the TRUMPIAN lime light.
A light not unlike the pale sheen of Minas Morgul.
Now she and 100+ other congressional representatives have signed the now INFAMOUS…SEDITION PETITION!!!… attempting to overthrow the United States CONSTITUTION!!! She and the others must be censured!!
They all should be charged with betraying their oaths to the constitution and legal responsibility to all constituents! Then brought to court to face those charges.

Elise Stephanik wants to nullify my vote for president…yours also….remember that.

William Marincic

Fred Como If you really put a representative democracy first then you would support those senators and congress people that are asking for a 10 day investigation on election fraud. What have you got to lose? Our republic depends on fair elections whether they be for Democrats or Republicans or independence. Our Constitution allows this and I am not surprised that Joe Biden and the Democrats are crying foul even though they have been calling President Trump and illegitimate president for four years, even going as far as impeaching him because of a phone call and a secret whistle blower. We have hundreds of whistle blowers stating that they saw firsthand fraud yet according to the Democrats that doesn’t count. You can’t have it both ways. Support the constitution as you say you are an American first and support and investigation to guarantee fair and free elections


OMG Mr. Marincic. The fat lady has sung. The election is over. President- elect Joe Biden has, yes, LEGITIMATELY won!

You and so many other disappointed Republicans must come to terms with what is. The time and energy being wasted beating a dead horse is insanity. Accepting the situation with dignity, rather than continuing to scream foul when over and over it has been proven there was none!

William Marincic

If he legitimately one why are there over 100 hundred Congress people including in those battleground states and more than a dozen senators that say he didn’t win. Do you know more than they do? Everyone should be concerned about this election. If you want to continue to live in this democratic republic we need free and fair elections. Why are the Democrats so scared of an investigation? If he legitimately one there should be no reason not to have an investigation to prove it that he won once and for all.

Robert F. Jewell

Chuck, its been my experience that

conservatives have battleship lips

and row boat arms.

They have no real convictions for they

fight for money and undo their efforts

with their valueless souls and inflated


I respect law and order, and the law has spoken, 50+ times.
Why don’t you respect law and order, Bill?

And by the way, there is absolutely no clause allowing an extension of the certification or inauguration. Just because the Very Serious White Man Peter Navarro said it to a fake judge on Fox doesn’t make it so.
Trump’s term ends on January 20th and Biden’s begins on that day. There are no ‘except if’s…’

Btw, we’re all enjoying, or suffering through, right this minute, your President trying to browbeat and threaten a state Attorney General to cough up more votes.
The man you stand behind, Bill.

Again, what part of law and order do you have a problem with? After years of you boot-licking LEOs here on this forum, do we now get to see your true colors?

Be a man and address these questions, Bill, and don’t deflect with your usual sideshow.

Law and Order, Bill. Man up.

William Marincic

Stacey Abrams sister passed judgment on the voting rights case that her sister was part of, imagine if that was a Republican who had a sister that was a judge that passed judgment on a voting rights case in a state that has been accused of election fraud. You wouldn’t stop hearing about it on the main stream media. You can’t call yourself a Democrat who is more concerned with the country then party if this doesn’t bother you, you can’t call yourself a person that picks party over country if election fraud does that concern you watch the clip below I dare you.

William Marincic

The law has not spoken, this is new ground and we are playing catch up with the law and how to file. A lot of people are concerned what will happen if this election is overturn and overturning it would be the right thing to do. Many people believe that this country will turn to rioting and destroy major cities because that’s what Democrats do when they lose. We will see what happens and I will say this if Biden does take the oath of office he will forever be considered an illegitimate President. Why don’t you listen to some news reports from countries in Europe or even better yet listen to what the news casters in Australia have to say. Countries around the world are seeing this for what it truly is. And that’s right I support law and order and I support the police which is something that the Democrats don’t support. Remember every ghetto is run by democrats.

William Marincic

David Childs there you go again advocating for increased taxes. We get taxed in our paychecks, then we get taxed for everything we buy, we get taxed for owning property, we get taxed for buying gas, we get taxed for using the cable, we get taxed for using our cell phones, and yes then we get taxed when we die. Isn’t that enough tax Dave?

Robert F. Jewell

The play for republicans now is drop back and punt to throwing tantrums for investigations to delay, obfuscate, obviate,
Buy more facts, like Ghouliani s computer or hire drunk vixens to slur words and make republicans look even more pathetic!

No more BU..SH.T

Robert F. Jewell

PS…obstinate Trumpers…Why should we agree to investigations when you’ve not one shred of evidence and Georgia electronically recounted twice, hand recounted and checked signatures.

Your attempts now fall not only on deaf ears but dangerously angry ears with the full weight of the law on democrats side.

You’ve a right to be afraid and to sleep fitfully. Justice is coming for y’all.

The response of commenter and Law and Order man, Marincic show he clearly does not understand what “deflection” means as he chooses to try a but-what-about -ism tactic instead of addressing actual questions. His deflection is then compounded by sheer irony and hypocrisy by overlooking what actually happened in the Georgia gubernatorial race where the Secretary of State Kemp was the Republican candidate, and AT THE SAME TIME controlled the election and voter roles. The upshot was:

“Kemp’s office was found to have violated the law before and immediately after the 2018 midterm elections. In a ruling against Kemp, District Judge Amy Totenberg found that Kemp’s office had violated the Help America Vote Act and said an attempt by Kemp’s office to expedite the certification of results ‘appears to suggest the Secretary’s foregoing of its responsibility to confirm the accuracy of the results prior to final certification, including the assessment of whether serious provisional balloting count issues have been consistently and properly handled.'”

Further, “The law has not spoken, this is new ground and we are playing catch up with the law and how to file.” This being a family newspaper I’ll just say this is utter horse pucky and wonder why, in this great country of endlessly talented litigators, what we see amounts to a modern day Marx Brothers comedy sketch, stretched out over two months.

Even further, assuming that you’re speaking for the world is quite a presumption and falls right in line with the delusions we’ve had to endure from this sham President. “The World” is indeed watching because like a terrible car crash, who can look away? (I also presume that’s why this President has so many followers on social media; it’s not because they all like him).

43 years ago 900 humans willingly committed suicide at the behest of a charismatic leader by drinking Kool-aid laced with cyanide and a sedative demonstrating how blinded a large group of devoted followers can be, given a visceral cause to believe in, say, like White supremacy, or ultra nationalism. Isn’t this like what’s happening right now?

William Marincic

The whole long diatribe yeah you never answered the Stacey Abrams and her Judge sisters question, you talk about deflection that’s all you did. I rest my case and see what happens January 6th.

Robert F. Jewell

What happens is: The nation turns against Trump and the Trumpers.
Then Trump and the Trumpers will attempt
A revolt. Blood will be shed.
Then defeat, shame, the accounting, jail!

Chuck crazy old Jim Jones aint got nothing on big Boss Trump and his cuck sycophants.
Lop the head off…the rest will bend over and die.

Indeed, I see a calamitous end, but these people have shown they can’t cooperate within themselves much less with the great of the world.
I’m certain it won’t end with them in control of the greatest nation in the world, as they seem deluded to believe.

William Marincic

Well Chuck D it seems that when President Trump was president taxes went down, jobs went up, income went up, minority and women unemployment went down, we didn’t get into any new wars, we brought people home from the wars that the Democrats got us into, regulations were cut, money came back to the United States that went offshore because of Obama Biden taxes, so tell me again how we can’t run a country.

I won’t play Whack-a-Mole with you people.
He was impeached for good reason (regardless how you “feel” about it). History will show he was, and still is, an unabashed traitor and that “trumps” any other good deeds he did.
So sad that so many like you can’t figure that out.

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