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Letters to the Editor Monday, Jan. 4


Sch’dy must change rules for city council

The Gazette Dec. 5 headlines (“Perazzo to step down from City Council”) were farcical.
The councilwoman says she is leaving office, but will continue to work her city job. That means she will earn her bread here but eat it elsewhere because she intends to move out of Schenectady.
Her Proctors job should be given to someone who is willing to live in the city and contribute to its tax base.
It’s time for city officials and school board members to require mandatory residency for all city employees, not just police officers.
The largest portion of Schenectady’s city budget is spent on contractual items. Ninety percent of school employees do not live in the city. Who pays for their union demands? Is it the parents of the 82% of children who qualify for the school food program? What’s wrong with this picture?
As for the councilwoman’s successor, make sure it isn’t someone who favors a sanctuary city.
Schenectady doesn’t need any more bad decisions. The last time there was a vacancy on the City Council, the seat was given to a person who already had two jobs and an active real estate license.
By the city’s affirmative action standards, she did not qualify for the exhausting job that includes a salary, pension and medical coverage.
Mary B. McClaine

Media makes Trump look bad (literally)

Unfortunately, I have only seen bad pictures of Donald Trump in your paper. If one goes to Trump’s website, one sees a good picture of him, such as was never seen in yours nor many other publications.
As a photographer, I know how to make anyone, or thing, look bad or good, or anything in between.
Now Mr. Biden on the other hand, I see clearly excellent, smiling, clean-faced pictures.
The publishing industry historically has been of the people, not the now-obvious controller manipulator of the people.
It is very sad that we the people have lost our publishing industry to those who want to control us with nasty photographic manipulation.
I’d like to see a disclaimer required in the future that might read: The Surgeon General requires our stating that we wish you to vote for our candidate. We use the highest levels of subliminal and conscious photographic manipulation and mind-science to alter your opinions.
These procedures have been shown in clinical studies to effectively remove your control. These include mind-science techniques which are beyond all human ability to detect or protect from.
They can effectively and secretly take your vote and other tangible and intangible things from you without your knowing.
Dave DeRosa

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Robert F. Jewell

Dave…your attempt at inferring the purposeful optical degeneration of Trump is specious at best.
Your statement is paranoid propaganda.

Yes when buying a car or pantyhose’s we are sway-able in colors or sizes however when we talk of celebrities a bad picture or good one only impresses for an extremely short time period.

It’s the persons ACTIONS and words not just the OPTICS that register on a subliminal level.

Take someone like Trump.
He shows the same optics ALL the time! Bellicose, Belligerent, Bullying!

It’s his ignorance and lack of humanity
That is what is so vile about him.

Robert F. Jewell

ChuckD…for you

You can’t argue with a Trump supporter.

Statement of fact: 2 + 2 = 4

Trumper: “oh yeah, well 2 + 3 that isn’t = 4!

Reply: That isn’t the statement…


oh yeah where’d you hear that CNN?!

We must laugh…or boil ourselves 🙃 silly


In place of mandatory residence perhaps the city government of Schenectady conduct itself so that people wanted to live there. I suggest that it take a shot at trying to clear the snow from the streets in a timely fashion.


To make the city a more desirable place to live I offer the following suggest: Require all teachers to stay after school to give kids a place to do their home work and of course help them with their work.


Mary B. McClaine: you obviously don’t realize that Proctors is not a unit of city government. It is an independent entity and not part of the government at all. You may as well say that Ellis Hospital employees should live in the city.

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