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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Jan. 6


Use the new year to try to all get along

Those of you 50 years and older will likely remember the simple yet, in my opinion, profound question asked nearly 30 years ago by a very troubled soul, Rodney King: “Can we all get along?”
For me it ranks among the most important and relevant words spoken during my lifetime. And to think it seemed at the time so unrehearsed makes it now even more worthy of reflection.
I sincerely hope as we embark on this new year, that the question will be answered in the affirmative.
Art Pagano

Trump deserves due for accomplishments

In regard to Cynthia Swanson’s Dec. 13 letter (“Plenty of reasons we won’t miss Trump”), I am amazed at the vitriol and hate that so many of the “good people” of our country have for our president.
We have here a letter stating all kinds of charges without any specific facts to back them. These and similar charges could be logged against any president.
I would like to point out that this person also feels that 70-plus million people who voted for President Trump are not “good people” who do not have a moral compass.
The president-elect has said that we all need to come together, after saying for almost four years that we are traitors, racist, homophobes, xenophobic and deplorable. Good luck with that.
President Trump has been attacked by these “good people” since he started running for office. “Not my President,” “Not legitimate,” “resist,” and on and on.
President Trump had the lowest unemployment in recent history, and a lot of jobs have been coming back. Remember Obama saying, “Those jobs ain’t coming back!” “What’s Trump going to do, wave a magic wand?”
He also brokered a number of peace accords in the Middle East.
He also stopped travel from China and then Europe. He instated the War Powers Act to build ventilators and PPE. He built temporary hospitals in numerous cities and sent a hospital ship to New York City.
But President-elect Biden says that President Trump “threw up the white flag.”
Chester Piecuch

Eviction ban is bad for housing crisis

The COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act, adopted by the New York State Legislature and signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Dec. 28, is a flagrant violation of people’s property rights and will worsen the housing crisis.
The law, which bans evictions for nearly any reason until at least May 1, could have a devastating effect on upstate tenants, landlords and communities.
The law will encourage more tenants to stop paying rent even if they can afford it, leading to their eventual eviction.
The law also jeopardizes the safety of tenants and landlords by removing the legal process for eviction and ignores the reality of landlords having to maintain buildings so tenants can live in them.
Some properties will fall into disrepair and eventually end up in foreclosure, causing more problems for upstate communities.
Small landlords in our area already have lost thousands of dollars in rental income in recent months as a result of previously enacted eviction restrictions.
Meanwhile, these landlords have to pay property taxes, make mortgage payments and pay for insurance, water use and maintenance costs.
Instead of shifting the financial burden of public housing onto private landlords, the state should cover the cost of unpaid rent during the pandemic and allow landlords to apply for the subsidies.
State leaders who appreciate our democracy should put a stop to the misguided effort to bankrupt rental-property owners.
Tim Fonda
The writer is president of the Fulton County Landlords Association.

Far more important things than late mail

Dear Ms. Kennedy,
In regard to your column (“A memo to the U.S. Postmaster general”) in the Dec. 31 Gazette of your misery of having “waited and waited and waited” for packages to arrive in time for Christmas but did not. When they did arrive late you demanded a refund.
Like thousands of other Americans, I, too, have been waiting for an arrival that will never come. I have been waiting since 2:34 p.m. on May 6, 2020, for my wife to arrive home.
On this date and time, COVID-19 took her after 51 years of marriage.
In general, those of us who have lost family to the virus are not too concerned about your $60.30 postage.
However, if it will give you peace of mind, please tell me where to send the refund. I will enclose an extra $39.70 for your pain and suffering.
You can tell those who care that the system did not get the best of you.
Joseph Gibson
Ballston Lake

Question for special council on collusion

John Durham – like Robert Mueller – must be getting paid by the hour and not the job.
Durham is special counsel for the Department of Justice to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion probe.
Will he – unlike Mueller – even read “his” report?
George Brougham


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Robert F. Jewell

Arthur… I remember well Rodneys words..
You are correct on the significance of that
sentence, “Can we all get along”?” to that decade.

More revelatory and consequential for our country for decades to come will be



Mr. Piecuch, you said in your letter: “I am amazed at the vitriol and hate that so many of the “good people” of our country have for our president.” I wonder why you’re not amazed at the vitriol and hate that our president has for any and all that do not pledge allegiance to any if his objectives, regardless of how outrageous they may be.

I choose not to refute any of what you have deemed to be accolades of the president because it has been done so many times before only to be repelled by deaf ears.

Additionally you wrote: “The president-elect has said that we all need to come together, after saying for almost four years that we are traitors, racist, homophobes, xenophobic and deplorable.” – I must have missed those speeches.

James Prendergast

This is just a sampling from the past month..

“The Cyber Hack is far greater in the Fake News Media than in actuality,” Russia, Russia, Russia is the priority chant when anything happens because Lamestream is, for mostly financial reasons, petrified of discussing the possibility that it may be China (it may!).”

“So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state.”…And there’s nothing wrong with saying, you know, that you’ve recalculated.”


I don’t take hatred lightly. When Trump took office, I actually hoped he’d behave like a normal human being and govern, perhaps even follow through on his promise to rebuild our infrastructure. I excused such despicable policies as tax cuts for the rich and roll backs of environmental regulations as Republican business as usual. However Trump has never for one minute attempted to be the President of the entire nation. And you wonder why people say “he’s not my President?” Now his seditions words and actions have inspired a mob to attack the Capitol itself in a coup attempt. This is despicable, seditions, and unlawful. And anybody who supports him in these actions is equally foul.


Trump should be arrested for inciting the insurrection of the Capitol. This is your new Republican Party. Lock them all up.


Hopefully the old adage “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” can be applied when considering the past four years. – Most certainly it will take time, but democracy is still alive and can be restored.

As for Trump, in all likelihood, he will spend the remainder of his life attempting to stay out of orange jumpsuit, while babbling incoherences to himself and his attorneys.


There is good news: Jon Ossoff has been declared the winner in Georgia! Congratulations to Jon and Rev. Warnock. 😊😊😊

Robert F. Jewell

Let us pray for our new President Joesph Biden.
He has inherited an insurrection and plague!
God bless those whose defend justice.

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