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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Jan. 7


Stefanik violates oath over election

An open letter to Rep. Stefanik:
I am staggered by your breathtaking contempt for your NY-21 constituents. Your public statement makes unsubstantiated claims about the 2020 election that are false. If you genuinely believe that there are serious questions, then provide the evidence.
I am staggered by your breathtaking contempt for states’ rights to conduct elections. The Constitution and laws of the United States grant wide latitude in how states administer elections.
I am staggered by your breathtaking contempt for the judicial process, insulting judges because they did not decide in favor of President Trump’s campaign lawsuits. Losing over 50 lawsuits should be proof enough that these lawsuits were a desperate attempt by President Trump to usurp the rights of millions of voters.
I am staggered by your breathtaking contempt for the nation’s top intelligence and law enforcement agencies. They have confirmed that there is no evidence of significant voter fraud and that the 2020 election was secure.
And finally, I am staggered by your breathtaking toadying to President Trump who has abused his power of office in a flagrant attempt to overturn the rule of law in Georgia. Trump’s call to Georgia’s secretary of state removes any doubt that the president is trying to steal the election.
Ironically, Jan. 6 was Epiphany in the Christian holy calendar. I hope you have your own epiphany with the illuminating realization that you are breaking your oath of office by objecting to the Electoral College votes.
Jill Nadolski

The Gazette should encourage good acts

Thank you Miles Reed and The Gazette for printing the opinion piece, “A Hero on Snowshoes“ on Jan. 3. I very much enjoyed reading about an inner city resident who, instead of complaining about unplowed streets, took matters into her own hands (or feet) and went to work despite a street-blocking nor’easter snow storm. This led to cooperative crisis planning and active care-giving to the needy.
It seems to be a journalism requirement that reporters spend hours of air time and print space belaboring unplowed streets and the hardships they impose on the citizenry in winter.
Blaming the Department of Public Works for such inconvenience is the never-ending story, even with two to three feet of snow falling overnight.
I have my own snowstorm story, not yet completed.
The day after the 2020 December nor’easter, I saw a middle-aged man and three teenagers shoveling the sidewalk in front of a house on East High Street, presumably their house.
Imagine, no snow plow, no snowblower, just shovels and adolescent energy clearing a public sidewalk. I have asked many people, including my barber and several of his customers, if they had seen anything like it. All said they hadn’t in years.
Wouldn’t it be unique if the news media reported teenagers doing something constructive for a change? It might even encourage them.
Forman Phillips
Ballston Spa

Trump couldn’t overcome attacks

Except for some minor irregularities it appears that the election was done fair and square. Trump lost to the Democrats, Rhinos, academia, Hollywood, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and the many liberal newspapers. Trump’s accomplishments were minimized. The steady stream of hate and accusations caused his death by a thousand cuts. Trump was not clever enough to overcome the cabal. Let that be a lesson to anyone who tries to win without the media.
Rick Green
Ballston Lake


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Robert F. Jewell

Jill, your indignation is justifiable but we must do more than be angry at this
Think for a moment. If Trumps coup had succeeded Elise would be Trump STRONG ARM.. here in our beloved Adirondacks.
Elise Stephanik is a self serving vixen. Period.
Stephanik represents what is vile about partisan politics.
Stephanik could not care less for democracy…only a twisted venal maligned malignant version of conservatism.

Stephanik STILL supports the


This ubiquitous republican denounced violence out of one side of her tongue and supports insurrection with the other side of her tongue.


Thomas Benson

Donald Trump is exactly who I always him to be. A bully, cheat and liar. What does he stand for and with? He stands for Donald Trump and with whom ever pledges fealty to him. Donald Trump is no conservative. Steve Bannon handed him a playbook on how to get elected by playing to fears of a segment of the population and he exploited it to his advantage. Trump is unwilling to accept that he lost fairly, since he is a narcissist. Ultimately he lost because he appealed to fewer voters than President Elect Biden, just that simple, It was his choice to alienate and vilify any one that didn’t worship him and the sweep of the Democratic Senate seats in Georgia shows this to be true. Goodbye Donnie, you can now return to bullying contractors, lying to banks, cheating on your taxes and your wife and plotting your return. Character and decency still matter at the top in the USA.
Tom Benson


Rick Green, regarding “Trump’s accomplishments were minimized.” I agree.

No one could have done a better job of dividing America, eroding democracy, denying science or weakening U.S.A. credibility and standing on the world platform. And now after yesterday‘s mob scene of criminals storming the Capital, we can add inciting violence.


He’s waiting for instructions from Trump. Or perhaps he was part the insurrection yesterday and is sitting in jail. He may have been the guy made up to look like a member of the Village People. Or simply he’s in mourning, poor guy.

Take my words as words of criticism, NOT hate.

Rick Green, and all you other remaining gaggle of sorry Trump enablers including those sorry examples of politicians STILL protesting our elections:

You now wear the scarlet letter in the eyes of the world. Your pathetic defense of him, calling his character flaws irrelevant to whatever kind of “leader” you envisioned, show you are catastrophically failed judges of leadership.

Look around you (for once).
Look at who’s left and you’ll see the true character of this person. Ultra-nationalists, White supremacists, alt-Righters, seditionists, misogynists, punks and liars, all on board and present trespassing and desecrating on the Capitol of the great nation of the United States. Look who else is on board with you; the law enforcement who pulled back the barriers and relished in associating with these punks.

Most of the world knew this about him months and years before he even announced his candidacy, but you all thought ‘he’d wise up to be a good President’, or we can work with his flaws as long as he cleans up Washington, drains the swamp. And via the good graces of an inept, arrogant Democratic Party and collusion (yes, collusion. History will record it as such) of Russian assistance, you got your way.

And now here we are.

We the people of the United States see you for what you apparently are and the visceral thread that binds you. Don’t blame others when you find you’re shunned.

Robert F. Jewell

Thank you Charles… I am saddened to see the eyes of our dead service personnel stare in derision at Trump, his cabinet, republican senators, congress persons, sycophants.

Now is a time for healing hurts.

Later on for just deserts.


Amazing how many retrumplicans, now at the 11th hour, are like rats jumping off a burning ship.

Even people like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell are finally asking their colleagues to except the fact that Trump lost a fair and legitimate election. I’d say it’s they’re about two months late singing that song. And sadly Elise Stefanik burned the sheet music on that tune.


I refer to the often reference “main stream media” as reality based media. Do they always get it right? No they don’t. But they at least subscribe to a journalistic ethic of trying to report accurately.


Democrats belief that the election was stolen! If this is not so how do you explain their unwillingness to go forward with an investigation that would would result in making fools of the Republicans?


Fred – we already know republicans are fools. We don’t need an investigation to substantiate it. The courts, Justice Dept. and FBI proved for us, too.


The point of such an investigation would be to establish The shallowness of the Republican point of view in the mind of the general public.

You still dont get it, do you?
Republicans are not interested in a final “decision” unless it blocks their bogeymen, the Democrats from power and lets them keep theirs. And look no further than their distorted read of the Bible for where they draw their fears.
This is a sacred crusade not any fake call for “justice”.
This election has been decided, verified and certified.


A reporter had this to say today: “It’s possible Trump might face some consequences for inciting the act of domestic terrorism we saw Wednesday. But what about the right-wing media machine that primed the rioters with lies and conspiracy theories? It seems hard to imagine folks like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin will face any real consequences. And it seems harder to imagine the enablers like the Murdochs and various companies that provide these propagandists with sizable platforms will see any consequences. In fact, there are signs that companies such as Fox are willing to behave just as irresponsibly as they were before the riot. The sad fact is we don’t appear to live in a society where people can be truly held responsible for their actions because a lack of shared reality works to protect partisans from their dishonest actions…”

We need an FCC that is willing to sanction such liars and spreaders of misinformation.

Robert F. Jewell

Just as we established a truth in lending law to prevent the predation by unscrupulous lenders we need a

Truth in information Act! Established following a commissioned study by Democrats.

To protect the institutions of law and need for public awareness!!

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