EDITORIAL: Thank you, readers, for sharing Your Voice


[Editor’s note: In an earlier version, several names of letter writers were inadvertently left off at the end. The entire list appears below.]



You really had a lot on your mind in 2020.

And you weren’t afraid to share your thoughts with your fellow citizens.

As your local community newspaper, The Gazette is more than happy to provide our readers with a forum to do just that through our Letters to the Editor section, which we call “Your Voice.”

In 2020, we shared more reader viewpoints than ever before.

Last year, we published 2,189 letters from 1,290 individual writers.

By comparison, we published 1,691 letters from 1,044 writers in 2019 and 1,540 letters from 975 writers in 2018.

The large number of letters last year reflected not only the tremendous amount of news on which to comment, but also people’s desire to offer their opinions on it.

Obviously, there was the presidential election and the coronavirus crisis dominating the national news in 2020.

But reader comments to Your Voice weren’t limited to just those topics.

Throughout the year, we heard from readers about many state and local issues.

For instance, you shared your voice about local elections for everything from school board seats to library budgets.

You commented about the actions of the governor and the state Legislature. You commented on the condition of your roads and the quality of your local government.

You said nice things about the what’s going on in your community.

You gave kudos and criticism for the care you or a family member received at a local medical facility.

You lobbied for legislation and for solutions to local problems.

How long are they going to allow trucks to hit that bridge in Glenville, you asked. When are they going to figure out how to remove snow in a timely manner after a big storm?

You even had a word or two to say about The Gazette. You shared your opinions about our editorials, our columns, our news coverage and our policies and practices.

We’re glad to publish the criticisms along with the compliments.

In many cases, you shared your voice to educate your fellow citizens, giving them information or perspective they might not have gotten from another source.

Public officials read the letters section because they learn what their constituents are thinking and they get an idea what the citizens’ priorities are.

Most important of all, you exchanged ideas with one another, helping promote discussion of vital topics that might lead to a better understanding of the issues and of one another.

And that may help build better communities.

As we’ve demonstrated by the pure number of letters we’ve been able to publish this year, we do our best to provide a welcoming place for all viewpoints.

No letter is ever rejected because of someone’s political point of view or if it disagrees with our editorial position.

Disagreement is healthy and educational.

Yes we do reject some letters.

Letters that contain blatantly false information, libelous statements, offensive language and personal attacks will get red-flagged.

When possible, the writer of a rejected letter will often be given an opportunity to fix or shorten it in order to make it acceptable.

We want people to feel comfortable sharing their opinions. While writers should expect someone to share an alternative point of view to their own, they shouldn’t have to feel personally attacked.

Most of the time, letters are rejected simply because they exceed our 250-word limit for regular letters and 200-word limit for letters related specifically to elections.

While we’d love to give readers more space to say what they want to say, we do have to limit individual letter length in order to give as many people an opportunity to have their letters published in a timely manner as possible.

Writers are also limited to one letter every 30 days so that one writer doesn’t dominate the conversation and to give others a chance.

We try to get letters in the paper within a week to 10 days of confirmation.

As for how to submit them, we prefer letters that are submitted via our website and email. That way, we don’t have to spend time typing them, and it speeds up the verification process. But we still gladly accept letters sent by regular mail and even by fax.

Information on where to send letters is published at the bottom of each day’s Opinion page, including today’s.

If you haven’t written before, we hope you’ll consider writing a letter or two this year.

And if you have written in the past, we hope you’ll continue to share your voice with us and your fellow citizens.

Once again, we thank each and every one of you for writing.

— Mark Mahoney, Editorial Page Editor, The Daily Gazette

This is a list of all the individuals who wrote letters to The Gazette in 2020. Thank you!

Josepha Abba
Vincent Aceto
Kermit Ackley, Sr.
Fred Acunto
Kathy Adach
Christopher Adamek
Gary Adelson
William Aiken
Ansell Alberga
Chelsie Alderson
Vince Alescio
L.M. Alfano
Mark Alfano
Curt Alheim
Katherine Allen
Janet Olin Altschuller
Thomas Amedore
Stephen Ames
John Amidon
Brian Anderson
Scott Anderson
Michael Andreadakis
John Angilletta
Patricia Annis
Robin Antalek
Richard Antokol, Esq.
Manny Aragosa
Mary Ann Arcesi
Carol Armitage
Barbara Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong
Eleanor Aronstein
John Articolo
James Atkins
Will Aubrey
Missy Babcock
Laurie & David Bacheldor
Tina Bacon
Sheelagh Baily
Mary Baker
Jessica Bala
Ann Baldassare
Brian Baldwin
Abbey Ballard
Winnie Balz
Michael Barbarulo
Jacqueline Barber
Renee Barchitta
Cindy Barkowski
Lyle W. Barlyn
Diane Barney
Jean Barnoski
Michael Barrett
Bruce Barringer, Sr.
Eli Bashant
John Basile
Nancyjane Batten
James Beard
Andrew Beatty
Daniel J. Becker
Nancy Bedard
Karen Bedoya
Andy Beiniks
Jackie Bekkering
Vincent Belardo
Bob Belive
Dominick Belli
Ron Belli
Joan Bellmer
Ruth Benacquista
Deborah Bender
Ken Benson
Thomas Benson
John Beranek
Zakhar Berkovich
Peter Bernardi
Cathy Bern-Smith
Juju Berry
Elmer Bertsch
Dave Bethmann
Peter Betz
Douglas Bianchi
Susan Biggs
Joel Bisaillon, Sr.
Charles Bishop
Michael Bishop
Anthony Biviano
Don Blaha
Mayor Robert Blais
Morgan Blaise
Greg Blick
Michael Blue
Mike Blyskal
Vic Bobnick
Rev. Lynn Carman Bodden
Jerry Boehm
Michael Boehm
Susan Bogardus
Tim Bolaski
Beverly Borgeest
Donna Boswell
David Bouck
Deborah Bowdish
Gordon Boyd
R. Michael Boyer
Bob Bradley
Sarah Bradley
Michael Brandi
Amanda Brazee
Walter “Neal” Brazell
Marv Breedlove
Denis Brennan
Ken Bress
Sam Brewer
Robert Briber
Bob Briggs
Mike Briggs
Ron Briggs
Maxine Brisport
Dana Brizee
Mark Brockbank
Kelley Brockmann
Jim Brodie
Peter Brodie
Robert Brondi
Bill Brooks
Caroline Brooks
Caroline & Bill Brooks
Charlie Brooks
Jerry Brotzge
Charles Brown
Dr. Dale Brown
Robert Brown
Fran’Cee Brown-McClure
Mary Ann Bruno
Mary Brusoe
Kathy Bryant
Malcolm Bryant
Paul Bryant
Andrew Bryce
Jerry Bubniak
Beverly Buddle
Dr. Christopher Buff
Doug Bullock
Ann Bullock
Kenneth Burke
Ed Burmaster
Harold Burnham
Dianne Burns
Michael Burns
Nell Burrows
Susan Bushman
Sandra Busino
Mary Ellen Bussey
Paul Butler
Peter Butryn
Alan Buzanowski
Lucia Byrd
Marjorie Byrnes
Bonita Cade
Ronald Cadieux
Helen Caldaro
James Calkins
Jim Callahan
Judith Calvelli
William Campola
Concetta Cannizzaro
Jane Capello
Vincent Carelli
Bill Carey
Marcia Carlson
Florence Carnahan
Anthony Carota
Larry Carp
Kelsey Carpe
Christopher Carpenter
Clay Carpenter
Ellen Carpenter
Karin Carreau
Robert Carreau
Livia Carroll
Eileen Carson
David Case
Stella Bleu Casella
Kristin Casey
Bruce Castka
Mary Cater
Melvin Cater
Paul Catucci
Corinne Cazer
Tim Celmins
Patricia Cerone
Christopher Chadwick
William Chapman
Jim Chatfield
Tiffanie Cheng
Marilyn Chew
David Childs
Diane Chodkowski
Ken Choi
Dave Christensen
Kristin Y. Christman
Jeanette K. Christoff
Randi Chrysler
Frank Ciervo
James Cimino
Michael Cinquanti
Nicole Clarke
Art Clayman
Joyce M. Cockerham
Bill Cody, Jr.
John Coffenberg
Peter V. Coffey
Karen Cohen
Frank Coleman
Richard Colyer
Fred Como
Lora Como
Thomas Comparin
Judy Connelly
Tim Connolly
Christine Cook
Louis Cook
Rev. Timothy Coombs
Dave Coon
Don Cooper
Sharran Coppola
Jeff Corbin
Robert Corliss
Carmen Cortes
Linda Cortese
Cory Costanzo
Julie Costello
Sally Cote
Nick Coupas
William Cox
Andrew A. Cozzolino
Susan Craig
Patrick Cremmins
Denise Crisci
Sheila Cristello
Michael Croce, Sr.
Doreen Croteau
Paul Cuddihy
Ed Culhane
Julie Cuneo
Maureen Cunningham
Ruth Curley
Dick Curtis
Rob Curtiss
Karen Cusato
Rabbi Matthew Cutler
Will Czelusniak
Vince Dacquisto
Carol D’Aleo
Mike Daley
Joe Dalton
William Scott Daly
Joseph Dambrosio
Linnea D’Andrea
John Daniels
Bridget Daniels
Dave Dankanich
Stephen Dansereau
Jeff Dare
Harry Darling
Joanne Darling
Susan Dart
Michael Davi
Ellen Daviero
Greg Daviero
Noah Daviero
Donald Davis
Kernan Davis
Scott Davis
the late Marilyn Davis
Lorraine Davis, MD
Edmond Day
Dan Dayton
Gerald DeAngelus
Bonnie Decker
Michael Decker
Daniel M. DeFedericis
Carole deForest
Paul Deierlein
Carol DeLaMarter
Courtney DeLeonardis
Virginia DelGallo
John Della Ratta
Marty Delmonico
Crystal DeLorenzo
John DelSignore
David G. DeMarco
Don DeMarco
Linda A. DeMarco
Christine DeMaria
Bill Denison
Madeline Derwin
Machaela DeSano
Ava DeSantis
Frank DeSantis
Joanna DeSilva
Lucille DeSimone
Nancy Deumaga
Joanne DeVoe
Robert DeVries
Carrie DeWeese
C.M. Dewey
Angela DeZalia-Diacovo
Margaret Di Giacomo
Phil Di Sorbo
Carter Dibble
Jolene DiBrango
Domenico DiCaprio
Mary Dickson
Rob Dickson
Richard DiCristofaro
Bonnie DiDomizio
Laura Dieterich
Terry Diggory
Maria DiMeo
Mary Disabel
Joan Dittmer
Ron Dobies
Diane Doerr
Bill Doin
Paul Dolhy
Michele Dollar
Carole Donahue
Paul Donahue
Frank Donegan
Jacqueline Donegan
Katherine Donnelly
Patrick Donovan
Gay Doolittle
Bill Doran
Theresa Doty
Michael Douglass
JD Downing
Karlyne Drimalas
Matthew Driscoll
Joe Druzba
Midge Dube
Crystal Dudley
Robert Dufek
Kevin Duffy
Rosemary Duffy
Bob Dufresne
Janet Testo Dunn
Ronald Dunn
Timothy Dunn
Victoria Dunston
Marc Duquette
John Dworak
Barbara Dworkin
Paul Dworkin
Janine Dykeman
Dennis Eagan
Dennis & Denise Eagan
John Eaton
Dave Edwards
Peter Edwards
Carol Eisenberg
Michael Eisenberg
John Eldridge
Jean Ellis
Tom Ellis
Bob Elmendorf
George Elston
Arlene Emery
Adrienne Englund
Scott Enides
Janet L. Evans
Richard Evans
Stephanie Evans
Maryellen Evertsen
Jeffrey Falace
Bert Falcone
Gayle Farman
Will Farmer
Thomas Farnan
George Farnum
Louise Farnum
Judy Farrell
William Faubion
Deborah Faust
Kitty Favata
Tom Favata
Richard Felak
Scot Felderman
Susan Ferrara
Jaynemarie Ferrari
Robin Fetterman
Roger Feuerstein
Patricia Fialkowski
Monica Finch
Katie Finnegan
Jackie Fiore
Blanche Fischer
Austin Fisher
John Fisher
Kenneth Fisher
Linda Fitzpatrick
Donald Flynt
James Fogarty
Mary Jane Foley
Mike Foley
Nicki Foley
Barbara Follain
Tim Fonda
Michael Fondacaro
John Foster
Paul Fox
Paul Frament
Nikki France
Carole Anne Frank
Charles Frank
Jo Freedman
John Friguletto
Anne Fringo
Dave & Linda Fuller
Linda Fuller
David C. Furman, Jr.
John Gaetani
Wayne Gage
Katelyn Galbraith
Tony Galea
Joe Gallagher
David Gallup
Mary Jo Garofalo-Venditti
Marie Gavry
Vanessa Gee
John Gentile
David Gerhan
John Gerutis
William Gettman
David Giacalone
Ethel Gibbon
Margaret Gibbons
David Gibson
Joseph Gibson
Tom Gifford
Elyse Gilbert
David Gill
Ray Gillen
Elizabeth Gillespie-Kehoe
David Gillikin
Thomas Gillooley
Bill Giniecki
George Giokas
Mildred Gittinger
Michael Glenn
Kenneth Glindmyer
Robert Glynn
Robert J. Godlewski
Rachel Gold
Steven Goldberg
Neil Golub
Dave Gonzalez
Lawrence Goodwin
Sid Gordon
Kathleen Gorman-Coombs
Julianne Gorsage
Edna Gosier
William Goslin
Steve Grandin
Laura Grandy
Virginia Graney
Roger Grasier
Glenn Gray
Randy Gray
Suzanne Greene
Herm Greulick
Joy Griffith
Robert Grimm
June Grinter
Peter J. Grippo
Eleanor Groetch
Marilyn B. Guidarelli
Shirley Guidarelli
Ed Guider
Gary Philip Guido
Dale Guldenzopf
Mohamed Hafez
Suzanne Hagadorn
Catherine Haggerty
Hazel Hall
Keene Hallenbeck
Jack Ham
Joan Ham
Henry Hamelin
Kara Haraden
Kathryn Harding
John Hargraves
John Harpur
Patricia Harrington
Doreen Harris
Raymond Harris
Sandra Harrity
Dave Hart
Donna Hart
Riley Hart
Pamela Hart
Jim Hartman
Mary Hartshorne
Les Hassan
Ann Hatke
Gerard F. Havasy
Holly Hawkes
Susan Hawkes-Teeter
Tess Healey
George Hebert
Paul Hebert
Edward Hedlund
Joseph Hehir
Charles Heimerdinger
Barbara Heise
Steve Heiser
Joe Hendrick
Art Henningson
Woody Herman
Josh Hermance
Thomas Herrmann
John Hershey
Patrick Hickey
Matt Hicks
Dede Hildreth
Guy Hildreth
Michael Hochanadel
John Hoetker
Jill Hogan
Norman Hogan
Alice Hokenson
Bruce Holden
Joanne Holland
Joel Holt
James Homan
Diane Sanders Hombach
Roger Hordines
Hayward Horton
Carol Pingelski Hotaling
Thomas Houghtalen
Susan Hover
Laura Huggett
George Hughes
Dr. Roger H. Hull
William Humphrey
Ronald Hunt
Janet Hutchison
Joanne Hwaszcz
Barbara Hyatt
Denise Hyland
Thomas Hyland
Carl Ingalls
Elena Isabella
Brian Ives
Robert Iwan
Lance Jackson
Beth Jacobs
Carmela Jada
Jay Janczak
Jim Janetsky
Rosemarie Perez Jaquith
Drew Jarosh
Jerry Jasinski
Hugh Jenkins
Donald Jenner
Roger Jennings
Cory Jensen
Robert Jewell
Dianne Johnson
Hugh Johnson
Ken Jones
Larry Jones
Mary Jones
Nancy Jones
Martha Juhren
Douglas Kabat
Joseph Kaczynski
Nikolas Kaiser
Joe Karandy
Robert Karandy
Susan Karmo
Maria Mercedes Karr
Bob Karutis
Maddie Katz
Paul Kazee
Thomas Kearney
Dan Keegan
David Keenan
Jack Kelly
Jacqueline Kelly
James Kelly
Paula Kelly
William Kemmer
Debra Kenfield
Edward P. Kenitz, Sr.
Jennifer Kennedy
Bahram Keramati
Imam Genghis Khan
Rich Kiffney
Sarah Killeen
Eunice Kilmer
Ronald Kim
Jennifer Leahy Kim
Ken Kimball
Holly Kimble
Lawrence H. King
Le Roy King
Suzanne King
Thomas H. King, Sr.
Wendy Kingsland
Thelma Kingsley
John Kinny
Margaret Kinosian
James P. Kirby
Paul Kirchner
Gary Kirkham
Gloria Kishton
Jeff Klein
Marty Klein
Diana Klementowski
Ian Klepetar
Karen Klotz
Craig Knickerbocker
Alice Knizek
Thomas Koch
Marisa Korytko
Terry Koskowski
Robert Kovach
James Kownack
Deborah Kozlowski
Geraldine Krawitz
Deborah Krol
Larry Krug
John Kucji
Hank Kuczynski
Carrie Kuehl
Mary Kuykendall
Pamela Leffingwell LaBrake
Doug LaGrange
Ginny LaJuene
Kim Lake
Natalya Lakhtakia
Carl LaMalfa
Dave Lambert
David Lamphere
Kathleen Lamphere
Harry Lampman
William Landis
Emily Lang
John Lang
Peg Lapo
Ken Larsen
Lynn Latham
Gina LaViolette
Robin Law
James Lawrence
Michael Lawrence
Eric Lawson
Tammy Lawyer
James Lechowicz
Darlene Lee
Leah Lembo
Jon Lemelin
Ross Lenet
Rich Leon
Charles Leoni
Linda LeTendre
Joseph Leva
Bill Levering
Ruth Levinton
Larry Lewis
Linda Lewis
Ricki & Larry Lewis
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.
Michael Libertucci
David Lindsay
Edwin Litts
Colleen Lodge
Matthew Lofchie
Andrea Loft
Barbara Lombardo
Robert Long
Pastor Bob Long
Peter Looker
Tammy Lopez
Ottavio LoPiccolo
George Lorang
Pamela Losert
Holly Loth
Christina Loukides
Kyle Loux
Bruce Lovett
Dr. Michael Lozman
David Lucier
Jean Luft
Mishka Luft
Martin Lyden, Ph.D.
George Lyman
Lisa Lynch
Edgar Lynk
Brandon Lyon
Christopher MacDermot
Mary MacDonald
Catherine Macek
Timothy MacFarlane
Linda Mackanesi
Douglas MacNeal
P. Anne MacNeill
Bill MacTiernan
Karen MacWatters
Philip Maddaus
Jeffrey Madej
Alvin Magid
Sally Magid
William Malec
(Mrs.) Jessie Malecki
Roger Malewicz
Colleen Malloy
Briana Malone
David Maloney
C.M. Mancino
Kathleen Mancuso
Olivia Mancuso
Bob Mangino
Cliff Mango
Joanne Mann
Thomas Marcellino
Diane Marco
Angela Marczewski
Richard Mareno
William Marincic
Allison Marinucci
Michael Marinucci
Mark Markovitz
Gerald V. Marmuscak
George Marshall
George Martin
Helen Martin
Jim Martin
Sue Martin
Bruce Martindale
Maritza Martinez
Ron Martino
Albert Marvell
John Mastriani
Tammie Matecko-Conti
Keven Mathes
Daniel Mathias
David Mattas
Janet Mattis
Mark Mattis
Nancy Kay Matuszyk
Clyde Maughan
Frank Maurizio
James Maxfield
William May
Laurie Maynard
Nancy May-Skinner
Dorie McArthur
Barbara McBride
Anne McCabe
Emily McCarthy
Mary McClaine
William McColl
Patricia McCrossan
William McCullough
Greg McDermott
Linda McDermott
Douglas McFadden
Thomas McGarry
Michael McGlynn
Don McGrann
Denise Murphy McGraw
Fred McGue
James McLean
Robert McMorris
Michael McNally
Bill McPartlon
Jim McPartlon
Beverly Means
Robert Means
John Manimas Medeiros
Virginia Mee
Susan Spring Meggs
Mark Memoli
Pamela Menton
Martha Meskutovecz
Dr. John Metallo
Joe Meuse
Dr. Robert Michaels
Nancy Michela
Angela Midgley
Corky Miller
Dan Miller
Kurtis Miller
Norm Miller
Shirley Miller
Lois Mills
George Milner
Tom Minnick
Ben Mirling
Scott Mogavero
Ainsley Gordon Moloney
Tony Monte
Lesley Montenaro
Marie & George Montone
Patty Montone
Richard Moody
Calvin Moore
Jerry Moore
Karolee Moore
Ken Moore
Robert Moore
Jim Moorhead
Rich Moran, Jr.
Richard Moran, Sr.
Sevim Morawski
Emily Morgese
Edith Morlock
Walter Morlock
Matthew Moross
Chris Morrell
Lois Morrett
Mary Lou Moskov
Shamus Mulderry
Bill Mullins
Jim Murphy
John Murphy
Thomas Murray
Jeff Murtagh
Bill Myers
Dora Myers
John Myers
Brady Myles
Rick Naczi
Chris Nafis
John Naple
Michael Nardacci
Janet Neary
Cheryl Nechamen
William Nechamen
Linda Neil
Bill Nelson
Joel Nelson
Eric Nemer
Ron Neu
Wendell Neugebauer
Bruce Newman
Bob Newport
Virginia Newton
Joseph Nial
Pam Nichol
Richard Nicolella
Robert Nicolella
Edward Nieters
George Nigriny
John Noppa
Jim Norris
David Nosek
Jim Novotny
Theresa Nowicki
Patricia Nugent
Neil Nusbaum
Rudy Nydegger
Carol O’Brey
Arthur O’Brien
Cara O’Brien
Kristen O’Brien
Michael O’Brien
Cynthia O’Bryan
David Ochse
Dorothy O’Connor
Lawrence O’Connor
Kerim Odekon
Dave Ofiara
Rita Ogburn-McCall
Matt Oill
Marian O’Keefe
Louis Okoniewski
Ruth Olmsted
Terry O’Neill
Timothy O’Neill
David Orcutt
Al Ormsby
Jack Osterlitz
Adam Ostrander
Michelle Ostrelich
Art Pagano
John Pagoda
Patricia Palkovic
Stephen Pallante
Andy Pallotta
Robert Palmateer
Donna Palmer
Jim Palmer
Frank Palmeri
Michael Palmiotto
Patricia Pangburn
Jackie Pardon
Ann Parillo
Gerard F. Parisi, Esq., CPA
William Park
Jeff Partridge
Michael Pasquarella
Brian Patneaude
Anita Paul
James Pavoldi
Jonathan Pearson
Maria Peart
Vicki Peek
Jeffrey Pelky
Vincent Pelliccia
Anne Marie Peltier
Lawrence Penna
Larry Penner
Darby Penney
Sue Penny
Rosemarie Pepicelli
Norman Perazzo
Joann Perillo-Lasky
Laura Perrault
Melinda Perrin
David Peters
Ellie Peters
Kathleen Petersen
Rudy Petersen
Linda Peterson
Mark Petrecki
Fred & Maryellen Pheiffer
Kenneth Phelps
Lucy Phelps
Howard Philipson
Forman Phillips
Carol Piccirillo
James Pickett
Pete Pidgeon
Betty Pieper
Del Pierce
Rachael Pietrocola
Colleen Pigliavento
Frank Pindiak
Erica Pinket
Pam Pinney
Albert Pirigyi
Gerald Plante
Sue Plasberg
Rafael Polo
Susan Polsinelli
Bruce Pomeroy
Stephanie Poris
Ara Porter
M. Thomas Porter
Cecelia Potter
Charles Potter
James Powell
Mercy Premsagar
Lisa Priddle
Thomas Pris
Frank Pugliese
John Puglisi
Chad Putman
George Putman
Patricia Pytlovany
Sean Quinlan
John Quinn
Patricia Quinn
John Radliff
Mark Rahn
Mark Ralbovsky
Nurupa Ramkissoon
Flora Ramonowski
Vicki Ramotar
Andrea Ranslow
Harvey M. Rapp, PhD.
Rachel Rappazzo
James Raymond
Larry Rector
Vincent Reda
Renate Reeves-Ellington
Michael Reilly
Patrick Reilly
Peter E. Reilly
Don Reinhart
Jane Reisenger
Bruce Reisner
Allen R. Remaley
Lois Renko
Patricia Renna
James Renner
Paul Reo
Louis Restifo, Sr.
Edwin Reyes
Anne Reynolds
Karl Reynolds
Dean Rhinehart
Rita Rhodes
Harry Richards
Jennifer Richards
Theresa Rickard
Charles Rielly
Vince Riggi
Catherine Ritchey
Claude Rizzicone, Jr.
Linda Rizzo
Terri Roben
Jasmine Roberts
Victor Roberts
Ruth Robin
Charles Robinson
Ethel Robinson
John Robinson
John Robitzek
Katie Roche
Francine Rodger
Sarah Rogerson
Sandy “Rogo” Roginski
Ed Rohrmeier
Charlene Roman
Thomas Romano, Sr.
Keith Roscoe
Samuel Rose
Jonathan Rosen
Meisha Rosenberg
Max Ross
Pat Rourke
Joseph Rowny
Lucy Roy
Holly Russo
Kathleen Russo
Mary Lou Russo
Dan Russom
Carole Ryan
Karen Sacchetti
Kathy A. Sadio
Aliya Saeed
Dr. Arthur Salvatore
Charlie Samuels
Anita Sanchez
Sandra Sankowski
Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara
Anthony J. Santo
Paul Santo
Bruce Sargeant
Marilyn Sargent
Paul Sator
Brendan Savage
Summer Savannah
Anthony Scalise
Kenneth Scallon
Gregory Schaaf
Paula Schaeffer
Richard Schaeffer
Gordon Schaufelberg
Glenn Schermerhorn
Bill Scheuerman
Howard Schlossberg
Josef Schmee
Susan Schmid
Tanner Schmidt
Tom Schreck
Becky Schroeder
Janette Schue
Suzanne Schuffert
Jim Schultz
Jenelle Schummer-Collins
Cynde Schwartz
Philip Schwartz
David & Carol Schweizer
Corinne Scirocco
Bob Scott
Sandy Scott
Ryan Scribner
Joe Seeman
Cliff Seguin
Bonnie Sellers
Richard Sellers
Jené Sena
Angela Serio
Robert Serotta
Harriet Severenko
Cathy Severino
Jim Severino
Deborah Shafer
Arlene Shako
Marty Shanty
Bill Shapiro
John Sharkey
Bill Shaw
Doug Shaw
Beverly Shea
James Shear
Michael Sheedy
Phil Sheehan
Roger Sheffer
Gregory Sheyon
Alison Shuler
Kent Shultz
Catherine Sibley
Kathy Sieg
Mary Siegel
JoAnn Sifo
Michael Silvestri
Jonathan Simms
John Simoni
Zachary Simpson
Al Singer
Thomas Singer
Punema Singh
Leslie Sittner
Beverly Skoll
Jane Slezak
Eric Smassanow
Bill Smith
David Smith
Edward Smith
Glenn Smith
Maeve Smith
Merry Smith
Rita Smith
Matthew Sokol
Inga Solomos
Ken Somers
Wayne Somers
Samantha Sorbo
Dixon Southworth
John Sowa
Earl Spencer
Nancy Spencer
J.P. Spinelli
Rabbi Rafi Spitzer
Susan Spivack
Rick Splawnik
Torey Splittgerber
Scott Spofford
Priscilla Sprague
Matt Spring
Andrea Sreiber
Lynn St. Andrews
Paul St. Onge
Alexandra Stafford
Amy Standaert
Kathy Stanley
Raymond Starman
Michele Stater
Joe Statile
Frances Staunton
Tom Stebbins
Assemblymember Phil Steck
Don Steiner
Helen Steiner
Roberta Steiner
Michael Stella
Darrell Stevens
Ken Stevens
Mike Stiles
Mike & Diane Stiles
Steve Stoessel
Barbara Stowell
Walker C. Stowell
Patrick Strack
Frank B. Strauss, DMD
Carl Strock
Peter Struzzi
Kim Leila Sukee
Dick Sullivan
Paula Supley
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson
Cynthia Swanson
Pamela Swart
Nicole Swinton
Yasmine Syed
Lawrence Syzdek
Geraldine Szawiela
Tim Szczepaniak
Rit Szczepanski
Rose Tait
Meng Tan
Frieda Tanski
Albert Tariello
Helen Tatarek
Jean Taylor
Art Teale
Senator Jim Tedisco
Jackie Tegiacchi
Cathy Teresco
Richard Terry
George Thiessen
Barbara Thomas
Janice Evans Thompson
Norrine Thompson
Ted Thompson
Ted and Norrine Thompson
Faye Tischler
Peter Tobiessen
Dominic Tom
Judy Smith Tomisman
Nina Trabona
Bruce Trachtenberg
Coni Tracki
Eric Trier
Wally Truesdell
Ken Truman
Barbara Trypaluk
Susan Tucci
Carlton Tucker
Paula Tucker
Mathew Tully
Bob Turner
Benjamin Turon
Paul Tylutki
Dennis Ulery
Frances Underhill
Jack Underwood
Suzanne Unger
Eric Utemark
Maureen Utz-Meagher
William Vacca
Dick Vale
Katie Valley
James Van Dijk
Mike Van Patten
Leonard Van Ryn
Francis Van Staveren
R. Lyle Van Voast
Mrs. Meredith Van Vorst
Edward Vanderwall
Lorraine VanDerWerken
Joanne VanGenderen
Richard C. Vedder
Anthony Vicinanzo
Michael Villa
Adine Viscusi
Marilyn Vitch
Nancy Vlahos
John Vohr
Elizabeth Volpicelli
Dave Vonie
Daniel Wade III
Philip Wagner, Sr.
Chris Walcek
Bayla Wald
Susan Walker
Fran Wall
Christopher Wallin
Mitch Walsh
Lanny Walter
Janice Walz
Hsin-pang Wang
Rachael Ward
Sue Ward
Lawrence Wareing
R Jeffrey Warrick
Julie Wash
Louise Wasson
Kristina Watrobski
Jennifer Watson
Russ Wege
Ray Weidman
Jane Weihe
Brian Wells
Robert Wells
Rose Wertman
Thomas P. Whalen
Dave Wheeler
James Wheeler
Barbara Ann Whelan
Thomas Whelly
Bill Whipple
Donald Whisenhunt
John White
Michael Whitehouse
Jim Whiting
Frank Wicks
William Wilday
Bill & Jennifer Wilkerson
Emily Wilkerson
Gwen Williams
Leanne Williams
Ray Williamson
Lillian Willingham
William D. Wills
James Wilson
Lola Wilson
Nicole Wilson
Polly Windels
Michael Winn
Catherine Winter
Ronald Winters

Christine Witkowski
Greg Wood
James Wood
Walter Wouk
Connie Woytowich
Rev. Dustin Wright
Sarah Wright
W. Gregory Wrobel
Kathleen Wylie
Carl Yanoch
Joanne Yepsen
Carl Young
Kathleen Young
Colin Yunick
Robert P. Yunick
Al Zanger
Paul Zawistowski
Richard Zazycki
Matt Zehl
Frederick Ziemann
Pamela Mennillo Zilka
Joe Zoske
Theresa Zubretsky
Robin Zucker
Portia Zwicker

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