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Liz Joy: Extremists detracted from concerns about election integrity

Former congressional candidate Liz Joy poses for a selfie outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. PHOTO USED WITH PERMISSION

Former congressional candidate Liz Joy poses for a selfie outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. PHOTO USED WITH PERMISSION

SCHENECTADY — Former 20th Congressional District candidate Liz Joy said Thursday that the riotous attack on the U.S. Capitol by extremists distracted from the legitimate concern millions of people have about the integrity of last year’s presidential election.

Joy, a Republican and Conservative candidate from Schenectady who lost by a substantial margin to U.S. Rep. Paul D. Tonko last November, is a Trump supporter who attended the president’s large rally Wednesday morning in Washington, D.C.

The rally drew tens of thousands of people, and was so large that Joy — who traveled to Washington in a chartered bus, limited to 18 people due to COVID concerns — said she didn’t know about the extremists entering the Capitol building until her group was returning to its bus.

“We were pretty far away, like three football fields away,” she said. “Where we were, it was very calm, there was no violence.”

From where she was, Joy said she saw a large American flag being draped over part of the Capitol building, and was talking calmly with a Capitol police officer when there was a popping noise from the direction of the Capitol and they saw greenish smoke in the distance — the apparent discharge of pepper spray or tear gas.

Trump has repeatedly charged widespread election fraud led to his loss to Joe Biden, despite the fact election officials and courts in multiple states have found no evidence of significant fraud. But Joy said she doesn’t hold Trump responsible for the violence, as Tonko and a growing number of other Democrats do. She believes leftist extremists infiltrated the crowd and led the break-in, though she acknowledges “overzealous” Trump supporters then followed, once the building had been breached.

“I think what happened yesterday at the Capitol has taken away from the hopes of people who came out (to Washington) to express their honest concerns about election integrity,” Joy said.

She condemned the violence and called the attack “a sad day for the country.”

“Those were extremists,” Joy said. “Ninety-nine percent of the hundreds of thousands there were there out of true concern for election integrity.”



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WALLACE ELTON January 9, 2021
| |

Nothing “legitimate” about those election integrity concerns. Just saying so makes her man extremist.

CHRISTY January 9, 2021
| |

We are done listening to lies and conspiracy theories. This is shameful. A police officer is dead. You’re still pretending your rally in DC was to change state determined voting practices in Arizona? Is that what Giuliani meant by Trial by Combat? And the idea that these people weren’t actually Trump fans. Enough! Words have meaning and actions have consequences.

WILLIAM MURRAY January 8, 2021
| |

Joy may not have been part of the “extremists”, but everybody who attended believes the lies from Republican politicians and right-wing media. They might as well have been there to prove the existence of the tooth fairy.

Marc Schultz January 8, 2021
| |

Ms. Joy,
You will always be a “Former candidate” now. Your trying to be a “Republican Elite” with the likes of Josh Hawley and Elise. Start by volunteering yourself to outstanding community based needs, before throwing your hat into politics, where you obviously don’t belong.

[email protected] January 8, 2021
| |

January 6. 2021, a day that will live in Infamy.

[email protected] January 8, 2021
| |

So Ms. Joy ,months of trump’s insistence that “if I lose the election is rigged, fraudulent mail in ballots”,etc.etc. had nothing to do with whipping these criminals into and frenzy? 60 frivolous cases brought to judges and thrown out, some judges appointed by your president and even the U.S. Supreme court would not hear these ridiculous charges. Then the final straw on Wed. trump telling these fine patriots , “go to the Capital , go right down Pennsylvania Av. and take back our country, it can’t be done with weakness” . Did you hear that? Enough already of this miscreant.