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Letters to the Editor Friday, Jan. 8


Seditionists cast doubt on democracy

The definition of sedition, according to Merriam Webster: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.
Our country is founded on the principle of democracy. No absolute power exists in our Constitution. There are checks and balances between our three branches of government. Above all we believe in the strength and sanctity of the vote of each individual.
To pressure or tempt others to “find” votes, to change outcomes, to override our election process, to deny election outcomes and continually cast doubt on the very core of our democratic process is nothing less than sedition.
Linda Relyea

Cruz and gang must lose their seats

The Cruz gang and Hawley mob made every effort to prevent the will of the majority of American voters from being recognized. They are not children who have yet to learn that just because you can imagine something such as “lead can be turned into gold” does not mean it’s true.
Nor are they ignorant of the phrase “appears reasonable” where real is required.
They also must realize that acting on belief without evidence, such as jailing someone because you want to believe they are guilty of a crime, can only result in chaos, instability and violence.
Frankly, Cruz and crew are dangerous, every bit as dangerous to American values as other radicalized groups such as ISIS.
Not only do they need to be stopped, but to remove the threat of a repeat, they need to face stiff consequences.
I have no objections to unseating each from their elected seat for violating their oath of upholding the Constitution, as rules imply can be implemented.
Not only do I not object, but I strongly suspect if we wish to remain a democracy, then their being unseated, or similar consequences, must be done.
R. Michael Boyer

Look beyond the hatred of Trump

It’s really sad how much hate people have in their hearts when they speak of Donald Trump.
From people like Jimmy Kimmel calling Trump a monster on national television, or the other famous people using their celebrity to voice their hate, or the constant hateful editorials read here in this paper.
Hate diminishes us all.
Maybe it’s time we take a good look at ourselves beyond Donald Trump for the good of all.
Michael Whitehouse

Warning against practicing falsehood

In a place that’s pretty easy to find, probably the very last page of your Bible, is Revelations 22:15, a warning against anyone who loves and practices falsehood.
Falsehood is being practiced on either one side or the other with regard to our country’s presidential election. So I guess Christians are being warned here, and hopefully they will not love or practice falsehood.
Katie Finnegan
Middle Grove

Give vaccinations at Via Port Rotterdam

Need more places to distribute the available supply of covid vaccine? How about Via Port Rotterdam? There’s plenty of parking and open spaces to socially distance the vaccine to a large number of people.
Bob DeSantis


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Robert F. Jewell

For our Queen of Sedition….

On a throne in New York,
reigns an evil demonic
That hails by the name
Elise Stephanik.

With a rabid dog affect
and feral civility.
She begs one to question
her mental stability.

Bought by big Pharma
she’s in their pocket.
Killing our healthcare is
first on her docket.

Whites only politics,
A business man base.
Elected her zealously,
defending their race.

Hope through conservatism,
is what she cites.
The caveat is….
You gotta be white.

Guard well your desires,
Muse the wise to their credit.
When you vote for a vixen,
Your gonna regret it!

Joseph Vendetti

I 100% support removing President Trump from office (also removing his social media) for his continued sparking of the false claims that the elections were “rigged”. He brought this group to a frenzied state by chumming the political waters with falsehoods.

These types of dangerous rallies where we witnessed vandalism and looting over the summer and fall from Black Lives Matter (BLM) were also egged on and antagonistic by politicians. They should (have) been met with the same condemnation as what we are hearing about the Capitol Riots.

Plain and simple – thuggery, bullying, violence, rioting should never be tolerated. For politicians or regular folk – if you see one as right and the other as wrong you are a hypocrite.


While I agree that violence should not be tolerated, it’s a false equivalency to compare the BLM protests (and yes some unnecessary violence) with the failed coup attempt at the Capitol on Wednesday. The police quickly arrested hundreds of BLM protesters, (primarily people of color), but didn’t do the same for the armed white rednecks on Wednesday. Only after the out roar did the police and now FBI start trying to identify the seditionists that Trump encouraged. The Capitol is the peoples’ house that was almost desecrated. Who knows what would have happened if the Congressional members were not evacuated in time. With white supremacists, Proud Boys, QAnon and who knows whatever right-wing group were there, they could have set the place ablaze thanks to Trump. All to stop the full and fair election of Biden and Harris.

Joseph, in addition to Raymond’s excellent points on the clear disparity in law enforcement’s responses, and while I welcome your view on the President and what he’s caused, I have to take issue with your view on BLM.

(Full disclosure: I’m a 14th generation Schenectadian and American of European roots; I’m quite White. I take the name “ChuckD” because I’m a big fan of the real one)

Simply put, consideration isn’t given to the reasons behind it, and that’s important. In one case it’s a reaction to generations of continued oppression of a class of people who never asked to be here in the first place. In the other it’s driven by a privileged class of people who seem to feel threatened by a growing Minority majority class.

No one thinks the rioting and looting in our cities is right, ESPECIALLY the leaders and citizens of color of those communities. But the reasons (and outside agitators) are too often disregarded in trying to find solutions.

That’s one White person’s opinion.


Thanks Chuck. Your comments led me to think about another issue. Police in general are honest, hardworking and law biding people. However, there are some (not sure of the percentage) that actually side with and condone white supremacy and militia groups which may have explained why at least one Capitol cop was seen taking a selfie with one of the rioters on Wednesday. There have been studies done that show police have sided with armed militias/vigilantes who they view as “backing them up”, especially in BLM-type protests. Check out this article from the Huff Post

Robert F. Jewell

Thank you my friends. Wish my meager skills were wasted on scolding miscreant grand kids.

This terribly sad sequence of events is shaming before the eyes of Normandy…
before the canons of history.

I’m old. I cried when they shot Martin.
I raged when they shot Bobby and John.
They burned 3 little black children in church. Unnumbered Lynchings!
I lived in Louisiana. I lived segregation!
Hundreds…thousands of atrocities against
our women and minorities in my 55 years of awareness.
Now these same people give us the likes of Trump and Stephanik.

It’s been one hate filled decade after another.

The publicly sanctioned execution of the American, hand cuffed, non combative citizen George Floyd on TV for my grandchildren to see someday is so damning to our generation that it’s hard not to hate someone.

We must clean up our mess now and save ourselves from disease, wars, environment
but especially from our BASE instincts.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck & Ray:

Two of my five children are 1/2 African American – the BLM protestors that looted and caused property damage and even violent encounters with the general public at large should have been condemned. There is zero excuse to cause hundreds of millions of damages (city blocks in Minneapolis, Portland, Los Angles, NYC, Atlanta, Charlotte, etc), no matter what the reason.

The police brutality or minority targeting is a farce. You can not use an argument that minorities make up 13% of population and 70% of arrests. Should we expect 80% of the NBA, NFL and MLB to be Caucasian? And if we don’t get it then we should protest?

If there was systematic racism in this country Barack Obama wouldn’t have been elected in 2008 & 2012 – overwhelming. Are there ignorant racists? Absolutely!! But there are racist whites, blacks, Hispanics, etc and they proliferate all walks of life. When my Grandfather came from Italy in 1917 there were signs Italians, Irish, Jews no need to apply.

Violent Riots of any kind, name, color, etc are wrong.

So what’s your point?
People of color are just inherently evil? You’re saying there’s no oppression? You’re saying that all those Black convicts who’ve been falsely accused and convicted, and then later absolved because of White abuse of law enforcement is a hoax?
I’m missing your theory for what’s behind Black protests.

Joseph Vendetti


There have been slaves (white, black, Hispanic, muslim, Christian , etc) on this planet for thousands of years. People are still enslaved. Women, Native Americans, Immigrants, African Americans, etc have all been enslaved, abused, and mistreated – our 1st amendment allows us freedoms of speech but not to damage property.

No people of color are not inherently evil – that’s ridiculous. But Statistics filter out that people of color are committing more violent crime (mostly against one another) nationwide. Much has to do with single parent households, education, expectations, and economics.

There are just as many non
-people of color that are wrongfully prosecuted. Errors happen in medicine, construction, manufacturing & police work.

According to the Department of Justice (DOJ) in all 50 states – there are close to 7 million police to civilian interactions per year. On average there have been 250-270 police shootings per year since 2012 that have resulted in deaths of a suspect. 200+ are classified as identifying as white, 33 identified as black, rest as other. – .0005%. You have a better chance of becoming an Astronaut or Navy Seal then you do of getting shot and killed by a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). Unfortunately the ones that get plastered in the newspaper & TV try and make the general public believe it’s happening daily. Because it sells papers, TVs, etc. Meanwhile there was 477 homicides in NYC this year with 400 solved and 91% black on black violence, double that in Chicago: So we are to believe that if every black live is equal why is it just the small police interactions that are ammunition for the BLM protests?

There is not one statistic that shows any rampant or systemic racism.

Joseph, I’m completely onboard with your comments wrt the media. It is about ad dollars which distorts a lot of what we hear and see. That makes it imperative that if we’re going to have an opinion we’d better be sure we’ve been mindful and based it on multiple verifiable sources first, if that’s all we have to go on. That’s a lot to ask these days.

I don’t want to get into whack-a-mole over statistics, but I will address the glaring fallacy of yours which have appeared many times lately. These numbers are simply counts, and not statistical per capita values. For that I point you and others to what the National Institute of Health says:

Deaths Due to Use of Lethal Force by Law Enforcement
Findings From the National Violent Death Reporting System, 17 U.S. States, 2009–2012

Victims were majority white (52%) but disproportionately black (32%) with a fatality rate 2.8 times higher among blacks than whites. Most victims were reported to be armed (83%); however, black victims were more likely to be unarmed (14.8%) than white (9.4%) or Hispanic (5.8%) victims.

Robert F. Jewell

With humilty and respect I say you are right Joesph…partly.
It’s absolutely true that each and every ethnic group that immigrated here faced resistance, intolerance, segregation, and police brutality!!
However…WE …the first white immigrants captured and FORCED black people to immigrate CHAINED. Often dumped overboard at sea.

We fought a civi war to end it. It didn’t!!

Don’t tell me there isn’t systematic racism….
I’ve seen it in my childhood, the service, in job selections in prejudice towards marriage, church, pay equity, criminal sentences, stop and search, venal unequal
harassment of minding their own business
black folk.
YES I have an Italian momma… I miss her… who called all her relatives WOPS ( With Out Papers) They worked for peanuts in NYC.
The Chinese were paid to labor on the railroads.
The Jews, Irish, Vietnamese, Mong… all came as REFUGEES AND IMMIGRANTS
I just see it different Joe🙏🏻



Joe – I’m curious if you have told your kids how to respond to the police if they encounter them? Is it the same type of speech that people of color have to tell their kids, especially teenagers if stopped by a cop to avoid trouble? Do you give that same advice to all of them or just the two 1/2 African-Americans?

Joseph Vendetti


Great point – I told a story months back about my boys (2 black & 1 white) driving into glenville in large SUV and unfortunately I was not driving do to a leg/foot injury. Got pulled over for a minor (light bulb) infraction – but that police officer didn’t like or was suspicious about two young black men driving an expensive SUV in pretty white/white glenville – not seeing me or thinking I looked shady. But from rear seat – said to act respectful (yes sir, no sir, etc). It was definitely way over blown from when I was stopped in the same area with my white daughter.

So I have told all of them to be mindful that police are on ultra high sensitivity and under alot of stress – there are many police officers that get killed or wounded at night time stops & even day times stops. They want to go home alive & most police are good trying to protect us and don’t want to discharge their fire arm.

There are some bad ones, that shouldn’t be a police officer or shouldn’t be in any position where they have a weapon. It is poor selection, poor training, or both. Then there are some real bad ones like that POS in MN.

But my company was working near st Louis when Michael Brown was shot and killed. There was extensive body cam footage, footage from street cams, and eye witnesses, and physical evidence that Michael brown was reaching inside the officers car when shot (totally different then some witnesses reports that he was shot in the back). If you remember- the riots in Ferguson and spin riots in Charlotte.


Martha, and all other commenters: on the topic of Nazis, I saw several shirts at the insurrection that read “6 million was not enough.” Just in case you missed the meaning, it referred to people who were Jews who were murdered by the Nazi regime. This is truly sickening. Fine people at Charlottesville? I DON’T THINK SO!

I posted this under another article, but it’s worthy of a larger audience here. I saw this happen in real time:

A BBC reporter on scene of the riot asked one of the angry marshmallow men why they were doing this? America was a civilized country with laws and processes to address grievances.
The MM man was quick to respond that America was founded on turmoil and unrest, and the civilized came later. The BBC guy quickly asked, “So what’s next?”
MM man flapped his arms a bit, shrugged and said, “Well..I’m not sure…I guess we wait to see if they take us seriously.”


Joseph Vendetti


There are asian men, women & children working in this country today as slaves. Enslaved by their own people – trying to work off “debt” they endured to arrive in the US. Some work all day and night in Chinese Restaurants, Nail Salons, Massage Parlors all over the US trying to work off the $45-100,000 these slave brokers have charged them to be sent in shipping containers across the Pacific. Because they don’t have legitimate working credentials when they aren’t working for their indentured “master” they work on asbestos crews, farms, etc. The Latinos & Serbians do the same thing – they work in Scrap yards, orchards across the west coast. Russians and Eastern Europeans enslave women for prostitution and gentlemen club dancers across the entire US. This is 2021 and still happening by the millions. Our government shuts down 1 in every 10 illegal slavery operations in the US.

Robert F. Jewell

I know all of this… why are you deflecting?

These people American ancestors were NOT brought here for the SOLE PURPOSE
I get the feeling that your messages are split and work against each other.

You have children of color and you speak of NO institutional racism…get real with me. Your reasoning is all over the place.

Focus on the statements. You are not defending your assertion with anything salient or meaningful.

Massage parlor workers stories are part of a Qanon conspiracy tale. Do you mean them?
No Joesph come on over to the right side of history. Stop clinging to conservative
The winds have changed.

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