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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Jan. 9


Save the Earth by conserving fossil fuel

Think it will cost too much to convert everything, transportation, buildings, agriculture, etc., to 100% clean energy?
It’s expensive, but Earth has already gained 1 degree Celsius in temperature.
Damages due to global warming, hurricanes, fires, sea level rise, etc. cost us dearly, in the United States about 1% of GDP.
At 1.5 degrees warming, the world would be $20 trillion poorer, and at 2 degrees warming, $40 trillion poorer.  At 3.7 degrees Celsius, warming would cause $551 trillion in damages. Worldwide wealth today is estimated at $280 trillion.
Meanwhile, we subsidize the fossil fuel industry at $5 trillion yearly.
Think what we could do with that if we closed the old, polluting plants, installing clean energy.
Unfortunately, we can’t wait. We need to reach 100% clean energy within the decade or Earth’s temperature will rise to the point where the results will be horrifying, in costs to both human and animal life, and economically.
This will not be the world we know now, the one on which global temperatures allowed the evolution of life as we know it.
Heat-related damages and deaths will ravage the Earth.
So please, conserve fossil fuels.
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson

Misinformation was part a coup attempt

There so many things that we need to contemplate as a nation, as we start a new year: recover from a pandemic, have a new presidency and face a disparity in resources that will soon bring us back to the days of the company store and economic oligarchy.
Yet, there is something that is easy to dismiss but is a profound tear across the integrity of the columns on which our nation exists.
The popular vote has been tabulated, and the archaic Electoral College decided the election’s finality.
The integrity and legality have been affirmed.
Efforts to accomplish any other result, the legal cases, disinformation media campaigns and the congressional grandstanding that took place, were attempts at a coup.
It is really that simple. It may be a “show coup” to appease the followers of a deluded and disgruntled man who speaks to some of the worst aspects of Americanism.
Though, it should be said that his outsider approach and bucking of political norms could have achieved something positive in different hands.
Whatever the reasoning, cloying pander or earnest usurpation, these agitations are an attack upon our republic, not to make it more representative or defined by justice, but to disenfranchise its people and debase its institutions.
I grant that we cannot threaten these betrayers with the gibbet or banishment.
Yet, we need to call this what it is, a coup. If we do not, we make it more acceptable for such efforts in the future.
James Cimino


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