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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Jan. 13


Suspend mass transit to slow covid

With COVID-19, and all that we do know, and all the different waves that we were told to expect for the last 10 months or so, why have we allowed mass transportation to continue?

Now I don’t like to put people out of work, but look where we are, and why, and how we got here. I do understand wanting to see family during the holidays. Let’s just hope it is not for the last time. I think the airlines need to be grounded. I don’t pretend to have the answer for how long, but look what Thanksgiving and Christmas travel has done. We need to be smarter.
Ted Helveston

Appalled at Trump supporters’ actions

I am not only appalled, but in disbelief, that our Capitol was overrun by supporters for President Trump.

I never thought in my lifetime I would even think that our Capitol could be taken over, not by our enemies but by fellow Americans.

Once more, our existing president has made us a spectacle for the world to see and I am sure they are shaking their heads. This president does not stand for democracy; he stands for confrontation and civil unrest.

He should have been telling these people to disburse and go home and admit that he has lost fair and square. What is wrong with the rest of the Republican senators and representatives that they cannot see how this is a dismantling of our democracy? Get this president in line and get him out now. He does not deserve to be rallied for.

People running in and out of our Capitol buildings at will is treasonous. They should be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

I will do everything, as an American, to ensure that this president never seeks re-election in four years. A very sad day in the history of America.
Vincent F. Carelli

We need a new plan for college loans

There’s been talk about forgiving student debt. And while I personally would greatly benefit from such a plan, it is the wrong one.

Government created this crisis by first guaranteeing private loans and then also providing loans themselves. In 2005, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act was passed with the help of Senator Biden, meaning students still have to pay off their loans even if they declare bankruptcy.

All of this has increased the cost of college by over 497% from 1985 to 2017, double what inflation was. Instead of shifting the burden from student borrowers to all taxpayers, many who made the decision not to go to college or paid off their loans, we need a systemic change.

The DOE needs to withdraw from making and guaranteeing loans, so lenders assess the risk of making the loans they’re issuing.

The current option of making income-based payments helps students that are struggling and should be continued.

Lastly student debt needs to be dischargeable in bankruptcy. This is a systemic change that would rein in ballooning college costs, transfer the risk to lenders and make students choose to go to college for a reason and not “just to go.” Higher education should be for necessary learning needed for the field you plan to go into.

This plan balances personal responsibility with compassion for those drowning in debt without unduly burdening others. For more rational Libertarian policies and plans, go to or
Brandon Lyon

Capitol pillagers show true colors

The pillaging of the Capitol shows that not only those who support Donald Judas Trump, but those who’ve remained silent, are not only racists, they are traitors.
Michael Boehm

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Robert F. Jewell

The legally elected President Biden and his team are now in the process of sifting through the massive amount of prosecutable evidence the poorly uneducated Trump supporters left behind after SACKING our Nations Capitol!!

I have watched since high school those who cheated off my test papers go on to be successful local businesses who supported Trumps message.
I have always believed deeply in only disciplining me first and live and let live.

Now as an old man I have seen a conservative group that supported Ronald Reagan’s sect till the Tea Party and now
this group of angry dishonest poorly educated successful business men joined the Wealthy, Dominionists, Lunatic Fringe,
and wanna be Gods or wanna be Presidents try by armed revolt own not only their pathetic pond but everyone’s!!

We who love this earth and ALL its creatures have united to begin cleansing and educating away this lust for money/power by example and justice!

But first….JUSTICE!!! for the defenseless, injured, hospitalized, dying and helpless first! Minorities NEXT!!

MEN COME LAST…we’ve a lot to atone for!

Support our new government and live together now….for our grandchild’s sake!!


Hey Bill M.!
I see you commented late yesterday on the Letters page, so you must be back and rested from …Washington?
Remember on Jan. 3rd I asked you then how you feel about armed insurrection of the US government and …well, I guess you missed the question and didn’t answer. But later that day you did say “…and see what happens January 6th.” which is interesting.

So Bill, did you have advance information on what happened on January 6th? Sure sounds like you did, and probably law enforcment would appreciate your input.

You are for law and order, aren’t you Bill?

Joseph Vendetti

We should get one thing straight and I haven’t altered my position one bit on rioters and lawlessness in all my time on this planet. Robert and I have had this discussion about politicians that change their opinion based on who is offering it up.

In St. Louis, folks have been rioting off and on since 2014.

Last summer, folks rioted all over the country – 140 cities causing $2 billion worth of damage and insurance claims.

Most all of the Democrats (my party) and some Republicans shrugged their shoulders – saying it was their right, people have had enough, etc. No matter what the case riots, damage, violence to get your point across is wrong.

When there’s a riot on Capitol Hill, now they’re (Democrats & Republicans) for law & order. Reminds me of the MN City Councilwoman who voted to defund the entire Minneapolis police budget and when she was upset with her Uber driver she called 911. The OR politician who allowed a 7 square block area of Portland to be over taken and voted to Defund the police and then called 911 when her door was graffiti’d.

The politicians don’t care until issues hit close to home.

As much as Trump should be legally and civilly held for the Capitol crimes so should every local, State & Federal politician that egged on and incited the BLM riots that turned into Billions of damages & hundreds of deaths that were the results of these lawless events.

Robert F. Jewell

Yes Joe…it’s American to peacefully protest


We must clean up this broken glass

No more blood
No more lies
No more hate

Joseph, I’m pretty confident that historians looking back on this time, they will not see it so cut and dried, or so binary. This argument is repeated over and over and every time the hard question of “Why?” is conveniently never broached. It’s not that much of a stretch to say in general terms the motivations of the summer riots and the insurrection are perfectly antagonistic.

To say that “Most …shrugged their shoulders” does not do justice to mainstream Americans, Left and Right, who *did* vocally condemn the summer riots AND understood why it was happening (which included covert instigation from …shall I say… third parties). But if you’ve already got internal racial anxieties, it’s just easier and more gratifying to equate the BLM with antifa and say ‘they’re all guilty!’. It’s far more complicated.

And here’s something else we ‘should just get straight’: This unfortunate phrase Defund the Police should never have been allowed by Democrats. I’m not aware of any Federal politician who advocated that, on it’s face. What has been debated is supplementing law enforcement with resources better equipped to handle the social issues that shouldn’t be handled with handcuffs, pepper spray and bullets. Does that mean less funds for law enforcement? Maybe, but law enforcement has pretty much had an open checkbook for decades without much accountability. Again, tough questions that are better to overlook when you carry a lot of hatred.

Bill Nechamen

Maybe he has covid? Early in the pandemic, I had an argument with him on another platform in which he essentially said that he’s a macho man, accustomed to carrying 100 pound packs up a mountain, that a little virus doesn’t scare him, that masks don’t do any good, and that if I want to hide in my basement, that’s up to me.

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