Outdoor Journal: Getting ready to go ice fishing


Last week, while on the way to our 21st Bunny Bowl, I drove by Cossayuna Lake and saw a number of anglers ice fishing. I will be ice fishing shortly with my New York State Outdoor Writer Association friend Ed Skorupski of Stillwater.

Recently, Skorupski and his friend, Scott Rager of Queensbury, started the day at Carter’s Pond, the ice was 5 inches thick. Using his sonar transducer, Skorupski found fish 3 feet above the bottom and hooked and released a sunfish.

But a few days later, things got better. Skorupski picked up Rager and headed to Lake Champlain. He took his time launching rigging rods and downriggers. Trolling slowly, Rager was first to hook up and landed a 21-inch lake trout. Around 11 a.m., Rager’s rod was bending and the reel winding out line. Several days later, Skorupski and Rager hooked up some more good fish.

I hope I can do the same when I fish with Skorupski. I will let you know.


Last Sunday, I decided to take a little walk into the woods with my crossbow pistol and see if I could get a squirrel. I did quite a bit of shooting practice and was surprised with its accuracy.

It didn’t take long for me to find a few, and I sat down and waited. It was about 30 minutes later when I saw a squirrel running around. At 20 feet, I got him. It wasn’t too long after that I got another. Fun gun!

My friend took both of them. He eats them and uses their tails to make flies for fishing.


The 2020 turkey hunters were successful, with 20% of resident hunters taking birds during the spring hunt, and 32% of those successful hunters taking a second bearded bird. Youth hunters also enjoyed a remarkable 29% success rate during the April youth weekend season.

The 6,136 turkeys represent an estimated 140,000 servings of locally sourced, free-range wild turkey meat as well as countless memories and an enduring connection to the land.

Now that I have my Umerex Air Javelin arrow shooter rifle next year, I might be doing some arrow hunting and/or with my 12-gauge in Vermont. It is only about a two-hour drive, and licenses for out-of-state hunters are $148.


Now that I have my Umerex Air Javelin, I am ready to hone it in and hunt.

According to New York State DEC Conservation it is legal to hunt skunk, raccoon, bobcat, coyote, fox, mink and muskrat only, none of which I plan on eating.

I would like to get a raccoon. I always wanted a raccoon hat like the one I had as a kid. I am sure I will join a few friends for a coyote hunt.

I also am going to contact Easton View Outfitters in Valley Falls and see what it says about a hog hunt with the air bow rifle.


The DEC partnered with the Town of Ellicott Police to arrest two men on numerous violations of their illegal deer hunting in the town of Poland.

One of the men shot a deer from a road with a spotlight on posted property and with a rifle equipped with a silencer. The silencer was provided by the other man who was with the shooter.

ECO officer Jerry Kinney began investigating after blood and drag marks in the snow near the landowner’s property after the incident. Both men were charged with illegally taking a deer at night with a light, discharging a firearm from a roadway, using a silencer and trespassing. They will have to appear in Town of Poland Court in February. They better bring their checkbooks with them.

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