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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Jan. 14


Don’t delay Trump’s departure from office

Get Trump out. Trump needs to go now. On Jan. 6, as his supporters riot, in his late afternoon announcement to “his people,” he said they and he were robbed of the election before telling them to go home is disturbing.
The terrorists broke into our Capitol. They broke windows and they did damage. Get Trump out. He lit this fire and now we, as a country, are on fire. I would say “shame on him,” but he has no shame. This is not my America. We are better than this. Even if we don’t agree, we transition power without violence. Get Trump out now.
Janice Walz

Democrats behind much of what’s bad

I am very dismayed by what happened at the Capitol, but not surprised. I was dismayed when I saw the vandalism to Sen. McConnell’s home stating, “I want my money.” Your money?
I was dismayed when there were repeated attempts to burn down the Portland Federal Building and multiple examples of vandalism to public property.
I was dismayed by the blatant disregard for the rule of law by the establishment of sanctuary cities and states. I was dismayed when people proudly displaying the American flag or general displays of patriotism were accused of racism.
I was dismayed when Tim Tebow was ridiculed for displaying his faith and the general attacks on anybody who publicly put their faith in practice. I was dismayed when recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and general education on civic responsibility was removed from schools.
I was dismayed with the open proclamation that George Bush “was not my President,” and the denigration of the presidency by Bill Clinton having sexual relations with a young woman in the White House — but excused because only his implementation of policy mattered.
I was dismayed when laws were enacted to separate the receipt of public welfare support from any concomitant responsibility or obligations. The breakdown of respect for government, property and other people in general has been incrementally taking place for the past 60 years.
I ask Democrats — who were behind all of these actions — how exactly did you think it was all going to end?
Diane Barney

Where was peaceful protest coverage?

On January 6, there were tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of people filling the areas surrounding the U.S. Capitol, rallying peacefully in support of our country and President Trump.
These people have come from all over the country at their expense to make their views and support known.
But will any news media cover the story, or show photos of them filling the areas?
I watched the 12 o’clock news on TV, and only one local channel showed film of it live.
I called the other two stations to ask why they didn’t feel it was important enough to show even a brief segment. I was hung up on by one channel and given lame answers by another.
When I asked if they were going to show any footage of this peaceful display of support on the evening news, the answers were elusive and vague.
This is exactly what President Trump has tried to convey to the media: they are biased and try to slant “news” to the point of even ignoring truth.
So, is omission the same as “fake” news? I think so.
Theresa Pettograsso


Riot shows what we shouldn’t become

The real response to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the United States Capitol should not be “We are better than this” but rather “We should not become this.”
Our nation, despite fears to the contrary, is not being threatened by socialism or communism – unless you consider the legislation of the New Deal, The Great Society, and the Affordable Care Act to be socialist. Extremist leftist policies have always failed in America.
The core American values are center-right, not radical left. Extremist leaders and their followers from the right have always been the real threat, from Joe McCarthy to Donald Trump, simply because they play on the fears of their followers and, more importantly, count on the acquiescence of the silent majority.
So what has to happen now? The big lie that Trump won the election and Biden is an illegitimate president must not be allowed to fester and grow. And debunking this big lie is the responsibility of the Republication and Conservative elites, especially those that have been the most outspoken Trump supporters, including Senators Cruz, McConnell and Graham. They must unequivocally repudiate this big lie before it is too late.
The Democrats and liberals can’t do it by impeachment, as important as that may be to delegitimatize Trump personally. The big lie, allowed to fester, resulted in Hitler’s rise to power in 1933. It can happen here, long after Trump is gone. “We should not become this.”
James Richmond
Ballston Spa

Stop sending out inflammatory signs

On Jan. 6, the Capitol was attacked. Five people died, including two police officers. Investigations into police officers with suspected involvement are underway. Reviewing footage, a number of Thin Blue Line flags are visible in the mob.
On Jan. 9, Schenectady Police’s Chief Clifford posted the same inflammatory flag on his Instagram account.
Mr. Clifford’s post was commemorating “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.” My opposition to his post may seem like hatred for police officers, but this isn’t true. I look to Eugene Goodman’s brave actions at the Capitol as a shining example of admirable police work.
While this flag image isn’t new, fabric versions were rarely manufactured before non-police adopted it as a counter protest against Black Lives Matter (BLM). Since then, it sends a terrifying message: “We are armed against you.”
Mr. Clifford’s inclusion of this fear-inducing symbol in the post confuses his message of police solidarity. It doesn’t invite police reformers to join him in making sure police officers are protected when they carry out their dangerous line of duty.
Numerous cities across the United States have debated the appropriateness of this image in the public sphere. “Black Lives Matter” are painted in massive letters in front of City Hall. Does the city support BLM? If yes, governance relating to the use of anti-BLM symbols must be enforced for all city employees, particularly the chief of Police. If no, the city must stop pandering to activists, and those of us that support BLM must seek new leadership.
Laura Buchanan

Republicans should never be trusted

After Joe Biden won the election by an overwhelming majority, most Americans hoped the Trumpian nightmare was over. Yet, like a B horror movie the terror continues.
Trump has made baseless claims of election fraud and conspiracy theories while he doles out presidential pardons to convicted members of his inner circle and war criminals who murdered Iraqi civilians. He will likely pardon himself and family members before slithering out of the White House.
All the while, hundreds of thousands have died from his incompetent handling of the COVID-19 epidemic. The extent of this president’s corruption and sociopathy is unprecedented.
The president continues his delusional narrative that the election was stolen from him. This lie resulted in a terrorist mob of his supporters storming the Capitol building, which resulted in five deaths. The six Republican senators and 138 Republican Congress members who have repeated Trump’s lies about the election have blood on their hands and must be held accountable. They also indoctrinated Republican lemmings who espouse conspiracy theories, watch Fox “faux news” and are incapable of critical thinking.
The radicalization of the Republican Party has sunken to deplorable levels. The Republican base is immune to facts, are morally bankrupt and have fully embraced hypocrisy.
Republicans are leading us toward their own twisted version of an autocracy, where only their views and votes are accepted. We should truly fear the next generation of Republicans, who are being taught to value power and self-interest over democracy.
Doreen Harris

Time to shift ways we celebrate holidays

The current disorder in our lives is offering a chance for a paradigm shift and it is time to think about what that may look like. Do we want everything to return to the old normal? I think not.
It appears to me that the commercialization of the holiday season was “busted” in 2020 by our greater need for the physical presence of family and friends.
As I watched reporters interview people about to board planes before each holiday, I was struck by the drive those travelers had to get a hug from a loved one. No one spoke about parties, presents or over-eating. While we chose to stay home, we felt the same longing for our family.
For years I have wondered why many people work so hard to create the perfect Christmas Extravaganza.
Now is the time to create a new holiday normal without all of the craziness. What if we choose a new way of celebrating that focuses more on family and friend connection and community outreach? What if we agree to limit our consumption of unnecessary stuff, reduce the trash generated by the effort and donate the dollars saved to organizations that help families in need?
I have been ready for a holiday celebration paradigm shift for years.
It is time for us to reduce wasteful consumption and refocus on simply expressing gratitude, love and mutual caring for those in our families and in our community. It is time to change.
Cynde Schwartz

Encouraged by spirit of Capitol uprising

OK, I’m being controversial. However, this needs to be said.
I’m going to ask you to consider an alternative perspective of the media coverage of the Jan. 6 protest.
The media is attempting to shame patriots for standing up for our freedoms. Please note, the Jan. 6 rally wasn’t about Trump. It was about our America, the Constitution and the freedoms that so many have fought and died for those of us who now live in this republic to enjoy those freedoms. It just so happens that President Trump is the man who promotes that movement. He’s the standard-bearer. Had this election represented a free, legal and fair election, “We the people” would not have gathered there.
Messy stuff must happen if we are to remain an independent Republic. Please don’t think I’m saying the ex-military service woman or policeman who died was a good thing. That should not have happened, as she was unarmed and not a threat to anyone in the Capitol.
But listen to me when I say the Jan. 6 event encouraged my heart -seeing true patriots standing up, speaking up and storming the Capitol saying “We the people” will not stand down when you blatantly steal our right to a fair and free election. Fair elections? Google Judicial Watch sues LA County.
Gray Pitkin

Look for crackdown on peaceful protests

The glorified street gang that tried to stage a coup for their dime store Mussolini on Jan. 6 just made it infinitely more difficult to exercise the right to petition our government for redress of grievances in person, at the Capitol Building, in the halls of power.
Peaceful protest at the Capitol Building will be all but impossible. Already there are 8-foot fences around the building, and I expect security to be tightened up.
I have been witness to and have participated in very moving protests in the Capitol, where we called for our elected officials to stop bombing/torturing people, ensure decent healthcare, housing and food for all citizens. In short, provide for the common good for “we the people.” I’ve been arrested twice there for doing so.
I was nonviolent. I didn’t carry weapons. I didn’t scream at or insult the officers. I didn’t threaten or harm anyone, let alone murder them. I didn’t steal or damage property. When I had to relieve myself, I used the toilet, not the halls.
And then I took responsibility for my actions and didn’t blame some other group. One has to be stupid to think that the left or “Antifa” would dress up like “Trumpers” and stage a coup to overturn an election we just won. FYI, Antifa is a concept, not an organization. It means you’re against fascism.
In trashing property, trying to kidnap and murder politicians, and thereby overthrow our democracy, “Trumpers” have just made us all less free.
Linda LeTendre
Saratoga Springs

What behavior are we showing our kids

We have looked into the abyss and recoiled. Hopefully, the attempted insurrection will lead to a catharsis of the numbing indifference to the essential laws, traditions and visions of our democracy.
Among the damage, the one that may be overlooked is that children emulate adult behavior. Unfortunately, Trump’s actions promote the disruption of the classroom by a student who rejects a directive.
As a retired teacher and student teacher mentor, I felt modeling behavior was as a major component of education as the curriculum.
The teacher sets the tone of discipline though the recognition that thoughtful reflection and respect is far more effective and enduring than lies, manipulations, deceit and obfuscation.
Arden Rauch

Stefanik is complicit with traitor Trump

This is an open letter to Rep. Stefanik.
I do not appreciate your allegiance to a falsified election in Georgia and/or Arizona.
* votes were cast fairly;
* three recounts in Georgia;
* sixty court cases thrown out or overturned; and
* discrepancies within the state, to be resolved within the state.
What business is it of yours? Your quest for fairness, equity and voices heard lie within New York’s 21st Congressional District. Begin by having an in-person town hall.
That you stand beside the most despicable leader of modern times is deplorable.
You are complicit, a traitor. Resign immediately.
Marcia Martin
Greenfield Center

Biden should model Mandela over Trump

The focus on the aftermath of recent events in D.C. should not be Trump, but whether President-elect Biden will fulfill statements about “healing the nation.”
Trump is Trump and not about to change. He’s fading into irrelevance. Vengefully going after him, and by inference his 70 million-odd voters, is not a path to reconciliation and may only give fuel to Trump’s persecution charges and could even elevate him to martyr status.
Biden needs to rise above the anger and partisanship of both sides and lead us on a healing path forward, rather than focusing on what’s past. He’d do us all well to look to Nelson Mandela for inspiration. On April 27, 1994, the world held its breath. The majority Black population had secured control of the government in South Africa after years of virtual slavery at the hands of the white minority; and of greater import, the new president was an anti-Apartheid activist who had spent 27 years in a series of hideous prisons.
But rather than fulfilling the worst fears of the world community, President Mandela led a reconciliation campaign that forewent prosecution for the past and focused on the future. We might only pray Mr. Biden will rise to a similar leadership role and turn his words into the actions of a true statesman.
Christopher Randolph
Ballston Lake

Trump won’t stop after he leaves office

On the presidential campaign trail in 2016, Donald Trump made the claim: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, okay? It’s, like, incredible.”
He just incited the riot of right wing, white supremacists that resulted in the death of a woman and man in our nation’s capital. He was the chief instigator, the guy who “pulled the trigger.” He just got away with the shooting he claimed in 2016, albeit not in Manhattan but in our nation’s capital. He should be in jail as I am writing this letter.
His Republican lackeys are not going to do anything about it.
Where is our vice president, cabinet members, Republican representatives and senators? They are hiding, not saying much of anything and again just letting Trump get away with more crimes. When is it going to stop?
If someone doesn’t stop him, when he gets out of office, if he doesn’t get us all killed before then, he is just going to continue his ways — creating chaos, lies, conspiracy theories about fraudulent voting and stuffing ballot boxes, and for sure more criminal behavior. I’ll tell you, I’m scared for my country, my friends, my family, myself and you.
William Bechtel
Burnt Hills

The Biden nightmare is about to start

For every democracy-loving American, our nightmare is about to begin. Joe Biden is president and the Democrats control Congress. Didn’t we learn anything from Obama’s first term? Has no one noticed the nightmare that is New York state and its Democrat-controlled government? Without checks and balances in Congress, a radical left agenda will be passed into law. Biden has filled his cabinet with Obama-era washouts, refilling the D.C swamp.
We will get all Biden promised: increased taxes, amnesty for undocumented immigrants, Medicare for all, criminal justice reform (like NY), the “Green New Deal”, re-entry into the useless Paris climate accord and re-entry into the anti-American Iran nuclear deal.
Biden promises to undo Trump’s “America First” policy. Shame on Biden. Every president should put America first; it’s their fiduciary responsibility. I see why Trump supporters stormed the Capitol; they see what’s coming.
What they did was wrong, but not as wrong as when the BLM rioted, looted, burned cities and tore down statues. We saw fire and brimstone from the media and Democrats over the Trump supporters’ actions. Where was the fire and brimstone from the media and Democrats condemning the BLM actions? Make no mistake, we saw the media and the Democrats’ hypocrisy on full display in their hatred for everything Trump. President Trump, your supporters will miss you and all you’ve done for us and our country. For all democracy-loving Americans, get ready for a heavy dose of hypocrisy and let the Biden nightmare begin.
Greg McDermott

Cuomo not doing enough to fix issues

Gov. Cuomo says that the federal government has committed theft by not giving New York state a fair share of federal money.
The state’s finances were in the toilet before the pandemic hit. Maybe you’ll get your wish with the Democrats running the show. Well, what about the St. Claire’s employees who aren’t receiving a pension or have had their pension drastically cut? How about the woman (I can’t remember her name) who had her monthly pension check cut several hundred dollars because of a technical error that no one wants to own up to? Talk about theft.
You, Gov. Cuomo, have the power to fix these problems, but you just pass the buck. The sad thing is that some of these people may have voted for you and you are just kicking them to the curb. Shame on you!
Lorraine VanDerWerken

Enablers of coup should be punished

After watching the attempted “coup” of our government by a mob of misinformed and misled followers of Donald Trump, it makes one take note of the power of propaganda.
What was their goal? Stop the electoral certification? Take hostage elected representatives that voted to certify the Electoral College votes and (publicly) hang them on the gallows as traitors that supported the fantasy of a “rigged election?” Could we all envision the terrorist with the horns on his head as the next Secretary of State? Perhaps all of the above.
One thing is perfectly clear. Donald Trump is the perpetrator of this violence and the House of Representatives and Senators that supported his claim of a stolen election are culpable in the attempted coup. All that played along with the game of selling the “rigged election” propaganda are fruit of the poisonous tree. I haven’t heard the word treason bandied around by the press, but that’s clearly what it is.
All the participating elected representatives should either resign or be impeached because, in my opinion, they have lost the privilege to serve. The likes of Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham (lost his nerve), Josh Hawley and all that voted against certifying the results are the biggest losers because they have no spine.
If they had been dragged out into that mob, all would have wished they were wearing adult diapers. They are an embarrassment to our country. No spin can change what they have done. Obdurate is the only word for Trump.
Bob Belive

Seditious Stefanik has blood on hands

To Rep. Stefanik: What did the blood feel like when it touched your hands? It must have sent a puzzling signal to your brain. Did you deny that your allegiance to debunked fictions played a part? Did you renounce the rhetoric that echoed the halls of the People’s House from the throats of the mob? Did your synapses reject the idea that the lies you pedaled fomented this insurrection?
Did the blood feel cold when you massaged it between your manipulative middle finger and plotting pointer? The coldness to condemn violence, yet continue with the sentiment that caused it, is heartless. The callousness to praise the Capitol Protectors while one lay dying from wounds sustained by a RED fire extinguisher, wounds mercilessly and repeatedly thrust upon him by your WHITE patriotic malcontents until he was BLUE — a life you said mattered until it didn’t — is bone chilling.
How did the blood on your hands taste when it touched your mouth? After all that happened, you fastened yourself to the podium and continued spewing deception and destruction into history — metallically continuing your original seditious strategy.
Malice and blood are salty and bitter, and you’ve acquired a taste for both. Because of that fact, you should no longer be served this drink, and no longer be allowed to serve. You should no longer be able to quench your thirst for power at the expense of iron-willed Americans who honor truth, decency and, above all, this country.
Evan Mack
Putnam Station

Nation must correct its racial imbalance

What was Trump thinking when he called for a march? With all his claims about vote tampering, did he think nothing would happen with the parade. Biden said not to confuse this riot with a protest.
This wasn’t a protest, because the police weren’t attacked with Molotov cocktails and bricks while private businesses were being looted.
If a store owner, like the 72 -year-old woman in Troy, tries to protect their business, it’s OK for the protesters to attack her with a two by four. Many politicians have denounced the racial injustice prevalent in America. Many have been in office for over 20 years. What laws have they passed correcting this imbalance?
I doubt when our Constitution was drawn up, our forefathers envisioned career politicians. That’s our problem. Once in office, they’ll do their best to stay in office.
At election time, they’ll make promises to get elected. But once in office, there are reasons beyond their control that prevented them from happening. When one of our white lawmaker’s term expires, they must be replaced by a Black candidate. That’s where racial unbalance is apparent. With more minority representatives, we might get more meaningful laws passed. Of course, it’ll never happen, so accept that racial injustice isn’t going away. It’s an idea but hell, I believe in Santa.
Pete Pidgeon

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Robert F. Jewell

Can you believe that there are Trumpers writing here today professing Treason!
Giving credence to their “feelings” by

Now we hear from treasonous commentators who may have just returned from Washington D.C.

Mrs.Barney I grew up the child of an Air Force lifer.
I have honorably served in two branches of the military…..
How dare you use your “warped” view of
reality to support TREASON and INSURRECTION!!

You say what did we expect?
American citizens!

Not children throwing a tantrum and committing INSURRECTION.
Now I say to you..expect ACCOUNTABILITY!


You live in a sanctuary state and and support a governor who treats Federal immagration law as a mere suggestion. You appear to be against those who do not support your kind of treason. Less I forget you have no problems with treating resisting arrest as a misunderstanding on the part of law enforcement that arrest is a suggestion not a command.

I suggest that you put your emotions aside and devote your efforts to constructing a sound argument that has the possiblity of advancing your ideasc


Fred, you obviously don’t have a clue what treason is or its meaning. Try looking it up to understand what Trump and most of the GOP have done. If you prefer, let’s just call them seditionists. As Robert said, accountability comes next.


What I find at issue is the lack of willingness of Democrats to apply the rule of law across the board. I find it to be ridiculous for Americans to speak of treason while supporting sanctuary governments. You apparently do not!

We live in a country whose Federal Immigration Laws are cruel and inhuman by any civilized society’s standards. If you have issues with how these sanctuary states and cities are protecting humans than you are at best naive.

Your “hard-hitting questions” show a pretty shallow depth of understanding of the world.


I doubt that we can have an organized society when individuals are permitted to ignore laws they do no accept. We have too many people dying from resisting arrest for this behavior to continue! Following Chuckd I think that we need more people that are naïve.

Hundreds, and possibly thousands, of children have been traumatized by our Federal immigration policies.
Respond to that.

Mr. Jewel, what was Ms. Barney’s warped sense of reality? I did not see one thing in her letter that was not straight fact. Maybe you are the one with the warped sense? Could you point out the part about sacking the White House, I must have missed it.


I get a kick out of the complaints about a riot in DC from people who live in a state that thinks Federal immagration laws are a mere suggestion and the George Floyd riots are acceptable. I think that we we would all be better off if laws applied to all.


Gov. Cuomo says that the federal government has committed theft by not giving New York state a fair share of federal money.

If New Yorkers want something from their state government then we and we alone should pay for it! The view that what we want should be paid for by others is fine for small children not for adults.

Bill Nechamen

For the past 4 years, New York State contributed 116 billion dollars more to the federal treasury than the state got back in federal expenditures. New York is one of only 8 states that contributes more to the federal treasury than it gets back. New York contributes the second highest amount of funds to the Federal treasury, surpassed only by California, even though we’re only the 4th most populous state.


I hold the view that what New Yorkers want they should pay for. You hold the view that what we want others should pay for. I think that we would all be better off if we made more of an effort to not exploit others for personal gain.


Fred, tell that Mitch McConnell of Kentucky that represents one of the 42 states sponging off the federal government. Why don’t you go after them?


To answer your question it was New York state that was the subject of discussion. I think the country would be stronger if we paid for state programs out of our state taxes and paid for federal programs out of our federal taxes. As the matter now stands we spend considerable effort trying to see that our state welfare is Improved at the expense of the rest of the country. By now it should be clear that our current approach to federal state relations is not good for social stability.

Bill Nechamen

It seems you didn’t read my post or chose to ignore it. It’s the deep red states that live the most on the federal dole.

Bill Nechamen

Also I’ve always wondered why NY spends so much more on medicaid than other states. Well it seems that when the formula was put together back in the 60’s, it was skewed to states deemed to have higher need. NY, as a wealthy state, did not got a lower reimbursement rate. And that hasn’t changed. Note that I heard that some time ago so would be happy to be proven incorrect or correct. Now if you look at how states are doing by another measure: rates of poverty, you will find that the ten states with the highest poverty rates are mostly (though not entirely) deep read states. In order from worst: MS, NM, LA, WV, AR, KY, AL, OK, TN, SC. DC is within the group but as a city standing alone, I left it out. Of the ten, NM is the only mostly blue state.


“When one of our white lawmaker’s term expires, they must be replaced by a Black candidate.”

I await the response to above bit of racism. Perhaps those who find racism unacceptable are really serious.

Bill Nechamen

So you find something wrong with wanting to have more minority representation? And wanting to do it through the ballot box?


I wouldn’t be surprised that Fred doesn’t have a welcome sign on his front door, but a whites only sign.

The thin blue line flag does not mean ‘we are armed against you’, it symbolises the thin line between order and chaos. And its been around for more than 50 years. That it’s more in the foreground now may be due to the total chaos engulfing our nation.

It’s beyond hubris that any Trump supporter/insurrectionist can call themselves “we the people”, or claim ownership of the word “patriot”. You are certainly “we, some of the people” but you do not represent the majority of “the people”. That is a fact that was borne out in 2016 when Trump lost the popular vote by ~3,000,000 votes and in 2020 by twice that much.

The majority of “the people” respect the laws and courts of our country, and feel those who won’t accept what the laws and courts of our country decide are something other than “patriotic”. They are certainly not the heroes they seem to think they are.

Bill Nechamen

Regarding coverage of peaceful protests, I can ask also where was the coverage of the vast majority of BLM protests that were peaceful? Last week, the story was about an insurrection against the American government, egged on by the current occupant of the oval office. Had the crowd simply demonstrated and had not entered the Capitol and had not caused deaths, injuries and property damage, then the news coverage would have been “Congress affirms Biden election; Some Republicans object; Pro-Trump rally in Washington.” That would have been the news coverage. But because a portion of the rally goers went for the purpose of overthrowing a legal election and possibly capturing, injuring or killing some American government officials, and got a chaotic mob to go with them, after the President had urged them to march to the Capitol, well, that was the story! As for anybody thinking that the insurrectionists are “Patriots”, then I’m afraid you don’t know the meaning of American Patriotism.

As for Mr. Pitkin: You are against the ideals that this country was founded upon. We nearly lost our government. And just like after 9/11 when foreign terrorists changed our way of life, last week, domestic terrorists have also changed things for the worse. They have shown, and you have supported, just how fragile our democracy is. They are seditionists and should be treated as such.

We just had a fair election. Trump lost. As many Trump backers said in recent years: Get over it!

William Marincic

Laura Buchanan I had the same conversation with you won the Chiefs website. Blue lives matter thin blue line has been around for more than 50 years. That thin blue line represents police officers killed and murdered in the line of duty.. period. It has nothing to do with BLM.

There’s your “history” and the real history for which there’s conveniently a Wikipedia page for:

I’ve been around for quite a while and never saw our flag desecrated with this blue line until after people of color refocused our attention on police abuse of power toward them.

How’d the insurgency go for you, Bill? Meet any of your LEO buddies there?

William Marincic

ChuckD your wiki even says the thin blue line flag has been around since 2014. Long before BLM. Thank you for making my case

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