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Letters to the Editor Friday, Jan. 15


Covid crisis will  long outlast Trump

In World War II, there were 407,316 U.S. military deaths over 45 months (according to the National WW II Museum).
In less than 12 months, COVID-19 has killed almost the same number of Americans.
On Jan. 12, COVID-19 killed over 4,400 Americans. That is about 1,600 more than those killed on Sept. 11, 2001 and over 2,000 more than those killed at Pearl Harbor 80 years ago.
“Well, this was unexpected. […] And we’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away,” — Donald J. Trump, March 10, 2020.
COVID-19 may indeed go away, but it will outlast this president.
James Fogarty

Hero Capitol officer deserving of Medal

I’m not sure if I can fully convey my consternation of Donald Trump bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the likes of Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Devin Nunes.
These two have continued to perpetrate the lie that the election was stolen, in essence having at least some culpability for the insurgence on the Capitol on Jan. 6.
As a lifelong fan of the New England Patriots, I was more than pleased when Bill Belichick fittingly declined the offer of receiving the Medal of Freedom.
The Presidential Medal of Freedom is an award that is bestowed to people who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, be it world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”
Some of the recent recipients of this honor have diminished the significance of this honor.
One individual that easily comes to mind as someone truly deserving of this honor is the Capitol police officer who risked his own safety and life in order to divert the insurgent mob away from the Senate chamber when he noticed that the chamber was not secure.
We can only venture to guess what the outcome may have been, if this heroic, quick thinking officer had not taken the actions that he did.
Robert Miglin
Burnt Hills

Enjoy the opinions from fellow citizens

I would like to thank Mark Mahoney for the Jan. 9 editorial titled “Thank you, readers, for sharing Your Voice.”
You put into words everything I was thinking about the members of our community, the most important being the education and different perspectives I got from their letters.
There was so much more to learn about our country, state and county,and the people in control of it than I could ever derive from the news media.
The differences of opinion were refreshing to read, as opposed to the many news articles written seemingly not as news but as the personal opinions of the writer.
Over the last couple of years, the letters section has taken on a different aura.
Even the titling has become such as to pique my interest instead of my not reading it at all. In fact, I find myself reading every single one, and not only learning new things but gaining more respect for our community and their thoughts, opinions, ideas and passions.
Thank you very much.
Patricia Pytlovany

Cookson column was very uplifting

What a sweet, perfect, excellent way to start our week.
That story by Karen Cookson (“Normalizing nice: It’s our table after all”) in the Jan. 10 paper should run again on the Gazette’s front page.
Happy New Year all!
Diane Sanders Hombach

How fair has Trump been to America?

I’m tired of hearing people say the world is not fair to Donald Trump. So, I ask…
Is it fair 350,000 Americans have died of the virus?
Is it fair 20 million are infected and that number is rising? Is it fair to attack free speech while being the twitter-in-chief?
Is it free to attack the free press while he abuses it? Is it fair to Americans that Trump bows down to foreign dictators? Is it fair that Otto Warmbier was tortured in North Korea and our president did not rebuke Kim Jong Un?
Is it fair to ignore the murder of Jamal Khasoggi? Is it fair to allow bounties on American soldiers, then kowtow to Putin?
Is it fair to cost American taxpayers over $300 million for Trump to play golf? Is the BLM double standard fair? Is it fair Jared and Ivanka were allowed the highest security clearances?
Is it fair to question what Jared and Ivanka are doing with this sensitive information? Is it fair to call our soldiers that died for our country suckers and losers?
Is it fair to blatantly encourage mob violence against America?
Is it fair to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in defeat for personal gain? Is it fair to claim MAGA when Trump is the one who destroyed America?
In conclusion: Americans need to come together. Agree to disagree. But to be fair. No more Trump. America First.
Trump claimed only he can fix it. I agree. Leave.
Kevin Crampton

Can’t trust Stefanik to protect elections

Elise Stefanik must face the consequences for taking part in inciting an attempted coup to prevent the peaceful transition of the presidency.
She voted to overturn the democratic process of congressional approval of other states’ certified election results by not accepting their Electoral College votes. By doing so, Elise Stefanik deliberately misled pro-Trump domestic terrorists who invaded and vandalized the Senate and House at our nation’s capital in their attempt to prevent the peaceful transition of presidential power.
While Elise Stefanik has publicly claimed to be “protecting our Constitution,” she has decidedly taken actions which do not support our Constitution. This is not the first time Elise Stefanik tried to subvert the certified election results of other states. In fact, Elise Stefanik backed a Texas lawsuit, rejected by the Supreme Court, which attempted to invalidate the certified voting results of four states.
These past actions lead to my lack of trust in Elise Stefanik’s future decisions to accept any valid voters’ ballots in New York if she doesn’t agree with the election results. I have no trust that Elise Stefanik would protect New York voter rights or election results, which she swore to uphold. For this reason, vote Elise Stefanik out in two years because she cannot be trusted to protect our New York state election results.
Sheelah Lucier

Election deniers must be shamed forever

In response to the taking of the United States Capitol by insurrectionists on Jan. 6, it’s essential to brand permanently those who denied Biden’s victory in a free and fair election with a fitting epithet for their seditious behavior.
Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Elise Stefanik and all those who voted to support Trump’s Big Lie of a stolen election must always be referred to as Coup-Plotting Banana Republicans.
I don’t wish them harm, but these should be first words in every one of their obituaries. Let these shameful words follow them forever.
Andrew Chestnut

Punish those who backed insurrection

I’m a Marine Corps veteran from Voorheesville and as someone who gave years of my life to defend this democracy.
I must speak out about the disgraceful coup attempt that we witnessed on Jan. 6. There must be accountability for all those who conspired to undermine our free and fair elections through violence and intimidation, and that includes the cynical elected officials who pandered to Trump and his vile conspiracy theories.
These enablers are equally complicit to Trump in the violent mob scene we saw desecrating the people’s Capitol, and we cannot allow promoters of seditious lies to enjoy the honor of serving in our Congress. They have betrayed us.
This crisis has been brewing for years, as millions of people watched a growing political movement motivated by cruelty, resentment and ignorance grow to a violent mob now trying to seize power, whatever the costs to our country.
The only acceptable option for American citizens who are still dedicated to rule of law is to unite and demand that our remaining elected leaders and law enforcement prosecute those political leaders who are responsible for this debacle.
Anything else would invite further attempts to seize power and further acts of violence and chaos. And it’s got to stop.
Kyle Pritz

Conservatives must reject Trump’s lies

As a 68-year-old evangelical, I am appalled by the riot incited by President Trump.
Not since 1812 has the Capitol been stormed and people killed.
There are belatedly some Republicans admitting how truly terrible this president is. But I don’t understand how any supporter of Trump with eyes and a heart cannot be ashamed for being so deceived by him. He is not just a little worse than most politicians. He is morally bankrupt. Good does not come out of evil. This is the real moral battleground.
Trump has built a cult around himself; all too many Christians have bought into him. Democrats and liberals are not the worst threat facing America. It’s been clearly proven that the far right, white nationalists, conspiracy-theory-believing Trumpists are willing to force their beliefs on those who disagree with them by violence.
These are not patriots, but thugs.
The big lies are still being promoted on Fox, NewsMax, etc. Some professional Fox news people try to be objective, but the star hosts are outright liars. Yet scores of people believe their distortions and conspiracy theories as gospel truth.
Are there enough conservatives with courage to stand up to the lies and, like Romney said, respect the Trumpers enough to tell the truth?
Tom McCrossan

Trump dismissive of lost American lives

Maybe to Trump it’s only a number. But to the hundreds of thousands of Americans he swore to protect, it’s fathers and grandparents and children and loved ones.
And not once has he offered one word of condolence, even though it’s his irresponsible failure to treat this pandemic seriously that he has caused so many needless deaths.
As I write, that number is about 370,000, but it’s growing by 4,000 each day. How many lives is that?
Well, it’s nearly 160,000 more than the combined populations of Schenectady, Albany and Troy.
It’s thousands more than half the 620,000 killed in the Civil War. It will soon approach the more than 405,000 killed in World War II, three times those killed in the trenches of World War I, and more than six times those killed in Vietnam.
What does Trump care? The only number he has had on his mind for months is the 270 electoral votes. And, of course, Number One.
That he has led an insurrection against our country is reason enough to rid us of him. But so is his callous disregard for the lives of the citizens he swore to protect.
Linda C. Lewis

Trump supporters must sever all ties

Perhaps the saddest part of our most recent Day of Infamy was not the loss of life but that no one was really surprised by it.
Trump has been stoking the fires of hate, white supremacy and sedition for a long time and repeated that the only way he could lose the election was if it was rigged.
Anyone who doubts this can simply review his rallies and read the t-shirts worn by his troops. Republican judges upheld all the challenges to the election outcome and got death threats.
He has used the mob to get financial support and now they are using him to advance their demented goals. I am truly sorry that a police officer was murdered by the terrorists. But after hearing the numerous threats against those who opposed Trump’s rule, I fear he won’t be the last victim.
His forces have been brainwashed by false rhetoric on social media and Fox News, who even now suggest that the mob was led by left-wing infiltrators. How dare you try to spin this insurrection to save face. Trump’s disciples are armed and now feel empowered in all 50 states. While focused exclusively on not ceding power, the president has ignored the suffering and heartbreak of hundreds of thousands of Americans from the ravages of the pandemic.
The GOP must decide whether to continue to support this unChristian madness by staying silent or divorce themselves completely from the ignorant hate he has fostered.
There is no middle ground.
Virginia Newton
Burnt Hills

We must do better  to rein in pandemic

The world is experiencing a deadly epidemic, and each nation has handled it differently. This isn’t the first, and definitely not the last epidemic. Australia and New Zealand have done a marvelous job of containing this deadly epidemic.
Why? A public policy researcher in Australia surveyed people in Australia and New Zealand in July 2020 and found 80% agreed management of the pandemic had increased their trust in government.
This contrasted with only 49% in both countries trusting the government in a study 10 years prior.
Australia and New Zealand both currently have fewer than one case per 100,000 people, whereas the United States is at 77 per 100,000.
What a sharp contrast with our nation’s highly politicized response. A chaotic and scatter-brained response is perhaps an overly kind way to describe how we’ve done.
Our leadership has been a sad failure, and our rapidly increasing death toll is the result. Haven’t we been told we’re rounding the corner?
Physical distancing and mask-wearing requires public support and commitment by everyone. Yes, proven effective. Considering these requirements as an infringement on personal liberties is simply amoral. We can and must do better as a nation.
Don Cooper

Bridgerton is based on fictional England

Regarding the Sunday Jan. 10 article (“’Bridgerton’ wants to be escapism but never deals with wealth, racism”) in the Life & Arts section.
Please folks, quit making something racist when there is none.
The program is a fiction-based loosely on 18th century England.
I didn’t see the Black duke in anyway, other than a handsome man with dark skin, until you try to make something out of it.
There was a caste system back then and, like I said, it is fiction and good fun.
When will folks stop trying to make it a Black, brown, white, Asian thing? It is a fantasy about people, who under the skin are the same good, bad and ugly.
Louise Wasson

Tear down barricades to state government

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is dispatching 1,000 New York National Guardsmen to Washington. Imagine 1,000 New York National Guardsmen being certified to administer the covid vaccine?
Gov. Cuomo is reinforcing the capital in Albany with barriers. Do we need more barriers to our government? Gov. Cuomo’s fears are guilt-driven.
When a government has to festung up seats of power it has lost the trust of the people. There will be no barriers to lobbyists. Life has risk. Politicians sharing risk with the common man is a good place to begin building trust. Tear down your barricades, Gov. Cuomo.
“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!” Shakespeare’s King Lear. Gov. Cuomo is a thankless child biting the voters who elected him.
Edmond Day

Democrats intent on pushing destruction

Something needs to be said clearly and right to the point.
Democrats are not the party that I once strongly believed in. Truth is they have become purely evil. They make perfectly clear that everything is either their way or nothing. They bully anyone that gets in their way.
They lie and lie to trusting people and repeat those lies over and over again until it becomes truth.
Those lies are not investigated by the media, but simply repeated by the media. Shamefully, those same lies and untruths are echoed on the floor of the House and Senate.
Equally as frustrating to millions of Americans is the knowledge that not one prominent Democrat has condemned by name the violence and bullying perpetrated on American communities, but have indeed lent support and encouragement to anarchists.
Anarchists are a breed of their own, whether they attack our cities or Congress they have the same goal, the destruction of our beloved America.
I fear that Democrats in their desire to fundamentally change America have the same goal. To fundamentally change something, you must first destroy what exists.
I have apparently become a pessimist. I see no silver lining in our current state of affairs. God help us.
Carl LaMalfa

Trump and enablers must be punished

I think many people are failing to consider an important aspect of what happened on Jan. 6.
I have heard several people express amazement that this Trump-inspired mob proceeded, though they knew they would face serious criminal charges. I believe most felt that they wouldn’t face any charges, since they expected to succeed in taking over the federal government and declaring Trump president for life.
They looked forward to a future as heroes who acted on fulfilling Trump’s call to undo the “rigged election” that overturned the will of the people, failing to see themselves as the traitors they are.
Their intentions and expectations were obvious, as evidenced by the gallows they erected, the flags they carried, the flex cuffs (apparently to hold legislators’ hostage to their demands) and the munitions they brought with them. In the face of this attempt, unity and normality in America cannot be restored until Trump and his enablers including Cruz, Hawley, Graham, Pompeo, Stefanik and a host of others, are criminally charged and forced to answer for their seditious behavior.
Meanwhile, we must be fully prepared to counter any further violence on the part of these misinformed and illogical self-proclaimed “patriots” and “freedom fighters.”
Anthony J. Santo

Upstate deserves better than Stefanik

January 6, 2021, will be a date taught in history books for generations to come. Future children will surely ask, who let the attack on the Capitol happen? To answer that question, we unfortunately need look no further than one of upstate New York’s own congressional delegation, Rep. Elise Stefanik.
Stefanik embraced the charade fed to the American public by the likes of the president, Ted Cruz, and Rudy Giuliani. She lied to her constituents, and even after the damage was done, leaving at least five people dead, she doubled down. Unbelievably, she objected to certifying the results of the 2020 election while Capitol staff were still cleaning up the shards of glass from earlier in the day.
There is no legitimate basis for claiming that the election was rigged, fraudulent, or whatever other word the president chose for Twitter. Yet Stefanik called the lawful voting in four states “unconstitutional.” What’s next: will she endorse the totally unhinged claim that the violence was actually caused by Antifa? It is one thing to disagree on policy; it is quite another to invite an attack on democracy itself to try to score political points. And so, I respectfully ask her to spare us from her belated condemnations of violence on Twitter and prayers for safety. She knew what she was doing and the danger it posed to the country. She did it anyway, and now America is paying the price.
Sarah Tishler

Leftists are censoring freedom of speech

Fellow citizens, we are now at a crossroads in our great country’s history.
The political class, financed by leftist billionaires, is now working feverishly to solidify their stranglehold on our very way of life. The dangerous precedence of censorship is now upon us.
Any discussion of election anomalies or concern regarding the integrity of our elections is now erased from social media. Before the election, any mention of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the fact that the “Big Guy” received a 10% cut from the Chinese government was buried despite the fact the FBI has the laptop and a credible witness confirmed that Joe Biden was indeed the Big Guy.
Now these arbiters of free speech have censored the president and his associates.
There were many concerns raised about Dominion voting machines and whether votes were altered. Vote counting was mysteriously stopped late on election night in the swing states, and when it resumed all of Trump’s large leads suddenly evaporated.
Seventeen states joined Texas in a lawsuit challenging the election results.
Despite volumes of evidence presented in numerous lawsuits, neither the courts nor Congress had any interest in hearing any of it.
We the people need to unite and remove the cancer in our society by demanding term limits, the breakup of the big tech monopolies and an impartial investigation into the recent elections.
Tony Galea

Disappointed by what we’ve become

This week’s events have been alarming. Covid continues to be horrifying, overwhelming families and health care workers for nearly a year.
I do not understand the defiance demonstrated by those who hold on to the idea that the virus is either hoax or that it is an affront to their personal freedoms to mask up and socially distance. The selfishness demonstrated by these souls, reinforces how low society can fall, or so I thought.
I have mourned JFK’s assassination, endured Nixon’s lawlessness, watched in disbelief Kent State and wept at the killings of Robert Kennedy and Dr. King.
It was my belief, that despite how moronic it was to elect a president as fractured and corrupt as Trump appeared to be, I thought he could be balanced by more experienced statesmen. I was very wrong.
The actions of the manipulated rioters at the direction of a disenfranchised president has had a deeper impact than all that I have seen before. For me, I had believed that this behavior was not possible.
I believed that our society was better than this. I was very wrong.
I am trying to grasp what Trump supporters actually want. I have no room in my heart for bigotry, corruption, the preservation of disputed conspiracy notions and the self-serving, amoral agendas of some public leaders.
Sadly, I am embarrassed, disappointed and frustrated by how dysfunctional our fellow Americans have become. Look to the facts, be good listeners, stay open minded and do the right thing.
Jay A. Kravitz
Ballston Lake

Democrats reveal an unholy hypocrisy

Is Nancy Pelosi going to impeach these insurrectionists? Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe.
If you haven’t been in school in a while, these are the first few presidents of the United States. These men sponsored, plotted, refused to pay taxes and bargained with foreign powers like France and Spain. They conducted an unlawful war against the British monarch.
Many of these men advocated revolution in Independence Hall of Pennsylvania.
This is what happens when the arrogant ruling class big-tech billionaires, and Hate Trump supporters in the media ignore the will of the people and treat them like dirt.
I would like to know why this unholy alliance above didn’t find Emperor Cuomo’s brother Chris Cuomo’s comments an act of insurrection. “Show me where it says that protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful,” Cuomo said.
God Bless the Democrat unholy alliance of hypocrisy.
Al Zanger


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Vaccine Distribution: In my opinion vaccine distribution making a single cutoff age that is low (65) for the first non-first responder nursing home vaccinations is wrong. The fact that, even if you are in this group, the onus is on the individual to schedule a vaccine appointment is wrong. It is wrong because it can put people who have just turned 65 ahead of a lot older seniors, who really are at risk. It does this because a lot of the older seniors, not in nursing homes are not a tech savvy as their younger brethren. In my opinion the better way to have disseminated the vaccines fairly would have been to go in the the state database for people who reside in New York and work cutoff age numbers based on available vaccine doses. In the age of computers this could easily been done. This way somebody who is 65 does not get the vaccine before an individual who is 98 and not capable of navigating the signup process as well.

You are so right. Mother is 94, and every site is filled through March. The problem with using state database is that it hasn’t removed people that have passed, hence my deceased father (2 years) still getting info from state agencies.

William Marincic

Conservative states like Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota are doing a fantastic job on distribution of the vaccine that was made possible by our great President Trump. Thank God we didn’t have a Biden administration in while the pandemic was happening. They can’t even distribute it in states like New York and California, they are destroying unused doses. Imaging these democrats being tasked with getting a vaccine to market in just 9 months like Trumps operation warpspeed. I see all of the letters attacking him, do you people also see gas prices jumping up? That’s just the beginning of your pain. Elections have consequences, the 2016 election gave us a booming economy lower taxes, and low unemployment. This election will give you higher taxes, higher gas prices, higher unemployment and bigger government. Enjoy as you reap what you sow.


The “they” you talk about is the inept Trump administration, not Biden. Trump’s legacy will be 400,000 dead from the coronavirus that he ignored in favor of mounting a losing campaign, undoubtedly with your generous contributions. So much for Warped Speed. Looking forward to Trump’s conviction, no matter when it comes.

Joseph Vendetti

Ray – we have to admit that COVID was a blessing in disguise. I hate to say that but – the economy was on fire, unemployment was an all time low, stocks soaring, there was no way Trump was going to lose with that going on.

Instead, we have a virus that crushed the economy, scared people (rightly so), allowed some 60-70,000,000 votes by mail. You, I or anyone can’t positively say every single vote was from a legal, registered voter – since very few states even make you have an ID period.

Trump has such a limited vocabulary his term “Fake News” – is bias slanted. There was nothing “Fake” about it – was just not journalistically unbiased. I think anyone with half a brain realized Fox is Conservative and CNN is left leaning. Same thing goes for “Election Fraud” – there was no fraud to speak of – but allowing millions and millions to vote via mail certainly helped our party more then the Republicans. It had nothing to do with Dominion algorithms, had to do with mail in ballots.

Robert F. Jewell

Correct Joesph!! Attempted fraud is only an option for a tiny fraction of the vote and is statistically a non issue in every vote since Reagan.
The economy was on fire for many many reasons before Trump.
However the prospect of BIG profits to be made by Trumps deregulation orgy allowed the capitalist Hogs to dump more money into investment.

Trump did nothing but tell the rich
NO RULES… this JUICED the investors.
Money money money…forget what the regulations were for.
It’s only the EARTH…THIS IS what ails humankind and by proxy destroys our living world.
Joe I shake my head at the suggestion that 400,000 people have had to die so far because of SIMPLE
A lack of human empathy combined with a laser focus on profits only and a leader? like Trump who WAS only concerned with making his family fortunes turn around.
His behaviors as well as his sycophants is sociopathic in that it is totally egocentric and makes no consideration for others or our planet.
This pandemic Joe indeed will reveal many weaknesses and flaws in our Healthcare systems but will the (republicans) say anything other than it is democrats fault or Chinese fault or liberals fault or SANTA CLAUSE….caused it.
Since they don’t acknowledge facts or science let’s blame him.
When the myriad of commissions finally take place the LAW will prevail
not the “opinions” of sycophants who would abandon the Constitution just to “FEEL” right in their sin.
Of course you have to have a conscience based in Love. not PROFIT to Severn the difference.

Kevin and all the rest of you President Trump haters. Shouldn’t you be happy? Your man is going to be installed as President. That should make you happy. But all I hear is anger, anger and more anger. Something is wrong with your lives.

Do you support armed insurrection of the US government?
I can’t get an answer out of Marincic. Maybe you’re brave enough to answer.
Our courts and laws, supported by both parties, confirm the election was fair.
So do you think this calls for armed insurrection?

Joseph Vendetti

I don’t like the timing of these announcements – “Cuomo to open up economy”, “Governor Lightfoot to open up dining”, “CDC & WHO see no clear benefit to lockdowns”.

All of a sudden? Small businesses went out of business and no one cared, 50,000,000 individuals voted by mail because it was too dangerous to go to the polls and that was all right & now 5 days before a new administration & we are removing all nets, restrictions?


Why did the gazette censor the two sentences below out of my letter?

Pennsylvania and Georgia violated their own election laws enabling the potential abuse of mail in voting. Several states submitted alternate electors due to the alleged fraud.


No, Anthony. No states submitted alternate slates of electors. You are repeating a lie, which is probably why your sentence was censored. Look it up.


First of all censorship is censorship. You could be the one censored next. Just because the mainstream media tells you something is debunked doesn’t make it true. Second of all alternate electors were provided. We can debate the validity of them but the fact remains they were submitted. Just like the Pa supreme court overstepped its authority changing laws only the PA legislature is constitutionally allowed to do and Ga selectively ignored its signature verification laws. And the there’s the DNI Radcliffe’s announcement in early December that there was indeed foreign interference in our election. Where the report is is another question. Why any rationale person isn’t the least bit concerned of the potential for election fraud is beyond me. Especially after the whole Russian hoax in 2016. Go read the declassified Brennan memo.

“Especially after the whole Russian hoax in 2016”
And with that one sentence you undermine any credibility your other points might have had (which they didn’t anyway).
As I’ve said, if you have issues, go back and find the resolutions you’re unhappy with and talk about them. Not just the decisions, the actual reasoning behind them. Don’t just parrot what you’ve heard from aggrieved parties.
Don’t spread lies.

Mark Mahoney

You were not censored. We removed two false statements you made in your letter, as per our stated policy against allowing false statements. Mark Mahoney. Editorial Page Editor.

Mark Mahoney

Those two statements were removed because they are false. Courts did not find that those two states violated their own election laws, and no states submitted alternative slates of electors to Congress.

William Marincic

Because you are not allowed to have an opinion on the opinion page. They are going the way of Facebook and Twitter who will one day very soon be inconsequential. Once President Trump starts his own social media platform you’re going to see Twitter and Facebook become names in the past just like MySpace.

Conservative Website Admits Its Stories About Dominion Were ‘Completely False’ in Massive Retraction

“Right-wing online opinion website American Thinker has issued a retraction of false, unsupported, and debunked stories it published about Dominion Voting Systems and the company’s role in the 2020 presidential election.”

David Marcil

To compare the insurrectionists on Jan. 06, 2021, to our Founding Fathers is a false equivalency.

For starters, Adams and Jefferson (named in the Letter to the Editor above) were representatives in the Continental Congress and later ambassadors. They used their words to seek terms with the British government and then negotiate alliances and aid from France, Spain, and Holland. Not weapons.

When efforts by the Continental Congress to negotiate failed and the King had sent his troops to assault his own people – American colonists – then the Continental Congress sent a list of grievances known as the Declaration of Independence to the British government. It was an act done with great reticence and dismay over the fact that the Americans should be so rebuffed by the King with the King’s demands to turn over any who would not declare allegiance to him.

The grievances in the Declaration were the same, in many ways, to many of the unlawful and selfish acts that Donald Trump has committed – refusal to fill vacancies in government through proper means, obstructing the ability of immigrants to be naturalized, cutting off trade with other nations, and most notably, exciting insurrection against his own people.

To these written grievances, the King sent more of his armed forces into America to seize American cities and draw first blood of American citizens.

Those who did fight during the Revolutionary War, such as George Washington, did not storm Parliament, the seat of our government at the time. They did not scream for the hanging of the King’s second in command with a gallows constructed outside the palace. Our Founding Fathers were literally defending their home land, seeking independence from a monarchy that had unilaterally violated the charters it held with the Colonies.

The Continentals treated their captured enemies with dignity, welcoming many of the British officers into their own homes while they were paroled in the America. Whereas the British imprisoned American captives on prison ships under inhumane conditions, even engaging in torture – all in the name of the King.

The insurrectionists of 2021 stormed the government, hunting down validly-elected officials, including Republican Vice President Mike Pence, to execute them. The same Republican leader who just today conceded that Trump lost a validly-conducted election. That validly-conducted election spoke loudly of the People’s will for new leadership, not Trump. Sixty-one failed lawsuits by Trump each determined that Trump did not have sufficient – or indeed any – evidence to prove that the elections were anything but valid.

The twenty-first century insurrectionists sought out death and violence against their own elected officials and police officers. Our Founding Fathers sought to defend their home and rights against invading armed forces.

There is no comparison.

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