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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Jan. 17


Next generations will pay for Biden relief

President-elect Biden announces another $1.9 trillion relief plan with additional $1,400 checks going to most Americans.
More wasteful spending to the most of us who don’t need it. More debt to our children and grandchildren.
Barely mentioned in our print and television media.
This is not the right start for the new administration.
Tom Minnick
Ballston Lake

Article stuck to facts of Cuomo green plan

Mega kudos to Gazette reporter John Cropley on his Jan. 14 article “Cuomo lays out massive green energy plan in State of State.”
The report was especially good because it stuck to the facts instead of injecting subjective opinions.
As an independent consultant who has worked on electricity matters since 1966, I have been following our governor’s so-called green energy escapades ever since they were revealed to us taxpayers.
As Mr. Cropley said, “Cuomo made no mention of the green project reducing costs for consumers, nor did he say that costs wouldn’t rise as a result.”
This is nothing new. The expenditures for this stuff were not approved by the Legislature. A cost-benefit analysis of the totality to be spent was never done (or if it was it has been kept secret).
The amount to be spent is uncapped and has no sunset date or circuit breaker if the costs exceed expectations.
The NYPSC told the electric utilities that they would not be allowed to tell consumers what it costs via a line-item on power bills (the reason given being that it would be too confusing).
What they really meant was that it would be too irritating for taxpayers to know what an out-of-control government project really costs.
Richard Felak

Too bad Stefanik couldn’t find courage

An Iraq war veteran stood alone facing a rioting mob of very angry white men.
Eugene Goodman, a Capitol police officer, did not draw his weapon. Instead he risked his own life leading the marauding crowd past an open Senate doorway and to a less occupied section of our Capitol.
Rep. Elise Stefanik grew up a woman of family wealth, white privilege and Ivy League education.
Since year one of Trump’s presidency, Rep. Stefanik has carried his water, coddled his evil and curried his favor.
As a dad, I’d feel humiliated if either of my daughters pledged to such a man their uncritical obeisance.
Even after this historic riot in our Capitol, Stefanik continues to fuel the election falsehoods that propel white supremacist evil.
She’s a cog in a machine that is destroying our democracy.
Eugene Goodman, an African-American, never experienced the benefits of white privilege or a Harvard education.
But he did what was courageous and right.
It’s a pity Rep. Stefanik can’t bring herself to do the same.
Rev. John A. Ekman
Greenfield Center


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I agree with Mr. Minnick’s opinion, however, if you do not need it, donate it to a food bank. I am sure they could use it for those in need.


Fred, like Trump did with his $2 trillion tax break in 2017? This time Biden will raise taxes on corporations and people earning over $450,000 a year to offset the relief package.


Do you really think that Biden’s tax increase will bring in 1.9 trillion dollars of revenue? Also you should note that taxes are collected from corporations but in the end it is individuals who bare the tax burden.

It is not clear how much economic stimulation can be obtained from transferring the tax burden from one group to another.


Especially when such an act can be expected to decrease business formation and expansion

William Marincic

First letter from Mr. Minnick I agree, why do we need to give counties states and cities $350 billion? That money is going to Democrat only poorly run states and cities like New York city. Do you want to help people, open up the restaurants open up the state so that people can go back to work. As far as the green initiative I have to agree with Fred Barney, Please explain to us how much cleaner the air is in New York state or the United States for that matter with the trillions of dollars that we have wasted on these green energy initiatives. I can tell you it’s zero because if China, Vietnam, and India who are the worlds worst polluters are still polluting then nothing will get better here.


“The NYPSC told the electric utilities that they would not be allowed to tell consumers what it costs via a line-item on power bills (the reason given being that it would be too confusing).”

We have the right to vote but not the right to know the cost of what we are voting on. But since we have been given no measure of the effectiveness of the billions spent on climate mitigation efforts this should surprise no one. You might note the effect of Covid-19 CO2 reductions on the average temperature – none.

Fred, mega dittoes Bro’ — and by the way are you related to my long time good friend Diane Barney whose letters to the editor I also enjoy reading. Best regards…….Rich


Rev. John A. Ekman offers abuse of someone he disagrees with. Are his actions a reflection of black privilege? Or are the reflection of his misappropriating the title of Reverend?


Conservatives, hold onto your heads from spinning or exploding: President-elect Joe Biden will begin his first 10 days in office with a blitz of executive orders meant to signify a clean break from the Trump era. On the first day alone, Mr. Biden plans to rescind the travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries, rejoin the Paris climate change accord, extend pandemic-related limits on evictions and student loan payments and order agencies to figure out how to reunite children separated from families after crossing the border.

On top of a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, Mr. Biden also plans to send a sweeping immigration bill to Congress that would provide a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people in the country illegally.


I think equality of opportunity requires that citizen criminals get pass on their criminal activities like that which is to be obtained by the immigration criminals.

William Marincic

I’m just curious RAY, why would we need to re-join the Paris climate as t is costing us billions of dollars and the only thing it does is put a muzzle on our corporations and does nothing to help climate change. I’m also curious why you think it’s a good idea to give legal citizen status to people that came here illegally. Finally I’ve seen a lot less attacks on our country since the ban of certain Muslim countries. I remember all of the attacks before President Trump did that. Finally, you support not evicting people, what about the landlords that have gone months without getting any money from their tenants? Most of these landlords have mortgages on their homes that they are renting, did you think about them? Of course you didn’t.


Here’s something that Trump would never consider: President-elect Joe Biden’s inaugural committee will lead a national moment of unity Tuesday to remember the over 395,000 people we’ve lost to coronavirus. The ceremony will feature a lighting of the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool in Washington at 5:30 p.m. ET, and cities nationwide will join by illuminating their buildings and ringing church bells.

Wow, a president who cares about people. How refreshing.


This from the party whose idea of fighting the Covid-19 epidemic was to argue that the president’s actions were wrong. Next I expect that the Democrats will argue that the abuse the heap on those who disagree with them is a sign of the compassion that they feel for their fellow Americans

As for Democrats caring for their fellow Americans I await their making an issue about the Cost of the governors green initiative.

William Marincic

Sure they care about people, other Democrats that agree with them. Look at what you are hearing from Congress people and even Biden people that will be in his cabinet. They are talking about not giving conservatives and people that worked for Trump jobs. The cancel culture is alive and well with Democrats just like the Bolsheviks they want to cancel everyone that doesn’t agree with them

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