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Letters to the Editor Monday, Jan. 18


Moving on requires accepting Trump loss

Many GOP politicians are hiding behind the unity mantra, that is, no criticism of Trump or rioters, no support of impeachment because it’s time to move on and unite the country.
Nonsense! First disown the bogus claim of a stolen election. Support the legitimacy of the incoming administration.
Then, we can move forward and work on uniting this disastrously fractured political landscape.
Thomas P. Herrmann

Trump must be held accountable for acts

President Donald Trump started the barrage of unproven claims of voter fraud with no proof immediately after he lost the election.
These claims were all debunked many times all the way to the Supreme Court.
Unfortunately, many of Trump’s supporters continued to believe him and heeded his call to come to Washington on Jan. 6 when the electoral votes would be counted by Congress.
They came and were met by Donald Trump, who whipped them up to march to the Capitol building and protest, disrupt and ‘be strong.’
After he spoke, Trump went to the safety of the White House and watched his mob storm through the doors and windows of the Capitol.
Observers say President Trump was ‘delighted’ by the mayhem he had encouraged.
Five people died in the rampage; among them, a police officer who was beaten by the armed crowd and protester who was trying to break down the interior doors of the Capitol building.
It was obvious what these Trump thugs stood for: Some carried Confederate flags, There were neo-Nazi emblems, including a swastika and a shirt exclaiming “6MNE” (6 Million Was Not Enough – referring to the 6 million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis). Another said, “Camp Auschwitz.”
Donald Trump must be held responsible for his treasonous acts.
He has stoked violence in our nation and has not made “America Great Again.” In fact, he has diminished our democratic ideals. America needs to be rid of the most dangerous president in our history.
Michael Tibbetts

Woman’s generosity shows glass half full

I’ve always looked at “the glass half full,” especially now during these difficult and challenging times.
My husband and I had an experience on Christmas Eve that was so heartwarming from a very generous and charming woman named Tatiana.
She approached us at the checkout register in a local grocery store and wanted to pay our bill as a Christmas gift to us.
I explained that we had a large bill, but she insisted that she would like to do it for us.
She said she saw us and thought we were such a nice couple and chose us for her good deed.
What a thoughtful person.
She is the kind of person that keeps me believing in the “glass half full.“
Patsy Lynch

Seniors: Check your bank accounts often

A warning to all senior citizens: I am 86 years old and a widow and live in an independent residence.
On New Year’s Eve I was checking my bank accounts. Someone had hacked my checking account and forged my signature to two checks for a total of $4,016.
Please check your accounts often. Don’t assume your accounts are safe.
It seems the crooks spend a lot of time and effort to steal from us. Too bad they didn’t work hard making a legal living.
I really feel sorry for their souls.
Just be aware – be alert, check your accounts often.
Jean Anderson

Left must accept facts about Trump

“Everyone is entitled to be wrong about their opinions, but no one has the right to be wrong about their facts.” — Bernard Baruch.
The left is all screwed up. They want to think their opinions are in fact, facts. And everyone must agree with them. They had no facts to impeach President Trump, just their opinions.
The left has taken the president’s every statement or action, probably out of context, taken the opposite view (in conflict with their own previous views), throughout his entire term of office. (And the RINO’s [lost souls] tend to agree with the Left.)
In spite of that, President Trump has accomplished more than any other president.
That is my opinion, and probably a fact.
The left doesn’t like it, but that’s what it is.
God bless President Trump.
Vernon E. Wetmore


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William Marincic

Vernon E. Wetmore. Here’s another fact. When you are elected by the people you get out of your motorcade and walk down Pennsylvania Avenue with your wife and son waving to the adoring crowds. When you are elected by mail and the computers you put barricades around the capital and have 40,000 troops protecting you during your inauguration.


That’s because of Trump’s militia of white supremacists, Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois and other right-wing domestic terrorists, you know, your kind of anti-American patriots. Have you considered moving to Russia? Putin would love your type.

William Marincic

That’s funny Ray, I have never seen Trump supporters riot and burn cities to the ground, that’s democrats being rooted on by Pelosi, AOC, Maxine Waters and Kamala. Only in the democrats world does “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” mean riot. For the most part the rioters were far right wing groups that have been denounced by Trump dozens of times (google it), antifa, and fringe BLM leaders. Any Trump supporter that attacked the capital needs to be charged, we don’t riot and burn cities, that’s democrats.


Get your scorecards out: President Donald Trump is preparing to issue around 100 pardons and commutations on his final full day in office Tuesday, according to three people familiar with the matter, a major batch of clemency actions that includes white collar criminals, high-profile rappers and others but — as of now — is not expected to include Trump himself.

It’ll be the final day of the Trump corruption time in the White House. On to the trials where he will spend the next couple of years in court and perhaps jail. What an embarrassment for the nation. Let democracy ring.

Is that really how you see things in your mind? Or are you just crying out for more attention?
You and Vernon must have been quite a sight working through “Connect-the-Dots” as a children. Regular Picassos.

William Marincic

No Chuck you only need to look at the side by side photos of our Great President Trump waving to his adoring fans with his family beside him walking down Pennsylvania Ave and the picture of the capital gated off by 10s of thousands of soldiers. The most hated President in history was not afraid nor was he afraid to walk alone into N. Korea.

You can’t be serious.
Your whitewash of reality doesn’t deserve a reply, but I will just for the record: the whole story (not the partial one you portray) is we’re two weeks away from the worst armed insurrection this country has ever suffered, staged and incited by the followers of your beloved trump.
That’s the story history classes of the future will teach their students, like it or not. There is no other story.

Joseph Vendetti

Robert – good to see you back had me worried & trying to look at Plattsburgh Obits (not to be morbid – just concerned).

Joseph Vendetti


“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we honor a man, a legacy, a dream, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. May we continue to focus on equality, justice, service, education and leadership.


Hey Vernon, if you want the facts as to why Trump was impeached why don’t you try listening to what the treasonous buffoon says?

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