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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Jan. 21


Expanding vaccine eligibility is unfair

Seventy-five-year-olds are left out in the cold. Why, Gov. Cuomo, have you opened vaccine eligibility to more numerous and computer literate 65-year-olds when the feds have not even sent enough vaccines to cover the more vulnerable 75-and-over crowd?
You say that you are following the federal guidelines, but there is no obligation to do so. Please have as much compassion as the more than 20 states who have not expanded eligibility.
John Kolwaite

Help Schenectady by managing trash

As residents of the city of Schenectady, we all have some complaint about the city.
Many of us blame the mayor and City Council, but we the citizens are to blame for many things also. One thing that is our fault is the way we conduct ourselves and obey the rules of the city that are passed by legislation. If we don’t obey some of the laws, then we are subject to fines and fees.
We all should be respectful of the laws associated with the waste and litter rules. We are responsible for the disposal and control of how we handle the waste that we create.
Our system has a schedule for our waste collection when the city picks up our trash. A free chart is available at the City Hall office.
Don’t put your trash out before 2 p.m. the day before your date.
Sometimes people don’t check their schedule and put their trash out two days before. Who wants to see garbage all over the street for two days and smell it?
Think about our city employees that have to handle our trash to keep on schedule and keep our city as clean as possible. Would you want to handle all that trash from other people in all kinds of weather, and for the wages that they make?
Please place your trash on the curb so they don’t have to climb snowbanks to get it. You will feel better for helping them.
James A. Wilson

Christians should work for what’s just

The pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Scotia, Dan May, delivered a moving sermon on Sunday, Jan. 17, via YouTube.
He reminded us that Christianity is not a spectator sport. He reminded us to remember it was not a Republican or Democrat who called us, but the son of God.
For all of us who are Christians, we are called to work for what is true, right and just.
Jesus called us to help the poor, the ill, and the imprisoned. He called us to welcome the stranger. He called us to live in harmony with our neighbor, with a wide definition of who our neighbor is.
I don’t consider the United States of America to be a Christian nation, though I would like to see it embrace much of the Christian message.
Christianity has no monopoly on the truth, and there are many people of other faiths and nonbelievers who work for what is true, right, and just.
But for those of us who claim to be Christian, it is time for us to pay attention to the tenets of our faith, and not divisive political rhetoric.
Ken Larsen

Biden will have to overcome hatred

Wow! I just finished reading three days of some of the most vitriolic, hate filled Letters to the Editor that I have ever read.
Oh, and what a surprise, they all came from the Democratic left wing of our society. Good luck, Mr. Biden, in uniting our country with this much hate out there. Oh wait, never mind, that’s actually part of your Democratic platform. No, that was not a comment of hate. It was a statement of fact.
James Myers
Ballston Spa


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Foss: Cuomo pushes for more help from feds
By Sara Foss | January 20, 2021

Why should the rest of the country be on the hook for our spending choices? Como argues that we have a need to other peoples property that should be met by the Federal government taking it. Well gov it does not follow that one person’s need is another’s obligation. That is why rape is illegal!


I am of the view that state programs should be funded by state taxes. Any other approach is exploitative. I hold the view that using others for personal gain weakens charactor and they social ties that bind us together. Ray you might try making a solid argument for your point of view that is free of insults. If you can for go the insults I and I expect others look forward to being enlightened


The sooner Biden erases Trump’s policies and executive orders the better. The institutions of government need a restart so that they can serve the people again, not just his rich supporters. There isn’t a category of government that doesn’t need an overhaul. Public trust will come along, but it will take some time. Be patient.


No assertion, just the facts. Didn’t you read what Biden is planning to do or didn’t Fox provide that information for you? Perhaps you need to change your information sources.

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