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Letters to the Editor Friday, Jan. 22


Cuomo also said we were ready for covid

The Gazette Jan. 15 edition printed James Fogarty’s letter (“Covid crisis will long outlast Trump”) disparaging President Trump’s March 10 statement on the virus saying “…we are prepared, and we’re doing a great job…”
Perhaps President Trump was reinforcing what Gov. Cuomo said on March 2 that New York State was fully “mobilized and we are fully prepared to deal with the situation” after the first case surfaced on March first.
Andy Beiniks

Great to see Parting Glass get reprieve

I was very happy to read your Jan. 16 article (“Luck of the Irish?”) that Joan Desadora and the Parting Glass will be able to stay in business. It is a fixture in Saratoga Springs and has been for many years. The fact that you left Joan’s former husband and partner Bob Cohan out of the article was unfortunate.
He was a big reason that the pub has evolved as it has. I remember how excited he was when he told us about his idea for the dart room. I can’t count all the great music and concerts we have heard there.
My husband and I have many happy memories of our time there. We met at the Parting Glass and had our first date there.
We went to Ireland on our honeymoon and made many trips there over the years. One very happy occasion we celebrated at the Parting Glass was the first time my husband was elected mayor of Saratoga Springs.
We never missed a St. Patrick’s Day there and can’t wait till we can go back and raise a pint to celebrate again.
Karen L. Klotz
Saratoga Springs

Nisky should only fund critical needs

With the unrest, death and violence happening in this country over the last year and with Martin Luther King Day, you would think the Niskayuna School District would post some of MLK’s inspiring words of peace on their signs outside their schools.
They did not, as they have more important things to profess.
Vote on the upcoming bond to spend more money. Oh sure, the claim is it’s not going to increase taxes, that the state will pay for most of it. That old debt will be replaced with new debt.
But look at the bigger picture. Look at the serious budget situation at both the state and federal level.
Since the beginning of time, bonds like this are loaded with three main things: critical needs, wants and fluff.
If you review the proposed bonds on the district website, these are no exception. But as citizens, it is our duty that during turbulent financial times like these, we focus only on critical needs.
It’s suspect as to why the vote was changed to February, during a pandemic when many are away or afraid to leave their home for fear of getting sick.
But I ask you to do what you can. Get an absentee ballot or take precautions and vote in person on Feb. 9 and vote these bonds down.
It is disappointing to scrap plans that have been the focus for years, but we need to face reality and spend only what is critically needed.
Aaron Hull


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“Mere hours after stressing the need for “unity,” President Biden sparked a new civil war with an executive order letting transgender women compete in women’s sports.”

Now we know what the Democrats mean by the need for a more inclusive society.

It is one thing to hold the view that your gender is the opposite of your biology and it is quit another for the government to insist that your view be respected

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