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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Jan. 24


Some questions that need to be answered

Why don’t Pelosi and Schumer get a life? Get off of President Trump’s back. He did a lot of good for America.
You can blame the liberals for destroying our country and democracy, not President Trump.
What did they do with the boxes of elector votes not counted when they rushed them away before being counted?
The governor wants to legalize marijuana for recreational use just to get more money to decrease the debt. Is he crazy? How many millions of dollars have we spent trying to keep it from coming into our country? How many people are in jail from using it? What is to stop people who don’t use it from getting it for those that do?
The tractor-trailers hitting the railroad bridge in Glenville are making it unsound. Don’t they know how to read? They and their companies should be fined heavily for their stupidity.
Now that the liberals have control of the Senate and the House, they will try to undo everything Trump did for this country. Be prepared to pay more taxes. I am curious to see what they are going to do about the undocumented immigrants.
James Maxfield

Use this opportunity to make a difference

The editorial in the Jan. 20 Gazette (“Strive to be a better citizen,”) was the most thoughtful, well written editorial that I have read in a very long time.
It was the perfect textbook example of what we can all do to make a new start with a new administration in Washington.
If everyone in their daily interactions would be kind and thoughtful to others, it would make a huge difference. It may sound naïve; however, I believe these simple virtues can empower us to do our part to unite us again. I see no downside.
Some are always asking, ”What can I do?” Besides voting, this is something everyone can do each day.
Helene K. Langan

Rather than divide, work for solutions

Here’s a prophetic quote from Abraham Lincoln. Just look at the presidential pardons granted by, or more accurately, sold by, the outgoing president.
This is a true example of corruption in high places.
“…corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before…”
Like so much of the social and criminal justice system in this nation, money buys power and freedom. And for the rest, it’s a matter of luck if justice results. We are far from the reality of a democracy that provides liberty and justice for all.
But the growing diversity of our local and national governments is a hopeful sign of progress. Time to unite and work towards solutions to our problems, which the new administration seems eager to do, with our support and good will.
Terri Roben

Removing Indians name is the racism

“The name is no longer acceptable to our world,” says the owner of the Cleveland Indians. The name “Indians” is deemed racist by many including some Native American groups according to the owner. The team will continue to be called “Indians” for the 2021 season.
The name “Indians” is not the problem. It is the misuse of the Indian name or symbol that’s the problem. For example, using “Chief Wahoo” as a mascot is racist.
The irony is that while the intent of the owner is to protect the Indian people from the use of their name in a racist manner, the dropping of “Indians” from the team’s name is doing just the opposite.
It is saying to the Indian people that your name is not worth honoring and respecting. It is convincing some Indian people that their name is so offensive that it is not worthy of being part of a name of a major league baseball team.
Eliminating the name is not respecting but disrespecting the name. Having the name of your race as part of a major league baseball team is an honor.
The remedy for combating racism against the Indian people is to keep the name and celebrate and honor the Indian people. The name “Indians” is not racist.
It is the use of the name in a prejudicial and antagonistic manner that is racist.
Edward Vacca


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I hope that Mr Maxfield feels better after his baseless rant, blaming liberals for the accidents at the bridge in GLenville among other aluminum-hat-based nonsense. Perhaps a gentle laxative would serve him better.

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