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Letters to the Editor Monday, Jan. 25


Seeking alternative ways to get vaccine

I am 93 years old and I’ve been attempting to schedule an appointment to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. But after spending what now equates to literally days on the phone, I am still unsuccessful.
The very nice people answering the phone thank me for calling, yet all reject my requests for a vaccination.
Unfortunately, it appears that using the telephone is far too advanced for the likes of New York state, and I’ve found a more effective communication medium which has finally been rewarded with success; I sent smoke signals from my home.
This time-honored method of communication (effective for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years) has finally achieved results.
Within minutes, I received a reply from an extremely helpful representative named, Minne Ha! Ha!
After a brief explanation of my troubles with obtaining a vaccination appointment, she quickly booked me for my first vaccination on April 1, 2050, with the shot to be administered on the dark side of the moon.
Should I miss that appointment, then the next available slot would be on Mars sometime in 2051. With the vaccine in short supply, this is good news for senior citizens like me (some of us more senior than others).
Please don’t confuse the smoke signal method with the New York State hotline at 1-833-697-4829.
Only one will actually produce results.
Thank you, Minne Ha! Ha! for your assistance. I understand that transportation to my vaccination appointments will be provided by the distinguished Mr. G. Reaper.
Edward Kremzier

Conservatives need to abandon Trump

I am generally conservative. In most issues, I find that conservative positions make much more sense than liberal positions.
I am also a student of history.
Napoleon Bonaparte was not French; he was Corsican. He managed to tap into the emotions of the French, gaining the glory of conquest for a short period of time. But he ultimately showed that he didn’t care about the welfare of France, and led that nation into self-destruction, while devastating most of Europe.
Adolf Hitler was not a blond-haired, blue-eyed member of the Aryan race. He managed to tap into the emotions of the Aryans, gaining the glory of conquest for a short period of time.
But he ultimately showed that he didn’t care about the welfare of the Aryans, and led Germany into self-destruction, while devastating much of the world.
While he doesn’t come near the magnitude of these earlier tyrants, Donald Trump fits the pattern.
He was not conservative. He was never pro-life and he certainly didn’t conduct his life with conservative values. As president, no conservative would allow the budget deficits that he endorsed or shame the conservative cause the way that he so often did.
He managed to tap into the emotions of conservatives, gaining personal glory, but ultimately leading some conservatives into self-destructive actions at our Capitol, while damaging the United States.
It seems that the Democratic Party has finally let the corrupt Clintons fade into obscurity. I hope that conservatives can be smarter, faster and cut Trump loose now.
Norman Perazzo

People are sick of political corruption

What happened on Jan. 6?
Was it an insurrection or a resurrection of people that have had enough of the corruption in Washington? If that had happened in a country like Iran or Syria, the United States government would praise those people, and even give them aid. I believe some of those people were rioters, but a lot were fed-up protesters.
Let’s face it folks, this country has been corrupt since the days of George Washington. Who is responsible? The ones who voted because their family was Democrats or Republicans, or they lived in a Democratic or Republican area, and sought political favors.
If you think that elections can’t be rigged, you weren’t raised in the city of Albany.
Joe Statile
Rotterdam and Conway, S.C.

Is Biden ready to protect our border?

Thank goodness Biden and the Democrats are back. I just read where thousands of Hondurans are headed toward our border.
By now I am sure they will soon enter the United States, receiving their vaccines and ready to help.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs


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Thank you for your reasonable, well-thought out letter Norman. They seem to be in short supply when it comes to defending the least conservative President the Republicans have ever put into office. Sure you’ll be marked as a “Never Trumper” or a closet liberal by his defenders, but after seeing their actions on Jan. 6th, would you really want to be accepted by the likes of them anyway?


Trump’s cult supporters are flag waving anti-establishment, anti-democratic, right-wing white conspiracy theorists that follow their own “rules” and do whatever their leader says or implies. I hope Trump splits the GOP so they never win again.


Florida is mighty chilly these days… if you’re former president Donald Trump, that is.

Hours before Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president, Donald Trump left the White House and headed down to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, which he plans to make his primary residence. But his welcome to the coastal city was, shall we say, not the warmest.

Two planes circled the skies near Mar-a-Lago on Sunday, each pulling behind it a banner with rather uncongenial greetings.


Mr. Kremzier,
High praise for your 93 year old sense of humor! I’m a primary care-giver for an octogenarian and feel your pain. It sure is kind of a disjointed mess right now but I’m hopeful we’re just at the beginning if this chapter of the pandemic and that it will improve. Hopefully while we’re young.

Norman Parazzo, please help me understand your mention of “the corrupt Clintons” at the end of your letter. It’s not the first time I’ve heard the word corrupt and the family Clintons connected, but I’ve yet to hear any concrete/proven acts of corruption. Sure, lots of allegations about Benghazi, HRC’s email server, and of course the Clinton Foundation. The latter being continuously investigated since at least 2008. But as far as I know the Justice Department, IRS nor any Congressional investigations led to any indictments. BTW, Charity Navigator rates the Clinton Foundation 3 out of 4 stars, 100/100 Accountability/Transparency and 85/100 Financial.
Please point me to your sources that prove corruption, I really want to know.

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