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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Jan. 27


Insurrection backers should resign

We the people, not I Donald Trump. For people to watch what took place at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was an insult to this country.
Now let’s look at others involved such as Sen. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and from New York, Rep. Elise Stefanik.
All three should resign their office. For Rep. Stefanik, you can bet when you run again, this issue will get brought up. You backed and supported this action.
I for one will back Mickey Mouse if he runs against you.
Ray Nichols
Ballston Spa

Hope America can heal after Trump

In response to Mr. Colyer’s Jan. 20 letter (“Dems feared Trump threat to status quo”), he stated Democrats espouse “abortion, dependency and the pursuit of political power.”
Trump did have some accomplishments. America gained 7 million new jobs before the coronavirus hit. Some companies came back to the United States.
But he failed to set an example during the onset of the coronavirus. We will never know how many lives would have been saved if he would have told the American people to wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands and be a role model for this.
Mr. Colyer stated the Democrats espouse to the pursuit of political power. Does he imply that Trump did not espouse to power? During his presidency, he made over 30,500 false or misleading statements — many of them to boost his own ego.
I don’t remember him ever stating what accomplishments the country made. It was always he did this; he did that.
He could not have done a majority of them without others. As long as people agreed with him, they were wonderful. If they went against them, they were fired.
We need to move on. I pray for a united America again.
Hopefully, with a new president, there can be healing.
Deborah Bender

Everyone deserves smoke-free home

An apartment resident recently contacted me for help because secondhand smoke was seeping into her family’s unit causing her son to choke and her eyes to burn.
So much smoke was entering their bedroom that they had to move their bed to the living room. This apartment community doesn’t have a smoke-free policy, but it should.
People living in multi-unit housing often lack the ability to keep their homes as healthy as they’d like, and it can be devastating to their health and well-being.
COVID-19 safety measures encourage people to stay home but for too many, home isn’t a safe and healthy environment.
Prospective tenants are advised to ask about smoking policies, if they exist, what they cover, and how they’re enforced before signing a lease.
But, too often, faced with limited options, they must sacrifice the benefits of a smoke-free unit in order to simply provide a roof over their family’s heads.
Many market rate, affordable and public housing have gone smoke-free, not only supporting the health of their residents and their staff, but also saving money on property damage and turnover costs.
A partial listing of smoke-free apartments can be found on, but the need is still greater than the supply. Everyone deserves to live in a healthy, smoke-free home.
Given the respiratory risks associated with COVID-19, reducing all risks to lung health, including smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke, is vital.
For those who want to quit smoking, free help is available at 1-866-NY-QUITS.
Jeanie Orr, MPH
The writer is program manager for Capital District Tobacco-Free Communities.


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“For people to watch what took place at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was an insult to this country.”

Do you have any idea why the George Floyd rioters are not held responsible for their actions?

Over 400 people were arrested in DC for George Floyd-related protests, so I’m not quite sure what you’re implying. If people protesting for racial justice is worthy of arrest, then surely people storming the very symbol of our democracy by the urging of our commander-in-chief is.


“But he failed to set an example during the onset of the coronavirus. We will never know how many lives would have been saved if he would have told the American people to wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands and be a role model for this.”

If the Democrats were not busy with what they regarded as more important matters they could have taken up the slack! The Democrats deserve credit for their short comings,

Yes, the Democrats have had to “take up the slack” for the failed leadership of this president for four years. I mean, it only took the president three months after the recommendation by his OWN administration on mask wearing, to finally wear a mask in public. Inexcusable.

Joseph Vendetti

Fred – are you saying that the Former president was so caught up in the impeachment hearings he missed the mark on wearing a mask? Social distancing? Etc?

That would almost be like saying the former president of the US was unable to walk and chew gum.

You know at first when he was trying to get dirt on Hillary Clinton and didn’t understand that you can’t offer a benefit or receive a benefit by offering or getting information to a foreign leader – guy was never in politics, business leaders do that type of stuff all the time. Its called ghosting the competition. But then he took office was warned – don’t do it again and he tries to get information on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. The problem with Donald Trump is he doesn’t understand boundaries. He is a spoiled man who never heard “no” in his life.

Did he have some good ideas and policies – yes.

But when you are the leader of the free world – you can’t act like a 4th grade boy that has everything, is a bully, and the vocabulary of a 2nd grader.

I didn’t agree with the 1st impeachment, don’t agree with this one. If a prosecutor cant get a conviction of a DWI he doesn’t waste the taxpayers money, the Senate won’t get a conviction so why waste valuable time and money for some ceremonial undressing?

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