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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Jan. 28


Good reasons for defending Trump

Thank you, Chester Piecuch for your Jan. 6 letter, (“Trump deserves due for accomplishments”) for defending our president.
I, for one, believe that Trump acted like the saying goes, “Tough Love.” He just went about it the wrong way. Yes, he is an arrogant, egotistical person, BUT he was doing his job.
Behave, you “good people,” because if he decides to run in 2024, he will get re-elected. Then it will be “ha ha” on you.
Helen Tatarek

Stop name-calling and blaming Trump

How ironic. The left, which has been unable for the last four years to accept Hillary’s loss, is now advising Republicans to accept Biden’s win and move on.
And, what’s with the name calling? The left sounds like a bunch of fifth-graders calling someone they don’t like names across the elementary school playground. Is there a prize for the “cutest” name?
To list a few, “Liar in Chief”? “Pretender in Chief”? “The Orange Raccoon”? And now, “The Three Amoebas”? Really? Grow up, for crying out loud.
Finally, anyone claiming that President Trump is responsible for the 425,000 covid deaths is either delusional or disingenuous.
We’re in a pandemic. A look at the data shows that New York state, which has long had the strictest covid protocols of any state, has by far the highest number of covid deaths in the United States. This while having the fourth largest state population.
President Trump didn’t kill those people. COVID-19 killed them.
Timothy J. O’Neill

Stop bridge hits with no-truck route

After reading about so many trucks getting stuck under the Glenridge Road railway bridge in Glenville, even with so many warnings, I feel there is only one solution to stop this from happening in the future. In my opinion, Glenridge Road from Route 50 to Balltown Road should become a “No Truck Route” Problem solved.
Donna Hart

American natives treated shamefully

Apparently, we have people out there who are poor students of history – or have learned history from cowboy and Indian movies, such as Art Henningson, based on his Dec. 28 letter (“Indian names reflect historic terrorism.”)
The American natives had a life. Of course, some of them had the usual human nature issues. They lived in harmony with nature, the way it should be done.
Then they were invaded by aggressive, greedy, arrogant people who were looking for a replacement for the home territory they had depleted and ruined.
The natives, who lacked competitive weapons, lost their home, which was stolen from them.
Of course, they fought back, but they were poorly equipped. Truces and treaties were made and broken.
Today they live in abject poverty, watching us rape and ruin the earth.
If the natives object to being used as team mascots, I say we should respect their wishes. And don’t try to convince me that the team names are used “in respect.” That is dubious and irrelevant.
Americans have some stellar history, but we also have some very shameful history.
Marilyn B. Guidarelli

Waiting for return of healing laughter

I miss laughing — a big old “belly“ laugh. It is so healing, so cathartic, but now, so inappropriate and untimely.
Will there come a day when all this turmoil will end, and we can once again be happy laughing Americans? I hope so.
In the meantime, I will be hiding a little smile under my mask.
Carole Anne Frank
Burnt Hills


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Whatever good things you may feel Mr. Trump did during his time in office will forever be overshadowed by the facts that support:

1.) Persistent fealty to another superpower, the Russians.
2.) A concerted effort, including tacit approval of an armed insurrection, to overthrow certified elections results showing most Americans did not agree with him.
3.) Numerous examples of using his position to further his personal gains.

History will show Mr. Trump was not a patriotic American, and that’s the ultimate sin for an American President.

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