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Letters to the Editor Friday, Jan. 29


Kindred spirits in quest for vaccine

Mr. Kremzier, I think I love you. Reading your Jan. 25 letter (“Seeking alternative ways to get vaccine”) was the first time I had a good laugh in quite some time.
I too am among the “vulnerable population” and believe that my vaccination will be the last or next to last in New York state.
Given that, would you mind terribly if I joined you on April 1, 2050, on the dark side of the moon?
Perhaps Mr. G. Reaper will allow us to have coffee together before he plies his trade.
I would certainly enjoy a conversation with someone whose mind and humor are as sharp as yours.
Stay well, sir.
Louise Farnum

Sheriff Zurlo needs to do his job better

Whitewash, lazy, inept, apathy?
All those words apply to Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo’s brilliant conclusion on a coronavirus super spreader party held in Wilton at the home of adult teachers involving underage drinking (and who knows what else).
Zurlo says 12 people attended the party, but none would be interviewed.
Warren County officials, who got involved because most of the minor children live there, presented Zurlo with social media and photographic evidence, and interviewee statements showing 50 or more attendees.
Zurlo obviously subscribes to the “see and hear no evil” police manual, since not one criminal charge has been levied. Can’t alienate potential voters.
This sheriff proudly proclaimed years ago he would not enforce some provisions of the SAFE Act nor the (albeit silly) Thanksgiving celebration limit imposed by executive order.
He must have taken his oath of office with his right hand on a Mad magazine.
Zurlo during the 2020 election campaign applied his crime-fighting expertise to gleefully join his now-disgraced pal, Rep. Elise Stefanik, on a campaign rally stage in Wilton where, one reporter observed, the mostly unmasked, shoulder-to-shoulder crowd was guarded by several deputies.
The rally was on private property and taxpayers paid the bill for Stefanik’s “private security,” complements of a double-dipping sheriff who collects a taxpayer-funded $62,010 pension (SeeThroughNY), a six-figure taxpayer-funded salary, the Cadillac of health care benefits and initially accepted more taxpayer money from the county’s later-aborted illegal pandemic pay scandal of summer 2020.
No criminal charges filed there, either.
Defund (just) the sheriff!
Dominic Tom


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Rep. Elise Stefaniko has received considerable abuse for being a good citizen by reporting what she thought was a crime. Perhaps we would have fewer over dose cases if we had more good citizens

Not as much abuse as the police officers she helped to kill through her insurrection. Never thought good citizenry would be synonymous with sedition, but then again, Trump folks are a few tines short of a fork.


I referred to the abuse she has received for reporting what she thought to be a crime. How did this action of good citizenship become a crime?

You might also want to take the trouble to explain why you think that abusing those who disagree with you advances your point of view.


As usual, you are clueless. She was as much a part of the insurrection as Trump as his followers. A good citizen wouldn’t help trash a national treasure like the U.S. Capitol and her place of business unless you were un-American. Showing their allegiance to Trump over the Constitution is seditionist as Matt noted.


You ignored the idea that we would not have an overdose problem if more people would call attention to the crime that they see. Why do you not find that point at least as important as hurling a personal insult?

I’m confused, Fred (as I often am deciphering your Very Thoughtful Questions).
Are you glorifying Stefanik, who’s chosen someone else’s reality over the one the rest of us believe in?
Or are you condemning people suffering with addiction problems?


Stefanik by making an issue about what she believes was crime showed good citizenship. Her choice to practice good citizenship had nothing to do with the merits of her belief about election fraud.

Addiction problems would be greatly lessened if we had more people like Stepfanik who believed it was their duty to report possible criminal activity.

Joseph Vendetti

All – as a registered Democrat would hope that I wouldn’t have to post something so scathing. But our AG came out with the numbers and then CNN ran with it.


❌Highest per-capita death toll world
❌13K killed by his nursing home order
❌Worst job loss in the nation
❌most businesses closed in US
❌Civil liberties & schools crushed
❌Worst vaccine rollout in the nation

When we play politics this is what happens

Claiming you’re a “registered Democrat” doesn’t add to your credibility.
Your jumbling of “facts” and attributing them to the AG report makes it worse. The AG report had to do with the nursing home situation only, not NYS unemployment numbers, or whether civil liberties were “crushed”, or the vaccine rollout, or whether we have the “Highest per-capita death toll world”.

None of that is included in the report. And your weird attribution “13K killed by his nursing home order” is just that, weird. Who is “his”, we can only assume you mean Cuomo since it’s not mentioned anywhere else in your comment.

Did you cut and paste this from somewhere? I think you did. And I think ironically you’re the one ‘playing politics’ because if you actually read the report, or at least read the DG’s summary (and others’) you would find that most of the blame lies on the private nursing home industry, Federally regulated. But you frame this as an attack on Cuomo somehow.

I’m not a complete Cuomo fan (kaph…JCOPE…kaph), but I can assure you his daily briefings provided much comfort to a lot of citizens of this state at a time when the Federal government was finding something, anything else to divert our attention and detach themselves from this pandemic (and no, Trump is not responsible for there being a Warp Speed other than naming it. It evolved out of the States’ outcry for assistance). Cuomo showed outstanding leadership when it was desperately needed. And apparently the rest of the US governors agreed as they elected him president of the governors’ association.

I’ve lived in this state for close to 60 years. I remember back to the Rockefeller years. I also remember Mario’s tenure and as an athlete who competed several years at the Empire State Games, and a student in the SUNY system, personally benefited from it. And yet he’s pilloried by many.
I now see what Andrew brought to this pandemic where, as he said recently, there were NO experts on how to deal with it. He didn’t hide away, he didn’t shy away. He was front and center daily (including weekends and holidays) addressing NYS and providing a sharp staff to answer to the press. And still a Cuomo is pilloried.

I call BS, on your post and any other hate press directed toward him pushing the “Cuomo killed Seniors” meme. Instead of yapping on about how he shouldn’t have done this, or shouldn’t have done that… man up and tell us what he should have done.
Or shut up and count your blessings.

Joseph Vendetti


Yeah at first I was getting comfort from the daily briefings- but then started listening to my wife & daughter who are both RNs and dealing with Covid by the minute. His policies (not allowing families into hospitals, shifting bodies around, etc) – make no sense, have no scientific basis, and were cruel.

He was vying for a VP nod being out there daily. He added $3.5 million to his bank account for writing a book on “winning the covid battle” – which to me is like celebrating a FG in the 1st quarter.

He was voted president of Gov association- winning popularity contests has never been his issue. He has successfully bankrupted NYS. We were $6-8Billion in the red prior to COVID.

Who is to blame? We are for electing politicians who have zero limits, zero boundaries, pander to increasing programs that we can’t afford. The same party has been in control of NYS (gov, assembly & senate), major cities (NYC, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse & Albany) but we blame our problems on the Federal govt?

The simple facts are – 1.) Cuomo directive to move covid patients into nursing facilities because he thought they would need 110,000 beds (which they never came close to needing)
2.) Nursing Home patients started contracting covid & dying at 5x the rate of outside facilities, 3.) Cuomo reverses order after (too late) & 4.) Cuomo purposely under counted nursing home fatalities because he knew his policy of putting Covid positive patients into nursing homes was incorrect (at best) or criminal (at worst).

The federal gov’t sent us a hospital ship (which was sparely used) and 10,000 ventilators (which we never touched). Cuomo also spent $65 million on outdated and counterfeit PPE.

We need a change in this State

First, if your wife and daughter are RNs and worked COVID, they have my highest respect. My Mom was in a local Senior Rehab facility for a month last summer so I wasn’t insulated from it.
But sorry, they’re not policy experts. It is cruel. It is hard. But that’s not the intention and the alternative risks far, far worse.

The rest of your response is no different than any other Cuomo hate: short-sighted, Monday Morning quarterbacking. Is Cuomo arrogant, yes. Did he sometimes go over the line, yes too. Do you understand how politics and policy-making work in NYS, and what it takes to get anything done? Apparently not.

Joseph Vendetti

If they worked? Both were show cased on ch 6 as hometown hero’s between April-June 2020.

Yes I understand how policy making works.

I can thump a drum all day long for Term limits. Unfortunately we don’t have them at the State level. Politicians who enter office are more concerned about the next election then work for their district or voters.

Why gov’t is broken in NYS and on the national level is the lack of term limits. Cuomo, McConnell, Schumer, Tedisco, Pelosi, etc etc –

For the love of god – how the founders saw that there should be limits on Presidents & VPs but not for Congress & Senators is beyond me.

Also should be an upper and lower age limit & cognitive test.

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