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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Jan. 30


Lots to do to make our country better

People should acknowledge President Trump’s accomplishments whether you liked or disliked him personally.
You didn’t hear about the Mid-East in four years, nothing from North Korea, gasoline prices, lowest unemployment, vaccine in eight months not two-three years that everyone said it would take, etc. If you can’t admit to his accomplishments, you are un-American.
It’s the media dividing this country not either party or any race. Watch the left CNN and watch the right FOX and you have to believe you’re in two different countries. This journalism has to stop. Social media is way out of control because nobody is accountable for anything they say or post.
The two major party system must come to an end. It just doesn’t work anymore. We may have one good thing from the last election, the Republican Party will probably split up. Now to get the Democratic Party (old-time and new Democrats with totally different ideas) to split up.
That will give us at least four parties with nobody holding a majority, and they will have to work together. Also, term limits, now!
There are two things that need to be done immediately. Stop the so-called executive orders, federally and locally. This is definitely dictatorship, go through the proper channels (House and Senate or whatever).
I call for President Biden, after getting the pandemic under control, to get our friends and so-called allies to force China to pay all countries reparations for all the damage they’ve done across the world.
Sandy “Rogo” Roginski

Work together for common security

On Jan. 22, the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons went into effect, passed in July 2017 by a vote of 122-1. The UN secretary general calls for “urgent action to work together to realize this vision, for our common security and collective safety.”
Ronald Reagan described nukes as “totally irrational, totally inhumane, good for nothing but killing, possibly destructive of life on earth and civilization.”
What if our Christian president and Congress got on board, following the recommendation of the Pope?
My fiscal conservative friend suggested instead of wasting $1.7 trillion (mostly serving corporate greed and their political minions) updating our illegal nukes, we used part of that to create covid vaccines for U.S. citizens and world citizens, and the rest to reduce our huge deficit.
As my good Christian friend asked, “What would Jesus, Prince of Peace, want us to do?”
Peter Looker

State owes answers on climate change

Q: Why has the New York state government failed to provide any estimates of the effect on the climate of its global warming efforts?
A1. Given the size of the problem, the state’s efforts must be considered de minimus. Since the state’s efforts are in the nature of posturing for political purposes, they are not meant to achieve any measurable results.
A2. The lack of presenting any measurable results for our global warming efforts reflect the desire not to own up to the fact that government, by not doing enough to deal with the problem, has given a gift to the next generation that they would gladly return.
A3. The state’s efforts at climate mitigation have been extremely successful. But the government overcome with extreme modesty does not wish to claim credit for saving the human race.
Given any of the above answers, another good question is how much has New York state (including the agencies) spent to date on climate change mitigation?
Fred Barney

Country owes debt of thanks to journalists

Analysts and historians may one day write about what has been omitted (Inauguration Day) in our celebration that democracy has survived and its leaders installed in our institutions. It was made possible, not by those elected or even those who elected them, but by the free press — the reporters, editors and news media — that provided the facts, context and forums in which candidates were able to be heard, the public informed and decisions made.
Thomas Jefferson said, “Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.”
Indeed, without them, the journalists, we would have known nothing. We would be no more than a modern Tower of Babel, created and manipulated by a dictator.
Today, journalists not only prevailed as those without whom we would have failed as a democracy. They have stood the test while being physically attacked, their lives threatened and maligned as individuals and as an institution.
Today, we owe them a debt of service and it is ours to pay.
Peter Jacobs
San Francisco, California
The writer is a former local resident and reporter for The Daily Gazette.

Glad for a president actually doing his job

I cannot tell you how glad I am to see our president signing papers, reaching out to world leaders, realigning with world organizations and going about business without a single tweet that insults, threatens anyone or fires a staff member.
Linda Peterson
Round Lake

Stefanik acts out of personal ambition

In his letter published on Jan. 20, (“Stefanik right to demand fair election”) David Buchyn lauds Rep. Stefanik for her objection to certifying our presidential election.
The problem is she only objected to the results of a few states. If she thought the results that were being accepted by the Congress were fraudulent, why not object to all of the results – even the one that claimed she won.
But she was simply carrying the water for the election loser. A man who she would not identify by name in 2016, stating that she would support the Republican candidate. What has happened to the conservative belief in the Tenth Amendment? Does that only apply when it suits your personal ambition?
Michael McNally
Saratoga Springs

Don’t bash districts for fiscal struggles

I am dismayed and upset with Sara Foss’s piece in the Sunday Jan. 24 paper (“Closing city schools was a huge mistake.”) What makes her qualified to unequivocally decide and state that Schenectady, Albany and Lansingburgh school districts “made a mistake” in regard to the fiscal operation and responsibility of their school districts?
I found her remarks to be nasty and offensive aimed at district officials and board members who have been dedicated to a thankless job in unprecedented, uncertain times. She infers that an “op-ed” in The Times Union in September from Robert Mujica should have been a sufficient guarantee that state aid was not going to be drastically cut in their districts. I ask, why has it taken five months for the governor’s office to clarify or rectify any “misunderstanding” of fund allocation?
I teach in the Schenectady City School District. On top of the covid pandemic in March, we also had to deal with the sudden resignation of our former superintendent at a crisis time. Since March 17, 2020, district personnel and teachers, to the best of their knowledge and ability, have provided structure and consistency to our students in the face of daunting obstacles.
I think her comments are inflammatory and lack the bigger picture of what has taken place. Her piece, could have been more appropriate and constructive if titled, “Now that we know, what will districts do to restore lost programs and services?” Bashing these districts lacks compassion and understanding for the struggles they face in these difficult times.
Carol Lupo

State vaccine system demonstrates cruelty

I read with empathy the rather sardonic letter from 93-year-old Edward Kremzier in the Jan. 25 Gazette (“Seeking alternative ways to get vaccine”) describing the problems confronting him in trying to get a covid vaccination appointment.
New York state has inadvertently set up a cruel system for making appointments to have the vaccination, which in my experience is basically a contest of endurance and determination while sitting in front of a computer.
They worsened the experience and chances of an appointment when they recently followed federal guidelines and lowered the eligibility age to 65+.
This was unfortunate given the current vaccine supplies are nowhere near those needed for the previous eligibility classification.
As of Sunday, the state-run application system was only showing current availability for shots in distant Plattsburgh and Potsdam, and those are in March. If Mr. Kremzier thought himself fit for the trips, I am sure there are good-hearted souls who would make the 5-hour round trips to Plattsburgh to take him.
Hopefully more vaccine will be available and additional sites will open locally, and perhaps people in Mr. Kremzier’s position will be treated with more consideration than they have so far.
Michael Bishop

Full investigation of elections is needed

I don’t believe unity can be achieved in the country until we find out why 74 million Americans believe that the 2020 election was rigged.
Polls from several media outlets show that 40%-80% of Republicans believe the election was not conducted fairly. Unfortunately, the devil is in the details and it takes time and money to investigate what happened, but I think it’s what needs to be done.
Due to the pandemic, the reliance on mail-in voting was unprecedented with many new voting procedures in place. This should be thoroughly reviewed, especially in light of a conclusion from a 2005 bipartisan study stating, “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” Former President Jimmy Carter and Secretary of State James Baker chaired this committee.
The lawsuits challenging the election were never decided on their merits. They were never even allowed for discovery. The cases were dismissed for various reasons such as time deadlines, etc. These cases should be thoroughly examined, not casually dismissed as many citizens signed sworn affidavits and testified about what they witnessed.
While there wasn’t proof of systemic fraud, there were problems in several states. For example, in September 2020, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s Democratic administration changed election laws by going through the Democratic majority state supreme court, bypassing the GOP legislature. Is this OK?
I conclude that a thorough, transparent investigation is needed as trust in our country’s election systems is paramount.
Karlyne Drimalas

Dems want to deny free speech to right

I just read that an Obama-appointed judge, of course, ruled that Amazon can keep Parler offline because of “the kind of abusive, violent content at issue in this case….”
I don’t remember her complaining about Ayatollah Khamenei’s comments that Twitter allowed to remain on Dorsey’s site for months.
Khamenei called for the complete destruction of Israel. Hmm…. What’s the difference? That’s easy, she’s a liberal hack and Parler is not run by a Democrat.
The Democrat Party is doing their best to stifle freedom of speech when it’s Republicans speaking, but the Democrats are allowed to spew whatever they like, regardless of whether it’s true or not.
Just like they have lied about President Trump’s comments at Charleston regarding white supremacists, they are lying about his comments on Jan. 6. Since that day, details have come out showing this riot was planned well before the sixth. But again, the truth is just another obstacle to overcome.
The Democratic Party is just getting started trying to eliminate the freedom of speech of the right.
They need to be careful; we won’t forget it.
Dave Edwards

Trump must pay the price for his actions

After four seemingly endless years of chaos, corruption and cruelty, our national nightmare has finally ended. Many of us feel a spiritual renewal, the rebirth of hope, inner peace. But all is not well yet.
Donald Trump must be held accountable for the horrific damage he has inflicted upon our country.
For eight months, Trump lied, dismissed and ignored the pandemic. He mocked masks and recklessly held super-spreader events. More than 400,000 Americans are now dead. Epidemiologists estimate that at least 200,000 of these lives could have been saved had Trump been honest, and combated the virus. This is unforgivable.
On Jan. 6, our Capitol was violently assaulted by a mob of crazed domestic terrorists, resulting in five deaths and extensive damage.
This coup attempt was encouraged relentlessly for months by Trump fomenting this sedition with cries of “take your country back” and “…don’t allow the steal.” Trump originated this coup, he recruited his clan for months, and he incited them just prior to the violent coup attempt.
Americans watched in horror, shocked, except Donald Trump, who watched with “delight” in the Oval Office. His cult listened and they carried out his wish — an illegal, violent attempt to undermine the election of Joseph Biden. This is a treasonous, criminal act of sedition against America.
Justice and accountability must precede healing. Two hundred thousand unnecessary, horrible deaths and a vicious attack upon our Capitol, the heartbeat of our democracy, cannot be allowed.
These are criminal acts, and Trump must face the legal consequences.
Vince Dacquisto

Losing hope about getting covid vaccine

My husband and I are well into our 80s. We have explored every possible lead in a so-far fruitless effort to get an appointment to receive the vaccine.
We have had no help from anyone. Not from Saratoga County, not from Schenectady County, not from our primary care providers, not from our health insurance providers, nor have we been able to make an appointment through any of the pharmacies or at SUNY Albany. We should not be expected to travel long distances as some people are apparently doing.
While it is understood that all medical personnel and essential workers come first, to open up the availability to those 65 and over puts those of us in our 70s and 80s far less likely to get the vaccine any time soon. While we are still capable of trying, what of those who are not able to use computers?
To add insult to injury, what should I recently see on Channel 13 but a news piece on the distribution of stickers to those who have had the good fortune to receive the vaccine for the purpose of encouraging others to get vaccinated? Are they kidding? What vaccine?
It is getting more difficult by the day to remain patient or even hopeful.
Elizabeth Rose
Burnt Hills

GOP senators have misplaced priorities

Many of the Republicans now serving in the United States Senate served in the U.S. Senate and voted to convict President Clinton during his term in office following his (Clinton’s) impeachment in the House of Representatives.
So now let me get this straight — Republican senators think having sex with a White House intern is an impeachable offense, but inciting an insurrection, threatening members of Congress and the sitting vice president in the Capitol itself is not?
There is something very wrong with this picture.
Michael Stella
Saratoga Springs

Don’t give up the fight to end abortion

Enough is enough, abortion came into the United States in 1973.
The U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion nationally with Roe v. Wade, which was a landmark decision. The court ruled that the Constitution of the United States protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restrictions.
I ask my Christians friends, priests, pastors, ministers, “Why are you so silent?” Why aren’t we signing petitions, going to Washington as one group, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, etc.? Let’s get our priorities in order. As long as we believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are all one.
This is the glue that connects us. There isn’t just one religion. God is waiting for us to do the job of getting rid of this heinous crime called abortion. Let the political parties know how we feel.
In the Pledge of Allegiance, we recite “One Nation under God.” Have we forgotten those words? Do we no longer believe in a God who created this world? Is it OK to tolerate the crime of abortion every day? Ripping a fetus or baby out of the mother’s womb is killing.
Don’t think for one minute there’s no pain with the process. A child who is born is God’s thumb print on Earth. There’s a miracle taking place inside the mother.
Please visit Order a plate to put on your car, bicycle, walker, wheelchair, etc. It says, “Choose Life.” Let’s spread the word across this nation.
Mrs. Virginia DelGallo

Why did you drink Trump’s Kool-Aid?

First, he said he won by a landslide and you drank the Kool-Aid, even though 50 states, 27 states with GOP governors, certified the elections. He lost 60 lawsuits; even the Supreme Court said there was no fraud. The head of Homeland Security and the attorney general said there was no fraud. You still drank the Kool-Aid. Then he told you to storm the Capitol and you did. You took selfies and destroyed the Capitol because he told you it was OK. You drank the Kool-Aid.
Then on his last days, he pardoned rappers, millionaires, but you drank his Kool-Aid, got arrested and lost jobs. What did he do for you? He flew to Florida to play golf while your life has been shattered.
Peter J. Grippo

Nice to be immune from all punishment

I guess as long as you’re president for one term and commit treason while in office, you can seemingly escape any punishment after you leave.
That probably means you could also shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, while in office, and never have to pay the consequences. My guess is his enablers drink from the same swamp water as he does and lack the courage to stand up for their oath of office.
It sure would be nice if we all had that kind of immunity in our journey through life. What a great world it would be. No morals, no ethics, no compassion, no integrity, no conscience – the list goes on.
As a sidebar, you probably can’t tell just how enraged and disgusted I am about these pigs of injustice. Just venting.
Curt Alheim
Ballston Lake

FBI must pursue all insurrectionists

As reported in The Washington Post: There sounds like an internal debate within the FBI about not charging some of the Capitol rioters. This non-pursuit of justice is unacceptable.
The FBI must hold all insurrectionists accountable. Farm out the cases to other local courts if the court is swamped. But not prosecuting due to system overload is a ridiculous choice.
These insurrectionists were emboldened by the lack of prosecution in Michigan. There would be no question if this was a Black Lives Matter contingent due to inherent racism in the criminal justice system.
I urge Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Schumer and Rep. Tonko to ensure that the FBI does better.
K. Natalia Granger

Pelosi, Dems share blame for Capitol riot

I think that Nancy Pelosi should also be impeached along with Donald Trump. She should share some of the blame for the riots on the Capitol on Jan.6.
Over four years, her focus and agenda has been to get rid of the president. She helped to fuel the fire, egging on the pro-Trump supporters. The outward hate and disgust were always present.
The worst thing I have ever witnessed by a politician was after Mr. Trump’s State of the Union address where he honored and praised members of the military and families that had endured loss of life and hardship, Ms. Pelosi tore up her copy of the speech for the world to witness, displaying the hatred and disgust that she has for that man. Those families must have been devastated. Shame on her.
We are trying to stop the “HATE” in this country. It is written in sporting arenas, uniforms, Black Lives Matter campaigns, on and on. It should apply to all citizens, including Ms. Pelosi.
Unlike herself, Donald Trump made mistakes and made some bad judgment decisions, but he is not perfect.
Nancy poured fuel on the fires over time and it erupted into a fire on Jan. 6.
The Democrats are putting all the blame on Trump for the riots. I think they should share some of the blame.
Go back to work and do the job you were elected to do. Stop the hate! Move on. Put out the fire.
Paul St. Onge

No break for Rivers on slots tax payment

If Rivers Casino convinces our Legislature to reduce its slots tax to 25% from 45%, Schenectady City and County would receive 40% less in revenue annually.
Nonetheless, Assemblymen Santabarbara and Steck are again telling us Rivers Casino deserves a gaming tax break, because it’s difficult to compete with MGM Springfield Casino, which pays only 25%. Like Rivers, our “representatives” never mention factors that quickly defeat the claim.
MGM Springfield pays 25% gaming tax on all gaming revenue. But, under its Host Community Agreement, it pays $25 million yearly to the city of Springfield, over and above gaming taxes to the state.
Meanwhile, Rivers pays the city and county only what the law demands.
Also, MGM spent almost a $1 billion in Springfield and got a true destination casino-resort “attraction.” Rush Street spent a third of that, and we got a homely regional casino that can scarcely expect to draw its customers from more than 50 or 60 miles away.
Despite its whining, Rivers increased slots revenue 10% after MGM Springfield opened.
And, Rivers had outstanding revenue performance for many months before COVID-19, while MGM Springfield had some of its very worst months.
Finally, under state legislation, Rivers pays a higher rate on slots than other upstate casinos because it’s located in a region with a much higher (and wealthier) population. As expected, it outperforms those competitors.
Rivers does not deserve a reduction from the 45% it always knew it would have to pay. For more information see
David Giacalone

Both parties put constituents last

I want to ask the Biden supporters what their response to the election would have been if Biden had been ahead in the in-person voting but had lost the election in the mail-in ballot vote – especially when rules set by state legislatures weren’t followed in the count.
I think we all know how that would go. After all, Democrats pushed a false narrative of “Russian collusion” for over four years, at the detriment of the United States, at a cost of millions and ultimately at a cost to each citizen caught in their web of lies, assisted by big media.
And here we go again. The DemocRATS and Republican’ts should be ashamed, but they won’t be.
Both parties are beholden to big business, the party and their own reelection, with all those things being a higher priority than the country or their constituents.
Francis Van Staveren


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According to John Kerry the U.S. produces 10% of the worlds CO2 emissions. If assume New York produces 10% of the U.S. total then we produce 1% of the worlds CO2 emissions. If we assume that the State’s Climate mitigation efforts cut our emissions by 10% then our contribution to world CO2 emissions is .5%. To those who think government programs should produce meaningful results the State’s citizens are short of climate mitigation are short of meaning climate results.


Ray I am the one who pointed out that the state’s climate mitigation efforts have produced no measurable effects on the climate. Now in the absence of any data from the state’s efforts you think that a reasonable person has climate mitigation proposals to offer for the state’s efforts. As the president has recognized,climate mitigations efforts have to be a world wide effort. Thus the state should drop its efforts and get behind the president.

We must face the fact that effective climate mitigation efforts require a decline in world population and living standards.


Fred – “The state’s climate mitigation efforts have produced no measurable effects on the climate.” Go on the Governor’s website and you can read about it instead of making baseless remarks. Also, “getting behind the president” doesn’t mean that the state stop doing its part. You are using pretzel logic. We are so far behind as a nation because of Trump that most states started their own mitigation efforts without federal assistance.


How about, it’s the Right Thing To Do, Fred? Does that come up in your table of cost/benefit analysis for you to evaluate? Doesn’t sound like it plays any role at all for you.



The right thing to do is to solve the problem. It is not spending billions to pass the problem of to the next generation. As for cost benefit analysis I doubt that the failure to inform the taxpayers of no measurable effect on climate change can be associated with a reasonable definition of benefit

Mr. Grippo, you make a valid analogy invoking Kool-Aid. We all would do well to read a bit on how Doomsday cults function. As I’ve posted elsewhere, wikipedia has a good entry on them.
My only change I’d make is to recognize the four convicted Iragi war murderes he let go at the outset of his binge. Four Americans who, in what seemed like a spasm of road rage and nothing more, blew away 17 and injured another 20 innocent Iraqi citizens with machine guns.

Yes, the President who overlooks those transgressions and pardons them is certainly a noble man I can hold up to my children as a good example (spoken with heavy doses of bitter sarcasm).

I’m referring to the Iraqi citizens who were stuck in traffic with the American mercenary escort.
Are you defending their actions?


I find mitigation efforts that have no possiblity of climate change a waste of money. I also hold the view that the failure to admit that was required is a combination of decline in living standards and decline in population is the basis for a policy designed to bequeath our problems to our descendants.

Ray you might trouble yourself to tell us the effect on the Earth’s climate of the states climate mitigation billions. After that you might offer an idea on how we can collect from the rest of the world for our great public service


ChuckD are you really asking for my views on a subject that you know I have no knowledge of? You should trouble yourself to inform us of what you are referring to. After all it could be , if we know what you were referring to we would be impressed at the merits of your view

I’m convinced you only comment here to see your name on the internet.

Rogo, you should admit to one thing, that inciting a insurrection , by whipping his base into a frenzy for months “rigged election , fraud , they stole the vote” and then telling all “walk to the capitol, I will be with you , and take back our country, it can’t be done with weakness. This is what your president will be remembered for.

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