HIGH NOTES: Thanks to hospital workers, shelters for feral cats, bread for those in need

Angel Mariani, left, builder of feral cat shelters, along with friend and supporter, Adrienne Allen, show off several of the plastic shelters

Angel Mariani, left, builder of feral cat shelters, along with friend and supporter, Adrienne Allen, show off several of the plastic shelters

In Glenville, the Glenville YMCA is teaming up with the Scotia-Glenville Kiwanis Club to thank Ellis Hospital covid staff by providing gift bags. Gift cards and snack items are being collected through community donations as part of Operation Open Hearts. Together, the organizations are collecting gift cards, snacks, drinks and more to build 160 gift bags for Ellis Hospital staff who are working directly with covid patients. Donations are welcome for these specific items: $5-$10 gift cards to local restaurants and shops, individually wrapped snacks, canned and bottled beverages, and lip balm, hair scrunchies, unscented facial towelettes, unscented deodorant and dry shampoo. The first drop-off event was held Saturday at the Glenville YMCA. Another will be held there on Saturday, Feb. 6, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monetary donations are also welcome. Make checks payable to CDYMCA.

In Gloversville, local resident Angel Mariani is helping save the lives of feral and stray cats this winter by constructing and distributing mini-cat shelters in the area. The shelters, essentially boxes or bins with some kind of padding and insulation, allow the normally resourceful outdoor cats to escape the brutal cold that can lead to frostbite or even death. The people who put the shelters near their homes often provide straw and food and water, as well as monitor the shelters to ensure they’re not making homes for other unwanted wildlife. Over the years, Mariani has made hundreds of shelters and distributed them over a five-county area through requests made on her Facebook page. For more information, read Indiana Nash’s story here, or visit her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/angel.mariani.

In Glens Falls, local bakery owner Matt Funiciello is helping fill the food needs of members of the community in need by donating loaves of bread. Each week for the past six months, Funiciello, owner and founder of Rock Hill Bakehouse, has put out about 100 loaves of bread on a rack outside the bakery on 18 Curran Lane in Glens Falls. The loaves are free to anyone who wants them, no questions asked. While the bread is generally for those in need, Funiciello often receives financial contributions. For more information on Rock Hill Bakehouse, visit the bakery’s website at: https://rockhillbakehouse.com/.

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