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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Jan. 31


New transmission line won’t be pretty

With construction set to begin in a month, perhaps I’m a bit late weighing in on the subject of the new power transmission line that’s to be terminated in Rotterdam.
I don’t know what the new towers on this project are going to look like, but I feel I must warn the residents of Schenectady County of what they may have to look at for the next 50 years.
Anyone interested should take a ride out to Syracuse, take I-81 north to Cicero and look at the eyesore they’ve recently created between there and Brewerton.
It’s as if they went out of their way to make these big brown monstrosities just plain butt ugly.
Michael Fealey
Cleveland, N.Y.

Vaccine is a choice of reality vs. fantasy

Did’ja ever wonder: Who would win if the Easter Bunny had a fistfight with Mike Tyson?
Who would be the victor if Santa Claus had a shootout with Seal Team Six?
Who would come out on top if the Archangel Michael had a dog fight with an F-22?
So, who do you want to fight for you in the battle against COVID-19, the Easter Bunny or Mike Tyson?
You can hope and pray that you won’t get the virus, or you can get vaccinated.
You know what you have to do, because deep down, when it really counts, rational human beings differentiate between fantasy and reality.
Bill MacTiernan

Look what Biden’s voters saved us from

Thank goodness you Biden voters saved us from those icky Trump tweets.
Of course, now you must explain to your daughters why your vote for allowing biological boys, calling themselves girls, who sometimes beat them at track meets, costing them athletic scholarships, now shower with them.
That trade-off is certainly worth it. Just as it is absolutely worth sacrificing 8,600 high-paying union jobs to stop that pipeline.
Who needs it anyway? We can just ship the Canadian oil by “bomb train” after all.
Besides, that handsome Pete Buttigieg says the fired workers might get other jobs.
How smart to elect Biden (What if the Big Tech Wizards of Smart hadn’t suppressed all those stories about his corruption involvement?), who said he’d end fracking just before he didn’t.
Now his moratorium on federal oil and gas leases means not only will we get to pay much more for gasoline, but now we can buy oil from those wonderful Saudis again. Won’t that be nice?
Biden’s so moderate. Why, he wants to stop the awful deportations.
So, all those (about 12,000/month) poor undocumented immigrants with criminal convictions or indictments (only 92% of them) are released into the United States.
It’s comforting that the long-red-tie-wearing man shouting, “Fake News!” isn’t there anymore.
Yep, you sure done good, Biden voters. One question though: Just what are all those soldiers doing in Washington, D.C.?
Maybe that nice, old, man Biden will turn it into Caracas. Whoopee!
Rob Dickson
Clifton Park

Good time to focus on corporations

A basic Google search shows banks are involved with the drug trade and climate change. Banks are also claimed to have financed mass extinctions and biodiversity loss.
Monsanto has a horrible reputation. It was rated the least ethical multinational corporation by Covalence in 2010.
Many corporations cause suffering. This includes weapons industries (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman), those that kill farm animals (Tyson Foods, Cargill, and Smithfield), and fish, too (Red Chamber Group).
Those involved with the Amazon rain forest include BNP, HSBC, Marfrig, and JBS. Leclerc, Stop & Shop, and Costco are some who sell products which contribute to Amazon deforestation.
The book “Seeds of Destruction” by F. William Engdahl should shock readers. “The Cancer Industry” by Mark Sloan is also recommended.
I expect we’ll have less to talk about during these four years, and possibly a lot less.
It’s a great time to talk about the corporations.
Colin Yunick


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Joseph Vendetti


I don’t know what you are suggesting? Implying we do with Corporations? Corporations have been in existence since around 1780.

Are you suggesting that we go back to living off the land? No crop science? No flying? Pesticides for food growing? No antibiotics? Or vaccines?

Engdahl’s theory’s about George Bush & Barak Obama and the middle east/oil have been proved to be conspiracy theories like 911, The Illuminati, Knights Templar & Freemasons controlling us.


“Of course, now you must explain to your daughters why your vote for allowing biological boys, calling themselves girls, who sometimes beat them at track meets, costing them athletic scholarships, now shower with them.”

I can hardly wait until the Democrats, the party of principle, bring their inclusion to the Olympics.

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