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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Feb. 2


Try Trump in court, not in the Senate

Donald Trump should be tried for his crimes by a jury of his peers. An impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate is a political process where guilt or innocence will be determined by party affiliations, not by the strength of the evidence.
Therefore, I strongly suggest that the Democrats in the Senate should present all of their evidence, then choose not to conduct a vote. This would deprive Mr. Trump of celebrating a phony not guilty verdict.
Federal and state prosecutors can then proceed to bring several cases to trial before real impartial juries in the courts.
Robert Smith

Great job by county staff with vaccine
At a time when everyone has a lot to complain about, something done really well should be acknowledged. Recently my wife and I got our first vaccine shots provided by Montgomery County Health in Fonda.
We (both over 75) signed up via the county hotline and received a scheduling call within about two weeks. The vaccination operation was extremely well run. The staff were friendly, helpful and thoroughly professional. It was highly organized and fast. Our thanks to all involved for a job very well done.
John Robitzek

Stefanik has made herself irrelevant

I have two words for Elise Stefanik – Brian Sicknick. Here’s an idea, Elise. Donate a generous portion of your campaign funds to his widow and children. You’re a big-time family values Republican, right?
Like your one-term president, you are now irrelevant. You’ve had your 15 minutes of shame.
Unlike your colleague Liz Chaney, you have no integrity and no conscience.
Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be invited to Mar-a-Lago to reminisce with your daddy Donnie about the fond memories you two share of Jan. 6.
Paul Sator

NY could follow Arizona on vaccine

Much has been said about whether or not Americans should accept and take a vaccine developed during the last administration.
Depending on your age and love of life, opting to take the COVID-19 preventative seemed a good idea.
As a New York state winter transplant to Arizona, Madame et moi did the 70-mile-round trip to The State Farm Stadium in Glendale.
Upon arrival, hundreds of well-trained traffic control, medical staff and information takers were on hand guiding us to the appropriate vaccination stations set up in the Cardinals parking lot.
Pertinent questions were asked concerning age, authorization for the shots, name, rank and serial number.
That confirmed, we were given an explanation of what to expect, how the second of the two shots would be administered and when to apply online for that second shot. The shots were administered by competent, courteous individuals. After the injection, we were asked to wait in a designated area fifteen minutes before leaving.
Authorization numbers were erased from our windshield, and we were on our way back home in less than an hour.
There is good evidence that much training and planning has taken place in the last few months by those offering the vaccine.
Arizona should be proud of their state’s health department and the people who maintain it.
Allen R. Remaley
Scottsdale, Ariz., and Saratoga Springs


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Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell appears to have finally found a backbone. After sitting by idly for years as the GOP became the party defined by its promotion of lies and conspiracy theories, McConnell is saying enough. On Monday evening, as Marjorie Taylor Green’s incendiary remarks continued to dominate headlines, McConnell released a blistering statement. It was aimed not only at Greene, but at resolving the information crisis afflicting the Republican Party and entire country. I hope Fox is listening.

“Loony lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the Republican Party and our country,” McConnell said in a statement. “Somebody who’s suggested that perhaps no airplane hit the Pentagon on 9/11, that horrifying school shootings were pre-staged, and that the Clintons crashed JFK Jr.’s airplane is not living in reality. This has nothing to do with the challenges facing American families or the robust debates on substance that can strengthen our party.”

McConnell is, of course, correct. He’s right to say that deranged conspiracy theories are a cancer on the GOP and the nation. And he’s right to say that such nonsense has nothing to do with policy. The question is: Where was McConnell over the last four years? Make no mistake, the type of “loony lies and conspiracy theories” that Greene traffics in is precisely the same poison that has been coursing through the Republican Party since Donald Trump became its leader and hacked the information economy to amass power. Elise Stefanik, that means you in particular, too.


With respect to Biden’s walking away from our Key Stone Pipeline commitments it should be noted that the honorable keep their commitments! Now others will evaluate ours national commitments differently


The Keystone Pipeline was a failure, like Trump. Canada saw it coming and haven’t made a stink about it. There are probably dozens of Trump deals that need to be broken, like the wasteful border wall that drew away necessary military funds and screwed American landowners who were having their property taken from them.


So, you are not impressed by the notion that commitments made should kept. Consider what Biden’s actions are likely to generate from countries that have made commitments to us.

What about the commitments we made to the Paris Climate Accords and the Iran Nuclear Deal that President Trump obliterated? Or are those commitments not worthy of being kept Fred because they align with YOUR world view?


Exactly. Thanks. After a while, it gets tiring to keep correcting him.


Matt and Ray I stated a general principle and applied it to a current event. National integrity is worth of respect. Rationalizing its absence is not.


Good one, Matt. Add to that Trump’s withdrawal from WHO, his threats regarding NATO, and his empty promises regarding his “health plan” that never materialized. Anything that Obama accomplished, Trump tried to annihilate. He was that vindictive and hateful.

Can we all agree that Fred needs a hobby? Knitting, perhaps?


Robert Smith – I agree with you in principle that Trump should be tried in court. However, by avoiding a vote on impeachment will embolden Trump to declare victory anyway. Let’s have the vote even if there is not enough republicans willing to exercise their constitutional responsibility to convict. Then we’ll know who to target in upcoming senate elections.


I suggest that resisting arrest be made a felony, that the assaulted police officers be allowed to sue their abusers. The change should cut down dramatically the practice of resisting arrest


CYNTHIA SWANSON I stated a general principle – commitments should be honored. Does any one really think Trump’s behavior gives Biden or anyone else a pass from honorable behavior?


Fred, if the commitments were harmful, such as the aforementioned pipeline, and the withdrawals that were cited, why would you think they should be honored? Your idea of ‘honorable behavior’ Is a bit skewed.


Fair question. Well sort of. The harmfulness of with drawing from our pipe line commitments depends upon how we deal with the consequences our promises. In particular how much we pay the Canadians in reparations for their mistake in trusting us and the alternatives we chose to meet our energy needs. Of course there are the unmeasured consequences we face as a result of making it clear they should take our commitments

President Obama denied the pipeline permit. Donald Trump withdrew from our commitment to not approve the permit. President Biden is just going back to our original position of denying the pipeline permit. Elections have consequences.

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