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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Feb. 3


Trump riot was only a matter of time

On Jan. 6, the president of the United States had a rally on the same day as the electoral vote count. He told the Trump supporters to go over to the Capitol and fight to get our country back – to stop the steal.
No country is immune to this; it happens all over the world. It was only a matter of time that it could happen in the United States by a dictator and QAnon.
We had to send thousands of our National Guard troops to keep us safe.
Concetta Cannizzaro

Hope charitable effort reaches many

I was happily shaking my head as I read your opinion on Jan. 28 (“Serving many through ‘One Schenectady’”) regarding Robert Carreau’s Jan. 24 guest column (“Community can come together as ‘One Schenectady’”) as I admire him and all that the Schenectady Foundation has been working on in recent years.
And then, I reach the tail-end of the piece and that the initiative, or at least as interpreted by The Gazette, is focused only on Schenectady.
If this is true, I think it is a seriously bad mistake. It may promote tribalism.
Schenectady County is the smallest county in the state and I, personally, have always considered it to be one community, at least from a social services and charitable perspective.
I think money granted to a “Schenectady” effort should go where it is most needed, whether the city of Schenectady, Rotterdam, Scotia, Glenville or Niskayuna.
The territorial boundaries between areas of need are not meaningful and the Foundation and agencies it is trying to rationalize should be able to figure it out. I hope they do.
Carol A. Hyde

Dems should do the people’s business

I am not a Trump fan, but it is a stupid move to impeach him.
The effect of an impeachment proceeding will strengthen his remaining followers.
Plus, Republicans will never convict, so why waste more taxpayer dollars?
I thoroughly enjoy The Gazette when I am in the area and it is one of the few independent papers left. Yeah Gazette.
Don’t think that Biden crushed Trump because his policies were renounced by the electorate.
Had there been no pandemic, I doubt those close states would have stayed Democratic.
We live in a dangerous time and we should choose our moves with intelligence not just with emotion.
The Democrats want justice, so they say.
My suggestion is for the Democrats to do the people’s business as opposed to the billionaire’s and then perhaps the Trump supporters will fade away. Our representatives are out pitching for the big fish and have forgotten the people.
That’s one of the main reasons Trump could gain power.
Trump was the first president in my lifetime to tell the voters what he would do and then do it. You may not like what he did, but he was more honest than any president I have seen.
In fact, I don’t remember any president doing totally what they said they would.
Samuel L. Rosenberg
Wesley Hills (formerly from Schenectady)


Respect Dems with variety of cartoons

When there was an outcry after the overtly racist cartoon of Stiglich and your editors parted ways with him, I was encouraged that The Gazette editors finally realized that unfunny, very heavily political, Trumpian cartoons are not acceptable.
Then you started to carry Gary Varvel almost every day.
Anti-Biden, unfunny cartoons.
Please respect the non-Republican, Democratic folks in your customer base.
I’ve been a subscriber for many years but beginning to feel that enough may be enough. Maybe just try to be even-handed in the cartoonists you (your subscribers) support.
Jane Capello
Saratoga Springs


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“Just as you did when you watched the video of police suffocating Eric Garner to death or kneeling on the throat of George Floyd until he died.”

Both individuals chose to resist arrest. The chose to gamble with their lives and lost. If they were functioning adults their choices should be respected If the they were handy- capped it is clear that we need to provide the police with a way to cope with the chooses of the impaired.

Didn’t realize “resisting arrest”, if that’s what you want to call it, is punishable by death without charges being brought, or a trial being conducted. Interesting how Republicans always talk about respecting the Constitution, but they conveniently leave out parts like the 6th Amendment (right to a speedy and public trial) and the 8th Amendment (prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment). Do you not consider suffocation cruel and unusual Fred?


Matt you ignore the fact that people chose to gamble with their live. You have ignored the possibility that we would not be having this discussion if police used tranquillizers on those who were sufficiently disturbed to gamble with their live.

If Black lives really mattered we would see people urging that resisting arrest was not safe and thus not to be done!

Police are charged with “Protecting and Serving”. Hard to see how being murdered for allegedly passing counterfeit bills fits that charge, but I’m sure you’ll make some excuse. The citizenry that pays for police to protect and serve should never feel like they are “gambling with their lives”. Perhaps if the officer is being assaulted, or has a gun or weapon pulled on them, you could make that case. But simply squirming on the ground trying to breathe while an officer leans on your neck, should not be construed as “gambling with their lives”. It’s murder, plain and simple.


Hopefully the cop will be prosecuted soon. Could you image if Fred was his attorney?!!!


Matt if you chose to say you can not breath rather than say I submit you made the what your Mother would regard as the wrong choice. In short it is plain and simple.

If you are going to do drugs one should stay inside and thus not put others in the position of having to deal with your drug induced antisocial behavior.

As for Ray in this country it is not illegal to project yourself from the antisocial

Ahhhh, you’re so smart Fred. Who would’ve thought that if he just said “I Submit” the officer would’ve removed his knee from his neck. Guess I missed that section in the police Use of Force policy.


Sam Rosenberg – Honesty is definitely not what I associate with Trump. In fact, he will go down as the most dishonest and corrupt president of all time. Impeachment will help lay out the charges that will certainly be used in court during 2021. He may not get convicted by the Senate, but it tell voters which republicans worship Trump over democracy and the constitution.


Emperor Biden with his ruling by degree deserves considerable credit for subverting democracy. His Keystone pipe line decision which benefited those who transport energy by truck and train at the expense of the citizenry should be credited in his attempt to exceed Trump’s achievements


President Biden’s new climate czar John Kerry took a gas-guzzling private jet to collect a climate change leadership award in Iceland in 2019, defending his mode of transport as “the only choice for someone like me.”

Samuel L. Rosenberg:
“Trump was the first president in my lifetime to tell the voters what he would do and then do it. You may not like what he did, but he was more honest than any president I have seen.
In fact, I don’t remember any president doing totally what they said they would.”

That includes inciting an insurrection, doesn’t it Mr. Rosenberg? Because that’s specifically what he’s being impeached for, and whether his accomplices in Congress agree with that or not, or whether you feel that’s a noteworthy milestone of his time in office or not, that’s how it will be recorded in history.
The idea that he might be able to foist himself into the headlines daily campaigning for a 2024 comeback, with all the ensuing noise and threats from his rabble, and all the duplicity of his elected allies, with all the other noise from the various prosecutions now under way, is untenable for most and should be feared by Republicans. A conviction after impeachment would specifically bar him from any office in the future and would be justice for America.

Not a fan, indeed, Mr. Rosenberg.


House impeachment managers filed a brief charging Trump with being “singularly responsible” for inciting the insurrection last month at the US Capitol. The filing also underscored how rioters themselves have cited Trump as the reason they attacked. In response, Trump’s legal team argued his speech was protected by the First Amendment and claimed it is unconstitutional to move forward with impeachment since Trump is no longer in office. However, Dems have pointed out Trump was impeached while he was President, and prior impeachment proceedings for other US officials have run past the subject’s time in office. These pretrial briefs are a preview of the major issues that will be argued in next week’s Senate impeachment trial.

The only reason he would be spared conviction is because the state of siege the Republican Party feels it’s under. They’re now a party being manipulated at gun point.
It must truly suck to be a Republican.


Coronavirus cases in the U.S. have surged after almost every major holiday of the past year, including Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This weekend brings another major holiday, even if it’s not an official one: Super Bowl Sunday. And there is reason to worry that it will turn into Superspreader Sunday.
Polls show that a significant number of people plan to attend parties. Two separate surveys — one by Seton Hall University and one by the National Retail Federation — found that nearly 30 percent of adults said they would attend a gathering at someone’s home or watch the game at a restaurant or a bar.

If anything, this weekend may be more dangerous than most holidays. Super Bowl parties are usually indoors and can involve more households than a holiday meal. This year’s game is also happening when contagious new variants of the virus have begun to spread.

There is precedent for sporting events leading to outbreaks. Health officials in Los Angeles believe that gatherings to watch playoff games last fall involving the Lakers (who won the N.B.A. title) and Dodgers (who won the World Series) accelerated the virus’s surge in Southern California.

So word to the wise: don’t do it!

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